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🧳 | [You can take pictures of space travel !?] Yokohama "Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA" experience reportage


[You can take pictures of space travel !?] Yokohama "Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA" experience reportage

If you write the contents roughly
It is a perfect menu for space travel, such as sparkling drinks and donuts with the image of a galaxy.

"Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA" at Yokohama Station is an evolutionary system with the latest "LED dome" ... → Continue reading


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Space travel

Space travel(Uchuryoko,English: Space tourism) IsCountryPolicy andInternational organizationFor the purpose of scientific research by public organizations includingSpace developmentIn contrast toTourismAnd exclusively for personal interests such as extraordinary experiences宇宙空間By the act of going to[1],宇宙 飛行 士A trip where you can experience the mood of[2].

As of 2021, it will be required to bear a high cost of billions of yen, but even individuals who are not selected by public space development organizations will be close to space or close to it in a short period of time.stratosphereIt is possible to reach the top[1].


SFIn the novel,1865ToJules VerneByDe la Terre a la Lune(Title meaning "from the earth to the moon". Japanese translation "Moon world travel』) Was written and gained a lot of readers.Until now, space travel has beenScience fiction movie,ComicVarious, includingfictionIt is the theme of the work.

As a matter of fact, regardless of the investor or purpose,(I.e. SpaceTheJourneyIn the broad sense of "do"Space flightIf you include up to19614/12ToSoviet Union OfYuri GagarinMajorVostok No. 1The 1-minute journey around the earth on board is the first manned space flight.He"The earth was blueI left the word.This is just a part of the space development carried out by the national policy.Then the Soviet Union andThe United States of AmericaThe same is true for the series of manned space flights carried out by the space development of Japan, which has a slightly different meaning from the "space travel" referred to in this article.

The first self-paying space trip made by personal interest was described by the American millionaire in 2001, as described below.Russian Federation OfSpacecraft "Soyuz"It was realized in the form of being taken on a regular flight.

In the 2010s, many private companies, mainly in the United States, did not need or shorten the long-term training required for astronauts.[Note 1][1],TravelingTechnological development is becoming active with the aim of being able to stay in outer space and return home with a feeling close to that of[1]..In addition, technological innovation has been promoted by the new entry of private companies, and public institutions such as NASA will also benefit from the early realization of new spacecraft.[3].

First civilian astronaut

199012/2ToSoviet Union OfSoyuzBoarding TM-11, space stationmealStayed in for 9 daysTBS OfToyohiro AkiyamaReached outer space for the first time in the world after long-term trainingjournalistHe was the first Japanese person to experience space flight, but the cost was paid by TBS and he was dispatched as a "space correspondent" who was tasked with the mission of "reporting."In addition, it is different from a mere traveler because it also conducted scientific experiments requested by research institutes.

In the plan, as the first Japanese space flightSpace Development AgencyBelongs toMoriWas supposed to leave for space before Akiyama.But,Challenger explosionThe flight of Mori was postponed due to the influence of the above, and as a result, the first Japanese space flight became Akiyama, a civilian.Akiyama participated in scientific experiments such as sleep experiments in addition to the press, and was approved by the National Review Board on December 1990, 12 as an astronaut, while he was sponsored by a private company for space flight. There is no doubt that he is one of the human beings who played the role, and in that sense he is the first Japanese astronaut and the first civilian astronaut.[1]..The qualification of an astronaut of the former Soviet Union is still valid even now that it has become the Russian Federation.Although it is an event, in 2021ISSVisitedMaesawa Yusaku TheUber Eats"Mission" to deliver food for astronauts in collaboration withAll Night NipponAppearing in[4][5]..I accompanied you againYozo HiranoIs also in charge of the shooting staff.

The treatment of astronauts hired by private companies to fly spacecraft for space travel is unknown. As of 2021, official Russian astronauts are in charge of maneuvering[1].

"Space Travel" No. 1

The world's first example of a journey into space on the condition that "civilians pay all the necessary expenses" isSpace AdventuresCompanyRussiaA millionaire in the United States realized by mediating a contract with the space stationDennis TitoIt is due to.HeInternational Space Station On a regular Soyuz flight to replenish personnel and supplies to the (ISS)Baikonur CosmodromeDeparture from2001I stayed on the ISS from April 4th to May 28th.Following that2002ToRepublic of South AfricaBusinessmanMark ShuttleworthHas realized space travel.

