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🧳 | Signs of a sharp increase in demand for summer travel to Japan, and resumption of flights by air = Korea Net "Boycott?"


Signs of a sharp increase in demand for summer travel to Japan, and resumption of flights by air = Korea Net "Boycott?"

If you write the contents roughly
"There are many places to go, but do you have to go to Japan, which insists on" anti-Korean "?

Demand for flights to Japan has skyrocketed this summer after the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced an exemption from quarantine measures for immigrants ... → Continue reading

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Dislike(Kenkan) is in JapanKorean PeninsulaNation andKorean・ Refers to distrust and disgust toward Korean residents. English equivalent to "Anti-Korean"anti-KoreaIsnorth koreaIt refers to people from Korea and their dislike of culture, regardless of whether they are from South Korea.


JapanThen, around 2005, "Manga KenkanryuIt became widely known by the title of ".Antonym ThePro-South Korean.ChineseThen.Anti-Korean sentiment,Anti-Koreanism ,English-speaking countriesThen it is called anti-Korean sentiment, but this isDPR KoreaIs also included.

View of the Korean Peninsula in the world

The following asks whether the BBC's country has a positive impact on the world.The Korean Peninsula is divided into north and south, and it is believed that the tense relationship, such as the ceasefire, is having a bad social impact on the world.

2017/ BBC World ServiceInternational poll
View of the Korean Peninsula by country surveyed[1]
Survey target countriespositivedenialNeitherAffirmation-denial
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku
2 −46
German flag Germany
57 −21
Spanish flag Spain
34 −18
Brazilian flag Brazil
18 −10
Mexican flag Mexico
22 −6
Greek flag Greece
47 −5
Pakistan flag Pakistan
59 −3
Indian flag India
45 −1
Peru flag Peru
Kenya flag Kenya
French flag France
11 1
Turkish flag Turkey
28 6
Nigerian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
22 10
Canadian flag Canada
17 11
British flag United Kingdom
8 12
Russian flag Russia
48 12
Indonesian flag Indonesia
40 14
United States flag The United States of America
16 18
Australian flag Australia
15 37
2014/ BBC World ServiceInternational poll
View of the Korean Peninsula by country surveyed[2]
Survey target countriespositivedenialNeitherAffirmation-denial
German flag Germany
Spanish flag Spain
Japanese flag Japan
Mexican flag Mexico
Chilean flag ãƒãƒª
Israeli flag Israel
Brazilian flag Brazil
French flag France
Peru flag Peru
British flag United Kingdom
Indian flag India
47 7
Kenya flag Kenya
36 8
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku
Pakistan flag Pakistan
Canadian flag Canada
Nigerian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Russian flag Russia
Turkish flag Turkey
Indonesian flag Indonesia
United States flag America
Australian flag Australia
Republic of Korea flag  South Korea
Ghana flag ã‚¬ãƒ¼ãƒŠ

BBC World ServiceAccording to a regular survey of countries around the world to see if they have a positive impact on the world, North and South Korea (Korea notation)GermanyPart ofWestern countriesとChugokuとJapanTends to be more negative than positive. In the 2013 survey, among all the countries surveyed, there were many people who were negative about South Korea.GermanyAnd 65% are negative to South Korea, second placeFranceIt exceeds (47%).2013/ TheLee Myung-boPresident OfTakeshimaFollowing landingMs. ParkPresident OfTattletale diplomacyIt was the year when the event began, and 28% of the Japanese denials were there.GermanyThere are more denials than in Japan[3]. Also,BBC World ServiceIn a 2017 survey conducted by Germany, the number of German denials dropped to 32%, but they answered affirmatively.GermanWas 11%, the lowest among all surveyed countries.[3].

Anti-Korean in Japan

Cold WarBelow, the right wing supports and supports South Korea, and the hatred and criticism of South Korea always supports North Korea.Comintern-Far left) Has been done.

However, with the collapse of the Cold War, criticism of Japan came to be more important than reciprocal relations with Japan and actual profits.I want to get support from Japan for the attitude toward North Korea even after the Cold WarKim Dae JungPresidentThere was a time when anti-Japan was suppressed because it was the top of the Korean left and had an influence on the behavior of domestic left and citizen groups with many anti-Japanese activists.

When President Kim Dae-Jung was proposed by a high-ranking government official to incite public opinion by inciting anti-Japanese protests and non-buying movements via civil society, saying that it could be used to increase pressure and approval rating on Japan, the United States continued to reconcile with North Korea. I have refused to support Japan because it is indispensable.

President Kim Dae-Jung, who is the supreme authority for the Korean left, even after changing the emperor's name in the 1990s for the purpose of degrading the domestic media, officially declared the emperor's name as the Korean government, legalized Japanese culture in Korea, and became the emperor. OrdinationEmperor ShowaIf you are a right wing, you can bow your head at the incense shop at the time of the demise, or say hello or thank you to the Japanese teacher before the war under the name of Soshi-kaimei.Pro-Japanese schoolThe left wing was silent even if it was recognized as a salesman and was bashed by protesters and media.The policy of reconciliation with North Korea during the time of President Kim Dae Jung is critical as it saved North Korea from the collapse at that time.Katsuhiro KurodaAccording to Kim Dae Jung himselfPro-dayHe said that he was not the owner of the idea, but that he was doing it because he wanted to realize a policy of reconciliation with North Korea, and that a friendly relationship with Japan was indispensable.He also did diplomacy without using Japan or civic groups as a tool for domestic politics and approval rating, unlike other presidents, although he criticized Japan.

However, the reason why such words and actions were possible is that in the case of the left-wing president, there is a wide range of words and actions toward Japan by having the left-wing, who has the strongest anti-Japanese color in South Korea, accept it.On the other hand, in the case of the right-wing president, there is no influence on the left wing in the country, so citizen groups and the media strongly criticize the president, and the national bashing and protest demonstrations that have been fueled, and the approval rating declined, so the range is wide. narrow.Even if the right-wing president takes a somewhat friendly stance during the period of strong power, it is also the background to try to raise the approval rating, which was lowered by hitting Japan when the approval rating becomes low.

In this way, from the composition of criticism of North Korea that supports right-wing South Korea and criticism of South Korea that supports left-wing North Korea, Koreans and South Koreans actively launch negative campaigns against Japan at home and abroad, and support and support them. The composition of left-wing and innovation has become clear.

In particular2002/And laterJapanese abduction issue by North KoreaWhen the reality of North Korea became known to the indifferent group, which is the majority of the people, criticisms of North Korea's defense and support behavior, which even claimed that Japan's left wing and innovation were "fabrication of abduction," Since it has become a national one as well as the right wing, the emphasis has shifted to defending and supporting South Korea, which has been lightly criticized.

At the time of the collapse of the Cold War and the abduction issue, there were some who expressed their apologies and remorse for their past words and deeds and turned from the left, but as a whole, they did not apologize for their past words and deeds and did not express their remorse regarding North Korea relations. From advocacy and praise for everything about North Korea as it once wasChongryon-Korean schoolAlthough it is under the umbrella of North Korea, such as advocacy, the scope of advocacy has been retreated to something that is less likely to be criticized than North Korea's advocacy, which has no interest other than the right wing.

On the contrary, Japan's right-wing and conservative groups took various preferential treatments only in South Korea over other countries, and actively provided technical and financial support to develop the economy from the poorest to the developed countries. From the disappointment of betrayal, criticism of South Korea and support for suspension of support for South Korea and abolition of preferential treatment other than maintaining minimum diplomatic relations have increased.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11].

South Korea isKorean WarChina and North Korea, which invaded South Korea, do not mercilessly impose sanctions on South Korea, and the South Korean government does not urge them to reflect or apologize because they are obedient and have a low attitude to ask the other party's complexion just by making noise on the Internet. On the other hand, Japan, which cannot impose sanctions against South Korea without strong public support as a liberal democracy, has made aggressive words and deeds that no other country can do.

China's continuing since July 2016THAAD retaliation measuresOn the other hand, despite the great damage to Korean companies, the Korean government has effectively countered it, but to prevent the boycott of Chinese products and large-scale demonstrations among the Korean people, "In China It is analyzed that there is a deep national awareness that "I can't say strong things about it."

But Korean religiousDirty dayEven after it became known, I will not stop the low days at home and abroad, but I will not leave Japan such as visiting Japan, employment, permanent residence applicants and relying on the Japanese market of the entertainment market.[12], Japan is used as a word that means the recognition that wants to keep a distance, the feeling that wants to leave, and the hope of "emotional disconnection", hating the double standard words and actions of Koreans who cannot leave Japan.[5][13][14].

Little China and Japan

Served as the Japanese Ambassador to South KoreaMasatoshi MutoAccording to the report, the sentiment toward the Japanese who are trying to keep a distance from the Korean Peninsula is dismayed by the double standard of the attitude of those who always call themselves Little China toward China and the attitude toward Japan, which is regarded as a subordinate, and the peninsula is tired.

Regarding dislike of Korea, the Korean government, which is approaching with increasing permanent residence in Japan, employment, hope for cultural exchange, etc. Don't be fooled by relying on Japan for taunting, dragging, international law, interstate agreements, promises, and treaties without stopping anyone at home or abroad. I don't want to get involved. Don't approach Japan. If you don't like it, don't come. "

People who are critical of South Korea tend not to buy or have anything related to South Korea, and do not choose a travel destination. He said that the anti-Korean people are angry because the tendency of Koreans who want to live permanently is also a contradiction.[15].

in Japan,Master,Oei's outer corpseHappened inIki-TsushimaThere was opposition to the massacre of the islanders[16]. Mr. LeeIs the purpose of exchangeKorean communication ambassadorEven in their travelogues, etc.Small chinese thoughtThere was a disdain for Japan as a barbarian based on[17]. Nitto SoyuukaAs can be seen in, the Sinocentric theory that Korea is the next existence of China in Korea was still widely disseminated mainly by Confucian scholars.

