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🛏 | [Singapore] Hotel management Banyan Tree enters the Japanese market [Sightseeing]

Photo The hotel "Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto" opened in Kyoto on the 17th by Banyan Tree Group, a hotel management company in Singapore (provided by the company)

[Singapore] Hotel management Banyan Tree enters the Japanese market [Sightseeing]

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It has 10 brands of hotels, resorts, spas, golf courses and homes around the world.

Banyan Tree Group, a hotel operator in Singapore, has entered the Japanese market.With the main "Banyan Tree" ... → Continue reading

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ゴ ル フ 場

ゴ ル フ 場(Golf,English: golf courses) Is a type of sportGolfDesigned to competeFacilitySay.Golf course,Golf clubAlso called.


Usually 18 in totalhole(Hole, "holeIt is composed of "meaning"), and each hole has a specified number of strokes (par, Par).The distance from the place where the ball is launched (Teeing ground) to the cup is the distance of one hole. The total of all 1 holes is "total length xxYard(As is customary in golfAmericaUse the distance unit "yard"). The total number of hits in 18 holes is called "par xx", and most courses use par 72.The length of each hole and the total length of the course vary depending on the application.

Country clubThere is a golf course that claims to be, but the country club is not a facility that is originally limited to golf, and can be said to be a misuse.Golf courses are roughly dividedleisureEasy to set for use andCompetitionIt is classified into two types, those that are difficult to set for the purpose.

Also, apart from the golf course for playing a series of plays, golf練習Was installed for the purpose ofDriving rangeThere is a facility called.

A vast area is required to construct a golf course, and a large amount of water is required to maintain the planted plants.In addition, pesticides and herbicides are sprayed as needed.Destruction of the natural environment,Water pollution,PesticideVarious pollution caused byEnvironment issues・ It has been pointed out that it causes environmental destruction.[1][2]..On the other hand, in order to maintain a good environment as an attractive golf course, measures are taken to protect the planted plants and the environment is maintained.In particular, less than 4% of the total area of ​​golf courses in Japan is a forest zone, and because there are streams and ponds that imitate nature, it is said to be a good habitat for living things. There is also a face[3].

Our Courses


The following items are installed on the golf course (hole).

Teeing ground (tee ground)
The point where the ball is launched.The starting point of golf.
グ リ ー ン
A place to cup in the ball.This is the end point of golf.
Located in the section from the tee ground to the greenShibaA place where scaffolding is maintained.
A place where it is difficult to launch a ball due to overgrown vegetation, such as on the side of a fairway or in the back of a green.
The so-called sandbox.It will be installed near the green.
æ± -river
A place that is set up on the course and becomes a so-called "pond pond" when you hit the ball here.
In addition to the above, in the course,TreeSuch asObstacleMay be installed.Also on the side of the course for movementasphaltThere are paved roads and shelters for spectators.At golf courses where golf tournaments are held, temporary stands may be built beside the green.

Also, since golf has a long competition time and competitions are held with a large number of people, there is usually a clubhouse on the golf course, and the clubhouse is inside.Restaurants,locker room-bathOrShower room-Stand-Golf club OfrentalThere are shops and so on.In addition, in resort areasHotelIs also adjacent,宿 泊You can enjoy golf leisurely while playing golf.

Course design

Golfers are particularly weak in developing the characteristics of golf courses.bunkerWhere to set the pond and pond on the courseグ リ ー ンSize,fairwayWideness ofroughVarious factors are involved, such as how deep the turf should be (where the fairway is removed).

Even if you take one green on which the cup is placed, the slope is different one by one.Since the direction and strength of the wind at that time are different, no one golf course has the same course condition.Some layouts are tricky, such as placing traps out of sight of the competitor, while others seem plain at first glance but have clever pitfalls.For example, the "simple and strange" layout, such as one branch of a standing tree cleverly overhanging the flight line of the ball, creates a battle different from the game itself of designer vs. player, which is called golf. It is an element of the depth of the competition.

One of the techniques that designers set against athletes,VisualThere is magic.By arranging short / tall trees from both sides toward the green toward the green, you can make the illusion of being farther or closer than it actually is, or by slightly shifting the markers on the tee ground or slightly on the tee ground. It is generally well known that the player unknowingly launches in a dangerous direction by inclining the ball.Alternatively, how to put more pressure on the psychology of the athlete through the mutual positional relationship between hazards (bunkers, ponds, etc.) and trees is also an important consideration factor in layout.

To facilitate objective evaluation of scores among golf courses with a wide variety of layouts.Course rateIs set.

While golf as a professional sport / competition and golf courses with high difficulty are prized for advanced players, for beginners andReceptionThere is also a course with a layout that dares to reduce the difficulty level, and it can be said that the design is two sides of the same coin with the management philosophy of the management side, "what kind of user group is supposed to be a golf course".

In addition to simply incorporating the difficulty level of the competition in the hall,森林-Mountain-River-Lake-coastal-wilderness-Countryside-ShrineBuddhist templeHow to arrange the features of the land as a borrowed landscape is the showcase of the designer's skill and the real pleasure.It can be said that one of the measures to measure the true value is that these skillful gimmicks are designed by making the best use of the original terrain and environment.

Golf course classification

Golf courses are categorized from various perspectives.The most used classification in Japan is based on its location, and although there is no proper definition,Mountain course(It is in the mountains and has a lot of ups and downs. The fairway is narrow and a little tricky, and the total distance tends to be short),Hill course(Although it is in the mountains, it is gentler than the mountain course and has moderate ups and downs),Forest courseIt is generally divided into three categories (a course created by carving out a forest that spreads over plains and alluvial fans).Also, there are othersRiverbed courseHowever, since there are many courses that anyone can easily round, it has a strong meaning that it is a course other than the third (called "mountain" in contrast to the riverbed) rather than the fourth classification (example: "Last week it was a riverbed before the payday, but this week I'm going to the mountain (course)").

