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🧳 | [Fishing around the waterside in Japan 7] Playing with soi and greenling in Wakkanai, Hokkaido


[Fishing around Japan's waterfront 7] Play with soi and greenling in Wakkanai, Hokkaido

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Because it is such a conspicuous building, it has been used as a filming location for many TV commercials.

Surrounded by the sea on all sides, Japan is blessed with lakes and rivers due to the weather conditions with abundant rain.Inhabits due to long geographical conditions from north to south ... → Continue reading


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Commercial message

Commercial message(British: Commercial Message) IsMediaThroughCommercialFor情报General and the information itself.Especially in this itembroadcastInAdsDescribe.


originallyMass mediaIt wasn't limited toradio-tv setOf the broadcasts, the advertisement broadcasts that are broadcast before and after the broadcast program or in the middle of the program by interrupting the main part will eventually be broadcast on TV.movies-インターネットSuch asMovieIt has become common to refer to advertising in general.

JapaneseThen.commercial[1],CM[1],CF(Abbreviation for commercial film)[2]Also abbreviated.Other,InformationIs the word (especiallyRadio programMay be used.

English-speaking countriesThen, the advertisement itself including CM (Signboard-direct mail-Publication・ Broadcasting, the Internet, etc.)Advertising (advertising),For shortAd (ad) Is common[Annotation 1], Depending on the dictionary, "commercial message"JapanglishPoint out that[3].

Advertisements on TV are mainly in EnglishTelevision advertising (television advertisements), EspeciallyAmerican EnglishThen.Television commercial (television commercial), When abbreviatedcommercial (commercial).British EnglishIn the abbreviation ofAdvert (advert) Also called.

CM is generallyPrivate broadcastingThe bureau is a means of earning advertising revenue.

Content and method

sponsor consumerThe following contents will be presented and appealed to.

  • Company name
  • Product name or service name
  • The above features-price, place of sale, date and time,catch copyAsslogan

The creators make various efforts using music, drama-style scenarios, narration, and outlandish catchphrases so that the commercials will leave an impression on the listeners and viewers.Since the spread of the Internet, some narrations have added a word to encourage Internet search, such as "Search by XX (product name, company name, etc.)!".Each method will be described later.

The production site of commercials, where all creativity and performing arts became indispensable, became the gateway to all creators such as lyricists / composers, singers, copywriters, video directors, actors, and broadcast talents.

CMs may be produced by the sponsors themselves, by broadcasters or their affiliated productions, or by specialized productions.ThoseAdvertising agencyMediates.The system and technology related to production will be described later.


In the advertising industry, in order to get the effect of intriguing the image of companies and products, purchasing motivation, etc. within a limited number of seconds, "3B" of Beauty (= beauty), Beast (= animal), Baby (= infant) in CM The use of a motif called "" has become established as a traditional method.These "3B" are things that are easily noticed even when looking at things vaguely in human psychology, and are applied to advertising in general as well as commercials.

CM type

There are various classification methods for CM.The following example takes Japan as an example.

Classification by contract[4]
  • Time CM --Broadcast within the framework of the program,提供Sponsor CM
  • Spot CM --Time zone between programs =Station break(Station break, SB, Stebre)[5]Single-shot commercial broadcast on
Classification by broadcasting method
Classification by recording source
  • CF[2]
  • VTR-CM[6]
  • Card CM- Telop cardBy still image of[1]
    • Slide CM-Those that send out multiple of the above cards in a row
Classification by broadcast timing[1]
  • Participation(Abbreviation: PT The same applies below) --Also known as party pacing commercials.CM of a company that is not a sponsor and is broadcast within the framework of a certain program
  • Cow catcher(CC) --Things sent just before the program start credit
  • Hitchhike(HH)-What is sent immediately after the end credit
Classification by advertisement content
  • Advertising for goods and services
  • Company announcement
  • Apology Ads-See below
Classification by sponsor type
Classification by broadcast medium
  • Radio CM
  • TV commercial

CM overseas

Overseas CM cases

In many Western countries, it is common to pay a viewing fee to watch TV.[7]Therefore, some broadcasting stations do not broadcast TV commercials.Unlike many Western countries, the UK is characterized by a large presence of free terrestrial broadcasting compared to satellite broadcasting and cable TV, which are mainly pay broadcasting.[7]..As a major television station in the UKBritish Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)ITV,Channel4, Channel 5 and other TV stations[7].

Of these, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a license fee (NHKIt is a public broadcast centered on income.[7]..In addition, Channel 4 is a public broadcasting station, but it is operated with CM revenue.[7]..American public television stationPBSEven terrestrial commercial broadcasters do not broadcast TV commercials, such asCable TVSome ofCommunity channelSome of them have neither advertising income nor contract fee income.

OverseasNational broadcastingEven public broadcasting stations such as stations broadcast TV commercials and advertiseincomeMay have been obtained.

Globally, short TV commercials of 5 to 30 seconds are the mainstream.JapanAnd only some neighboring countries.

America,EuropeThe time per CM is often in minutes.European countriesMidnight programAtAdultTelephone voice advertisements are often 5-second advertisements.

In Japan, when one TV commercial is over, the next TV commercial is usually played, but in Europe and the United States, there is a black background between TV commercials and between TV commercials and programs.fadeEffects are often inserted.

AsiaButSouth KoreaAs in Japan, no fade effect is inserted between commercials, but a crossfade or black background fade effect is often inserted between programs and commercials.ThailandIn the past, when switching from one commercial to the next commercial, a black back screen was inserted for about 0.5 seconds without a fade effect, but as of 2015, a black back screen of about 0.1 seconds was inserted even shorter. It may or may not be inserted.

Overseas CM regulation

In Europe and the United States, there are strict regulations on TV commercials for children's programs, and there are restrictions on the number of commercials and the same CM being played twice in the same program.[8].

FranceIn some countries, such as at the start and end of the CM frameeye catchingEnters.France requires that a commercial announcement be placed between the main program and the commercial by law.Hong Kong,TaiwanIn Greater China countries such as France, eye catches are inserted at the beginning and end of the CM frame as in France.

In South Korea, TV commercials in the main program are prohibited by the country's broadcasting law enforcement ordinance.It's okay to give the sponsor name,Sports broadcastExcept for, the company logo and even the logo on the signboards and products that can be advertised are regulated by the agreement, so for companies involved in the advertisement being broadcast, the company name will be changed after the end of the main part.Logo typeIt is necessary to indicate with.

TV commercials will be broadcast together before the start of the main part of the program and after the end of the main part.Instead, the title logo of the program currently being broadcast is displayed for a few seconds at the bottom right of the screen at a certain time for some programs of 30 minutes or more.In the past, it was displayed at the bottom of the screen at a certain time in all programs.

Morning newsInformation program,electionVotingSpecial number,moviesFor example, if the program exceeds 2 hours, the program is divided into Part 1 and Part 2 and treated as separate programs, and the CM is broadcast every 30 minutes-hours.KBS1st TVExcludingKorean drama Of20184Subsequent new works are composed of two parts per episode, and each part is organized in 1 minutes.Tv shoppingIs an exception because it is an advertisement in itself.

ChugokuIn the past, eye-catching was inserted before and after the commercial, but from 2012, it was banned from playing TV commercials during the main story as in South Korea.The program title logo is always displayed at the bottom right of the screen.However, unlike South Korea, programs that exceed two hours are not treated as separate programs by separating them into Part 2 and Part 1, and are broadcast straight from start to finish.

CM in Japan

Japanese CM legislation

CM isBroadcasting lawIt is called by the word "advertising broadcast" in.In Articles 83 and 90 of the Broadcasting LawJapan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) andOpen UniversityIs prohibited from doing commercials in the normal sense.

However, in Article 83-2-90-2, "It does not prevent the name or name of the author or business operator from being broadcast when it is deemed not to be used for advertising related to the business of others." There is also a provision that somePublic advertisementAnd social campaign announcements are not forbidden to be broadcast.For example, NHK also offers textbooks published by NHK, art exhibitions and concerts sponsored by NHK, enlightenment on payment of license fees, introduction of NHK On Demand, and promotion.

