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🛏 | [1 yen per night! ] I stayed at a hideaway hotel where you can feel Kyoto "hotel tou nishinoto ...


[1 yen per night! ] I stayed at a hideaway hotel where you can feel Kyoto "hotel tou nishinoto ...

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Free drinks such as coffee and tea are also available, but the granulated sugar of the Japanese tea specialty store "Ippodo Chapo", which was founded here in 1717 (Kyoho 2) and has its head office in Kyoto. Entering "Uji Shimizu" is delicious!

Kyoto is filled with eternal traditions, culture and history.A hotel with the concept of the depth of Kyoto is "hotel t ... → Continue reading


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    Ippodo Chapo Co., Ltd.(On the other hand)Kyoto CityNakagyo WardTeramachi StreetNijoIn the upperJapanese teaAll stores.

    Derived from the store name

    Name The1846(Hiroka3 years)Yamashina MiyakeThe meaning of "keeping one tea".

    Business route

    Main business is tea processing and salesDepartment storeOther than sales channels such astea ceremonyI'm putting tea in my house.You can also buy it online.In addition to tea, the assortment isTea utensilsIs also dealt with.Matcha isOmotesenkeWith tasteUrasenkeBoth tastes are available.In recent years, we have dispatched employees to public halls, etc.Japanese teaHe is also involved in events in cooperation with Kyoto City, such as giving lectures on how to brew and its effects.


    1717(KyohoEstablished as "Omiya" in Nijo, Teramachi, Kyoto for a year)陶器To trade.MeijiThe times are teaOutputWholesalerAsAmericaWas exporting tea toTaishoSince then, the main business will be tea retailing.1964(ShowaReorganized in 39)Ltd.It became Ippodo Teahouse.

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    With granulated sugar


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