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🧳 | [Shibuya Lunch] It's like a hideaway!Fashionable cafe "Attic Room" where you can relax


[Shibuya Lunch] It's like a hideaway!Fashionable cafe "Attic Room" where you can relax

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The interior, which is based on wood grain, has an attic feel, but is a fashionable and relaxing space.

"Shibuya" is redeveloped once every 100 years and changes every day.While new shops are opening one after another, ... → Continue reading


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    Attic feeling

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    Wood grain

    Wood grain(Mokumecho) iswoodWood grain pattern (wood grain) OrHeather(figured grain) Was expressed by printing or painting[1]design.

    Decorative material (decorative board)Decorative plywoodIn addition,vinylCloth, commercially available wood grainシ ー ル, And so on. ebonite(fountain pen(Used for axes, etc.)MarbleThere is a pattern, which is also sometimes called wood grain.


    Besides the interior of the buildingAutomobileInterior and exteriorTrainOften found in the interior of.Wood grain of carSteeringThe (handle) is made of natural wood andHydraulic transferThere are prints such as.Wood grainPianoThere is a thin decorative material on the surface of the piano (mahogany,Walnut,cherryEtc.) are pasted[2]..In addition, a technique that attempts to express wood grain by mixing and molding two colors of resin (BandaiThe name is "GRAINIC MOLDING technology"),PlasticUsed for toys, etc.[3].

    Long time ago,Home appliances(Refrigerator ,Fan,Electric rice-cookerWood grain was also used for (etc.)[4].

    In English, I used woodAutomobileIs "Woodie" and the wood grain car is "Woodie"Simulated woodgrainIs called.



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