CM contract system in Japan

Ground wave broadcastingStation,Ground commercial broadcasting BS digitalStation,radioBroadcasterincludingJapan OfPrivate broadcastingThe station has a commercialbroadcastThrough doingAdsmain(sponsor) From advertising fees andprogramProduction cost of "提供By beingProfitIs getting.Advertising revenue is also a major source of funding for program production and purchase costs.インターネットSince its spread, programs on the InternetcontentThe配 信(Internet radio-Internet tv) Businesses may also run commercials in the program.

For viewingAudience PricesNeed to payCable broadcastingAndSatellite broadcasting(SKY PerfecTV!,WOWOWIn some cases, the TV commercial will not be aired because the contract fee income will cover the cost.[Annotation 2].

How to broadcast commercials in Japan

CM is broadcast in units of "CM frames" in which several are continuous.

Normal,Time CMIs customary to interrupt and broadcast the main part of the program within the broadcast frame of the program.This is because there is a commercial transaction purpose of recovering the necessary expenses for broadcasting the program through the sponsor.

It is extremely rare for the main program to be broadcast without a commercial, especially for terrestrial commercial broadcasting, and if the sponsor's understanding is obtained from the production process of the program (below).Programs where #CM was not broadcastSee) and for a long time due to a serious disaster.Press special programWhen is assembled (belowThe day when #CM was not broadcastSee) etc.[Annotation 3].

Japan Private Broadcasting Federation(National Association of Commercial Broadcasters) sets the standard for the amount of TV commercials broadcast during the total weekly broadcasting hours to "within 148%" in Article 18 of the Broadcasting Standards.[4]..This total amount regulation was established as a "limit" by the amendment on October 1975, 10.[9]However, the expression of "limit" has been changed to "standard" in the 2016 revision of broadcasting standards.[10].

Breaking news, etc. in TV commercialsSubtitles superOr show the name of the broadcasting stationWatermark[Annotation 4]Is basically not displayed in commercials.However, the morning time zone and 00 minutesCow catcher CMIn some cases, a supermarket for time display may be displayed.

Used for related information in the event of a disaster (typhoon, landslide disaster, earthquake, etc.) in TV broadcastingL-shaped screenWhen the supermarket that is always displayed is displayed, the insertion is temporarily stopped during the CM.However, of the alarm level disaster information,

  1. "When emergency earthquake information is issued"
  2. "When a warning declaration for the Tokai earthquake is announced"
  3. "When an earthquake with a seismic intensity of less than 5 occurs"
  4. "When a tsunami warning or a large tsunami warning is announced due to an earthquake"
  5. "Other cases that require an emergency"

If it corresponds to, the information may be entered even in the CM.This operation system is based on the standards of each broadcasting station, and there are differences in operation depending on the region and each broadcasting station.

CM sales unit in Japan

The transition of broadcasting time per CM is described.When commercial broadcasting started in JapanRaw commercialIs the mainstream, and although there are no records due to its characteristics, all 1MinuteIt is believed that it was 2 minutes long[11]..60 recording / recording commercials in the early days described latersecondIt is produced in 30 seconds, and eventually this 60-second frame and 30-second frame (20-second frame on the radio) will be released.Spot CMEstablished as a sales unit of.

The sales unit, which was basically 30 seconds, was cut down to 15 seconds for the first time in the fall of 1961.[12]Met.Furthermore, in 1962, the following year, on TV, it was allowed to accompany audio and video in a 1-second commercial that was limited to sending one silent telop card, and it issued a strange keyword within a limited time. , A new type of commercial was produced one after another,BuzzwordIt became the source of (described later).

However, in October 1965, the advertising effect diminished as the viewers moved away due to the intensification, the production side was exhausted, and criticized as "vulgarization".TBS TVHas stopped selling the 19-second frame at A time (21:5 to XNUMX:XNUMX)[12]As a result, the number of 5-second commercials produced dropped sharply.Through this process, the 15-second frame became the standard for Japanese commercials.[12], 30 seconds and 60 seconds have been used as long lengths.

In Article 151 of the Broadcasting Standards, the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters stipulates that the standard time for TV spot CM is 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds.[4]..Regarding radio commercials, the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters does not set a standard time agreement item, but in most cases it is 5 seconds, 20 seconds, 40 seconds, or 60 seconds, of which 20 seconds.[13]There are a lot of things.

For TV commercialsSpot CMThen in 15 second units,Time CMIs sold in units of 30 seconds (with some exceptions).Usually in network salesTV programIn the inside, the frame is divided so that only the time CM and only the spot CM are played, but there are also examples where the time CM is placed in the first half of the CM frame and the spot CM is placed in the second half, as in some national net programs produced by TBS. be.

Commercials produced in 60 seconds are often seen in time commercials for national online programs. Until the 1970sKansai localCMParnas ConfectioneryThere was also a 60-second commercial at the spot.

Many 1960-second commercials produced in the early 5s have been seen in detail at local stations since then, but from around 2011, the number of 15-second commercials has also increased at local stations, and 3-second spot commercials should be included. Three are distributed and broadcast.mainlyVolume store Ofdiscount,Key PointsMainly up campaign commercials.

Sponsor trends in Japan

TV commercials are for large nationwide consumers with a large market shareManufacturing industry(Food,Medicine,Automobile,Cosmetics,Home appliances,clock,ClothingEtc.), majorRetail trade(Majorsupermarket,largeConsumer electronics storeThere are many things such as chains).Local stationAlso has more local commercials.In addition to the TV industry, radio commercials are available at retail stores, food manufacturers, and others in smaller areas.UniversityThere are also products from companies that are not well known.

There are also commercials that convey information such as the implementation or cancellation of upcoming events, rather than advertising for products and companies.

In the event of a disaster, there are cases where private businesses urgently disseminate useful information to the victims rather than products.Great East Japan EarthquakeOn the occasion ofElectronics companyToyota Motor Corporation, etc., which introduces power saving methods in response to power shortages by each companyCar makerEach company introduces driving methods for safe driving and fuel efficiency in the event of a disaster.Mobile communicationEach company aired a commercial in the form of a company announcement, which tells how to use the disaster message dial.Home makerEach company andLife insurance-Non-life insuranceEach company has a sympathy for the victims and a customer service desk.Free DialThe commercial that guides you was aired.

In addition to corporate commercials政府・ By government officeGovernment public relations,MunicipalitiesPR,AC JapanSuch asPublic advertisementThere is also a campaign commercial by a group.

House of Representatives-House of CouncilorsDuring the election periodPolitical party-Political bodyCM is frequently broadcast in the spot, but in the proportional representation electionPolitics broadcastIs often done only on NHK (some commercial TV stations broadcast for about 30 minutes in some areas), so it can be regarded as a virtual alternative.

In the CM frame, PR of the program program by the broadcasting station itself (Program advertisement.. There is an abbreviation of "promoter").In a broad sense, it is a type of commercial, but in reality it is because no commercial transactions have occurred.Filler.

History of Japanese commercials

Japan is about to start radio broadcastingMinistry of CommunicationsAdvertising was banned in advance by the ministry's decision "Broadcasting Private Radiotelephone Niseki Suru Proposal"[14]In addition, from the dawn of the 1920s to 1951, only the operation by NHK, which is a public enterprise, not a private company, was approved, and that NHKListening feeRadio commercials had never been tried, partly because it was run on income.

Incidentally,Second World WarUntil the endUnder Japanese ruleIn another organizationTaiwan Broadcasting CorporationHad monopolized radio broadcastingTaiwanThen,1932June 6th or 14th[15]For several months since then, we have conducted a trial "indirect advertising broadcast" to raise the production cost of entertainment programs.[16]..It is believed that this was a form in which the sponsor name was announced at the beginning and end of the program without producing a commercial separately from the main broadcast.[15]..The first sponsor isMarumiya Food Research Institute or Ajinomoto HonpoWas allegedly[15]..Shortly after the implementation, the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors was concerned about competition as an advertising medium.[17]Resolves against Advertising Broadcast on June 6[15]After that, at that timeMinister of Colonial AffairsCancellation of advertising broadcasting throughTaiwan Governor's OfficeAppealed to[16]By the way, the Taiwan Broadcasting Corporation announced July 7th.[15]It was decided to suspend new advertising contracts and stop advertising broadcasting within the year, and the "indirect advertising broadcasting" will be broadcast on December 12nd.[15]Was the last.