Colombia OfACCIDENTAs you can see, even in the 2000s, space development is dangerous, and at least billions of yen (astronaut training costs, rocket launch costs, etc.) are required, so civilians can feel free to space. It's hard to say that I can travel, and I experienced two space trips.Charles SimonyiFor example, "The first time (1) cost $ 2007 million (about 2,500 billion yen), and the second time (25) cost $ 2 million (about 2009 billion yen)."[6].

At that time, Russia was in a situation where it had secured launch funds by selling Soyuz seats to private companies due to national economic circumstances.[3]..Reluctant to travel in spaceUS Aerospace Agency(NASA) also indirectly benefits from the space travel business, as it has relied on Soyuz to transport the supplies needed to maintain the ISS since the Columbia accident, despite limited funding for space exploration. I was receiving it.In addition, NASA has been reluctant to sell seats since then, so the space travel business became active in the United States under the leadership of a space venture company for pure business purposes.[1].

Space Traveler List

TimesPeoplePerson nameLaunch dateRemarksFlight numberrocket
11United States flag Dennis Tito20014/28First space travelerTM-32 / TM-31Soyuz
22South African flag/British flag Mark Shuttleworth20024/25TM-34 / TM-33
33United States flag Gregory Olsen200510/1TMA-7 / TMA-6
44United States flag Anousheh Ansari20069/18First female travelerTMA-9 / TMA-8
55Hungarian flag Charles Simonyi20074/7TMA-10 / TMA-9
66United States flag Richard Garriott200810/14TMA-13 / TMA-12
7Hungarian flag Charles Simonyi20093/26Second space tripTMA-14 / TMA-13
87Canadian flag Guy Laliberte20099/30TMA-16 / TMA-15
98Russian flag (English edition202110/5The purpose is to shoot a movie on the ISSMS-19 / MS-18
9Russian flag Yulia Peresild
1010Japanese flag Maesawa Yusaku202112/8MS-20
11Japanese flag Yozo Hirano
1112Israeli flag (English edition20224/8(English editionCrew Dragon Endeavor
13United States flag (English edition
14Canadian flag (English edition

* Only for those who stayed on the ISSBallistic flightDo not include tens of minutes of travel by (sub-orbital flight).In addition, as a person who could not execute while the flight schedule to the ISS was announcedDaisuke Enomoto[7][8],Sarah brightman[9],Satoshi Takamatsu[10](As for Takamatsu, who was a backup of Brightman, he lost his position as a "backup crew" due to Brightman's decline, and it became clear that he could not be certified as an astronaut even after completing the training. Are[11]).

Development status of private spacecraft

米 国The travel agency "ZEGRAHM" cut off the rocket plane mounted on the back of the jet plane at an altitude of 16 km, and from there it climbed to an altitude of 100 km with a rocket engine, and it took two and a half minutes by ballistic flight while looking at the earth. We planned a space trip where you can experience weightlessness.

1998,Pepsi ColaTo sell in JapanSuntoryNamed "2001 SPACE TOURS PEPSI" and held the world's first campaign to present the boarding pass of this Zegram rocket plane as a prize.[12][13].. at first2001However, the development of the rocket plane and the acquisition of approval were delayed, and in 2003, Zegram was unable to start the development of the spacecraft due to poor cash flow.The campaign will be postponed indefinitely and the rights of the sweepstakes winners will beSpace AdventuresTaken over by the company[14][15]..It was confirmed in 5 that four of the five winners declined space travel and won a prize of 4 million yen, and the remaining one continued to wish for space travel.[14], The subsequent trend is unknown.

1996In 2004, the X-prize, a prize system for the development of spacecraft by the private sector, was launched (XNUMX).Ansari X PrizeRenamed to). 3 or more occupants (1 occupant and weight equivalent to 2 occupants)ballastA prize of 100 million dollars will be sent to a non-governmental organization that launched a ballistic orbit at an altitude of 2 km or more, achieved the prescribed reuse rate within two weeks, and achieved the launch again with the same aircraft. is there.Many long-distance travel barriers, including round-the-earth travel, have been realized by the prize money system by capitalists, but X-prize has many complicated points not only in terms of funds but also in terms of law before launch test. , Dropped out one after another.Among them, the scaled composites manned spacecraft "Space ship oneIs2004Succeeded in a test flight at an altitude of 6 km on June 21, and continued to make a main flight to win prize money.2004August 9th and2004I made a second flight on October 10th. Although there were problems such as the aircraft becoming unstable on the flight on September 4, the company won a prize by achieving a flight with one crew member and a ballast.