In Japan from the end of the 19th century, "WesternStrong line OfColonyTo create a nation that does not becomeMeiji RestorationWas promoting rapid westernization.

At that time, the wave of colonial policies of the Western powersEast AsiaAnd also the neighboring country of KoreaRussia OfSouthward policyWas in danger.

The Korean Peninsula is an important buffer zone for Japan, and it was envisioned that it would be possible to export "restoration" to Korea, make Korea a modern nation, and cooperate with Japan to prepare for the threat of Russia's southward movement.[18][19]But,KoreaHe was reluctant to continue the seclusion policy and accept reforms like Japan.KoreanSovereign countryMetClear countryWas weakened, and in Japan it was considered geopolitical important to draw Korea into the Japanese camp before the Western powers, but there was disagreement in Korea.

The Meiji government sent an envoy to Korea, but the Japanese envoy, which was westernized in the guise of clothes, was "no longer Japanese (Tokugawa ShogunateIt is not the person on the side). "Behind this was the fact that Korea, a clan nation belonging to the Sinocentric order, was not recognized for the characters "emperor" and "勅" in Japanese national books.

On the Japanese side who was indignant at theseConquest theoryHappened.

Even intellectuals, for exampleFukuzawa YukichiHas the idea of ​​modernizing Korea and cooperating independently of the Qing dynasty, which had a subordinate relationship.Gold ballI was doing flowering groups such as support, butKoshin political changeWas conquered by the Qing Dynasty Army and ended in failure, and the body assassinated by a Korean thug was torn into eight pieces and exposed.Dearization"Anyone who is close to bad friends must not escape the infamy. We will abandon the bad friends in the eastern part of Asia in our hearts."[20]Koreans' disdain for JapanSmall chinese thoughtKorea, which is a short distance from the Chinese civilization, is called the "brother", Japan, which has a large distance and weak ties to the Chinese empire, is called the "younger brother", and "the barbaric younger brother, Japan, who has little benefit from the Chinese civilization, is a civilized country. It is premised on the idea that the barrel brother, Korea, will be educated.[17]..This has survived into the Muromachi and Edo periods, when the relationship between the two countries was ostensibly equal, and brought a self-respecting view of Japan to Korean intellectuals that did not match the actual situation.

Even now, this idea is often found in the remarks of Korean intellectuals (Korean origin theorySuch).By JapanSouth Korea annexationThe repulsion in the world that intellectuals are not assimilated to the ruler sideColonyIt brought about a rare situation in opposition to domination.

Since then, Korean intellectuals have rarely regarded Japan as a universal civilization even after the generation change to modern intellectuals, and there are claims that this further strengthened the opposition by the Japanese.

However, both Japan and Korea have a sense of discrimination based on their perception of pre-modern civilization only to the intellectuals, and questions about the degree of penetration into the general public have been raised for a long time.At the very least, it can be confirmed that the feelings of contempt in the general public peaked before and after the annexation.[21].Second World WarImmediately after the end of the event, the antipathy toward Koreans was temporarily amplified.

This pointed out that some Korean nationalist movements and riots themselves were dangerous.GHQ / SCAPDismantled these activities as dangerous.

The famous one is JapaneseMasao SugataniWas an "international gangster" formed around Sannomiya by organizing Chinese, Taiwanese, and Koreans.However, the Japanese government did not allow this lawlessness, and the "international gangsters" also at that time.Hyogo Prefectural PoliceWas a criminal chiefHadano Akira(AfterPolice commander-LDPMember of the House of Councilors) Arrested most of the executives and forced them to dissolve.

This kind of turmoilSan Francisco Peace TreatyIt continued until the conclusion, and in this process, the same recognition spread among the general Japanese, and the dislike of South Korea increased.[22].

Was the first president of South KoreaLee Seung-jaeAs a national policyAnti-community-Anti-Japan-Anti-middleWith the three pillars ofSan Francisco TreatyJust before it comes into effectLee Seung-nou lineOne-sidedly declared, in 1953 a Japanese fishing boatKorean armyAttacked and killed the captainDaiichi Daihomaru IncidentOccurs, and moreDokdo Volunteer Garrison Shimane TakeshimaLanded illegally.

Japan has protested frequently, but South Korea continues to insist that Takeshima (Korean name: Dokdo) is Korean territory.Koreans who have published many books about Korea against JapanSincerelyAccording to the report, "there is no restraining force in the country" is the decisive difference between anti-communism and anti-Japan in South Korea.

In South Korea, anti-communism, that is, the response to North Korea is restrained by the right and left wing.mountingAlthough they are in conflict with each other, they have revealed that they will cooperate to beat Japan in unison regardless of whether they are right-wing or left-wing.for exampleTaiwanThen,Japanese ruleSome criticize the speech that supports Japan's claim, but some support and accept it.Freedom of speechIs protected.

On the other hand, in South Korea, which should also be a liberal camp,Japanese ruleAffirmative speech and publication regarding the issue, and the fact that even if there is a conflict with Japan in terms of global, economic, and security issues, it will not ultimately be in the national interest of South Korea. Those who have criticisms and restraints on anti-Japanese such asNational sentiment lawbased onKangaroo court,The retrospective of lawHe states that he has no choice but to be afraid of it because he knows that he has been criminally punished and compensated for ignoring.

South Korea states that it is closer to the state of speech control of North Korea and China, which are communist nations, than Taiwan in terms of anti-Japanese speech and speech.Moreover, Koreans killed most of their compatriots, the most recent fact, not only the left, but even the right and independents.UnificationHe points out that the reason why he does not blame China for obstructing the situation is not only because of the problem of Japan's hatred education, but also because Koreans have a deeper fear of China.[23].

Masatoshi Muto, who was the Japanese ambassador to KoreaJoongAng Daily News,Chosun IlboSome reporters have pointed out that South Korea and Koreans can't speak to China, which caused more damage to their country than Japan and Japanese, and they are looking at their complexion as a double standard.Muto analyzes that because the Little China idea is in Koreans, he does not care about the casualties and damage caused by China such as the Korean War, the pre-war nation era, and the postwar reporter Lynch.It also points out that the leftists who often demonstrate do not perform anti-Chinese demonstrations, media reports looking at China's complexion, and differences in the attitude of the South Korean government.[24][25][26][27][27][28][29][30].

Left-wing praise of North Korea and criticism of South Korea during the Cold War, right-wing support for South Korea

With respect to the Korean Peninsula after the war, Japan was divided into three groups: North Korea, the right wing who supported the liberal camp after the founding of South Korea, the left wing who supported the communist camp, and the most indifferent.

55 yearsBelow, criticisms and dislikes of South Korea are mainlyLeft wing・ It was done by the innovation camp.North KoreaKim Il SungHe did not seek democratization of the dictatorship of praise, saying, "It is the military dictatorship that controls South Korea, and the people who are cohesive with the rulers of Japan and the United States and carry out anti-government movements are information agencies (KCIA) Is being suppressed. "DemocratizationWas doing activities to criticize South Korea in search of[31].

The magazine "" was widely influenced as a symbol of criticism of South Korea from this standpoint.世界Was serialized for a long timeTK student(Akira Ike) "".However, there are many opinions that the criticism of the South Korean government or its KCIA is to defend North Korea.Favorable to North KoreaAsahi Shimbun,Iwanami ShotenSuch as the issue of Japanese abduction by North KoreaHuman rights violationWhile closing his eyes, he was critical of South Korea.

Supporting North Korea at that timeJapan-Asia AssociationWas a directorGoro TeraoIs 1961 in South KoreaMilitary coupAt the time ofRepublic of Korea"It's rare to have such a funny story," "generals are the empowerment of corruption," and "one of South Korea's most incompetent is the military."AmericaI blamed South Korea for why it could be stable under the control of[32].

Oda MinoruAlsoPark ParkHe described the impression that he met with him as "a little boy who didn't look good."[33]..At this point, the word "anti-Korean" was not used.Haruki WadaPositively evaluated North Korea as achieving independence, and criticized that "South Korea has not achieved independence and national independence, and has no political freedom or labor movement."[34].

Japanese Socialist PartyInitially explained that it would take an equal attitude between North and South Korea, but dispatched a delegation in 1963 due to the conflict within the party, but the relationship with North Korea and the support of North Korea and the ChongryonJapan Communist PartyWas mainly responsible.However, as the Communist Party became estranged from North Korea after the late 1960s, the Socialist Party began to build friendly relations with North Korea and the Chongryon instead. In the early 1970s, the Socialist PartyTomomi NaritaChairmanMeet with Kim Il Sung with a North Korean delegation. Korean Labor PartyInstead of the Japanese Communist Party, the Japan Socialist Party came to be called the Friendship Party, and Japan's left-wing mainstream support for North Korea and the Chongryon became closer.[35].

1965/ OfJapan-Korea Basic TreatySince the signing, Japan hasKorean PeninsulaFrom a security perspective, it is an ally of the United States, like Japan.Communist areaThe breakwater of South KoreaPro-riceIn line with the military dictatorship,Development dictatorshipHas been virtually tolerated and continued to support.LDPな どMaintenanceTo the faction, "Pro-South KoreanThe power called "sect" had a great influence.

During the Cold War, the Unification Church of the World Christianity (currently:World Peace and Unification Family Union)ButAnti-communismHe was taking a joint step, such as supporting the activity without criticizing it. Shinsuke Kishi,Fukuda YoshioThe influence of the "pro-Korean lobby" is not limited to the political world, but the right-wing forces in Japan and the Korean military government maintain a close relationship, and a large amount of money is maintained.Official development assistance(ODA, ODA loan) was also made.

Sankei ShimbunCriticized North Korea from the 1960s to the 70s, while praising the Park administration, which had been criticized as a pro-American by the left in Japan, and was favorably received by the South Koreans as a "pro-Korean sect."[36].

