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🧳 | Solaseed Air, sale on 20th anniversary of service All routes to and from Haneda are 3,900 yen, etc.


Solaseed Air, 20th anniversary sale 3,900 yen for all routes to and from Haneda

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In both cases, a passenger facility charge is required separately.

Solaseed Air will launch the first "Solaseed Special Thank You Sale" to commemorate its 20th anniversary on August 1th. → Continue reading


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Passenger facility fee

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Airport fee > Passenger facility fee

Passenger facility fee(Let's do it!British: Passenger Facility Charge ,PFC) [1] Was used to maintain and maintain passenger facilitiesAirport fee.Passenger handling facility usage fee,Passenger service facility fee(British: Passenger Service Facility Charge,PSFC) Is also called.

Collection method

Generally, on behalf of each airport manager who sets the fare, we operate flights to and from the airport.AirlinesCollects from passengers (on-ticket method).

Operation at Japanese airports

In Japan, passenger facility charges are collected at the following airports.


  1. ^ [1] Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program Airports Federal Aviation Administration

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