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🛏 | [CA Emigration Diary] In the park! ??Challenge to make hot spring eggs [Yurihama Town]


[CA migration diary] In the park! ??Challenge to make hot spring eggs [Yurihama Town]

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This time, warm 10 eggs purchased at the supermarket for about 20 minutes.

Hello ☺ This time, I tried to make hot spring eggs for the first time at Megumi no Yu Park in Yurihama Town, Tottori Prefecture! 🍳 The place is Togo ... → Continue reading


We will deliver gourmet, outing, and living information of Tottori and Shimane.In addition, we will send out fun columns and trivia by various writers living in San'in, and the charm of San'in that we want people all over the country to know!

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20 minutes


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