1982/So-calledHistory textbook problemOccurred, the Japanese government said "History textbook"Kiichi MiyazawaChief Cabinet SecretaryDiscourse ”announced,Ministry of Education TheAcademic book certificationIn the standard "neighborhoodAsiaThe necessary consideration is given to the treatment of modern and contemporary historical events with other countries from the perspective of international understanding and cooperation. "Neighboring countries clauseWas added.However, at this time, the right-wing support for South Korea and the left-wing criticism of South Korea did not significantly change the perceptions of both sides of the leather.However, since South Korea later prioritized criticism of Japan over anti-communist criticism of North Korea.[37], Criticism of South Korea by non-leftists, becoming one of the central themes of anti-Korean after the so-called Cold War.

The end of the Cold War

The criticism of South Korea was once led by the leftist media, which is sensitive to human rights issues.1987/ OfDeclaration of democracySince then, democratization of South Korea has progressed, and1988 Seoul OlympicsWith the success of the event, Korea, which had been a dark image until then, has changed to a bright image.The left wing continues to talk about North Korea as a "land of light" and South Korea as a "land of darkness."[38], "The former Korean theory was decided to describe how dark it is politically and socially."Muratani KatsumiIs on[39].

さ ら にBerlin Wall Collapse,Collapse of the Soviet Unionな どCold War Western campVictory, Korea in JapanDemocracyIt can be mentioned that it came to be recognized as a nation.Along with thisSocialist Party,Japanese Teachers' Union(Japan Teachers Union), various labor groups,LeftThe media outlets have taken an appeasement stance toward South Korea and have begun to show an attitude of avoiding criticism of South Korea.

On the other hand, there were many cases in which each media did not reveal or touch North Korea.

In the 1990s, South Korea was very nervous about domestic human rights issues, but cold about human rights issues regarding North Koreans who were forced to live like slaves.Anti-American・ Left-wing government with a strong tendency to reconcile with North Korea (Kim Dae Jung,Roh Moo-hyun)[40]When it came closer to North Korea and China, South Korea became more criticized of Japan than the previous North Korea, and alsoAnti-Japan educationWas promoted by more national policy.JapanesePro-US maintenance-RightIn contrast to such South Korea, when South Korea, which was an anti-communist nation, was an anti-Japanese country and was in the leftist government,Pro-North KoreanBecoming a country has led to a lot of criticism[37].

Criticism of South Korea from other than Pro-North Korean

After the 2002 FIFA World Cup

Many of the previous criticisms of South Korea in Japan were by the leftists who supported North Korea as mentioned above.And the criticism of South Korea's disdain for Japan began around 1990.Toyota TsuyoshiAlthough it was carried out by the Korean sect, it did not affect public opinion because South Korea's recognition in Japan was low.

2002/ToFIFA World CupWas co-sponsored by Japan and South Korea, and South Korea also received a lot of attention, but due to the anti-Japanese attitude of hoping for the defeat of the Japanese national team, the rough play of the Korean national team, and a series of misjudgments in favor of South Korea. , There is an opinion that Koreans are recognized as foreigners with different values ​​from Japanese, and people who have an antipathy toward South Korea have come to appear internationally.[41].

Action by the Internet

From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, the feelings and actions of "anti-Korean" were accompanied by that word.インターネットWith the spread of information, information that has a dislike for South Korea, Koreans, and Korean culture, which could not be transmitted by conventional media, can be easily transmitted via the Internet regardless of the truth. It begins to spread widely.In addition, the Internet has made it easier for Japanese people to read Korean awareness and articles about Japan through the Japanese-Korean translation site and the Korean newspaper website.Anti-Japanese sentimentIt can also be mentioned that there are many Internet users who have been directly linked to the opposition to.

Electronic bulletin boardAfter the installation of, this kind of action occurred around 2000, and the mainインターネットAs a base for the above anti-Korean faction,channel 2of"Korean board, "Far East Asia News Board", "East Asia news + Board" and so on.In recent years, it has spread to blogs, article comment sections of Korean newspapers, etc. (JoongAng Daily NewsIt's full of anti-Korean comments).

The anti-Korean faction's remarks on the Internet said, "To the Korean people.DiscriminationPrejudiceHate speech,False rumor,FabricationIs overflowing. "Koichi Yasuda,Yoshio Arita,Yoshinori KobayashiThey called them "Net right wing(Abbreviation:Netoyo) ”And criticized[42].

2005/Written based on these online information, etc., and made a book of the manga posted on the internet.Manga Kenkanryu』(Yamano WheelProduct,Jinyusha,2005/) Has been released. "Manga Anti-Korean School" is reserved onlyAmazon.co.jpDespite recording the number one sales ranking, bookstores continued to have no orders, which raised some suspicions that major bookstores were refraining from handling them.In addition, various speculations were born about "why major bookstores are refraining from handling".In this speculation, "Asahi ShimbunIn the sales ranking of ""Manga Kenkanryu』Won the first place, only manga has been counted separately, and the fact that sales have been concealed also has an effect.Also, at the time of the release of this book, a major companyNews agencyThe publisher said that even the advertisement was refused fromJinyushaComment is "Tokyo SportsHowever, the news media responded that "there was no advertisement."

After the release,Amazon.co.jpRecorded No. 1 sales for several days, and No. 2005 annual sales on the site in 1[43][44]It exerted a great influence to acquire. A group of right-wing citizens who denounced the measures taken against Koreans living in Japan by special permanent residents in 2007 (Citizens' association that does not allow privilege in JapanCitizens' groups such as) have appeared, excluding Koreans living in Japan from society, insisting on their eradication, attacking their identities, etc. Human rights violations of Koreans living in Japan have become problems.[45][46]..The country responds to these problemsAct on Promotion of Efforts to Eliminate Unfair Discriminatory Behavior against People from Other CountriesWas established.

Opinion poll in Japan


A survey of Japanese students in 1939 before the war found that Koreans were fourth after Germans, Italians, and Manchus (4th for Americans, 7th for Chinese, and Russians). 12th place)[47].

However, in the same survey in 1949 after the war, Koreans ranked 14th at the bottom (Americans 1st, Chinese 8th, Russians 11th).[47].

After 1990

NHK1991/In the survey, more respondents said they "dislike (including if anything)" South Korea than "like (including if anything)".[48].. NHK1999/According to the survey, both "like (same as above)" and "dislike (same as above)" increased.[48].

Since 1999Cabinet OfficeIn the survey, those who said that they "feel familiar" turned to the majority.[49]..According to a Cabinet Office survey, the number of people who "feel familiar (including if anything)" with South Korea has increased since 8, and in 1996, it exceeded half again.

After 2005

According to the 2005 Cabinet Office survey, 51.1% said that they "feel (rather) familiar" and 44.3% said that they "do not feel (rather) familiar", and they still "feel familiar". There is a slight majority of things to do, but it has been on a downward trend compared to 2004.[50].

According to the 2006 Cabinet Office survey, 48.5% answered "I feel (relatively) familiar" and 47.1% answered "I do not feel (relatively) familiar". Things are decreasing for the second consecutive year[51]..On the other hand, October 2006, 10Mainichi NewspapersIn the questionnaire article "Should I get along with China and South Korea?", 57.2% of the respondents answered "I don't have to."

According to the 2007 Cabinet Office survey, 54.8% of the respondents said that they felt familiar with South Korea, and 42.6% said that they did not feel familiar with South Korea. The number of people who feel familiar is increasing, and the number of people who do not feel it is decreasing.[52]..On the other hand, in a survey conducted in 2007, 35.6% of the respondents said that they felt familiar with South Korea, and 40.4 said that they did not feel familiar with South Korea. The percentage is%, which is higher than the percentage that does not feel familiar with South Korea.[53].

According to the 2008 Cabinet Office survey, 57.1% of the respondents said that they felt familiar with South Korea, and 40.9% said that they did not feel familiar with South Korea. The number of people who feel familiar is increasing, and the number of people who do not feel it is decreasing.[54].

According to the 21 Cabinet Office survey, 2009% of the respondents said that they "feel familiar with South Korea / feel rather", and "do not feel familiar with South Korea / feel rather". 63.1% of the respondents said that they felt familiar with them for the third consecutive year.[55][56].

Cabinet OfficeIn a survey conducted in 22, the total number of respondents who "feel familiar" with South Korea and "feel familiar" reached 2010%.

NHKとKBS Of2010/に共同調査では、韓国を「好き」が12%、「どちらかといえば好き」が50%であり、日本では「親韓」が過半数となっている。韓国を「好き(どちらかといえばも含む)」は、年層別では、20代69%、30代70%、40代70%、50代64%、60代59%、70歳以上47%であり、若い世代ほど、韓国を「好き」「どちらかといえば好き」と答える傾向がある[48].. NHK1991/In the same survey that followed, more respondents said they "dislike (including if anything)" South Korea than "like (including if anything)".2010/In the survey, "like (same as above)" exceeded half for the first time.especially,1999/Compared to the middle-aged and older people in their 30s and 60s, the number of "likes (same as above)" increased.[48]However, in the same survey in 2012, the opinion that "I feel familiar with South Korea / I feel rather" decreased significantly to 39.2%, and conversely, "I do not feel familiar with South Korea / I do not feel it". Opinions increased significantly to 59.0% and reversed[57].

Anti-Korean since the latter half of the 2000s

KoreanLee Myung-boThe president wants to increase his approval rating[58],Takeshima landing,Request for apology from EmperorAnd so on one after another.The Korean media alsoJoongAng Daily NewsBut"Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki"Punishment by God" was announced and protested by the Japanese government.[59][60][61]And strengthened the offensive tone against Japan.Anti-Korean is the mainstream of Japanese public opinion[62]..Also of the Korean internet organizationVANKIn the international communityDiscount Japan MovementWas promoted.MaintenanceRight-wing citizen groups such as KoreanRacism against JapanIt was called a protest against the protests, and demonstrations were actively held.

