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🧳 | ANA, Yuzuru Hanyu Goods 4th "BE @ RBRICK" 2 types lottery / limited sale


ANA, Yuzuru Hanyu player goods 4th "BE @ RBRICK" 2 types lottery and limited sale

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The material is ABS resin and PCM (polyacetal).

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has released "YUZU x BE @ RBRICK ..." as the fourth official merchandise for Yuzuru Hanyu. → Continue reading


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    PCM (polyacetal)

    ABS resin

    ABS resin(ABS Jushi) is a kind of synthetic resin.Acrylonitrile (Acrylonitrile),butadiene (Butadiene),styrene (Stire)CopolymerizationSynthetic resinIs the general term for.CAS number9003-56-9.ABSIs derived from the acronym for raw materials.Normal heat resistant temperature is 70-100 ℃.

    Manufacturing method

    It is roughly divided into the graft method and the polymer blend method.

    In the emulsified graft method, acrylonitrile,latex, Styrene andcatalyst,emulsifierThePolymerization reactionPolymerize on boardmoistureEtc.centrifugeAfter removing with an extruder, use an extruderpelletTo become.In the bulk polymerization method, each is polymerized using a polymerization reaction tank, and each is unpolymerized.monomerIs recovered and then pelletized with an extruder.

    In the polymer blend method,AS resinAfter adding rubber and additives to the compound and compounding with a mixer, pelletize with an extruder.A method of manufacturing ABS resin with an extremely high butadiene ratio by the graft method and compounding it with AS resin is also one of the methods.

    Coloring, flame retardancy, and fiber reinforced plastics are generally performed by compounding after manufacturing pellets of ordinary products, but in the case of mass production, there is also a method of simultaneously adding various materials at the time of polymerization to reduce costs.From the perspective of resource reuseAsiaAroundRecyclingThe flow of using materials is becoming stronger.


    • Thermoplastic
    • Normal heat resistant temperature is 70-100 ℃.
    • The appearance is a pale orange solid at room temperature.The grade in which the refractive index of each component is tuned is light yellowish and transparent.
    • rigidity,硬度Excellent balance of mechanical properties such as workability, impact resistance, and bending fatigue.It is also possible to emphasize the characteristics of each by adjusting the mixing ratio of the raw materials.
    • Excellent surface aesthetics.It also has excellent printing characteristics.
    • It has good fluidity and good moldability for thin-walled products.
    • Organic solventIs soluble in, butAcidicSolution oralkaliInsoluble in solution.
    • WeatherabilityIs not very good, for a long timeDirect sunlightIf you keep hitting it, it will deteriorate.
    • Generally, it is inferior in chemical resistance, deteriorates due to adhesion of alcohols, mineral oils, strong acids, strong alkalis, etc., and causes chemical cracks.


    Flame-retardant ABS resin (FR-ABS)
    If the proportion of butadiene is lowUL94-HB,Flame retardanceVarious to satisfy V-0 and 5VFlame retardantsTo compound.
    Reined ABS resin
    Various types mainly to improve rigidityfiberTo compound.Glass fiber(GF-ABS) is most often used, but to reduce warpageMicaEtc. may be added.For the purpose of imparting conductivityCarbon fiberEtc. may be compounded.For decorative and toy applications, metal powders such as iron and zinc may be mixed to give a texture.
    α-Methylstyrene ABS resin
    Instead of ABS resin styrene,α-MethylstyreneA polymerized product.Than normal ABS resinHeat-resistantExcellent for.
    Phenylmaleimide based ABS resin
    ABS resin with imide modification added.The effect of improving heat resistance exceeds that of α-methylstyrene.
    ASA resin (AAS resin)
    English name: Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate resin. CAS number 26299-47-8. Acrylic rubber polymerized instead of ABS resin butadiene.The weather resistance can be improved while maintaining the impact resistance.
    ACS resin
    English name: Chlorinated-polyethylene-Acrylonitrile-Styrene resin. A polymerized chlorinated polyethylene instead of the ABS resin butadiene.Flame retardanceV-0 and has high weather resistance.Mechanical properties are comparable to ABS resin.
    AES resin
    English name: Acrylonitrile-Ethylene-Styrene resin. Instead of ABS resin butadiene,ethyleneA polymerized version of EPDM, which is a rubber-based rubber. It has mechanical properties equivalent to ABS resin and weather resistance equivalent to AAS and ACS resin, and is not inferior to ABS resin in thermal characteristics, but it is weak against heat and softening starts when it exceeds about 75 ° C.


    In 1948PatentABS resin, which was first commercialized by Borg-Warner in 1954.[2]Because of its high functionalityEngineering plasticsIt has been adopted in a wide range of fields such as housings, interiors, and building materials for various devices.Because it was easy to modify to flame-retardant resin,tv setIt was also widely used in electrical equipment.also,PolycarbonateFor the purpose of improving liquidity such asAlloyIt has been widely used as the main material for chemical conversion.In recent yearsHIPSAlthough the exterior field is being replaced due to the flame retardancy and improvement of mold technology, it is still widely used in the field of mechanical parts due to the development of fiber reinforced grades.


    Mainly various exteriors, housings, mechanical parts of home appliances and electrical and electronic products,AutomobileInterior parts such as panels, stationery / miscellaneous goods, office workFurnitureElement,brush OfHandleSuch.Used in school educationRecorderSuch,Musical instrumentIt is also used in.Also toy productsmodelMovable parts and made of resinRailway model OfWheelIt is used for various purposes such as most of them except transparent parts.



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