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🧳 | Mountain trip to meet superb views and secret hot springs (44) Mt. Yotei and Niseko Konbu Onsen / Hotel Kanro no Mori


A mountain trip to meet the spectacular scenery and secret hot springs (44) Mt. Yotei and Niseko Konbu Onsen, Hotel Kanro no Mori

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The spring quality is sulfur-containing-sodium, calcium-chloride, bicarbonate, and sulfate spring (hydrogen sulfide type), and the amount of metasilicic acid is 1 mg or more in 200 kg, which is exactly the hot spring for beautiful skin.

Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido, which has a conical shape similar to Mt. Fuji and is also called Ezo Fuji.The altitude is 1,898m, and in early summer it is 100 ... → Continue reading


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    Sulfate spring (hydrogen sulfide type)



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