2013/The President of South KoreaMs. ParkSouth Korea's anti-Japanese sharpened[63]..On the other hand, Korean foods were also hit by a serious slump in sales in Japan, and a Korean food maker said in 2015, "The anti-Korean mood has spread in Japan for a few years, and Korean soju and makgeolli are also served at the liquor table. There is an atmosphere of not drinking. "[64][65][66].


The attitude of the anti-Korean faction varies from person to person.Anti-Korean is in KoreaAnti-Japan educationAnd Koreans are strongAnti-Japanese behaviorIt is also said to be an emotional act in response to[67].. JTBC is 200t in a day and a halfKoreanGarbage with the written information is washed ashoreTsushimaThe disgust toward Koreans who repeatedly violate manners such as littering, bringing them to restaurants, and trespassing is increasing. Says[68].

Hereinafter, specific examples will be described.Of course, all of these claims are controversial.

Historical awareness and Korean nationalism

  • There are various contradictions in Korean history education because of the research tendency of "history of overcoming national difficulties" based on "good and evil" and "victory and defeat".for example,Korean troop dispatchThen.LeeHowever, Japan has abandoned the continuation due to the fact that it is incompatible with the historical fact that Korea had no voice in peace negotiations, and the Korean messenger was asked by Japan, a culturally underdeveloped country, to develop advanced culture. The explanation that he was dispatched to teach is contrary to the historical fact that Korea was annexed to Japan as a culturally underdeveloped country in modern history.[69].
South Korea annexation
  • "Korean in Japan depends on JapanForced deportationThe Koreans and their descendants have been claimed. "In fact, many are migrant workers in the prewar era,Korean WarDue to circumstances such as confusion during the periodSmugglingIt corresponds to the so-called "forced entrainment"RecruitmentFew people came to[70].

History education

Koreans in Japan and crimes, organized crime groups, right wing

  • Second World WarCriminal acts committed by Koreans in Japan taking advantage of the police power vacuum during the later turmoil[71]..In the post-war period when police rights softened to foreign nationals, a group of police officers were injured with a gun sword and ran away.Tomisaka Police Station,Ikuta Police StationEtc. are being attacked[71].
  • pachinkoshop,PachislotIt is said that many stores are run by Koreans in Japan and Koreans in Japan.[72], There is a case where the profit became a source of funds for North Korea[73].

Economy / Technology / Intellectual Property Rights

  • 1981/At the Japan-Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in August, the South Korean side transferred a huge amount of technology to Japan at 8 billion dollars (equivalent to 5 trillion yen at that time) in five years due to security issues. Requested.For itSonodaThe foreign minister argued, "Is it a social custom in South Korea to borrow money from someone you don't like or to have them teach you techniques?"
  • Strawberries such as red pearl and Akihime developed in Japan were brought to Korea without permission, and new varieties such as "Solhyang", "Mehyang", and "Kumhyang" were developed. , Korean strawberries exceed Japanese strawberries in terms of export value, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries calculated that the loss due to the loss amounted to about 2012 billion yen in the five years from 5.Strawberry variety registration started in 220 in South Korea, so the Japanese side could not register the variety.[74][75].

Assumption of the Japan-Korea War by the South Korean Army

  • Korean army is JapaneseSDFWe are also conducting training assuming a collision with Japan, and the South Korean army hasVirtual enemyRepulsion to what is supposed to be.The Korean Defense White Paper's "Dokdo Defense" Plan[76][77], Possibility of "Korea-Japan Dokdo Conflict"[78][79][80]Etc. are mentioned by Korean military officials,Roh Moo-hyunThe president said, "The United States is a friend, so I can't blame it severely, but I have to confront Japan."[81], Actually the Korean armyTokyoWithin rangeCruise missileIs deployed in actual battles, etc.[82][83]..In addition, Korean military officialsTsushimaNot only has Japan become a hypothetical enemy, such as proposing an occupation plan, but even plans to invade Japan's territory have been reported.[84].
  • South Korea is strengthening its naval power in anticipation of a collision with Japan[85][86][87][88].. In October 2005, the South Korean government requested the United States to describe Japan as a hypothetical enemy at the Korea-US Regular Security Council (SCM), but the United States refused.[89][90].

Media Internet

Theft of cultural properties

Takeshima / Sea of ​​Japan Naming Problem

Generational differences

According to a poll on the feeling of familiarity with South Korea released in 2019, 20% were in their 57.4s, which was higher than the average of 39.4%, while those in their 60s were 31.3%.The youth were influenced by their parents during the winter sona boom, so they have a high degree of intimacy due to their low interest in political news, according to the JTB Research Institute.[97][98]..The older generation had different negative consciousness about the past military government and disdain for South Korea, which is a late country.[99].

Hoax, discrimination

Discrimination against South Korea exists in Japan, and hoaxes such as the Korean criminal theory occur from time to time[100].

  • In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake caused a hoax that Korean immigrants poisoned a well.The Great Kanto Earthquake Massacre of KoreansHappened.
  • In 2015, there was a hoax that many Koreans living in Japan were deported, and the immigration bureau punctured the temporary information reception form due to an action called a report. The change in the system of foreign residents in 2012 is considered to be the source of hoaxes.The change in the system will only change the ID card of the Special Permanent Residents, who are mostly Koreans living in Japan, and will not move out even if it is a violation of switching.[101].
  • At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, when the Japanese national team of table tennis girls complained that the proof of the TV camera was dazzling, the Korean media interfered and the Internet was flooded, but the illuminated media was a Japanese TV program. Was a crew[102].


Anti-Korean is prevalent in Japan, and on the other handAnti-racismAs a kind ofAnti-KoreanThere is also a movement of.

Concrete example

In 2006, "This is the crap of" Manga Anti-Korean "-a serious counter-argument, an end to the barren" Anti-Korean "and" Anti-Japanese "! Peace through dialogue and cooperation !!" was released.

In 2014, "September, on the streets of Tokyo" was announced with the meaning of anti-Korean, and on April 4th, the cumulative total exceeded 10 copies.[103]

In 2015, "Farewell, Hate Book! Behind the Anti-Korean Anti-Chinese Boom" was released.

In 2019, a demonstration was held in front of the Shogakukan headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, with a placard saying "Don't do business with hate books."[104]

