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🛏 | Redevelopment of Hibiya Park / Office / Commercial / Hotel / Wellness Complex


Redevelopment integrated with Hibiya Park / Office, commercial, hotel, and wellness complex

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The Central Tower will feature offices, hotels, halls, banquet halls and industrial support facilities.

Chuo Nippon Tochi Tatemono (representative executor) announced on August 8 that Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Tokyo Century, and TEPCO Power Grid (… → Continue reading

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    Industrial support facility


    Banquet(Enkai) means each other by eating and drinking together.communicationThe act of deepening.Usually, what is held by about 2 to 3 people is not called a banquet, but when it is held by a certain number of people, it is called a banquet.As a synonymFeast(Song),feast(Kyoen),DrinkingIs the main purposedrinking party(drinking party),Partyand so on.In a drinking placePower harassment, Is a drunken coercion for those who do not want to drinkAlharaIs a problem[1],In some casesLawsuitIs also[2].


    Banquets are usually at work,Union,Political body, Performed by various organizations.New Year's party, welcome party, farewell party, etc.Or there are people who do the XNUMXth ceremony or the double coming-of-age ceremony.By creating casual occasions such as new year parties and year-end parties, bosses and others want to hear the true feelings of their subordinates, and want members to understand each other and get along well. Wants to open for attachment purposes[3].

    It may also be done to entertain business partners.Banquets held by like-minded groups of young peopleCOMPAIs called.Banquets are also called drinking parties.For small banquets,Japanese cuisine tavernSuch asbarIt is often held at.If the scale is large to some extentHotelBanquet hall is used.For corporate employee trips, comfort trips, etc.hotelI often use the banquet hall.Political groups etc.restaurantWe often hold banquets at. Until the early 2000s, companies also traveled on employeescompanion・ Sometimes I called a pink companion.In particular, banquets aimed at playing with the pink companion are also called "enkai".There is a trader who arranges the companion and the banquet hall together[4][5].

    The person in charge of preparation and partition of the meeting regardless of sizeSecretaryIs called.In addition to adjusting the location and date and time of the banquet and managing expenses, in some cases, we may pay attention to the selection of participants, the placement in the banquet hall, greetings, gifts, and so on.If it succeeds, it will be the title of "That person who is crazy", and if it fails, it will be stigmatized as "Unskilled setup".[6]..There are some companies that entrust the secretary to newcomers, but there are criticisms[3].


    The oldest confirmed banquet case dates back about 1 years.CuisineIs thought to be the meat of wild beef and turtles, and is estimated to have weighed more than 17 kg (more than 35 people) in total.Through such banquets, it is thought that the local community developed and shifted to a farming-centered life.[7].

    Japanese banquet / drinking party

    Also called drinking party or drinking party in Japan,sakeMeans "drinking party"[8].. In the case of "drinking party", basicallyJapanese cuisine tavernな どPrivate roomHeld outside of work hours.Shintaro TabataDuring an interview withNew R25Deputy Editor-in-Chief Toshikichi Amano has stated that he cares about the image of the in-house drinking party, which is the same topic every time he is drunk.[9]..Whether it's an in-house drinking party or an outside party, Tabata is becoming a rut under the name of "fellowship" that doesn't have any meaning.routine workThe drinking party is useless, and the drinking partySecretaryIs the work done by the person who can do the best work in the company.[9]..Tabata states that those who are good at drinking party secretaries because of their aptitude as "really excellent managers" are the best leaders to encourage members of the organization to start moving freely, and are subject to selection personnel. ing[9].My naviIn 2018, along with a negative opinion that "drinking nicknames" are increasingly being called a bad habit, a positive opinion that "the sense of distance with my colleague's boss has shortened and communication has become easier". Telling[10]..Depending on the type of job, "Dinner""ReceptionAn outside drinking party called "is held.When a dispute arises between companies, it is resolved by a dinner between executives of both sides.Safety netMay play the role of[9]..Some banquet halls have a system for collecting additional charges for violators of the Terms of Service and for damages to hotel facilities, fixtures, equipment, etc.[11].


    Race and alcohol constitution

    JapaneseIt is,WhiteCompared to other racesAcetaldehydeDisassembleALDH2Is weak or lacking in activityalcoholThere are many people who are vulnerable to[12].

    Power harassment, al-harassment, sexual harassment

    In general, it is good to enjoy drinking alcohol and deepen friendship, but there should be no compulsion to participate in banquets, drink alcohol at once, or drink alcohol to people who are not good at drinking.The compulsory act at the banquet hallPower harassment,Alcohol harassmentSuch asharassmentIn the case of an act, if sponsored by a companycomplianceIt is also a violation.Al-Hara Power Harassment, such as coercion of drinking by a strong person among the participants[13][14][15][16][17]To young womensexual harassmentThere is an incident at a drinking party that is a place for coercion of sexual activity[14][18][19][20].National Personnel AuthorityIs a sexual harassment check item site[21]It is a sexual harassment act that men do not see female employees as work partners by regularly holding drinking parties where only female employees are gathered.[22].TochigiIn the "Labor Counseling Q & A", the company's workers received sexual harassment and power harassment when asked what to do when they were having trouble with a call called "meeting" or an invitation to a drinking party to the manager of a business partner. If they do not respond, the employer will be held liable. [23].Okayama Prefectural LibraryOn the official website ofPublic interest incorporated foundationIn response to the question "If a female employee has frequent invitations to a drinking party from her boss, does it fall under sexual harassment?" In many cases, they answered that their sexual meaning cannot be denied.Furthermore, it is judged that not only when the boss refuses the invitation to give a disadvantage to the job, but also the invitation to the female employee of the subordinate to have a drinking party causes mental damage or worsens the work environment. If you are invited, the boss male and the company you belong toLiability for damagesIt is pointed out that it may be borne by.And even if the woman doesn't explicitly refuse her invitation to a drinking party, she can be sexually harassed.[24].

