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🧳 | ANA increases flights on 4 routes in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia


ANA to increase flights on four routes to Europe, America and Southeast Asia

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Includes temporary flights and does not include flights whose operations have not been confirmed.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will increase flights to Bangkok, Los Angeles, Seattle and Frankfurt. September 9th? → Continue reading


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    Temporary flight

    Temporary flightWhat is (Rinjibin)?Train-bus-aircraft-ShipEtc.Public transportAtpassengerOrcargo OfneedRefers to a flight that is operated especially in a frame other than normal operation when becomes larger than usual.



    If it runs immediately after a regular flightContinuation flightCalled.


    During busy seasons such as summer vacation, long holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays, it is often set to increase the number of flights in the time zone close to regular flights. In this case, equipment and services different from those for regular flights may be applied, and flight numbers are not normally used for regular flights. (Example:Japan AirlinesThe Kansai-Honolulu flight in Japan is usually JL792, but the extra flight is sometimes named JL8000 and additional flights are made.) Also, mainly for international flights and domestic flights, on the remote islands of the Nansei Islands, If unseasonable weather such as a typhoon occurs, it may not be operated including alternative transportation, and passengers for convenient return trips may be stranded for a long period of time and become isolated. In particular, some airlines distinguish the extra flights operated in that case by another name, "supplementary flights." Supplementary flights are set with the courtesy of the airline for the purpose of relieving passengers on canceled flights. In principle, passengers on return flights that have been canceled will use them by transfer, so use only those flights. Is impossible.


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