East Asia


  • 1992/Since then, diplomatic relations have been established between China and South Korea. South KoreaCompanies have expanded into China, but South Korea tends to look down on Chinese workers, especially Koreans, due to the superiority complex of economic development.ChugokuThen it has a bad reputation.South Korea also tends to accelerate the sense of superiority in economic development and discriminate against workers in countries that are less powerful than their own.China and South Korea1992/After that, diplomatic relations were established in China.KoreanExchanges with (Korean Chinese) progressed, and Koreans went to South KoreaMigrantHas begun, but Koreans take a discriminatory attitude toward China with a sense of economic superiority.Even in South Korea, Koreans are discriminated against, and Koreans have a bad reputation for Chinese Koreans.South Korea's awareness of discrimination against Koreans is deep-rooted[105][106][107][108][109].
  • Around 37 BC-Northeastern China in 668 (ManchuriaFrom the south)Korean PeninsulaA nation that existed in the northGoguryeoAnd its successorBohaiHowever, anti-Korean based on the controversy as to whether it belongs to the history of South Korea or China. Since the 1980s, China has claimed that Goguryeo is a decentralized government that has belonged to successive Chinese governments, and South Korea has been violently opposed.
  • 2007/,Xinhua News AgencyAs a result of a questionnaire survey of about 1 Chinese people, South Korea was listed as the number one "neighborhood country that I don't like."Also, in December 2000, a major Chinese companyPortal siteAccording to the opinion poll conducted by "Tensei Community", South Korea was the most disliked country.[110]..According to a Chinese expert in South Korea, the cause of "anti-Korean" is the "Internet."It is analyzed that it is fueling the sentiment of "anti-Korean" because Chinese people post unfriendly Korean news to China in South Korea on the Internet.[111].
  • June 2008, 8JoongAng Daily News』Has even posted a column that says," Anti-Korean sentiment in China is at a dangerous level, "and conveys that China's anti-Korean sentiment is spreading.[112][113]..China's Beijing Olympic baseball semi-final match between Japan and South KoreaNetizensSupports Japan, China's largest internet search site "BaiduIn the baseball forum of ""sushi TheKimchiMore delicious.I hate seeing kimchi in the finals."I want sushi to win!" "Kill Gaoli Bangzi (a Chinese netizen jargon meaning Korean)!" "Korea must not be reversed. Japan, fight!"More than 90% of the comments posted in China's major communities said, "Koreans are a shameless people and should be overthrown by China."[114]..In this regard, South Korean reports accused "It is beyond the common sense that Chinese, who are historically victims of Japan, have the shoulders of Japan and have an antipathy toward Koreans who are the same victims." Chinese netizens have expressed their disliked feelings, saying, "Koreans are cheeky toward their husband, China, even though they are former nations." "Let's cooperate with Japan to leave South Korea alone."[115]..In response to these, the South Korean side said, "I am jealous of South Korea's rapid economic growth, which I have historically considered to be worthy of my own country, but on the other hand, it seems to be a reaction that is manifested by the deep-seated awareness of damage by the Chinese." Analyzing[116].
  • A Chinese person who knew this was posted on the phoenix net discussion page in China, saying, "In Seoul, South Korea, there was a sticker in the showroom of a Hyundai car dealership saying,'No Chinese people are allowed to enter.'" Net users are furious and call for boycotts of Korean products[117], There are also criticisms of Koreans who discriminate against Chinese tourists[118].
  • In a 2009 survey of South Korea conducted by the Chinese portal site Global Times for Chinese, 94.6% answered that they did not like South Korea. "I have a good impression" was 0.9%, and "I don't care" was 4.5%.[119]..In addition, the overwhelming majority of the questionnaires asking "What do you think of when you hear South Korea?" Were "Chinese insults." 56.33% of the respondents chose "China insult case", and "KoreanDrama "(14.35%),"Korean War(12.16%), "Home appliances / automobiles" 3.31%, "Korean cuisineWas 2.23%.Even in the opinion section attached to the questionnaire, there were extremely many opinions expressing anti-Korean sentiment such as "cultural thief and addict", "collective shameless nation", and "just hearing a Korean bastard makes me sick".[120].
  • China siteBaiduAn internet questionnaire is being conducted with the title "Which do you hate, Japan or South Korea?" "I hate both" 44.5%, "Korea invading culture" 32.5%, "War invaders, Japan" 15.5%, "I like both" 3.4%.In addition, a similar questionnaire is being conducted on China Central Television (China Central Television, CCTV) CCTV network, but this is a two-choice system of Korea or Japan, and the result is "Korea" 62.5%, "Japan". It was 37.5%.The opinions received were "I hate Japan because of historical issues. South Korea is selling fights to China right now." "I hate Japan that does not show remorse for the war, but the Japanese are kind and diligent. I really appreciate that point. South Korea is too low-ranked. "[121].
  • Chinese peoplejournalistIs "Weekly playboy"Korea refuses to live permanently for Chinese people, has a history of 5 years older than China, and dislikes claims that Chinese characters originate from Korea. Especially among the elderly, anti-Korean consciousness is It's expensive. During World War II, it seems to me that you are sitting on the side of the victorious country even though you attacked China as a minion of Japan. This is because many people think that the economic development of China is also due to the aid of the United States and think that it is a dog in the United States. "[122].
  • the 2000sEntering, 1937Nanjing IncidentIs of the Japanese armyKorean soldierAllegations made by China have been disseminated online in China.this isCCTVIt was also discussed in the debate program[123].
  • On October 2012, 10, the Korean Marine Police fired a rubber bullet while cracking down on an illegally operating Chinese fishing boat in the Yellow Sea off the Red Island in Southwest Korea, hitting the chest of a Chinese sailor (16). , Chinese people are often arrested ⇒ arrested in South Korea, such as the death of a sailor, so there are many cases where anti-Korean sentiment in South Korea explodes.[124][125]..Also, according to the announcement by the Korean Coast Guard, it is said that the cause was not a rubber bullet but a heart attack, and that the sailor who died resisted by swinging a blade and hitting a member with an iron pipe.[126]However, as a result of autopsy, it was determined that he was killed by a rubber bullet.[127]..Trouble over illegal fishing has become a big problem, such as the case where a member of the maritime police is killed by a Chinese sailor who engages in illegal fishing.[128].
  • "Sankei ShimbunAccording to the Chinese Internet community, it happened on April 2013, 4.Sichuan earthquakeIt is said that anti-Korean sentiment erupted in response to the Korean writing that ridiculed[129].
  • In South Korea in 2017THAAD missileWith the deployment of, China's anti-Korean sentiment has increased.Provided the siteLotte GroupThere are videos online that hurt the products displayed at the supermarket and accusate Lotte.At one hotel, a Taegeuk flag with the words "Let's trample Koreans" is laid at the doorway so that you can't enter unless you step on the Taegeuk flag, or "Dog and Koreans are not allowed to enter or leave without permission." I put up a guide.At the fitness center in TianjinRepublic of Korea flagIt was torn to pieces and left hanging in a punching bag.[130].
  • Held in Chengdu, China on May 2019, 5, for U-29 with a total of four countries including China, South Korea, Thailand and New Zealand.Panda cupAfter the Korean national team defeated the Chinese national team 3-0 in the final round, they made a gesture of trampling the trophy and pissing at the victory ceremony.This situation spread on Chinese social media such as Weibo, and the Korean Football Association expressed a written apology to the Chinese Football Association and the Chengdu Football Association on the 30th of the same month because of the fierce anger of the Chinese side. ..In response to the worsening situation such as the Chinese people's opposition did not subside, the Korean team also held an emergency press conference at the hotel and officially apologized to the Chinese, saying, "I apologize again for hurt the feelings of the Chinese people." However, the tournament organizing committee stripped the winning trophy awarded to Korea.The Chosun Ilbo reported that the trophy was stripped for the first time in history, saying, "It is expected to have an adverse effect on the future. It stimulated the anti-Korean sentiment of the Chinese people, and the external image of Korean soccer was not a little hit."The Chengdu Football Association, which hosted the Panda Cup in an interview with the Chinese media, said, "Korea insulted the Panda Cup and all participating countries and fans." "The Korean team will not be invited to the tournament in the future." Represents.China's China Sports said, "The Korean side apologized to the captain, the coach and even the Korea Football Association. But this was just an apology for the lack of sportsmanship. They (Korea) still deserve contempt for Chinese football. He expressed his anger and praised Japan's nationality, saying that the Japanese soccer team and fans who did not participate this time but had won the championship in a row showed completely different behavior.Experts commented on the background of this type of problematic behavior in South Korea: "Korean spiritual culture is an up-and-down culture, and there is a culture of how (upper people) look down on others." There is a place where I am willing to do it. "The German magazine "Der Spiegel" "celebrated in an improper pose", the British public broadcaster "BBC" was "barbaric and vulgar", and the Vietnamese newspaper "Thanh Nien" was also "damaging". "Aggressive Celebration".The Chinese Football Association has filed a lawsuit against the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) regarding the problematic behavior of Korean players.[131][132][133][134][135][136][137].

Korean origin theory

  • 2005/Has a history of more than 2000 years in ChinaBoys' FestivalThe Korean government as the Gangneung Danoje Festival in South KoreaUNESCO OfIntangible cultural heritageRegistered in.
  • 2008/In each Chinese newspaper, "Korean newspapersGrandchildIt was reported that it was not based on the fact that it was said to be a Korean.Bohai,GoguryeoIt has been pointed out that such an image is becoming established due to the debate over whether it is the history of South Korea or China. Even when the controversy over Takeshima emerged in Japan and South Korea in 2008, there were so many voices on the Internet in China that "Japan should be supported".[138].