またLinks CourseLinks Land originally means "a place where the sea and land overlap" in Scotland, and refers to the sand dunes (grasslands with hard land formed from) that stretch between the coast and land.The course built in that place is the Lynx course.In other words, strictly speaking, the links course exists only in Scotland and England, and it is not accurate to say "links" just because it is along the coast.

さ ら に,Tournament course(Course that has both the scale and difficulty of a big game),Entertainment course(Course with short distance, wide fairway, short rough, few OBs, easy green, etc., which makes it easy to get a good score),Championship course(Clubhouse is gorgeous ... is a joke that is often said, and generally refers to a course with a long distance?), But these do not, of course, apply to the correct classification.

Golf course management

There are two main types of golf course management methods.

Membership course

A membership-based golf course.In operation, members bring funds to create clubs, or golf course management companiesGolf membershipIssuance to collect members.In Japan, about 9% of golf courses are membership courses.

To play, you must be a member or be accompanied or referred by a member.However, in reality, there are many golf courses that even visitors (non-members) accept without introducing members because there are few members.

Public course

A golf course where you can play equally without giving preferential treatment to specific members.This form is common in public golf courses, but there are also private public courses.

The major difference from the membership course is that there are no members, or even members do not have the right to preferentially use the course.

Bubble economy and golf course

In Japan, golf courses are corporateReceptionUsed a lot inBubble economyThere was a construction rush in the era.1988Was enforced onGeneral Recreation Area Improvement Act(Resort Law) has also been supported by it.the 1990sThe total number of golf courses in Japan has increased to over 2,000.Golf course developmentEnvironmental destructionThere was also criticism that it would lead to the situation, and it was frequently reported in the media that the golf course was in a state like Bald Mountains due to the rush of golf courses during the bubble era.Linked to the right to use the golf courseGolf membershipMay constitute a market price that exceeds its actual value, and invests more than as a right to enjoy playing golf at a particular golf course, mainly during the bubble economy era, which is higher than for golf course owners. Membership trading as a target / holder status has become popular.However, the number of golf course users has dropped sharply since the collapse of the bubble economy, and the market for membership has dropped sharply.Some golf courses had difficulty paying deposits to be repaid, and many golf courses went bankrupt or were acquired by other companies.

Restrictions on play

Female Prohibition

Many of the prestigious membership golf courses in Europe and the United States have been around since their inception.FemaleBlocking membership in, limiting play, etc.Discrimination against womenHas been done.There is criticism and resistance to this discrimination against gender,Scottish GovernmentOf the Prime Minister (at that time)Alex salmondIs "21st centuryEven so, it cannot be defended that there are golf clubs that are not open to everyone. I mentioned that2013Even at the stageBritish OpenOf the golf clubs held in Japan, three were not open to women (after a membership vote, they announced their acceptance in March 3.[4]).

Meanwhile, in 2012,MastersWill be heldAugusta National Golf ClubAnnounced acceptance of female members.Condoleezza Rice(OriginalUS Secretary of State) We welcomed new members[5]..Japan also,2020 Tokyo OlympicsDecided to be the venueKasumigaseki Country ClubHowever, it turned out that there were restrictions on the admission of women.2017In March, it announced a policy of accepting female members.[6].

Restrictions on the use of gangsters

Japanese golf courses are in the contractGangsterAfter prohibiting the use of people involved, signs and stickers are displayed in easy-to-see places such as entrances, lobbies, and counters to the effect that "gangsters are prohibited from entering and exiting."If you ignore these and play while hiding that you are a member of a gangster,FraudMay be asked[7].

Driving range

A golf driving range may be attached to a golf course, but it is generally better to exist alone and separately from the course.In the driving range, there is only a green where you can practice hitting the ball from a fixed position using a club, and you can practice putting on it and practice your approach toward it. There is a facility to play golf.The former is popular because it does not play continuously by hitting golf balls sequentially from a designated place toward a predetermined space, and the person does not collect the balls.LeaveCalled.

In the "keep hitting" practice field, the at-bats for hitting the ball are usually lined up in the same direction, and the golf ball is launched from there into a space surrounded by a fence net or the like.In some cases, a green or hole imitation is provided as a target, or a guideline that should be used as a reference for the flight distance is provided.It is mainly used for practicing swings of golf clubs other than putters.

The cost is calculated according to the number of balls, and there are cases where an admission fee and other fixed fees are charged.

The installation requires a space for the hit ball to fly, and it is necessary to secure a large space to some extent, but since it can be installed intensively in a smaller space than the golf course itself, it is also installed near urban areas. There is.In order to consolidate the turn at bats, there are examples of making the turn at bats a multi-level structure.

At some golf driving ranges in the suburbs, there is a facility where you can hit the ball from the grass used for ordinary golf courses, but you can hit the ball from the equipment that imitates natural grass such as artificial turf. There are many cases of doing this in Japan.

In addition to "keeping hit", there is also a practice field commonly called "basket".This is a facility where a net and a target are set up a few meters ahead of the turn at bat and hit the ball toward it, and since it does not require a large space, it is often found in urban buildings.

In addition, Screen golfCan be set up to practice golfGolf barThere is also a facility called.

Light pollutionIt is also one of the causes of the lawsuit, and there are cases in which a lawsuit was filed in conjunction with the arrival of the ball.[8].


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