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🛏 | Re-arrested a 33-year-old man in Tokyo on suspicion of attempted assault on an elementary school girl at a hotel


Re-arrested a 33-year-old man in Tokyo on suspicion of attempted assault on an elementary school girl at a hotel

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According to the police, the man was arrested on the 13th on suspicion of violating the Child Prostitution and Pornography Prohibition Law (prostitution), and subsequent investigations revealed the case.

On the 28th, the Prefectural Police Boys Investigation Division and the Isehara Office re-arrested a 33-year-old office worker in Koto-ku, Tokyo, on suspicion of attempted forced sexual intercourse ... → Continue reading

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    Suspected violation of pornography prohibition law (prostitution)

    Child prostitution

    Child prostitution(Jidobaishun, Jidokaishun) is a compensation for money for the purpose of satisfying sexual curiosity.ChildrenSexual intercourseIs to have.The age of child prostitution varies from country to country,SwitzerlandFrom 16 years old in some European countriesBuy springBecomes legal.Therefore, there are cases where it is difficult to compare with other countries.


    Laws and regulations

    JapanSo about sexual activity with children that involves child prostitutionChild Welfare Act,Fornication OrdinanceAlthough punished by, child prostitution "destroys the healthy sexual ethics of young people"MoralismFrom a positive point of view, public opinion has increased that it is necessary to add laws and regulations.

    Ratified in 1994Convention on the Rights of the ChildArticle 34 and the Second Optional Protocol to the Convention stipulate that children under the age of 2 be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation, including prostitution.[1].

    In 1999Act on Punishment of Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and Protection of Children(Child Prostitution / Child Pornography Prohibition Law) was enacted and enforced.According to Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Act, regarding child prostitution, "a compensation is provided to a child, a circulator or a guardian or a ruler, or a promise to provide the compensation to the child.sexual intercourseEtc. (sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse-like acts, or selfSexual curiosityFor the purpose of meeting childrengenitalEtc. (genitals,anusOrNippleTo touch) and let the child touch his or her genitals, etc.) ”is defined.According to the law, as of August 2020, children prostitutes have been prostituted for less than five years.ImprisonmentYounger than 500 million yenfineAnd / or bothCombined courseWill be done.This is a personal injury, that isOccupational negligence(JapaneseCriminal lawIt is a heavier sentence than Article 211, Paragraph 1).

    Support for victims

    There is a theory that children who offer prostitution should also be punished, but there is a problem that this gives the prostitutes a reason to threaten the victims and escape.[2]..It is a contradiction in legal theory that the children to be protected are also perpetrators at the same time.Katsuyoshi IkutaThere is also criticism of[3].

    In the policeDating site,インターネットupperAid communicationWe are trying to protect children by discovering inappropriate writing such as asking for children, and by cyber guidance that directly pays attention to and advises children.It also cracks down on systematic child prostitution and malicious sexual business, and promotes guidance and recovery support for engaged children. Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareProvides support for temporary protection of victims and for psychological treatment as needed. Ministry of educationSupports the consultation system for victims at school by assigning school counselors and school social workers.[4].

    Southeast Asia

    The first problematic act of child prostitution wasDeveloped country OfMale(Many people are in high social and economic positions)Underdeveloped countryTo go to child prostitution (Prostitution tour).Targeted children to become prostitutesPredatory-Kidnapping,Imprisonment-Human traffickingIs rampant.

    UNESCOAiming for abolition as a whole organizationフィリピンIn such cases, we conducted child prostitutionForeignerHe began to impose severe punishment on men.

    In Japan as well, it became a problem when it was discovered that many Japanese men participated in such child prostitution trips.In addition, the Japanese Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Prohibition Law stipulates that even if Japanese citizens carry out child prostitution overseas pursuant to the provisions of Article 10.Foreign offenderPunishment is made as.

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