It was also under the influence of the Japanese political and business world.Manchuria OfManchurian Telephone & TelegraphBut,1936From November 11st for about three and a half years, Japanese andManchuAdvertising broadcast was carried out in[15]..At this time, in addition to the "indirect advertisement" carried out in Taiwan, an announcer called "direct advertisement" reads out the advertisement copy.Raw commercialWas also done in the form of[15]..This "direct advertisement" does not interrupt the main part of the program, butDedicated program frame for broadcasting advertisements in bulkWas carried out[15].1940January,Sino-Japanese warDue to economic control due to the intensification of the broadcasting, the items handled in advertisements were severely restricted, and eventually the broadcasting was refrained.[15]..Many of the human resources who were involved in broadcast advertisements on this Manchurian Telephone & Telegraph were after the war.SalvageLater, it is believed that he moved to emerging commercial broadcasters and advertising agencies and passed on his know-how on commercial contracts and production.[15].

Start date of commercial broadcasting,1951On September 9st, various Japanese (mainland) firsts related to sponsorship and advertising continued.In light of the above, if the CM in a broad sense includes an announcement that reads out the advertiser's name, the first sponsor announced will be.Central Japan Broadcasting CompanyThe woolen shop "Gokin Western Goods" in the "Fashion Course" broadcast from 25:6, 55 minutes after the opening announcement.[18]Is.There is no audio recording left (CBC says that Gokin Western products were "only provided, not commercials".[19]), Of course, should have made an announcement indicating the sponsor, which is the first public sponsor in commercial broadcasting. CBC Radio will be on the same day at 7amSeikoshaSponsored byTime signalThe first broadcast of.Following the forecast sound by the rhythmic sound of the clock, along with the notification sound, "The clock of Seikosha has just announced 7 o'clock" is reported.[20](CBC calls this time signal "Commercial No. 1"[19]").At noon on the same day, the opening announcement was just made.New Japan BroadcastingBut the time signal of Seikosha was broadcast[20].

The first spot CM broadcast was on the same day after 12:15 on New Japan Broadcasting (similar to CBC, which is the opening day) for 60 seconds.Smocha toothpasteIs said to be a radio commercial[18]..It is said that this commercial was more eye-catching because it was drama-styled, compared to other commercials that simply read out advertisement copies.[21], It is regarded as the first because it is recognized as a commercial as a cohesive work.

Japan's first (in broadcasting)Commercial songThe same year9/7First aired on CBC RadioKonishi Roku"I am an amateur photographer" in the commercial of[21](There is also a different theory.Commercial Song #HistorySee).

Japan's first TV commercialNippon TVOpening date of19538/28noonIt is a time signal CM of Seikosha that was aired just before.[22][23][24]..This is in advancethe filmRecorded onア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIt was a commercial with a combination of live-action and live-action, but because the staff was not accustomed to operating broadcasting equipment,the filmWas broadcast with the inside out.For this reason, the image on the clock is reversed left and right, and in the case of film, the sound is reproduced on the left side of the image.soundtrackWhen the film was turned upside down, the sound was not played, so it was broadcast without sound (the time signal sound was inserted regardless of the film, so it came out accurately).[25].. Broadcast was canceled in about 3 seconds[23]It was believed for a long time, but the testimony of the people concerned at that time revealed that it was broadcast for 30 seconds as it was.[25]..The time signal at 19:19 on the same day was broadcast safely.This XNUMX:XNUMX time signal CM is the oldest existing TV commercial image in Japan and is released on the Internet.[26][27].

The film originals of Seikosha's commercials from the 1950s and 60s were discarded, but a large number of commercials were recorded on a 1987-disc laser disc called "Hattori Seiko CM Collection" jointly produced by TEC and Seiko in 10. there is[27].

During the period when television became popular, commercials using advertisers' exclusive performers became mainstream (Raw commercial #History of live TV commercialsAfter that, in the early 1970s, it became recognized inside and outside the industry that the history of CM appearances by entertainers who have different main businesses such as actors and singers would be an index to measure the degree of popularity.Weekly HyundaiArticle in the February 1972, 2 issue[28]Then, "CM appearance is the most advantageous of the talentSide jobThat is now common sense. "EventuallyNihon monitorof"Ranking of number of companies using talent CM"Video research"Top 10 TV commercials by talent"[29]Data on the amount of CM exposure per person by research companies has come to be released to the public.

Below, the monumental commercials that adopted the new technology will be described in the "Technology" section.

Japanese CM technology


The video and audio formats conform to the broadcast wave standards.Stereo broadcastingOf course, there are many commercials with stereo sound in broadcasting that is possible, and since the 2000s5.1 surroundA few commercials with stereo audio recording have also appeared.In principle, all AM radio stations, which are monaural broadcasts, carry out stereo broadcasting.radiko,FM complement relay stationAfter the introduction of, it has been broadcasting commercials produced in stereo.

At the beginning of TV broadcastingRaw commercial, Still images, andthe filmIs the mainstream, and eventually in addition to thatVTRWas introduced (see below).

From the late 2000s, the transition period from analog broadcasting to terrestrial digital broadcastingaspect ratio16: 9High definitionThe production by has increased.4: 3 as it is after the realization of high-definition image quality due to budgetary reasonsStandard image qualityTo continue broadcasting the video ofTerrestrial digital TV broadcastingBlack belts on the left and right according to the screen ratio ofSide panel) May be added.Black belts on the top, bottom, left and rightFrame broadcastingIn some cases.

First in Japanカ ラ ーThe TV commercial aired on1962of"Toyota Toyopet Corona"ButDustWhile raisingDrumIt is a "stunt drive series" that runs by kicking[30].Color broadcastingBe conscious of"Red"-tag-黄色Drums will appear.

First in JapanstereoThe TV commercial that was broadcast by voice1978September'sSumitomo XNUMXM Scotch-Metal cassette tape "METAFINE"”, About 1 from the startsecond"(Stereo broadcasting logo of the broadcasting station) Stereo CM" was displayed in the lower center of the screen.KantoAt that timeNippon TVTBS Multiplex audio broadcastingWas starting.

First in JapanBroadcast in two languagesThe TV commercial that was made1979 OfNECIt is a TV "Language Friend" that supports sound multiplex broadcasting.The television focused on receiving bilingual broadcasts and was able to receive sound multiplex in the style of a monaural television with only one speaker.Planting treesIs appointed as a character.In the main voice Japanese, there was a section such as "This is safe for Japan!", But the sub voice English was a purely male voice product explanation, not a complete translation.Unlike the stereo CM mentioned above, this CM did not show the fact that it was broadcast in two languages.However, at that time, there were few commercials that used sound multiplex broadcasting, so the zone in which this commercial was incorporated was switched to dual audio broadcasting from the beginning (TBS's "Kaoru Kaoru's World Trip] Was broadcast in two languages, and the sponsor credit was also in two languages).

As of 2012 in Japan3DThe TV commercial that was broadcast in 1988D was broadcast in XNUMX.GiraffeSoft drink "" is the only one.Full storyCGMade of red and bluecellophaneGlassesWhen viewed in, the method of floating as a three-dimensional object was taken, and there was also a gift of special glasses during the broadcast period.The broadcasted program is "The Best Ten』(TBS), and other times, the same video was broadcast on non-3D commercials.

After 2010, in the CM in the main story, "Subtitled broadcastingMay be done (Kao,Lion,Panasonic Such).In that case, during the CM, the upper right of the screen[Annotation 5]Is displayed as "subtitles"[31].

Since the XNUM X'sAC JapanIn some of the TV commercials for the national campaign,sign languageInterpreterAndEnglish字幕We are broadcasting.

Editing and sending commercials at broadcasting stations

At a broadcasting station, when sending a commercial, it was indispensable to put together multiple commercial materials according to the commercial frame.The material isMagnetic tapeOr when it was a film, it was naturally manual work.

In particular, TV commercials were mostly 1990 mm from the early 35s to the early XNUMXs.MetersOr 16mmMovie filmWas photographed using.The broadcasting station connects the delivered materials, completes the material for the frame, and the TV video signal (NTSC)telecineWas sent out.