  • Cold WarIn the ageAnti-communityTaiwan and South Korea have a friendly relationship, and the number of Korean Taiwanese students exceeded 1000, accounting for more than half of Taiwanese foreign students.Taiwan1963/He was funding South Korea for a five-year economic development plan.Taiwan is South Korea1992/ToChugokuWhen establishing diplomatic relations with South Korea, he suspected that South Korea would have a diplomatic relation with Taiwan, and had negotiated with South Korea many times, but the answer from the South Korean side was that there could be no diplomatic relations.South Korea has sold a Korean car that cannot be sold in the international market to Taiwan, which wants to prevent diplomatic relations.Nevertheless, South Korea, which had the only diplomatic relations in Asia at that time, decided to sever with Taiwan and changed the assets held by the Taiwanese embassy in South Korea to the Chinese name on the day of the severance.At this time, the tone of the Korean media was "The diplomatic relations were made without Taiwan being aware of its intention due to the splendid operation of Japan (South Korea)." Brings enormous profits to Korea. "As a result, Taiwanese sentiment toward Korea deteriorated significantly.Furthermore, South Korea is TaiwanUnited NationsMembership andIMFOpposed to join.South Korea to TaiwanAsian currency crisisIt was an incomprehensible high-handed statement that "Taiwan, which is not in a currency crisis, has an obligation to help South Korea," instead of requesting financial assistance.This is stated in "Manga Anti-Korean School".Kaohsiung CityThe ruling and opposition parties are unanimous in the parliament, and the sister citiesBusanI decided to insulate.that isTainan CityIt spread to the parliament and the same measures were taken.Such a unanimous resolution is extremely rare in Taiwan, where the ruling and opposition parties are in fierce conflict.KoreanI was taken down just by talking about[139].
  • There was an incident in which a Korean woman, the wife of a diplomat belonging to the Taiwanese representative of South Korea (equivalent to the consulate of an embassy), tried to disguise herself as a Japanese when she had a traffic accident.A lie was discovered because her car was the official car number "outside 0455" of the Taiwanese representative of South Korea.The Korean woman insisted, "Taiwanese police are sloppy, so I thought she would claim to be Japanese."[140].
  • 2004 yearsWilliam jones cupAt the International Women's Basketball Tournament, when the match between South Korea and Taiwan was held on July 7, a brawl began between the two teams after the match due to an event during play.The Taiwanese spectators who saw the brawl sweared at Korean players and threw plastic bottles.[141].
  • Taiwan'sサイト 2000/In the survey "Which country do you hate the most?", Koreans ranked first with 35.07%.2005/To(Chinese version)とTVBSAccording to the "Korean Impressions" survey, 73% disliked it and 16% liked it.also,(English edition) 2007/As a result of a Korean national brand image survey conducted on 21 people in 2809 countries / regions, Taiwan has the highest preference among the 2.98 countries / regions, with the Korean government's preference being 2.84 points and the Korean people's preference being 21 points. It was investigated to be low.In response to this, "Korean Daily Report"It was confirmed that the betrayal of South Korea's diplomatic measures with Taiwan and pro-China diplomacy is still deeply located."[142]..We also visited 25 people in 4214 countries / regions.2009/In the degree survey, the preference was low in order.Hong Kong(23rd),Indonesia(24th), Taiwan (25th)[143].. Taiwan in 2009FoundationSouth Korea ranked second (2%) in the "most unfriendly countries" as a result of a questionnaire conducted by students on "the most friendly and unfriendly countries".[144].
  • The first held in 2009World Baseball ClassicAbout(Chinese version)Asked "Which team do you support among the four countries that advanced to the semi-finals?", 4% were Japan and 63.4%.America,South Korea isベネズエラIt was the lowest (7.2%) below (5.3%)[145].
  • Beijing OlympicsBaseball final qualifying, Korea vs. TaiwanTaichung Intercontinental Baseball FieldThe Taiwanese spectators who filled up enthusiastically supported only Taiwan,placardIsKimchiKill ""MeatCharacters such as "Country Korea", "If you want to shape it in Korea", and "Korea is the number 3 in Asia" were written.I saw this in KoreaNetizensThey express discomfort such as "The heckler during the game was really terrible" and "I can't understand the broadcasting station that shoots placards with the camera all the time".[146].
  • 2009/ToLaosHeld atSoutheast Asian Games OfTaekwondoIn the competition, Taiwanese media reported extensively that a Taiwanese team player lost a gold medal to a Korean team player due to a foul play, and Koreans were banned from entering the store.RestaurantsAppeared and caused controversy[147].
  • Also in TaiwanKorean origin theoryBecame widely recognizedTaiwanMediaBegan to report extensively. ""Chosun IlboIs2008/8/8He added, "Recently, shameless Koreans frequently appear in the Taiwanese media. Koreans are polite and steal the history of other countries."Also, Taiwan's "China time signalIs 20086/1With "KoreanBuddhaAn article titled "Calling Koreans" was posted, and "Korean cultural expansion movement is intensifying again.Laozi,ConfuciusIf you think that he is Korean, then he claims that Buddha is Korean. "[148][149]. Also,Taiwan OfMa YingjiuPresidentIt is,繁体字 Ofworld Cultural HeritageIn connection with the application, he expressed concern that "Korea may be deprived of the application for registration of traditional Chinese characters as a World Cultural Heritage Site."[150].
  • Perhaps because some people in Taiwan have roots in the continent, they have expressed respect for Chinese culture and accused South Korea of ​​robbing Chinese history."Korean dramas" are unpopular in both China and Taiwan, and in Taiwan, they even received a complaint saying that Korean was unpleasant.note that,Taiwan government"Chinese"Network Education Center"Home Page"Historically, South Korea is ChinaColonyIt was "[151].
  • 2010/Guangzhou Asian GamesGirlsTaekwondo49kg class qualifying in TaiwanYang Shu-chunThe disqualification and defeat of the player caused anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan.It was rumored that South Korea would intervene in response to the mysterious disqualification decision, and there was an incident in which an egg was thrown at a Korean school in Taipei City.Taiwan Ministry of Foreign AffairsCalled for a peaceful and rational attitude.The Korean embassy in Taiwan has also developed into a situation where it can draw attention to Koreans in Taiwan, and the wave of anti-Korean sentiment has spread to business.In Taiwan's Korean town, some young people shout boycotts of Korean products, and at retail stores in Korean town, daily sales have decreased by about 1% since Yang Shu was disqualified.[152].. In contrast,Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of KoreaTold Taiwan that "Japan has nothing to do with the outcome of the match."A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said, "It is a pity that Yang Shu-chun was disqualified. We have anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan, burning the Korean flag, and Korean products.boycottWe are paying attention to anti-Korean acts such as doing.If things get worse, I regret it to Taiwan. "In South Korea, the rise of anti-Korean sentiment and anti-Korean acts in Taiwan are reported every day, and criticisms of Taiwan are increasing in South Korea as well.[153].
  • TaiwaneseIs "Korean The漢字I think Korea invented it. "" Koreans have been invented since they were young.ConfuciusLearn to be Korean "" KoreanXinhai RevolutionLeader ofGrandchildClaims to be Korean. "[154],Taiwanese taekwondo athlete Yang Shu-chun was disqualified at the 2010 Asian GamesAt the time, "Korea is Yang Shu-chungold medalI'm trying to stealTaiwanMediaof"Free time"Korea, who claims that Confucius is a Korean, is the treasure of Taiwan Taekwondo, Yang Shu-chun.gold medalI took it up toeditorialWas posted[154]. Also,Taiwan Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンIsWilber PanIt is, South Korea Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンIs(Korean version)Plagiarism of the song, 100 billionウ ォ ン OfDamages lawsuitHowever, in Taiwan, there is a backlash about this plagiarism riot that "Koreans robbed us again".[154], South KoreaMediaof"(English edition)"Is"TaiwanMediaHas used a strategy of attracting readers by writing articles that stimulate anti-Korean sentiment, which is the basis of society, when he has free time. "A professor at a famous Korean university claimed that Confucius was Korean."False newsIt is a way to stimulate anti-Korean sentiment. "[154].
  • At a public forum held in Taiwan on November 2011, 11,Google OfEric SchmidtAfter the chairman said, "There is a difference between Taiwan and South Korea. It's bigger than I imagined."AcerIs the founder ofStan ShihSaid, "Korea is everyone's enemy, Taiwan is everyone's friend," and received a big applause from all over the venue.[155][156].
  • In January 2012, Taiwanese moderator,(Chinese version)While staying at a hotel in South Korea, the bottom of the water heater fell and suffered a serious burn. The feelings of dislike of Korea are increasing because the court ruled that it was a riot that caused the hotel and was forged to damage the hotel's honor.[157].
  • 2012/6/18,Taiwan'sHonkai Precision IndustryPresidentTerry GouBut,sharpIn announcing the technical tie-up with, "IJapaneseIs respected.The Japanese never stab from behind.but,Gaoli Bangzi"No," said Gaoli Bangzi (a derogatory term for Koreans, mainly used by Chinese and Taiwanese).[158][159].
  • 2013 yearsWBCTaiwan cheering squad during qualifying Taiwan-Korea matchnorth korea Of金正恩Hold up a placard with a photo of the face of the First Secretary, etc., or a placard with the words "Return to Korea for plastic surgery".[160]The act was seen, and a video of a Taiwanese woman crushing the Korean flagYouTubePosted in[161]There is a strong anti-Korean feeling.
  • 2015 year 11 month 19 dayWorld baseball premiere 12Semifinal Japan-Korea match (Tokyo Dome), When South Korea won 4 to 3 and decided to advance to the final, Taiwanese internet users commented, "I didn't want South Korea to win."[162].
  • 2018/8/20, South KoreaMediaof"(English edition)"Is"2011/In Taiwan in South KoreaDoosan Heavy IndustriesとJapan OfMitsubishi-日立consortiumIs 2 trillionウ ォ ンOf scaleThermal power plantDoosan Heavy Industries was evaluated as superior in terms of construction ability due to competition for orders, but with anti-Korean sentimentJapanophilia feelingsAfter all, I couldn't get the order because of[154].
  • 2021/12/20,Taiwan Ministry of Foreign AffairsWas scheduled at a meeting held by a policy-making body under the direct control of the President of South Korea.Tang FengMinister of ParliamentWas notified by the Korean side of the lecture in the early morning of the day, and the sudden cancellation was called "disrespectful act" and "strong dissatisfaction" and rigorously protested to the Korean side.[163]..The South Korean side suggested that it considered China as the reason for the cancellation as "considering each aspect of cross-strait relations (Taiwan and China)".[163].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euMore than 70% of Korean men visitProstitution tourIn Mongolia, only 50 or more Korean-owned karaoke bars for prostitution have been confirmed, which is a serious problem.The Mongolian government has strengthened the prostitution control law to crack down on sex trips by Koreans, but has not been able to reduce the activities of Korean-owned karaoke bars for prostitution.In addition, prostitution at equestrian clubs and massage shops is increasing in order to escape the crackdown.After getting off the airport, it has been witnessed to go straight to the prostitution riding club.Mongolians have strong anti-Korean sentiment due to Korean lawlessness[164].

At the end of 2005,(English edition)Call yourselfFar right groupIs Chinese or KoreanSupermarketAnd attacked the hotel.Chinese people,KoreanAlthough harassment and intimidation against them occurred individually, it was a new phenomenon for the group.Until now(English edition)Several extreme right groups are appealing for the exclusion of Chinese and Korean culture and residents.There is a wide range of supporters of their claim.For example, they are in advertisements and billboards漢字,HangulIf you find it, remove the sign and declare that you will destroy the store.OnceUlaanbaatarWas full of Chinese characters and Hangul, but now it is almost nonexistent.Shopkeepers voluntarily repaint the sign to avoid attacks, which is socially acceptable[165].

Along with the mining industry, it is foreign countries that support the Mongolian economy.MigrantIt is a remittance from a worker.Including remittances from informal routes, MongoliaGDPIt is estimated that more than 10% of the remittances are from migrant workers.The largest migrant destination for Mongolians is South Korea. As of 2007, there are 2 Mongolians living in South Korea according to official statistics.This is about 5000% of Mongolia's total population.Half of the country's total population is under 1 and over 20, so there is Mongolia in South Korea.Working population2% live.Approximately 4% of Mongolians working in South Korea work without a formal employment contract, which may result in poor working conditions or no compensation for injuries or fatal accidents during work.Such cases are tragically published in Mongolian newspapers.In addition, South Korea operates in Mongolia, from large companies to micro enterprises. According to statistics at the end of 2005, there are more than 2000 Koreans who have stayed in Mongolia for a long time other than tourists.This is about seven times as much as the Japanese who have stayed in Mongolia for a long time.(English edition)In addition to China, the extreme right groups such as these are targeting South Korea for exclusion because of the rapid expansion and deepening of relations between South Korea and Mongolia.Many people have negotiations with South Korea as a personal experience through migrant work, so more emotional reactions are conspicuous, and the influence of the Korean economy and culture is great, so the Mongolian nationalist reaction is sharpening.[165].

Furthermore, in Mongolia, Korean gangsters are widespread, and frauds such as employment fraud using the Korean wave and fraudulent deception of building condominiums are occurring one after another.[166]..Therefore, South Korea is the second most disliked country in polls.[166]..Also, of the former yokozunaMorning blue dragonOnce asked a Korean reporter if there was racial discrimination, saying, "Hey, you're saying this kimchi guy!"[167].

