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🧳 | IHG Hotels & Resorts to suspend business in Russia


IHG Hotels & Resorts to suspend Russian business

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On April 4th, it announced that it was in talks with the owners of 8 hotels in Russia.

IHG Hotels & Resorts has announced that it is in the process of suspending all operations in Russia. … → Continue reading


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    2022 4(Yuzuki
    365 days
    Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

    4/8(Is it going to be?)Gregorian calendarAnd the 98th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen on the 99th day), there are 267 days until the end of the year.



    Death day

    Anniversary/Annual event

    • Buddha society/ Flower Festival (Japanese flag Japan
      Buddha July 4 (Old calendar)From the tradition that he was born in.East AsiaIt is celebrated in the whole area, but only Japan celebrates on April 4th of the new calendar.
    • (English edition( 世界
      1990Established at the 4th World Roma General Assembly.RomaA day to raise awareness about issues related to the Roma culture.
    • Departure day (Japanese flag Japan
      From "Departure (Shu [4] Patsu [8])".It is timed to start a new life such as the opening ceremony of the school.
    • Faithful dog Hachikos Day(Japanese flag Japan
      Established by Hachiko Bronze Statue and Akita Inu Group Statue Maintenance Association.The date one month after Hachiko's death date. Since 1, a memorial service has been held on this day.
    • Reference books Day(Japanese flag Japan
      Established in 1984 by the Study Book Association to let people know the importance of reference books.It was the day of the flower festival, and this day was chosen because there are many entrance ceremonies nationwide.
    • Tire day(Japanese flag Japan
      Established by the Japan Automobile Tire Association. AprilSpring National Road Safety CampaignIs the month when the event is held, and 8 is the image of a tire.
    • Turf day (Japanese flag Japan
      Established by the Nagano Prefectural Landscaping and Construction Industry Association to promote the creation of a town full of greenery by raising healthy children who play outdoors and creating a lawn with various effects such as relaxing the heat island.The date is from the pun that reads "turf" in 4 and 8.[15].
    • Tsubaki Toshi (Kyoshi Takahama) (Japanese flag Japan
      Of a poet / novelistKyoko TakahamaAnniversary.
    • Kasakura (Japanese flag Japan
      Of an idol singerYukiko OkadaAnniversary.

    The event of fiction

    Birthday (fiction)


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