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🛏 | Enjoy exquisite seafood and hot springs at a great deal with the "Miyagi Accommodation Discount Campaign"!Overlooking Matsushima Bay!Stop by and start the hot springs ...


Enjoy exquisite seafood and hot springs at a great value with the "Miyagi Accommodation Discount Campaign"!Overlooking Matsushima Bay!Stop by and start the hot springs ...

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"Komatsukan Kofutei" overlooking Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.

Enjoy exquisite seafood and hot springs at a great value with the "Miyagi Accommodation Discount Campaign"!Overlooking Matsushima Bay!Stop by and start the hot springs!Long-established high ... → Continue reading


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Three Views of Japan

Three Views of Japan(NihonsankeiIs three of JapanPlace of scenic beautyThat is.


The three most scenic spots in Japan refer to the following three scenic spots (the order in which they are listed depends on the order of the national local government code).allIt is a landscape on the (coastal), and each has been around for a long time.PoetryWritten byA paintingWas drawn in.

Three Views of Japan
DesignationLocation and topographical features位置
MatsushimaMiyagiMiyagi-gunMatsushima TownCentered onTeshikaiMap
AmanohashidateKyotoMiyazu CityIt is inSand beakMap
Miyajima(Itsukushima)HiroshimaHatsukaichiIt is inItsukushima shrineCentered on(I.e.Map

Edo PeriodThe previous termScholar-Hayashi HarusaiBut,Kanei208/13(16439/25) Of the book "Recollections of Japanese National Affairs"MutsuIn the sword, "Matsushima, Kojima Nogai Kojima, Almost Bonike Tsukinami no Kage, Sakai Noka, YoTangoAmanohashidate-AnguAkashimaThree spectacles[*1]"(Punctuation marksEtc. are written as (Additional notes by the author)[1]..It is said that this was the beginning of the "Three Views of Japan".

after that,Genroku2Leap1/28(16893/19), A Confucian scholar who visited AmanohashidateKaihara EkikenHowever, in the book "Yin Earth Snake"TambaTangoWakasaIn the travelogue, Amanohashidate is described as "one of the three most scenic spots in Japan."[2]..This is the first appearance of the word "Three Views of Japan" in the literature, and it is presumed that "Three Views of Japan" was a well-known group even before Masuken visited.[3].

Three most scenic spots in JapanSnow moon flowerWhen hitting, "snowIs Amanohashidate[*2],MonthIs Matsushima, "flowerIsAutumn leavesIs likened to a flower and hits Miyajima.


Main tourist facilities of the three most scenic spots in Japan
Main scenic spotsmainShrinemainTempleAquarium
MatsushimaMatsushima Four Great ViewsMutsuIchinomiya-Shiogama ShrineZuiyoji Temple,Godaido,Entsu-in-[*3]
AmanohashidateOne diagonal characterTango countryIchinomiyaKago ShrineChionji Temple,Nariaiji TempleUochikan
MiyajimaUlsanAki countryIchinomiyaItsukushima shrineDaishoin,Daiganji,SenjokakuMiyaji Marine

The annual number of tourists in recent years is about 370 million in Matsushima.[4](Oku Matsushima andShiogama622 million people in Matsushima as a whole including[5]), Miyajima has about 309 million people[6](562 million people in Hatsukaichi City including the opposite bank[7]), Amanohashidate is about 267 million[8](Aso SeaWith Miyazu City facingYosano TownThe total is about 371 million people[9]).

Tourist ambassadorThere are "Matsushima Campaign Lady" in Matsushima, "Princess Amanohashidate" in Amanohashidate, and "Miyajima Tourism Goodwill Ambassador" in Miyajima, and they are working together during the Japan Three Views Joint Campaign.

In summer ...Miyajima Underwater Fireworks FestivalOn the seafireworksIs held in various parts of Japan's three most scenic spots and attracts many tourists.

Both are specialtiesOysterHowever, while Matsushima and Miyajima are mainly in winter, Amanohashidate is mainly in summer rock oysters.Matsushima oyster hot pot cruisesushi(Specific Type 3 fishing port・), AmanohashidateMatsuba Crab,Shellfish, MiyajimaMaple bun,Conger EelIs known as an appealing food tourism.

Recent situation

All three views of Japan1952(Showa27 years)11/22ToSpecial scenic spotIt is specified in.Each of the three most scenic spots in Japan is separateworld HeritageMoved to registration, but at the momentItsukushima shrine(1996(Heisei8 years) Registration has not been completed except for December registration).

