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🧳 | A trip to appreciate the "famous garden" from the shadow of the room at the 1st Zen temple in Kyoto in summer


Cooling off in Kyoto in summer Part 1: A trip to appreciate the famous garden from the shadow of the room at a Zen temple

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Reclining chairs and tatami mats are installed in the inner sanctuary, which is not accessible to general visitors.

Summer in Kyoto is hot.I think everyone who has visited it thinks so.But it's easy because it's Kyoto... → Continue reading

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Reclining seat

Reclining seat(Reclining seat) means that the backrest can be tilted backwards.chair.



In the middle of the 19th centuryAmericaInvented in Japan, a large one-person train is used as an excellent vehicle for medium-distance daytime trains, "Parlor Car", and a two-person train is used as a "chair car" for highly competitive routes and long-distance routes.Seat carIt was used to improve the service.

In Japan, the seats on night coaches are a typical example.

Full-scale introduction in Japan in 1950Special second class carSuro 60 type passenger carIs the origin.It was mechanical and the angle of the backrest could be adjusted in 5 steps.

Currently, reclining seats are commonly used in transportation other than railways, that is, automobiles, aircraft, and ships.Some first class aircraft and passenger cars are almost flat.Also, put your feet insideFootrest,OttomanSome are equipped with.

Other use cases

Generally, it often refers to that of a vehicle as described above, but there are also those in other fields as described below.

Operation / mechanism

The operation is generally done with the lever, button, or dial on the side of the seat.The backrest can be tilted by pushing the back against the backrest while pushing the button for the lever type while pulling the lever.If you release your back while performing the same operation, the backrest will return to its original position.The dial type rotates the dial on the side of the seat.

There is a mechanical type that adjusts the angle of the backrest in several steps, and a type that can fix the backrest at the desired angle with a hydraulic cylinder.Mechanical type is common for passenger cars, but for mass transportation such as railroads and buses, the hydraulic cylinder type has been the mainstream since the 1980s.

There is also an electric type that changes the angle of the backrest by pressing a switch, which is common in stationary reclining seats such as treatment chairs and barber chairs.In recent years, the miniaturization of motors has made it possible to accommodate a power mechanism inside the seat yard, and it has been adopted in first class and business class aircraft and high-end automobiles.

Some mechanical types do not have an operating lever and are locked and fixed by raising the backrest forward and setting it at an appropriate angle.If you push it forward, the lock will be released and you can push it backward.

Reclining seats and chairs may also be those with a mechanism that simply tilts the entire seat backwards.However, there is also the idea that it is not reclining because the relationship between the seat surface and the backrest angle has not changed.

For office chairs and all-sky theaters, there are many that just press the back and tilt.When you remove your seat, it will return to its original position with the force of a spring or the like.

For simpler things such as beach chairs, adjust the tilt with a simple mechanism such as moving the position of the support (you need to get off the chair to adjust).

The bench for the bench press has multiple holes in the legs, and the reclining is adjusted at the position where the pin is inserted (it is necessary to get off the bench to adjust).

Trouble between passengers

When the reclining seats are installed side by side in the front and rear, the passengers in the front seats squeeze the space in the rear seats by tilting the backrests back, and the backrests hit the passengers in the rear when the backrests are suddenly tilted. , There are cases where it develops into trouble between passengers.For flights within the United States, due to problems with reclining seats, it took 2014 days from August to September 8.Emergency landingHas occurred 3 times[1].

A device called "Knee Defender" that fits into the support of the table on the back of the front seat to hold down the backrest of the front seat and makes it impossible to knock it down is also on sale, but many airlines in the United States prohibit its use.[2].

Night trains in JapanExpress BusIn some cases, reclining troubles and concern for the rear seats may occur.Iwasaki Corporation(Kagoshima TransportationWhen a driver with) announced in the car to recline all at once to "do not rot afterwards", that was the case with the user who seems to be a passenger.TwitterIt was taken up in and became a hot topic[3].VIP linerEven on some highway buses, the driver is making an announcement saying "Please recline all at once".[4],Orion busThen, it is also operated with the backrest tilted in advance.[5].

On the other hand, there are cases where the back shell is introduced so that it does not affect the rear seats.[4]In this case, the seat pitch (front-back spacing) must be widened to some extent.In railcarsKinki Nippon Railway 80000 series "Hinotori"Introduced back shells to all seats for the first time in the industry, but the seat pitch is 1,160 mm for general regular cars (JRHonor trainGreen carEquivalent)[6].


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