Virgin GroupSpace travel company "Virgin GalacticAnnounced that it would start a space travel business with the technology license from SpaceShipOne, and became a sponsor of the flight. We are aiming to start the service from 2012,Spaceship TwoAim to realize the space travel business. In 2005, Club Tourism became the official distributor of Virgin Galactic and started selling in Japan.100 people have been selected from all over the world as the first space travelers and are called founders.In JapaneseNoriaki InabaHas been selected as the youngest founder in the world.But the plan is delayed and2014Has not been realized, such as causing a crash during the test.In addition, since Virgin Galactic adopts "outer space according to the regulations of the US Air Force" (altitude 80 km or more), some people say that it is not "space travel" (generally, "outer space" at an altitude of 100 km or more. Often called).

Other companies that are conducting or preparing for space travel as of 2017Space xCompany,Blue originAxiom Space, which plans to mediate the stay on the ISSballoonThere is World View Co., Ltd., which plans a tour overlooking the earth from.Many of these are headquartered in the United States, but also in JapanTaichi YamazakiEntrepreneurs involved in the space travel business are appearing like[2].

On December 2018, 12, Virgin Galactic announced that it had succeeded in space flight with "the first civilian space travel spacecraft in history".As mentioned above, it reached an altitude of 13 km or more specified by the US Air Force by ballistic flight.The success of manned space flight departing from the United States is the first in seven years.[16].

In 2021, the number of astronauts in the country that went to space was 18, while the number of private space travelers was 22, which exceeded the number of travelers.[1].

In SpaceX, a passenger spacecraft that orbits the moon in 2023StarshipHas announced a plan to put eight people on[1].


Launching a rocket for tourism purposes without scientific experiments in the public interest has been criticized from the perspective of environmental impact.[17], UK enthusiastic about environmental protection activitiesPrince WilliamCriticizes millionaires spending money on space travel and argues that the money should be used for the global environment[18].

Also, as of 2021, only those who can go on space travelWorld ChampionThere are criticisms from the perspective of economic disparity, as there are only top millionaires and wealthy people such as Jeff Bezos who have been pointed out to escape taxes are going to space.[19][20]..Toyohiro Akiyama points out that in light of the current situation where a large amount of money is required, if there is no activity based on the "awareness" obtained by going to space and it is just a trip, it can be seen as a symbol of a disparity society.[1].

Although it is a "space trip", at present it is only a short-term experience of weightlessness, orbiting the earth, and visiting the space station.Yuno Tominoalso said that he would get bored after circling the earth twice.[21].

Space travel companies use the margin of the payload of spacecraft to use scientific equipment of research institutes.[19], Loading food for astronauts staying on the ISS, etc.[4].

Space travel depicted in SF

I drew a space trip for the first timeSFThe novel is1865 OfJules Verneby"Moon world travel].With this workHerbert George Wellsof"The first human in the moon world』(1901) Inspired1902Announced inGeorges MelliesbymoviesIs also famous.The original title of Verne's novel is "De la Terre a la Lune", and the original title of Méliès's movie is "Le Voyage dans la Lune", but in Japan both are "A Trip to the Moon". It has become.Also, in Verne's novel, the second part, "Moon exploration(Original title "Moon Tour (Autour de la Lune)" (1869).Verne is a huge 270mCannonIt depicts how to reach outer space with relatively scientifically convincing content, such as setting up a launch site near the equator, which will be realized more than a century ahead of space development. The basics are given in several ways.

Arthur C. ClarkThe original movie "2001 Space Journey]地球からMonthA space trip to is depicted.Rocketplane (Pan Am Orion) in Earth orbitSpace stationAfter rendezvous to the moon, transfer to the lunar module and head for the moon.In-flight meal in space, Grip shoes worn by tour conductors, space toilets, etc., the state of space travel is drawn in detail based on in-depth scientific examination.

On the other hand, as a means to make space travel easierGeostationary satelliteConnect with the ground with a cableOrbital elevatorWas devised and was featured in many science fiction works, including Clark's "".Currently, there are movements toward realization.

Footnotes, sources


  1. ^ Astronauts need various trainings because they carry out scientific experiments in their own specialized fields during the flight and also share the operations of spacecraft.


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