Technically in the late 1970sVTRIn line with the progress and enhancement of video editing equipment and CM transmission equipment, it became a trend to telecine the filmed material, record it on a VTR, and deliver it to the broadcasting station.Depending on the agency or production, you are in TokyoKey stationSwitched to tape delivery, independent UHF stations in the Kanto area and Osaka / NagoyaQuasi-key stationThe film delivery method was continued as before to other local stations including.Even in such a transitional period, film editing was still easier depending on the environment, so even materials shot with VTRKinneko(It was also used for the reduction conversion of 35mm material to 16mm).Therefore, even with the same commercial, the image quality and sound quality may differ greatly depending on the broadcasting station and time frame.Film delivery ended in the 1990s, and all were switched to tape delivery.

after thatCM bank systemA system called is put into practical use, and most TV commercials are now being sent from CM banks.

Japanese CM regulations

The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Broadcasting Standards, from Chapter 13 to Chapter 17 of the Broadcasting Standards, set detailed regulations on the content of commercials, expression methods, handling of submissions themselves, and responsibilities of businesses.[4].

Based on that standard, the CM department of each broadcasting station has set "examination standards" for the content (example →[32][33]).

Incidentally,Internet CMIs not limited to the following regulations.

Industries that cannot do commercials

In principle, the following sponsors are not treated.

  • The name of the sponsor is hidden (Article 96 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters)
    • Those that are advertised by sponsors other than the contract (Article 99 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Broadcasting Standards)
  • Products and services that affirm superstition or deny science (Article 108 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters)
  • Products and services with the intention of investigating, collecting, and using personal information for the purpose of infringing human rights (National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards Article 109)
  • Products and services that are unfavorable in terms of morals and are inappropriate as a topic in the home (National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards Articles 110 and 111)
  • Personal brand name (Article 115 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters)
  • Those with the purpose of denying the facts of the press (Article 125 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Broadcasting Standards)
CM that was once done
  • After September 1998 (Heisei 10)TV commercials about tobacco brands (products)Is prohibited from handling based on Articles 110, 111, and 2-5 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters.JTThen, after that, an enlightenment commercial for smoking manners will be broadcast instead).

Attention expressions in CM, etc.

  • CMs must not use expressions that deny a healthy society or lifestyle (Article 91 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters).
    • VariousAlcoholic beverages-BeverageIn the commercial, the words "Empty container (after drinking) go to recycling" are displayed.
    • In the commercials for various alcoholic beverages, the words "Alcohol is fun and appropriate" and "Drinking after the age of 20" or "Underage drinking is prohibited by law" are displayed.
  • The CM must somehow clarify that it is a CM (National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards Article 92).
    • CMs produced by imitating a scene from a TV program, such as newsreels, always have subtitles such as "This is a CM" or "This is a CM of XX (sponsor name)".It may be written in English as "○○ (sponsor name)'s AD".
    • In most of the commercials that use the content and direction of the target program that is broadcast only within the frame of the time CM of the national net TV program, the above precautionary statement is also produced according to the production method. "I brought a super rare.』(TV AsahiIn the time CM frame (simultaneous net station only) of the series), the main performerAyaka HironakaHowever, the same as the production in the main storyHandwritingFlip(Except for some works).
  • Free competitionDo not use expressions that could lead to infringement of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters (National Association of Commercial Broadcasters, Article 97).
  • In commercials, the facts should not be exaggerated and overestimated by viewers (Article 100 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards).Also, do not make a mistake (Article 122 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Broadcasting Standards).
    • When expressing a scene that is impossible in reality in terms of production, a warning character "(This is) a production by CM" is displayed on the screen.
    • When expressing a scene in which a product other than the product to be advertised is used for the production, a warning character "○○ is actually required" is displayed on the screen.
    • In addition to the above, attention will be given to expressions related to the safety of listeners and viewers.
      • Safety devices for automobiles, especially so-calledSupport car-ASV[34],In particularCollision damage reduction brakeIn the advertisement regarding, "This system is premised on safe driving. Not all crises can be avoided."
      • Small scooter(So-calledscooters) CM also displayed a warning saying "Let's wear a helmet" until it became mandatory to wear a helmet in the mid-1980s.
      • Round oneIn the commercial of Spotcha,Golden BomberThere is a scene where he enjoys roller skating without wearing a helmet, but a cautionary statement saying "In fact, it is obligatory to wear a helmet" is displayed.
  • In commercials, false testimony about products and testimony whose source is not clear must not be used (Article 102 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards).
    • It is necessary to refuse that the performance of the performer cannot be the impression of the listener / viewer as a whole for products that bring about individual feelings such as health, pleasure, and fun.
      • Character display of "It is an individual impression" in health foods.Regarding the handling of health foods, etc., Article 136 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards also stipulates.
      • With scentSoftenerA cautionary statement in the commercial of "There are individual differences in how you feel the scent. Please use it with consideration for the people around you."[35].
  • In the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters standard, the supplementary provision "Notes on commercials for children" is provided.Program for childrenTime CM = "Commercial for children" is regulated.
    • "Commercial products and services for children" = Inferiority complex and superiority complex, such as "If you don't have it, you will be left out of the group" in commercials for toys, confectionery, stationery, etc. that children can buy by themselves. Expressions should be avoided.
    • Do not express dangerous acts that may be imitated.
      • Character display of "Please do not imitate".
    • Don't unfairly use your confidence in the main character of the show.
      • In those works aired in the 1980s anime show for girlstoyIn the commercial, there was a production in which a model girl transformed using a toy, but a cautionary expression "I can't do it" was added.

Regulations for each industry, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned rules for restricting expressions common to all industries, the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters standards are strict for commercials for "medical / pharmaceutical / cosmetics (Chapter 16)" and "finance / real estate (Chapter 17)". There are many articles.

Medical / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics
  • CMs that doctors, pharmacists, beauticians, etc. recommend medicines, quasi-drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics cannot be broadcast (Article 134 of the Commercial Broadcasting Standards).
  • Do not use medicines as prizes (National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Standards Article 135).
  • Regulations on CM expressions for pharmaceutical products, etc.Drug machine methodandAppropriate advertising standards for pharmaceutical products, etc.(Article 132 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters Broadcasting Standards).Of these, all drug advertisements are obliged to display "Precautions for use" in the "Expression of restrictions such as efficacy and effect", which is an appropriate advertising standard for pharmaceutical products.[36]..In addition, June 2009, 6Revised Pharmaceutical Affairs LawAfter enforcementOTC drugsThe display of "Precautions for use" in the CM of is changed as follows.
  • In addition to the above, the pharmaceutical industry has formulated self-regulatory guidelines and has established the following expression restrictions.[37].
    • "Precautions for use" is clearly displayed in characters for 1 to 2 seconds or more.
    • When displaying "Precautions for use", use voice together.
    • First-class drugs, designated second-class drugs, and not included in themCold medicine-Antipyretic analgesicIn addition to the above, when displaying the cautionAllergiesIf you have a constitution, please be sure to consult a pharmacist (registered seller). "In this case, design considerations such as coloring and emphasizing the "allergic" part in bold may be taken.
  • eye dropsA scene that always points to eye drops is inserted in the TV commercial of.This is to show the correct way to use eye drops and prevent viewers from getting infections due to the wrong way to use them, which is also voluntarily done by drug companies.
  • contact lensCharacters related to precautions for use are also inserted in commercials for and related products.
Finance / real estate

Before the liberalization of interest ratesbankEtc. individualFinancial institutionThe commercials were self-regulated by the industry because "the principle of competition by advertising is unfamiliar", and advertisements on TV and radio were not carried out.insteadボ ー ナ スAt the time of payment, etc.National Bankers AssociationAs an industry group, he was advertising on TV and radio.1985Due to the liberalization of interest rates from (60), service disparities between individual financial institutions have arisen.19906/1After the ban began with more radio spot ads1991From New Year's Day, TV spot advertisements have been lifted.

Initially, the number of airing hours will be limited, and the program will be provided =Credit providedWithout displayingParticipationAlthough self-regulation such as handling was done,1993In March, it became possible to provide programs, and the limit on the number of broadcast hours was abolished.[38].

However, even if it is a bank, if it is a commercial for an unsecured card loan product,consumer loan,Credit company,Credit card companySimilar to the above, there are strict regulations regarding broadcasting time, etc. (described later).