United States Department of StateHas been in Mongolia since the spring of 2010XenophobiaThe number of targeted attacks is increasing. "" SuchNationalismThe group isAsian americanTheChinese people,KoreanIt is often misunderstood that it is, and it attacks suddenly. "[168],United States Department of State OfWebsite"Nationalist groups frequently mistake Asian-Americans for ethnic Chinese or Koreans and may attack without warning or provocation. Asian-Americans should exercise caution walking the streets of Ulaanbaatar at all times. I am mistaken for a person or a Korean and attack frequently without warning or provocation, soUlaanbaatarAsian Americans walking around the city should always be careful) "[169].

Held in Korea2014 Asian GamesIn the match between Mongolian and Korean boxing men's bantamweight players, it seemed to be the superiority of Mongolian players, but Korea won 3-0.Former yokozuna for this matchMorning blue dragon TheTwitterFurious above, he tweeted, "It's like this, but I lost the Mongolian player !! Bloody Korean player", and uploaded a picture of the Korean player full of facial blood and the Mongolian player who raises his right hand, which seems to be just before the above judgment. Then, he repeated remarks such as "Asia game Incheon! Boxing 3 round Mongolia has won, but he has been raised by a Korean player !! Let's do Kimchi !!"[170]..In addition, the official blog of the tournament described Mongolia as "Momgolia-China", and it was said that there was a terrible response to Mongolian players, and it is said that feelings toward South Korea are getting worse.(Korean version)Has posted a sentence on its homepage that warns that "the eyes on South Korea are getting stricter" and "there is concern about rising anti-Korean sentiment. Avoid discussions with Mongolians about the Asian Games as much as possible."[171].

Southeast Asia


There was an incident in which someone invaded a hotel in Seoul, where the Indonesian presidential envoy who visited South Korea was staying, but it was suspected that it was carried out by a South Korean intelligence officer.According to a high-ranking government official, the South Korean side, which has refrained from the peak of negotiations on the export of domestic training machines to Indonesia and the free trade agreement (FTA), may have invaded and tried to steal information in an attempt to know the hands of the Indonesian side. Is.The South Korean government has also denied this matter.[172][173].

According to a research report released by the New Zealand government, South Korean pelagic fishing vessels were being abused by Koreans forcing low-wage labor and violence against Indonesian fishermen.[174]..There is also testimony that many Indonesian fishing vessel crews hate Koreans.[174].


There was a case where a Cambodian worker residing in South Korea was abused by a Korean employer, and anti-Korean sentiment increased in Cambodia.[175].

In March 2010, it was reported that the Cambodian government banned the marriage of Cambodians and Koreans.[176][177].


In the 2010 BBC poll, South Korea was the number one country negatively rated by Thais.[178].

In April 2002, Thai newspapers reported that Thai TV station executives and their families were considered illegal immigrants and denied entry when they tried to enter South Korea for sightseeing purposes and were treated as insulting. I told him, "Never go to Korea."[179]..Korean embassyKorea Tourism OrganizationThere was also a protest against[179].

JournalistAkiyoshi YamamuraHowever, as one of the Thai expatriates, Koreans tend to oppress people who are weaker than themselves, and even in Thailand, some Koreans' scornful attitude and violent personality are regarded as problems. Introducing that[174].

It was held in Korea in 2014Asian GamesThere was an unfair judge for Thailand in the soccer match against South Korea.YouTubeYou can upload anti-Korean videos toFacebookMany criticisms and blame photos of Koreans were posted on[180].


In the Philippines, even if Koreans who went to the Philippines for work or studying English language became pregnant with a Filipino woman and gave birth, they would not take responsibility for it, abandon their wives and children, and return to Korea without recognition or support. Therefore, the abandoned children said, "Kopino(A coined word that combines Koreans and Filipinos), and as of 2014, there were 3 people, and they are suffering from poverty.In 2013, the Philippine government estimated that 470% of the 25 million foreigners who visited the Philippines were Koreans, the number one foreign tourist, and the behavior of Korean men who exposed their desires was "disliked". It is reported that it leads to "Korean" feelings.[181][182].

Also, in 2018, a Korean company illegally dumped 6500 tons of garbage and demonstrated it in the Philippines.[183]..Furthermore, in the Philippines, Koreans (as well as Japanese) are the most killed countries, and the Korean government has even dispatched human resources for discussions.These factors are that they are scolded in public as they are in Korea, and there are many retaliatory murders.


  • Vietnam WarAt times, there are war crimes such as genocide and sexual violence by the Korean army, and there is anti-Korean sentiment in Vietnam.[184][185].
    • Kim Dae Jung apologized in 1998 and 2001, but was an opposition party at the time.Grand National PartyIs criticizing this[186].
    • In 2017United KingdomA citizen group that conveys the memory of sexual violence by the South Korean armyJustice for Lai DaihanWas established, and the statue of Lai Daihan was installed in London on June 2019, 6.[187].
  • International marriages with Vietnamese are popular in rural Korea, where there is a shortage of brides, but Korean husbands frequently abuse Vietnamese wives.[188]..There is an example of a Vietnamese married woman being forced to commit suicide[188]In addition, there was an incident in which a Korean husband killed him.[188][189], The Vietnamese government demanded a strict response, and it developed into a diplomatic problem.Yu Myung HwanThe Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade met with the Vietnamese ambassador to Korea, expressed regret and promised to prevent recurrence.[190].
  • In 2018JoongAng Daily NewsReported that anti-Korean sentiment was caused by the night escape of some Korean companies. Nearly 2000 Vietnamese workers have unpaid January wages and social insurance premiums of 1 billion dong (about 312 million yen).Since employees were unable to return home due to unpaid wages, the Vietnamese government is requesting the Korean government to "cooperate to resolve unpaid wages of problematic companies."[191]..When the management of Korean companies expanding into Vietnam deteriorates, some companies run away from Vietnam at night.In addition to late wage payments, there are often patterns in which only Korean employees return to Japan and lose contact with the factory equipment.A series of night escape turmoil of Korean companies before Tet, the most important holiday in Vietnam, caused anger in Vietnamese society.Vietnamese media reported to dispute the reality of Vietnamese employees who did not receive wages.On social media, criticisms such as "Did you welcome such a company on the red carpet and provide an incentive?"As the situation expanded, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also embarked on an order to support workers.The Dong Nai provincial government and Vietnamese trade union groups have taken over half of January's wages and some of their bonuses.More than 1 textile factories in the surrounding area have announced that they will preferentially hire employees of Company K.The entire Vietnamese society has suffered the damage caused by the night escape of Korean companies.[192].

South Asia


2009/1,MumbaiEtcHebay Spirit Crude Oil SpillAs a protest against, more than 500 people (Indian media estimates 1500 people) shouted, "Koreans and Samsung Electronics should go out."Samsung electronicsA large-scale demonstration was held to scream the boycott of Korean goods, the bail of the Indian captain and chief engineer imprisoned by the Korean authorities, and the refusal to board a ship bound for South Korea if there was no progress.[193].

Former Soviet Union member countries

1991 yearsCollapse of the Soviet UnionOr later,RussiaOld such asUSSRKorean companies have started to expand into the constituent countries,Central AsiaIn the former Soviet Union member countries, friction is caused by the arrogant behavior of local Koreans.While some former Soviet Union members have taken steps to eradicate these illegal acts by Koreans, they have also urged the South Korean government to officially take strong steps to resolve the issue.[194].

In 2002, JoongAng Ilbo reported that South Korea was formed as a "shallow commercial nation" and "a country where human rights cannot be protected" in the former Soviet Union member countries of Central Asia.[194].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen, anti-Korean sentiment is increasing because Koreans are using local women as targets for sexual trafficking and forcing human rights violations.[194].


After World War II, Stalin made a suspicion of spying on Japan against Koreans in the coastal states, like the Crimean Tatars, Germans, Chechens, and Kalmyks who were also accused of spying on Germany. Many died after being forced to relocate to Central Asia[195].

There have been multiple reports of Russian dancers who entered South Korea on the condition of "only performing" and were forced into prostitution or sexually assaulted by customers or employers.[196]..However, the same is true for girls who have entered Japan.2012/Has also created a documentary film called "Girl Model" that follows the reality of Russian girl models in Japan.[197]

There have been several reports of Koreans being attacked by Russians and dying.[198].

2013/At the Russia-Korea Summit Meeting held inVladimir PutinThe reason why the president was so late for the meeting and further shortened his stayMs. ParkIt is said that he was dissatisfied with the president's foreign policy.[199].

