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🧳 | [Fukuoka souvenir real food report] A collaboration product between Mentaiko's Yamaya and Kimetsu no Yaiba "If you paint and bake Rengoku Anjuro, Menta Fra...


[Fukuoka Souvenir Real Food Report] A collaboration product of Mentaiko's Yamaya and Kimetsu no Yaiba "If you paint and bake Rengoku Anjuro, Mentaiko Fra...

If you write the contents roughly
I made an incision in it, so it seeps into the fabric perfectly.

When you think of mentaiko, many people think of Yamaya."Yamaya", headquartered in Fukuoka, Kyushu, was established in 1974... → Continue reading


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    Notch(kirikomi) means rawFishTheKnifechop withfermentationLetHokkaido-Tohoku regionBe transmitted tolocal cuisine.Depending on the region, the name and the dish itself may differ.


    Rawherring,salmonshredded andsaltとMalted ricepickled inAgingwhat made meThe manufacturing methodSaltedClose to.Hawk claw(DriedRed peppers) may be added.The origin of the name comes from chopping raw fish with a kitchen knife.

    As for the fish used, herring is more common in Hokkaido.HokkaidoHidaka CoastThen, etc.Flounderare sold at direct sales stores.

    In the old days, the herring was cut whole and the internal organs were removed, so it was often cut with bones.

    Different name/usage

    • In some areas of the Tohoku region, elderly people are sometimes called 'kirigomi'.
    • In some areas of Tohoku and Hokkaido, all salted fish is called 'kirikomi' regardless of herring.


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