Industries where commercials cannot be performed due to time of day or broadcast waves
  • Since the revision of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in 1983, commercials for consumer finance have been lifted.[10]..In the consumer finance commercial, the commercial is finally displayed with voice as "Use / repayment is planned".this isJapan Private Broadcasting Federation"Opinion of the Broadcasting Standards Council on the Handling of Consumer Finance CMs" (decided on March 2003, 3) "Display enlightenment words in a certain size of characters and seconds (about 7 seconds)".Developed countries that allow TV commercials for consumer finance are rare,Cressara problemSee inSelf-bankruptcyThere is a movement to regulate TV commercials due to the rapid increase in TV commercials. From October 2003, from 10:17 to 21:2006, from April 4, from 7:9 to 21:22, from 22:24 to 100:2006, TV commercials are prohibited, and also between 6:9 and 1990:XNUMX. Each company's commercials are limited to XNUMX per month.For a while, I put an announcement in my credit saying "Stop! Too much borrowing". From June to September XNUMX, as a "over-borrowing prevention campaign", a CM called "Stop! Over-borrowing" was broadcast under the joint name of the Consumer Finance Liaison Committee, which aims to raise awareness rather than promoting financial companies. It had been.In addition, the content of commercials is also regulated so that it can only be broadcast in a production that is conscious of "planned use", so it was often seen in the XNUMXs.Automatic contract machine,Takefuji DancersCMs such as are no longer seen.
  • Marriage agencyCM is based on the old Article 109 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters, until the revision in November 2014KoshinshoWas banned along with[10]..Not only businesses seeking advertising opportunitiesYoungerThere is also a request from the government that has taken measures to lift the ban on commercials.[39], Deleted the specific industry name from the article.From this month, we obtained certification based on industry guidelines.Marriage information serviceThe ban has been lifted only for commercials of businesses.Prior to this, Fuji TV announced that in August 2003, OMG (OMG).OrnetHas been criticized for broadcasting commercials of (predecessor of), and is not a member of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters.Community FMThere was a case where a dating agency was a sponsor.
  • pachinko,PachislotSince April 2009, commercials for models and facilities have been set to refrain from commercials from 4:5 to 9:17 and from 21:2011 to 4:XNUMX.During the regulated hours, corporate image commercials for pachinko makers and halls were broadcast, but from around April XNUMXGreat East Japan Earthquake(Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentDue to the influence of (including), the industry group (Nikko Co., Ltd.) refrained from broadcasting commercials for pachinko and pachislot machines throughout the day as an agreement to renew every year (self-regulation, not prohibition), and instead broadcast image commercials for manufacturers and halls. It had been[40]..After that, from April 10, 2021 years after the earthquake, the ban on commercials for pachinko and pachislot machines was lifted except for the time to refrain from commercials.
Other industries
  • Related to human deathFuneral businessRegarding, it is stipulated in Article 112 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters that "Be careful when handling".
  • MajorbeerManufacturers are membersBrewers Association of JapanTo strengthen efforts to prevent underage drinkingNon-alcoholic beveragesを除く酒類のテレビ広告放映の自粛時間を2010年秋より拡大した。同組合の「自主基準」で、これまで平日5時から18時および、土日祝(振替休日、1月2日・3日の両日を含む)5時から12時を自粛時間としていたが、2010年秋より「自主基準」の「テレビ広告を行わない時間帯」についての文言が、「年間を通し、5時00分-18時00分まで、酒類のテレビ広告を自粛する」に変更された。
    • As an example of the change due to this expansion of self-restraint time, on both January 1nd and 2rd every yearSapporo beerProvided first,Nippon TV"New Year Sports Special Hakone Ekiden, Various types of Sapporo beer that were aired only in the afternoon hours until the 86th (2010)beerFrom the 87th (2011), commercials for products such as similar products will no longer be broadcast in the live broadcast of the program, and the company's corporate image commercials andHakone EkidenOriginal CM named afterBeer taste beverage, Sapporo Premium Alcohol Free, etc. There are cases where only commercials for some non-alcoholic beverages were aired.
    • Local localJ League broadcastThen, since the match sponsor of the target game also serves as the sponsor of most commercial broadcast programs,Brewing companyIs a match sponsorDay gameWhen relaying, there is no commercial broadcastBroadcast on NHKIn many cases.
  • Drunk drivingbyTraffic accidentFrom October 2006, at the end of the commercial for alcoholic beverages, the words "Drunk driving is prohibited by law" are added to the bottom of the company name logo, along with the subtitles calling for the prohibition of underage drinking. It was displayed in.
    • Recently, in addition to the above, there are commercials that display the words "Drinking during pregnancy or lactation may affect the development of the fetal / infant."This self-regulation also applies to performers, starting in July 2019Kirin BeerAppeared in the commercial for "Honkirin"Christel TakigawaBut,妊娠There is an example of virtually dropping the commercial because it was discovered[41].
  • As an example of enlightenment on the prohibition of drunk driving in commercials other than alcoholic beverages, "Ebara Yakiniku Sauce / Golden Taste" broadcast in 2007 (Ebara food), The words "Please stop drunk driving" were inserted at the end.
  • Celebrities under the age of 25 cannot be used in commercials for alcoholic beverages[42].

Japanese CM method

CM in the main part of the program

  • From the beginning of TV broadcastingthe 1970sUntil the beginning, especiallyProvided by one companyDuring the main part of the program, it was common practice to put a commercial at the bottom of the screen with a subtitle superimpose (telop commercial). From October 1975, 10, the total amount of TV commercials was agreed between the member stations of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan, and in principle, this method was refrained from.[9]..Article 150 of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters has come to stipulate that "superimpose should not be used as a commercial during the program."[4].
    • However, there is an exception in the above article that "use as a commercial in sports programs and special event programs is as determined by each broadcasting station", and CM by supermarkets is carried out in the following cases.
      • Asahi Broadcasting TVOpens every AugustNational high school baseball championship broadcast(Terrestrial / Kansai local) Sponsor CM to be inserted during the matchHanshin Koshien StadiumIt is broadcast in conjunction with the stand scenery of.1961Yuasa Battery broadcasted only (at that time, later)GS Yuasa Corporation) Is a roll telop of goods or companies during the match,1962 - 1994For up toSumitomo GroupIs the company name display and animation of the sponsor company at the bottom of the screen (performance of a puppet show using VTR material for only two years around 1990),1995Even after being treated as multiple sponsors, some sponsors have been broadcasting original commercials exclusively for the tournament.For companies that have not produced the original version, the normal version of the CM is exposed at the bottom right of the screen.
      • プロ野球中継However, various in-program commercials are being tried.2002AroundFuji Television Network, IncWith the score display on the screenCoca ColaThe logo is inserted.the 1990sToNippon TVIs trying to change the corporate display on the rear wall with CG over time with an image of a pitcher-licked batter's box during a match at Tokyo Dome.2007,TV AsahiIn the baseball broadcast produced by and its affiliated stations, in the replay partToyotaThe logo such as is displayed. The logo of the sponsor sponsor is displayed on the front and back of the 7 times under the name of "○○ (sponsor name) Lucky 7".Japan netOnce upon a timeMBS TV OfHanshin Tigers game broadcastIn (Weekend Day Game), in a few minutes between inningsRaw commercialI also did TV shopping at[43][44].In addition, on September 2022, 9BS TeleIn the "Chunichi vs. Giants" (Nagoya Dome) broadcast on , in the CM of Super Million Hair, from the 1st base infield side concourse with President Ruan Co., Ltd.Abe YujiWe did a live commercial by.
      • J LeagueWith Nippon Television in the early daysTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.In the broadcast of, basically, the TV commercial was not shown during the match, and instead, the name of the sponsor company or the product image was displayed along with the live video of the match (NTV displayed the score and elapsed time, TV Tokyo Bottom of the screen).
        • TBS(Nationwide live broadcast),Kansai TVThe J-League broadcast (local live broadcast in the Osaka area) once broadcast a normal version of the TV commercial in a two-screen format with the live video of the match.CurrentlyShizuoka broadcasting(Elapsed time display part) andKBS KyotoThe sponsor is displayed at (bottom of the screen).
      • 200611/19Broadcast on TV AsahiTokyo International Women's Marathonso,Reiko Tosa選手 とNaoko TakahashiAt around 1km where the players were fighting for 25st place, use the bottom of the screen to animate NTT DoCoMo (Domodomo) And a commercial with the company name displayed.
      • Held in 20212020 Tokyo OlympicsA 6-second commercial of Coca-Cola was broadcast using the right side of the screen in a part of the broadcast.
  • An example of shooting the sponsor's company name, logo mark, product name, and the actual product during the main part of the program.
    • Nippon Television ・ "All Japan professional wrestling broadcastIs a sponsor between matchesMitsubishi ElectricThe scene of cleaning the ring with "Mitsubishi Vacuum Cleaner Fujin" was broadcast on TV, the logotype of "Fujin" appeared at the bottom of the screen, and the announcer in charge of the live broadcast said, "This broadcast is on TV Mitsubishi Electric, which is familiar with many electric (home appliances) products including John, is sending it to everyone in the country. "
    • 19655Fuji TV system (departure:Tokai TV) "World Flyweight Title Match" Edel JofreIn the match against Fighting Harada, between roundsNikka WhiskeyIt was a CM model at that timeTadao SawamotoWas projected with the product panel.
    • Rohto Pharmaceutical"One company-provided program"Up-down quiz"Quiz derby"Bottomless derailment game"Such,Quiz showSet andFlipAn example of printing and painting the logo mark of a company or product name inside.
    • 1989 OfNNN(Nippon TVOf the breaking news of the House of Councilors election (news network)Hitachi GroupIn the time frame of about 20 hours from 2:XNUMX of the offer, the "HITACHI" logo was attached to the device in the studio that displays the number of seats won by each party in digital numbers (except during other hours), "This time is With the cooperation of Hitachi, we are sending the breaking news with no commercials, "he said, and did not broadcast the commercials instead.Within the same time, no commercials were played even in the jumping part of affiliated stations, and there was no PT etc., so it was a complete time zone without commercials.
  • Of the showTheme songThere was an example of inserting the name of the sponsor.

