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🛏 | Nine Ukrainian students learn Japanese culture at Kusatsu Onsen Gunma / Kusatsu Town


Nine Ukrainian students learn Japanese culture at Kusatsu Onsen Gunma Kusatsu Town

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Students enjoyed sightseeing while listening to explanations about the history of the inn and how to spend time at the hot spring inn, and taking pictures of the Yubatake that can be seen from the room.

Students evacuating from Ukraine due to the invasion of Russia and attending a Japanese language school in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, visited Kusatsu Town and had a hot spring day ... → Continue reading

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    Hot spring inn

    Hot spring inn(Onsenyado) isSpaFor bathingInnIs. TypicallybathToSpaIs pullinghotelIt is recognized that the hot spring bathing facility is not necessarily located inside the accommodation facility.


    Hot spring OfcultureFor a long time in hot spring areasInnThere were many. HoweverEdo PeriodUp to, except for the innUchiyuWithout holdingOutdoor bathIsCommunal bathMost of the people go to the inn, and it was an inn near the hot spring facility.Meiji EraIt is possible to excavate more than 500 m with only human power.Kazusa Digging"bysourceWhen the excavation of "hot springs" became popular, the hot spring water supply infrastructure was set up and it was originally a form of going to the outdoor hot spring.Kannawa Onsen,Beppu hot springIn hot springs such asHot spring townCame to form.

    But,Beppu,Hakone,KusatsuExcept for some hot springs with abundant amounts of hot water, inns in hot springs all over the country have indoor baths after the high growth period of the 40s. Moreover, most of the indoor baths at the inns use white hot water (well water or tap water) instead of the hot springs, and most of the indoor baths at the inns (ground) It can be said recently. Also in the Heisei era,Tawarayama OnsenHot springs such as (Yamaguchi Prefecture) and (Okayama Prefecture) maintain the style of bathing in the open-air bath, and most of the inns do not have hot spring baths. ..

    Nowadays, it is often required to have a hot spring at the inn when traveling for sightseeing. Therefore, even in the existing tourist spots, the number of cases of developing hot springs to provide hot springs to guests is increasing. In other words, even in areas where hot springs did not exist before,ボ ー リ ン グMany hot springs have been created by excavating more than 1000m underground and developing the source by technology. Therefore, there are many hot spring inns that have “transformed” from simple tourist inns, ryotei inns, and fishing inns.

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      YubatakeWhat is (Yubatake)?Spa OfsourceThe surface of the earth or woodengutterIt is a component of hot springsYunohanaIt is a facility that collects water and regulates the temperature of hot water.

      In addition, the concentration is harmful due to aeration.Hydrogen sulfideIt also has the role of removing.[1]

      Due to this harmful sulfur component, off-limits fences and warning signs may be installed.[1]

      Yubatake is abundant in hot spring areas where Yunohana is collected.GunmaKusatsu Town OfKusatsu OnsenIt is a local landmark and a tourist attraction.

      In addition, Seigen OnsenThen, surface water etc.VolcanoIt may also refer to a facility that creates hot springs by flowing over the surface of the earth around the fumaroles in the area.Famous places include Kusatsu and Unzen.


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