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🧳 | Oversized size of about 20 cm!"Menchi-katsu", a well-known store known to those in the know of Honjo-Azumabashi, Tokyo


Extra large size of about 20 cm!"Menchi-katsu", a well-known store known to those in the know of Honjo-Azumabashi, Tokyo

If you write the contents roughly
When you cut the center of the minced meat cutlet with the attached knife, the whole cross section is full of meat!

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    Full cross section

    Ground Meat Cutlet

    Ground Meat Cutlet[1]It is,Western foodone of.豚 肉,beef OfMinced meatToonion OfChopped-Salt-pepperEtc. are mixed and kneaded,ovalMold into a mold or sphere,Wheat flour-Beaten egg-Bread crumbsConsists ofclothesWith oilFriedIt is Japanese food.Fry in a large amount of oil in a wok or bake in a frying pan.

    MenchiIt is abbreviated as, but in the area centered on OsakaMinced meat cutletAlso called (#MythSee).also,CutletAlthough it is called, it is often due to the cheapness of the material and the similarity of the material with beef croquette.croquetteThere is also a dish called "Menchi croquette" that is confused with and uses the same ingredients and manufacturing method.


    MeijiIn the ageTokyoAsakusa OfWestern foodIt is said that the store sold it as "minced meat cutlet".[2]..It is said to be a dish that was introduced from Kanto to Kansai.[3],ShowaEarly onHyogoKobe CityMinatogawa's Jun Kobe Meat Miwaya Butcher Shop (founded in 34, now Mitsuwaya Sohonten) is the second generation of Mitsuji Mizuno, a Western-style restaurant in Tokyo.meatballThat) ”was named as a hint.

    how to eat

    Worcestershire sauceIt is often eaten over.sandwich,Hamburger[4]It may be used as an ingredient.Generally, Menchi-katsu has the image of a popular Western food, but there are also products that appeal to the use of branded beef.Light mealIt is also said,Set mealAsfood,juiceIn many cases, it is provided together with.

    Local gourmet

    Menchi-katsu all over JapanLocal gourmetAsTown revitalizationTateyama Menchi (Menchi-katsu)ChibaTateyama City), Chigasaki Menchi (KanagawaChigasaki), Kameari Menchi (TokyoKatsushikaKameari), Miharu Gourmet Nchi (FukushimaMiharu Town), Tomorrow Nagaizumi (ShizuokaNagaizumi Town) And so on.


    There is no clear theory about the etymology of "Menchi".A commonly used myth is that "mincemeat katsuretsu" is a composite of mince (ground meat) meat (meat) cutlet (originating from the French cotelette).JapanglishLater, in the process of omitting "mincemeat katsuretsu", the theory that "mince" changed to "menchi" and became "menchi-katsu" is widespread.However, there is no literature to support it, and the name has changed too much.

    There is also a theory that when the Miwaya Butcher Shop devised this dish in the early Showa period, it was named "Minchi-katsu".

    In western Japan, mainly in the Kinki region, minced meat is more often called minced meat or minced meat than in eastern Japan, so the cutlet made from minced meat is now called "minced cutlet" as it is.[5][6]..In Osaka, many people think, "It's a cutlet of minced meat, but it's a swearing thing to call it'menthi'."[7]..As a background that the name "Menchi-katsu" is not used in the Kinki regionKinki dialectThere is a myth that he avoided homophone collisions because there is an expression "cutting the menchi (= glaring)", but this is just a joke made later.[5].


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