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🛏 | The young proprietress is a high school student. I want to support the damaged inn.


The young proprietress is a high school student I want to support the damaged ryokan Seeing my father and mother make up my mind Hosenji Onsen Oita after heavy rain disaster

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Hosenji Onsen was severely damaged by heavy rain in July 2020.

Two years ago, the heavy rain in July caused severe damage, and two inns in Hosenji Onsen in Kokonoe, Oita Prefecture were forced to close even now. → Continue reading

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Heavy rain in July 2020

    Hosenji Onsen

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      Hosenji Onsen(Hosenjionsen) isOitaKusu-gunKuju Town(Old countryBungo)It is inSpa.Kuju Kuyuis the mainstay of

      Spring quality

      • Simple hot spring

      Hot spring town

      Mt. Waitamountain bosom,Chikugo RiverA hot spring area located on the banks of the tributary Machida River.A small hot spring town with more than 10 lodging facilities and restaurants.Each ryokan is blessed with an abundance of hot water,Outdoor bathand specialty baths.Yakushiyu and rock open-air baths, which use the stone chests of the public baths as bathtubs, are also famous.


      It has a long history of over 1000 years.KuyaThis hot spring is said to have been opened by the monk, and according to legend, hot water gushed out from the base of a large cedar tree related to Kuya during a major earthquake.The origin of the place name Hosenji comes from the fact that Hosenji, a temple dedicated to Kuya Shonin, was built in the hot spring.This is because the villagers thought that Hosenji Temple, as the name suggests, is a treasure spring, and that it was bestowed by Kuya Shonin.



      Kokonoe Kuyu means Hosenji Onsen,Wall hot spring,River bottom hot spring,Longmen Hot Spring,Yutsubo Onsen,Muscle hot spring,Kanoguchi Onsen,Chojahara Onsen,Hell hot spring in the coldRefers to.

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