2006(18)7/5At the general meeting of the Three Views of Japan Light Liaison Council held in Japan, Hayashi Harusaibirthday Genwa45/29(16187/21), July 7st is "Three Views of Japan DayWas enacted[10].

2007(19) For foreign tourists visiting Japan,Michelin practical travel guide(MICHELIN Voyager Pratique Japon) Was published[11].. this is"Visit Japan CampaignAs part ofMichelinCompany andMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismEtc. are linked.Matsushima and Miyajima are listed as independent items in the Three Views of Japan, with three stars each.

2009(21) For foreign tourists visiting Japan,Michelin Tourist GuideMICHELIN Green Guide Japon)ButJapan Tourism BoardPublished with the cooperation of[12]..Matsushima and Miyajima are listed as independent items in the Three Views of Japan, and in Matsushima, there are a total of 3, 4 stars 8, 25 stars XNUMX, and XNUMX stars XNUMX in the Matsushima coastal area.ShiogamaThe district has 3 stars, 6 stars in total, and 31 stars in total.[13]..Miyajima has a total of 3 stars, 2 stars 3, 17 stars XNUMX, and XNUMX star XNUMX.[13].. In June of the same yearEnglishThe edition was also published[12].

Hot spring/cold spring

Despite its high profile as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, each region is suffering from a decrease in the number of guests.As one of the breakthrough measures, the three most scenic spots in Japan did not haveSpaThere is a movement to develop in recent years.

At Amanohashidate1999(11)12/20ToAmanohashidate OnsenHas opened.catch copyIs "Asobiyu".Currently, it is used in 9 inns, 2 guest houses, and 1 outdoor hot spring (some inns are used).Cold spring).Spring quality TheChloride spring,Simple hot springetc.

Miyajima had a hot spring that heats cold springs to supply hot water, but it was public 30 years ago.SewerIt was cut off due to construction work.2004Newly in (16)ボ ー リ ン グAnd so on, the cold spring was revived.Currently, three inns are heating and supplying hot water.The quality of the spring isRadioactive spring[14].

In Matsushima,Sendai/Miyagi Destination CampaignAccording to2008(20)8/5ToMatsushima hot springHas opened.The catch phrase is "Taiko Tensen".The spring quality is a simple hot spring and a chloride spring.


  • Ogura Hyakunin IsshuMatsushima and AmanohashidateSong pillowRead asWakaThere is.
    • Matsushima:Daisuke Yintomimonin "Show meSweetEven the sleeves get wet and the color doesn't change. "(Ogura Hyakunin Isshu No. 90) ... Oshima is in Matsushima Bay.Sacred placeIsland of
    • Amanohashidate:Koshikibu no Naishi "Oeyama If the road of Ikuno is far away, Fumimomizu Tennohashidate ”(Ogura Hyakunin Isshu No. 60)
  • Hayashi Harusai's words are written on the monuments of each scenic spot, but the order of introduction in all the monuments is different. "Itsukushima, Amanohashidate, Matsushima", and in Amanohashidate, "Amanohashidate, Matsushima, Itsukushima", each of which puts itself at the top of the three views.
  • Sino-Japanese warInNavyMainstay ofcruiserMetMatsushima-class protected cruiserTheThree scenic shipsCalled.The three ships that were built are "Matsushima","Itsukushima","Hashitate", Each of which is named after the three most scenic spots in Japan.

New Three Views of Japan

1915(Taisho4 years), following the three most scenic spots in JapanJitsugyo no NihonshaBy sponsorshipNew Three Views of JapanWas selected.As a result of the national vote,1916The following three were selected in (Taisho 5).1918In (Taisho 7), ""Women's world』The 10th anniversary of the first issue of Japan's new three scenic monuments" was also built[15]..Miho no Matsubara2013In (25)Mt. Fuji-the object of worship and the source of artAs part ofworld Cultural HeritageRegistered in.

New Three Views of Japan
Location and topographical features位置
Onuma(Poroto)HokkaidoKamedaNanae TownIt is inDam lake.
Hokkaido KomagatakeTheBorrowed sceneryTo do.
Matsubara of MihoShizuokaShizuoka CityShimizu WardThe sand spit in.
Mount FujiandIzu PeninsulaI borrow the scenery.
YabakeiOitaNakatsuIt is inValleyMap


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注 釈

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