The United States of America

  • 1905/ToRusso-Japanese WarInKatsura and Taft Agreement1907, after being tiedThe Hague Emissary CaseAtTattletale diplomacyAgainstThe United States of AmericaIs modernSouth KoreaIn (the divided nation in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula), it is often quoted as "an example of how unreliable the nation is" regarding the issue of survival and sovereignty of South Korea.
  • 1992/ OfLos Angeles RiotAt the time ofAfrican descentKorean residents were attacked intensively by the residents, and anti-Korean sentiment became clear.In the United States, blacks have been discriminated against by all immigrant groups, because Koreans were clearly exclusive and discriminated against blacks who hired Hispanics instead of blacks in the Black Town.[200].
  • During the Roh Moo-hyun administration,Kim Jong IlWhile it was a friendly mood, it was an anti-Japanese anti-American policy toward Japan and the United States.For example, in South KoreaJoongAng Daily News 2005/9According to the report reported to the United States, 53%, Japan 15.8%, Russia (Soviet Union) 13.7%, and China 8.8% in the questionnaire "Which country is responsible for the division of the Korean Peninsula?"Russia (37.1%) was cited as the most friendly country for unification, while the United States (44.7%) and Japan (28.8%) were the most hostile countries in that order.Served as Deputy Secretary of Defense in the first Bush administrationHeritage FoundationSenior ResearcherDouglas MacArthurHe referred to the general's bronze statue removal debate and accused South Korea of ​​"nothing is worse than those who forget their grace. This week's'Graceless Grand Prize'was won by South Korea."[201]..In addition, South Korea's careless remarks made the United States angry and said, "Korea and the United States should break up."[202].Hillary ClintonSenator(At that time) in 2005,Senate・ The military committee described the relationship between South Korea and the United States as "a state of historical oblivion." "The United States played a major role in the remarkable economic development of South Korea, but now the relationship between the two countries is" historical. " The situation of lack of awareness that can be said to be "forgotten" "" The reason why the US-ROK relations have changed in this way is that the United States has made efforts for decades to realize economic growth and maintain freedom. Because the Korean people are not able to recognize it properly. "[203]. Also,(English edition)House of RepresentativesThe foreign affairs chairman insisted that "Korea should make it clear who is the enemy."[204], Sent a letter to the US ambassador to Korea, who criticized North Korea as a "criminal regime."In a letter, Chairman Hyde said, ",currencyCounterfeit,human rightsThose who try to protect the security and prosperity of the American people and the international community through infringement and illegal acts are not friends of the United States or American people, "he asserted," America's fate has been South Korea for more than 50 years. Is tied to the fate of the United States, "said Chairman Hyde.North Korean defectorHe criticized South Korea for neglecting the problem, saying, "We should think of those who suffer from North Korea's tyranny this season and those who seek refugee shelter as refugees in China. Those who hurt innocent people. Is a member of the "criminal administration" "[205].."The strategic value of South Korea is over," said the US Assistant Secretary of Defense. "The balancer theory in Northeast Asia is a concept that is incompatible with the Korea-US alliance. If you want to change the alliance, always tell me. I will do what I want." did[206].. Also in 2005Donald RumsfeldRiceDefense Minister(At that time), "America is no longer a guardian of South Korea."Wall Street JournalContributed to the Asian version.In addition, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said, "The relationship between Korea and the United States is shaking due to lack of mutual understanding." Since the Roh Moo-hyun administration started, "the ties between Korea and China have been strengthened." It is made. "[207].Kart campbellInstitute for Strategic International Studies"The recent relationship between Korea and the United States is honestly a concern," said the director of the International Security Program. He likened the relationship between Korea and the United States to "a king and a queen who got tired of their marriage." A situation similar to that of a divorced crowd, waving their hands and keeping a lifeline. "" The king and queen will return to their lives after the balcony event. " South Korea and the United States are not hoping for a big ripple due to the divorce (breaking the alliance) being so painful. "He also pointed out that "the United States is too biased toward Japan and the alliance with South Korea is shaking."[208]. Also,Scott Snyder"Some South Koreans, including President Roh Moo-hyun, have the illusion that South Korea is very important to America's Northeast Asian strategy, but after the Cold War, South Korea's strategy," said a senior researcher at the Institute for Strategic International Affairs. The position has changed. South Korea is no longer a strategic strategic point for the United States. "[209].. America'sweekly magazine"Korea is more isolated than North Korea in the international community, President Roh Moo-hyun is turned away from the United States, Japan, and North Korea, and South Korea is America's most useless ally."The magazine isHarvard UniversityThrough a contribution by Researcher Lee Sung-yun of the Korean Studies Institute,United Nations Security CouncilIn the process of discussing the North Korean missile launch sanctions resolution, President Roh was abandoned not only by his friends in the United States and Japan but also by Kim Jong Il because South Korea was completely excluded. " There may be a reason for the United States to ignore the deception heard from its selfish ally, South Korea, just like the deception from North Korea, "said historians.terrorismTo South Korea, the most useless ally in the situation of experiencing a war with South Korea and campaigning to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, the United Statesブ ッ シ ュI will record that the president has endured with patience for five years. "[210].2006/President Roh Moo-hyun boasted, "President Bush likes me very much. I have met President Bush five times and this time is the sixth."think tank"Unlike President Roh's remark that President Bush likes me, President Bush has no trust in South Korean leaders and has a low liking. Korea-US relations are squeaking." I published a research report. The report of the FPIF Institute made Korea and the United States unreliable and unreliable, and described them as "Apple (Bush) and Orange (Roh Moo-hyun)". The difference between the two countries' different political cultures has been further darkened, and the relationship between Korea and the United States has changed to the worst situation in the history of the alliance in 50 years. "" President Bush is interacting with leaders around the world.Tony BlairPrime Minister of the United Kingdom,Junichiro KoizumiPrime Minister of Japan,Vladimir PutinI don't know why the Russian presidents don't like the Korean leader even though they personally like it. "[211]. In 2006Washington DCVisitedGrand National PartyThe delegation met with American dignitaries, many of whom were critical of South Korea and the South Korean government.[212].
  • 2005/As a result of a poll conducted by an American polling agency on 1217 Americans, South Korea ranked third among the 25 countries surveyed (3) in the national ranking that Americans consider to be "unfriendly or hostile nations." %) Occupied.Among the countries surveyed, the percentage of Americans who answered "unfriendly or hostile" was highest in Pakistan (14%) and China (18%) in that order.[213].
  • 2006/ToUnited States Embassy in JapanIP users connected fromWikipedia OfHistory of KoreaDeleted the item of modern history of Korea, and wrote that "Korea has no history from ancient times, China, Japan, and the nation of the narrow barbarians."[214][215]. (WikiScanner #Major edits that have become a hot topic(See item)
  • Gallup"American's Most Preferred and Unfavorable Countries" Survey by2008/In terms of degree, 88% of North Korea is unfavorable after 82% of Iran.[216].2010/According to the survey, 85% of North Korea is not preferable after 80% of Iran.[217].

European countries

United Kingdom

  • United KingdomThen, since Koreans living in the UK often drive drunk, some cities have installed a drunk driving warning board written in Korean.[218].. "Koreans may eat dogs in London[219], "Korea is a stupid country that should not hold the World Cup[220], "The Korean government threatens and discriminates against foreign companies[221]Was also reported.Englandwith the BBCCar program "Top gearIn ""Korean carIf you ridestiltsIt ’s better to ride on, ”he ridiculed.Hyundai AccentWas described as "Hyundai Accent". (However, it should be noted that the taste of Top Gear is that it is ironic regardless of the brand in the first place. Also, since the performance and safety have improved dramatically now, the content that praises Hyundai is also broadcast. Has been.)


  • FranceSo, the Korean Cultural Center in France recently asked the French Questionnaire Research Institute (IPSOS) toFrenchInvestigated how much he knew Korea.According to the survey results, 41% of the respondents answered, "I don't know what kind of country South Korea is."There were more people who did not like South Korea (27%) than those who liked it (32%).French actressBrigitte Bardot"Korean who often lie" "Dog meatIt ’s a barbarian who eats food, ”he criticized Korean dog food culture.[222].
  • 2006 German Whirl CupIn the Swiss-Korea match, a Swiss supporter threw a cup at the face of a Korean supporter and injured him.[223].


ItalyThen,2002 World Cup match-fixing suspicionAnd the assault by the Korean team during the match[224]Even in recent years, anti-Korean sentiment is strong because of such reasons.Ahn Jung HwanWas a member at the time because he said that "Korean soccer is better than Italy" when he defeated Italy in the World Cup.Perugia CalcioContract has been virtually unilaterally canceled (Ahn Jung Hwan # 2002 World Cup turmoilSee, there is a different theory).

Korean singer at the Coppa Italia final ceremony of soccer held in Italy in May 2013DOGSAppeared and sang "Gangnam Style" enthusiastically, and the audience was disturbed by intense boos, whistling (corresponding to Noji in European countries) team cheering songs, and firecrackers.Regarding the reason for this barrage, PSY is simply not well known on the Internet in Europe, and some say, "Supporters just ignored PSY and supported them as usual. It's a paranoid delusion on the part of PSY." Was done.South Korea reported on this matter as "racist boos" and "bad manners in the audience."It was reported in Italy that PSY was also involved because the opponent team of this game had recently been discriminating against black people.[225][226]


GermanyIs mainly regarded as "the most disgusting South Korea in the world" on the Internet of Japan, but the actual BBC survey on which these are based is a survey of whether the country has a positive impact on the world. Since South Korea also includes North Korea, it is not possible to investigate the liking for South Korea from this survey, and these are hoaxes that have spread from misunderstandings. 1990sAsian currency crisisThen.Unification of GermanyAlthough it provided financial support to South Korea in spite of a short period of time, it is now seen as a grace that Korean companies are threatening the German export industry.[227]..For Germany, which has achieved reunification, it is stillDivided stateIt is inKorean PeninsulaTends to have the impression that there is something wrong with[227].

Latin America

  • In Mexico, it was reported that the act of Korean immigrants was "a race that cannot coexist very much", saying that acts that disregarded local laws (illegal remodeling of buildings, unauthorized business, etc.) were carried out.[228]In addition, in 2003Green partyThe floor leader of the hospital has also submitted a resolution requesting the government to provide statistical data on the eligibility of Koreans to stay, stipulating Koreans in Mexico as "members of criminal organizations dealing with smuggled goods."[229].


AustraliaSince around 2012, crimes against Asians including Koreans have frequently occurred, such as the assault of Koreans who came to study abroad in Australia.[230]..It was also pointed out that Koreans may be the target in particular.[231], The embassy is calling attention[232].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNow, let ’s talk about people who are sexually disturbed.KorekoreaIt symbolizes the ugly image of Korea.Koreans have a problem buying Kiribati, especially young girls.Koreans also take local women to the deck of their ships and behind dim breakwaters for prostitution, so the shadows of the breakwaters are also called KoreKorea.A countermeasures meeting is being held in the Kiribati Assembly to deal with the Korean prostitution problem.Citizen groups and churches are also looking for ways to reduce excessive sex trafficking.Young girls who are pregnant with Korean male children are also becoming a social problem in Kiribati.[233].


In Saipan, local residents who knew the Japanese colonial era said, "Koreans are His Majesty the Emperor.Akihito), Boycott Korean products. "(This protest failed the anti-Japanese movement by Koreans in Saipan.)[234].


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