    Although there is no legal basis for the company to force employees to participate, the subordinates are virtually contrary to their wishes.Drinking nationHave been forced to participate in[25]..When the company banned drinking parties due to the spread of the corona infection, a man who was forced to participate in the drinking party of the staff said, "It was nothing but a waste of time and money." It ’s a custom. ”[16].Otsuka ShokaiAs dissatisfaction with people who oppose compulsory drinking after work, they do not want to hear their boss's sermons and complaints even if they are tired of concern, have a constitution for alcohol, and spend time and money.[26], The drinking party at the workplace introduces the opinion that it is a hotbed of harassment such as power harassment and sexual harassment.[27][26].Oriental economyThe reason why drinking parties in the workplace are treated as compulsory participation is that young employees are reluctant to participate if they make free participation.[25].Chinese newspaperIn July 2020, he expressed his boss's opinion that it would be difficult to invite him because he would become "Alhara" if he was not good at being bothered by his juniors.On the contrary, when the drinking party disappears after Corona, he also introduces the opinion of a man who says that drinking at home is definitely more delicious from the standpoint of his subordinates.[26].

    Drinking nickname / drinking party pros and cons survey

    In 2018, Mynavi conducted its own survey to investigate how many young people are reluctant to go to a drinking party.  [10]..According to the survey, 53% of young people did not want to go to a drinking party at work, which was higher than 47% who did not want to go to a drinking party at work.[10]..According to a survey asking the boss generation about the same thing, 52.3% said they would like to go to a drinking party at work, 47.7% said they did not want to go to a drinking party at work, and about 2 in 1 boss generations. Turned out to be thinking "I don't want to go to a drinking party at work"[10].

    Nippon Life Insurance CompanyIn October 2021 of Korona-ka, it was the first time to say that "drinking nication" was unnecessary.majorityBeyond.The breakdown is 38.2% for "people who think it is necessary". "People who do not need it" was 61.9%[8]..The percentage of males who did not need it was 55.8%, and the percentage of females who did not need it was 67.8%, which was 12 points higher than that of males.Furthermore, the unnecessary group exceeded the necessary group in all age groups.[8].. In April 2021FNNThe drinking party outside working hours, which was a de facto compulsory participationselectionIt is reported that it will be done[8].

    Banquets and employee trips at companies

    By holding banquets from time to time, such as during the New Year and new hires,mannerismSome companies hold banquets because some people think that it will prevent the change and also educate newcomers.[28]..Since you can exchange opinions from a different standpoint from your usual work, mutual understanding will deepen even in areas that you could not understand in your work, and human relationships may improve, which may lead to improved work efficiency. be.However, on the other hand, banquets are often held during non-business hours, so some people are very uncomfortable with the company environment entering even during private hours. According to FNN's report in December 2019, the number of people in their 12s and above who are avoiding banquets is increasing, including young people.[29]..In addition, there is an opinion that companies that can only collect information or communicate with each other have many disadvantages in their business activities.[30].


    The usual form of spendingDutch treatIs.It is often understood that it is a gradual flat-rate membership fee system and a reduction in the burden of accounting work.Since the amount of food and drink is not proportional to the cost, it has the meaning of forcing adaptation to groups. As of October 2016National Tax AgencyAccording to the regulations ofCapitalDepending on the calculation method according to the scale such asEntertainment expensesIn principleLossNot included[31].

    Banquet art

    "Nude dance" "ChomageThere are also people who perform arts such as ", but it is also possible to force such banquet arts.HarassmentIs considered to be[32].

    Chinese banquet

    ChugokuThe ceremony banquetRound tableSurroundingChinese cuisineIt is basic to do it while eating.Usually, the host or superior sits in the back of the front, the one next to the host sits on the opposite side, and the guests sit on both sides of the host side.

    For sake at a banquet,LiquorBasically, use (Paichu), put this in a small cup,cheersAnd drink it all at once.NowadaysWineThere is also an example to replace it with.Other than toasting with all the attendees first, the attendees repeat the toast individually while exchanging words with other attendees.Not only does the host recommend the customer to drink, but the customer also recommends the host to "borrow" a toast.When you're out of reach of the toast, you may hit the Chinese-style central table several times with the bottom of the cup.

    Considering the physical aspect, there is often a culture in which food that cannot be eaten is prepared, so the government sometimes calls for not wasting food leftovers, but it is not effective.Banquet arts are rarely performed, but there are also cases where people who are good at singing perform.

    The form of deepening acquaintance with attendees through banquets is the same as in other countries.


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