Radio CM

Since radio is only audio, it is usually produced for radio commercials separately from TV commercials.Unlike TV commercials, most radio commercials are 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 60 seconds, and 20 seconds, and 20 seconds is the basic for spot commercials.just,AboveAs you can see, there is no standard time agreement, so the number is not large, but 5 seconds or rarely.Kirin Beverage"" Short versionItokinIn the past, there were some that only took a few seconds, such as (there was also a 5-second version).

In rare cases, some radio commercials have the same content as TV commercials, and only the audio is played.Kawasho House(KagoshimaThe most well-known standard commercial among the people)Taihei Construction Co., Ltd.,Takemoto PianoFor example, after playing the TV commercial as it is in the first 15 seconds, in the next 5 seconds, the contact informationPhone NumberIt is made into a 20-second commercial by adding narration of the detailed contents of the company to advertise.

In the case of radio commercials that use well-known talents, the narrator's talent often introduces himself as "○○ (name)" at the beginning (in some cases, he introduces himself at the end).

Special edition CM / single-shot CM

  • Using the CM organization itself, with a prizequizThere is an example of broadcasting as a project.
    • 1992ToJR EastWas airedYamagata ShinkansenIntroduceKyoko KoizumiThe CM that appeared was a "sandwich structure" that broadcasts the correct answer by broadcasting another company's CM that is not related to JR, after the CM of the question that announces "The answer will be 15 seconds later!"[45]..In the nationwide online program provided by the company, the announcement of the question is "The answer is 30 seconds later!", Another 30-second commercial of the company is played, and the correct answer is played in the subsequent 15-second frame. It was aired as a 60-second commercial.
    • Hitachi world strange discovery!Inside, I was using a commercial that used a quiz format like the same program.The first half of the CM has questions, and the second half of the CM has answers.Hiroshi SatoStarred.
    • "" Broadcast on TV AsahiTest the Nation"," Explained in advance that "the commercials that will be played in the future will be a problem," and asked the questions about the commercials that will be played as a problem.
    • From 2006sharpBut"Answer the shortest quiz show in the world, SharpA one-minute commercial in the form of a quiz show was aired. Fashionable with the company name as sharp, which means "sharp".
    • Broadcast on August 2010, 12Softbank mobileCM isLooking for mistakesIt was a viewer participation type commercial that incorporated.First, the question video was played for 18 minute from 59:1, and then the correct answer video was played for 20 minute from 59:1.After that, we solicited answers on the Internet.
    • 20186/20The late-night broadcast "Detective Kojin-Suddenly Commercial Drama-" shows that a commercial will be included at the beginning of the program, and the story of the drama continues during the commercial, and the main story and the commercial where the CM product is an important key to the story. A method called "adfusion" that was fused was tried.[46].
  • the 1990s OfNational High School Rugby Football TournamentMatsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (later) while the match was being held on the live broadcast ofPanasonic), A "take-out commercial" was created by editing the video taken with a home digital video camera and broadcasting it immediately after the match.
  • Since 2009, TV Asahi and TV Asahi affiliated stations have been broadcasting corporate commercials in a format called "pro-marshall" that are combined with promotional videos of artists.
  • Some stations broadcast commercials that use the set and direction of the program, which only broadcast within a specific program frame.[Annotation 6].
    • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySoftbank mobileBut,SMAPThe 60-second commercial that appointed was broadcast at 18:59 on 124 stations nationwide. "" Broadcast on December 2016, 12SMAP x SMAP FINAL (Fuji Television Network, Inc) ”, A special CM was broadcast that expressed gratitude to SMAP, who was once a CM character.The content was a VTR that edited SMAP's song "Original Smile" as BGM, and combined the CM images and off-shots of the company where five people once appeared, in 5 seconds, "I had you do such things and such things. Thank you very much. SoftBank → SMAP ”was added, and at the endDad (Jiro Shirato)(Kai-kun,voice·Kinoji Kitaoji) Was projected and commented, "Isn't it goodbye?"[47].. SMAP had expired the CM contract period with Softbank at this point, but re-contracted only for this one CM.Therefore, it is said that this commercial will not be rebroadcast or released on the official website in the future.[48].
  • There are many methods to announce and broadcast special commercials in advance.An example of Coca-Cola broadcasting a one-minute commercial for the first time at the same time on all broadcasting stations[When?]AndToshibaWill be released at that timeMobile phoneauW52TCM to all broadcasting stations at the same time,Citizen Fukuyama MasaharuThere is an example in which the appearance / director's commercial was played for one day only.
  • On December 2021, 10,GoogleIs a smartphone "Google Pixel 6"so,Fujii KazeWhen I looked at the commercials in which I appeared on the five channels of commercial broadcasters in order, I aired a special commercial in which the story was connected.
  • Normally, commercials are produced on the assumption that they will be broadcast repeatedly, but very rarely there are single-shot commercials that are produced as a one-time limited broadcast.One of the most common characteristics of single-shot commercials produced in recent years is the length of their broadcast time.[Annotation 7]. For example,2003The movie "AzumiThe broadcast time of the one-shot commercial that was broadcast as a promotional commercial was about 10 minutes.[49]..This is the longest commercial ever in the Japanese media.

"Search for XX"

In TV commercialsWebsite OfURLFrom around 2006, the Internet with the product name etc. written at the end of the CM instead of the one that displaysSearch engineDisplay a window that imitates theKeywordThe method of issuing[52].

The first "Continue on the Web" commercial in Japan is within the range that can be confirmed by searching Dentsu Advertising Statistics.2004 OfNestle Confectionery Ofチ ョ コ レ ー トConfectionery "AeroIs said to be[53].

This method has spread not only to broadcasting but also to various media.This method is simpler than memorizing URLs, and while it can inform you in detail about products and contents, it displays general and irrelevant keywords for ease of memorization, and inappropriate search results and suggestions are displayed. , In search resultsFishingSince the site may be displayed,National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyIs calling on companies that are particularly vulnerable to phishing to refrain from advertising using this method.[54].

In other countries, it is rarely used except in South Korea, where this method was first used, but in Europe and the United States.hashtagThere is a method to display.

