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🧳 | [Snow Peak] Titanium spork!7 new works recommended by enthusiasts to buy now


[Snow Peak] Titanium spork!7 new works recommended by enthusiasts to buy now

If you write the contents roughly
Not only the lunch box you usually use and the delicatessen you bought at the store, but also the Tobachi series is the perfect size.

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Lunch box

Lunch boxWhat is (Bento Bako)?Box lunchUsed to store and carrycontainer.lunch boxAlso called.English Oflunch box OflunchBecause it means "a meal to be eaten in the middle of the day"JapaneseIt is not a container limited to lunch like the lunch box of.

Japanese lunch box


Kamobetsu Raijin Shrine OfAoi FestivalThen, put rice and rice cake in a deep fold called ship rice and rice cake,Cypress barkCovered with (Hiwada) and (Makomo)Sacred mealIs dedicated, and this is considered to be the prototype of the lunch box[1].

Azuchi-Momoyama PeriodAs you can see in modern timeslacquerwareLunch boxes have been made, and since this era, bento boxes have been made.Cherry-blossom viewing,Tea partyIt came to be eaten in such a place.Edo PeriodEarly edited,Portugueseof"Japanese-Japanese dictionary』Has" bento "in the description of the lunch box[2].

1897 (Meiji 30),aluminumMade lunch box was made[3]..The lunch box at this time is stillAnodizedUnprocessed, aluminumacidBecause it was weak to the aluminum lunch boxSalted plumThere was a case that it would corrode if it was put in[4].

In the Showa era, a bento box made of aluminum alumite was developed, and it became able to withstand the acid of pickled plums and became more brilliant.Sakae TsuboyiThe novel "Twenty-four eyesAs depicted in, it had a striking silver color and was easy to maintain, which made it the envy of the people of the time.Also, once used as a winter heating system for elementary schoolsStoveWhen the kind was used a lot, it was also done to keep the alumite lunch box that you brought with you on the stove and keep it warm.Dokaben (HijikataThe metal lunch box, which is symbolized by the large lunch box that you have, is heat resistant.plasticIt changed to a lunch box such as.

In addition, the heat-retaining lunch box developed and released in the 1970s has also evolved, and the image of a large lunch box a decade ago has faded, and a slim type has appeared.[5]..In recent years, a colorful and fashionable type of heat-retaining lunch box that has been miniaturized for women has also appeared.[5].


There is a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes, and in modern timesPlasticIs the mainstream,Thu,bamboo,paper,lacquerwareAndstainless,AnodizedProcessedaluminumand so on.Lunch boxes are available in plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, bamboo, etc.[6]..The outside isthermosThe structure enhances heat retentionLunch jarThere is also.

moistureIn order not to leaklidPart ofrubberPackingSome are equipped with fasteners to prevent the lid from slipping.Rubber belts and straps may be included to prevent the lid from opening carelessly.Sometimes it is wrapped in a cloth and the edges are tied and fixed.

Japanese ancientHeavy boxMay also be used as a lunch box.

Some are disposable, including plastic, paper, and aluminum.

EkibenThere is also a heated lunch box.There is a heat generating unit consisting of granular slaked lime and water in a bag inside the box and under the food, and the bag is broken by pulling a string etc., the slaked lime and water mix, react, generate heat, and heat the food. It heats up.

Lunch boxes from each country


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