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🛏 | Plant-based food In the luxury hotel menu, plant-derived plump shrimp cutlets, etc.


Plant-based food In the luxury hotel menu, plant-derived plump shrimp cutlets, etc.

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It is scheduled to be offered sequentially at the restaurant of Hotel New Otani from August, and Fuji Oil plans to develop marine products such as tuna and vegetable materials to replace eggs in the future.

Plant-based, plant-based foods that replace meat and fish are now available in luxury hotels.Food material manufacturer ... → Continue reading

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    In the case of a leap year, August is that year2Same asDay of the weekBegins with.


    • Akikazezuki (Akifugetsu)
    • Karikizuki (Kariki next month)
    • Kangetsu (viewing moon)
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    • Chikushun (Takeharu)
    • Chushu (Mid-Autumn)
    • Tsukimitsuki (Tsukimitsuki)
    • Tsubame Sarizuki (Tsubame last month)
    • Hazuki (Hazuki)
    • Benisomezuki (Red Dyeing Moon)

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