Apology CM

massiverecallWhen a manufacturer causes a scandal related to a product, the CM itself of the manufacturer is usually refrained from being replaced with public service announcements.However,DeathACCIDENTIn serious cases such as the occurrence of an accident, we may apologize for the occurrence of the accident and send a commercial requesting the viewer to discontinue use of the product and request repair / replacement / collection / disposal (limited to long-term use models). This isApology CMIs.Television stations often broadcast commercials to apologize for scandals and warn viewers.

Features in recall announcement CM
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial (currentlyPanasonic Holdings)of"I'm looking for a national FF kerosene heaterAfter the commercial called "", the main subject was "I'm looking for ○○○Is often included (not only in the apology commercial but also in the recall list on the website).Below is an example of "I'm looking for".
  • For narration and telop, "Apology and request" or "Important notice and request" → "Looking for ○○○" or report of accident / recall → Request for product confirmation and discontinuation → Contact information → Apology There are many.
  • Many telop fonts are in Mincho style.Also, BGM and videos basically do not play (depending on the progress. Even when BGM is played, there are many piano performances in minor key).
  • The first apology CM isSanyo Electric 1985ToOil fan heater accidentIt is said that it is a commercial titled "Apology and Request from Sanyo Electric" produced in response to this.In this commercial, no video or BGM is played, only the subtitles and the telop recording material of the photo of the product that caused the accident are displayed, and the male narrator simply talks about the accident report and apology, and the request for product repair. What is significantly different from the normal CM format[55]And thenIf you have a Sanyo oil fan heater, S221F type, and have not yet repaired or replaced it, please contact the store where you purchased the product or the Sanyo Electric counter as soon as possible.I announced.Furthermore, in the early commercials, there was an announcement saying, "Please encourage ventilation during use and stop using it while sleeping."
  • 2005In response to the FF type oil heater accident, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. released an apology CM titled "I am looking for a national FF type oil heater" with the title "Important news and request from National".At that time, it was sensationally reported that defects in automobiles and home appliances were concealed inside, so the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. rather raised its stock by sending an apology commercial as soon as the defect was discovered.In response to this, after Matsushita Electric Industrial, apology commercials by each company have been made one after another.Initially, BGM was not played, but gradually BGM (piano performance in minor) was also played.
  • Occurred on January 2011, 3Great East Japan EarthquakeAs an effect ofTEPCO TheFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, And accompanyingPlanned power outage,Power savingWe produced and broadcast several commercials to apologize for our cooperation.Also,ENEOS (JX Nikko Niseki Energy),Idemitsu Kosanな どOil wholesaleEach company is due to the earthquakeRefinery-Oil depotWe broadcast a commercial requesting cooperation on the suspension of operations and the shortage of petroleum products due to the accommodation in the disaster area.JR West JapanDue to the earthquakeRailway carDue to the shortage of repair parts, some conventional limited express trains and local routes have reduced flight schedules (thinning operation) and shortened trains.Unicharm ProductsIs trying to inform about changes in product specifications due to the impact of the earthquake using commercials.Yamato TransportTransportation companies, such asNTT Group,KDDI,SoftbankCommunication companies such asMitsui Sumitomo InsuranceInsurance companies, including the above, have aired commercials that guide emergency handling measures for disaster-stricken areas and victims.


Talk show,Variety programEtcGuestAppear onAn actor,talentThe CM in which they appear is "ACC CM Information CenterIt may be sent in the form of "offer".

There is an example of broadcasting a commercial image as a document image on NHK, which is a public broadcaster.

  • 2013Broadcasted on January 3Broadcast anniversaryIn the special feature "TV-60th Anniversary Question", "Linked with CM"SmartphoneForquizWhen introducing ""Mister DonutCM was played without audio[Annotation 8].
  • Depending on the content of the program, there are cases where commercials that have been played in the past are broadcast.[Annotation 9].
  • The functions of commercials are practically such as the appearance of the performers of the drama broadcast by NHK in the variety and talk programs broadcast by NHK, and the introduction of specific manufacturers and products in news programs called "quiet boom". Some are responsible for.

Examples of commercial broadcasters not broadcasting commercials

Programs for which commercials were not broadcast

The following programs are examples of cases where the entire main story was not interrupted by commercials.

  • "Untitled concert(Provided by TV Asahi and Idemitsu Kosan)FounderIsSazo Idemitsuof"artIt is the only regular program in Japan that receives the words, "There is no interruption in the program." It has a structure and has not changed since the start of broadcasting as a program on the 12th channel of Tokyo.Also, of the first moderatorToshiro MayuzumiImmediately after his death, the commercial was not broadcast on April 1997, 4, partly because of the mourning of Mayuzumi.
  • Done on September 1987, 2Nobuhito Takamatsu OfBurial ceremonyIn the special program of, commercial broadcasters responded to refrain from commercials.[56].
  • The one-shot TV anime "Like the clouds, like the windAnd the one-shot drama "" which was also broadcast on Nippon Television on September 2001, 9.Santa during summer vacation] Is a business to commemorate the founding of the sponsor company (the former isMitsui Real Estate Sales20th anniversary of the founding, the latterMeiji LifeThe program was produced as the 120th anniversary of its founding), and the main story was organized uncut as a courtesy of the sponsor.
  • Radio kansai"Megumi Hayashibara Heartful Station"of19951/21The broadcast (173rd broadcast) was broadcast without commercials.In addition to the period of refraining from commercials for the station due to the disaster response described later, a personality that encourages the victims and rewards the station for its efforts to restart the programs that were once broadcast on other stations.Megumi HayashibaraIt was broadcast with the strong hope of.
  • BayFMThen, in many cases, the CM is not inserted during the main story.

The day when the commercial was not broadcast

  • 1989(Showa64·Heisei1st year) January 7th and 8thEmperor ShowaDue to the demise of the crown, all commercial broadcasters should refrain from regular broadcasts and commercials from the viewpoint of refraining from flashy Kabuki songs during the mourning period, and special specials (related movies, etc.) and news. Etc. were being broadcast (commonly known asTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. It is said that "the day of the demise of the Emperor Showa was also broadcast normally"がこれは誤りで、開始時間こそ他局と比べ遅かったものの、他局にならい追悼特番を放送していた)。この特別編成態勢のもとで民放がCMを全国規模で全面カットした時間は、日本テレビ系列における1989年1月7日5時30分すぎから1月8日分の放送終了(キー局では1月9日1時30分頃)までの44時間が最長。
    From January 1th, the regular organization was restored and commercial broadcasting was resumed, but many sponsors replaced it with "landscape images" such as flowers and other images because it was not desirable to broadcast gorgeous commercials during the mourning period. ..Mourning thanksOn February 2th, when the event was held, the commercial broadcast was canceled only during the ceremony.
  • 1995 year 1 month 17 dayGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeEven at the time of the outbreak, on the 17th and 18thKinkiSome commercial broadcasters were refraining from commercials.
    The location of the epicenterSun TVSuspended all scheduled broadcasts and commercials from January 1th to 17nd and replaced it with a special program related to the earthquake.
    While other districts are broadcasting a special news program including commercials,MBS TVCanceled all CM broadcasts at 1:17 on January 8, and after 30 o'clock when preparations were made, focusing on information related to life in the disaster area,Osaka Gas,Kansai Electric PowerI replaced it with a notice of response instructions in the event of an earthquake.TBS (later), which is a key station, during the nationwide online broadcasting time zoneTBS TV) Was filled with environmental images.This Mainichi Broadcasting System attempt is based on the idea that "the only time to insert local information that cannot be conveyed on the nationwide network is the CM frame. Make effective use of this frame."It is said that this is clearly stated in the in-house manual of Mainichi Broadcasting System.
    ABC TVInitially, "landscape video" was broadcast as a connecting video in the commercial, but stimulated by the above-mentioned Mainichi Broadcasting System's decision, the commercial frame after noon began to be used as a similar local information frame.The other three stations in Osaka were divided into stations that broadcast environmental images and stations that broadcast commercials as usual.
    For a while after the resumption of commercials, each station in Osaka will be a public service announcement organization (later AC Japan).Koichi NakanoAkemi Masuda"No littering of empty cans" commercials were continuously broadcast, and commercials produced by companies for the purpose of promoting products and services were almost completely refrained from doing so.
  • 20113 month 11 dayGreat East Japan EarthquakeAt that time, commercial broadcasters cut off the commercials immediately after the earthquake at 14:46, and took a special organization centered on special news programs.The time that the five commercial broadcasters in Tokyo cut and broadcast the commercial was 5 hours at the shortest on TV TOKYO and 33 hours at the longest on TV Asahi.The other three stations are TBS for 74 hours and Fuji TV and NTV for 3 hours.[57]All of them exceeded the time of the demise of the Emperor Showa.

CM-related events and special programs

  • National Association of Commercial Broadcasters1968April 4st is designated as "Broadcast Advertising Day" ("Commercial Broadcasting Day" since 21).This is for 1993 radio stations, the first commercial broadcasters in Japan (so-called commercial broadcasters).1951On this day, a preliminary broadcast license was issued,1952This anniversary was established as a unified campaign activity for commercial broadcasting from this day in 15, which is the 1968th anniversary of the start of television broadcasting in Japan, in honor of the establishment of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan.
  • In the past, "Broadcast Advertising Day" broadcast a special program common to all commercial broadcasters with the theme of TV commercials.
  • Fuji Television Network, IncThe series is about May every year, "Fuji Sankei Group Advertising Awards", A special program featuring the award ceremony report of the award is being broadcast.

Video / audio advertising other than broadcasting

CM in the movie theater

  • Cinema advertising, abbreviated as a video commercial that is played before the start of the main movie in a movie theaterCinead[58][59]Called.Like the CM frame of the broadcast, the charges are set for each organization and each screening work, and the charges for the time zone closer to the main story tend to be higher than the charges between the curtains.

CM in video software

  • Commercially availableVideo softwareCM may be put in.
    • Effect of lowering the selling price[60][61]In addition, there is an advantage that you can put advertisements for a longer time than TV commercials.[61].
    • In Japan in January 1983PonyReleased byToshihiko TaharaTahara appears in the concert video "Toshi Forever"Ezaki GlicoIt is the first time that a commercial for[60][61]..At that time, the standard list price of 60-minute video software in Japan was 1 yen or more, but by adding a commercial, a low price of 8500 yen was realized.[61].
    • ShogakukanFor the service of all applicants developed byOVAThen, by inserting a commercial related to the recorded work before the start of the main story, it is offered at a relatively low price of 1000 yen as video software. "Pikachu's Fuyu Yasumi Series],OVA series of "Detective Conan"etc.

CM in outdoor display medium

CM on the internet

Impact of CM

In this section, we will give examples from Japan.

Relationship between CM and viewer

When switching to a commercial during a program, it is regarded as a break, and depending on the viewer, you can do other tasks such as going to the bathroom without seeing the commercial, or change to another channel (zapping) during the commercial.Audience ratingTends to decrease.In addition, some viewers are uncomfortable that the commercials cut off the flow of the program.[62]..On the other hand, advertising media costs are high for commercial TV and radio stations.sponsorSince the cost of advertising media from the company accounts for most of the income, it is very sensitive to the denial of commercials as well as various ways to get viewers to see the commercials.

19978/26ToTV AsahiMidnight program of "Tonight 2Appeared intalent,RanseiJust before the commercial, he said to the viewer, "If you go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom," denying the commercial and sponsors, so TV Asahi held a disciplinary committee the day after the broadcast and dismissed four people involved. There was a case like[62].Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) also broadcast on June 2010, 6FIFA World CupIn the broadcast, the day after the next day (19th of the same month), the same station's satellite No. 1 TV (currentlyNHK BS1) Live broadcastRepresentation from JapanWhen announcing the war, the announcer of the same station (at that time)Aika KandaSaid, "There are no commercials (in NHK)," denying commercials and commercial TV stations.Japan Private Broadcasting Federation(National Association of Commercial Broadcasters) sees it as a problem[Annotation 10], There is a case of apologizing that "there was a statement lacking consideration" in a later broadcast.[63][64][65]..In the celebrityKazuo Tokumitsu(Free announcer),Yoshihiko Inohara(20th Century) And others made similar remarks in the past.

The broadcast industry has said that (even if it's a joke) denies commercialstabooIt is being viewed.Some of these remarks are treated as a kind of gag material, for example.PlayStation 2Dedicated computer game software "Ratchet & Clank 4th Barely Galaxy Giga Battle』In the statement," Viewers, please be patient without leaking commercials. "

Entertainment showsIf the viewer misses the main story by zapping, he / she is more likely to lose sight of the main story, or broadcasts a short main story of about 1 minute after the commercial. By rushing into commercials immediately after attracting the attention of viewers, "CM straddle" and "CM straddle" try to increase the chances of seeing commercials as a result.Yamaba CMYou can also watch programs that use a technique called "[62]..In the past, before entering the commercial, the broadcast time of the commercial may be announced in advance, saying "The end of the shock will come after ○ seconds!".This will give viewers a convenient opportunity for zapping, and will not be used much later, either because of consideration for areas that broadcast on delayed nets at different times with different numbers of commercials. After the commercial, the end of the shock is! ”, And a device that does not know the number of seconds of the commercial is used.

In the past, TV commercials were identified automatically by voice recognition or video recognition.skipRecording devices that have the function of recording by cutting or cutting have been released.For example, the show itselfmonauralOr the TV commercial is broadcast in two languagesstereoIn the case of broadcasting, the difference between the program and the TV commercial can be seen from the difference in audio format.If the audio format is the same for both the program and the TV commercial, such as stereo, the TV commercial is identified by the change in the video and audio levels.It is also possible to collect only commercials using this function.

If the commercial is not watched, the sponsor will be lost, which will directly lead to a decrease in income in the broadcasting industry.For this reason, the former chairman of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters and the former chairman of Fuji TelevisionHisae Hie"TV programs include commercialsCopyrighted materialSo, skipping commercials and playing / recordingCopyrightHowever, playback and recording are "reproductions for personal enjoyment" and are legally legal.2005In 5 monthNomura Research InstituteEstimated an economic loss of about 540 billion yen,DentsuAnalyzes that the buyers of these devices are also interested in commercials and are not currently losing money.

TV commercials are often set louder than the main program in order to attract attention, and there are also complaints from viewers.In December 2009, the United States passed a bill in the House of Representatives to "regulate the volume of TV commercials to the same level as programs."[66]..The bill tells the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to "regulate overly loud advertising."If the bill is passed, there is a one-year grace period for technical response.A similar bill will be passed in France, and violating companies will be fined 1% of their sales.

Japan is,201210/1からLoudness value"NAB Technical Criteria T032 Audio Level Operational Criteria for Television Broadcasting" will be conducted using[67][68].

Buzzwords born from CM

What was really popular hereCan be confirmed in the material, ま た はNew Word/Buzzword AwardEtc.National awardDescribe only the buzzwords selected in.

Some of the buzzwords described may be used in product packaging even after the broadcast ends.

Buzzwords of the 1950s

Buzzwords of the 1960s

Buzzwords of the 1970s

Buzzwords of the 1980s

Buzzwords of the 1990s

Buzzwords of the 2000s

Buzzwords of the 2010s

CM in question

TV commercials are enthusiastic about making dialogue (catch copy) and video in order to give an impact to the viewer, but sometimes there are works that are regarded as problematic about expression.Even if there is no problem in content

  • CM of AC Japan at the time of the Great East Japan EarthquakeSuch as, depending on the number of broadcasts, it makes me think that it is "persistent" or "difficult".
  • At the time of the demise of the Showa EmperorCefiro"How are you"/カ リ ー ナ"The joy of living" / Lotte VIP chocolate "This day has finally come" and other unfortunate events that "this expression is inappropriate at this timing" occur.
  • There is no prospect of stable provision of the product due to excessive demand, supply shortage, etc. In the first place, the product itself has sold out (at a speed faster than expected).
  • It was decided that if the performers caused a scandal and continued to appoint them, it could lead to a loss of image.
  • The company had a scandal and couldn't continue the commercial.

There is also an example of a commercial that becomes a problem in such circumstances.

The background is the trend of the entire advertising industry that "commercial (advertising) may have" people who don't like it "but not" people who don't like it ", and commercials such as advertising, broadcasting, and content. You can get a glimpse of the current situation facing each industry involved in.

CMs that do not consider the time of day or program content, such as commercials that express germs and excretion during meals and when broadcasting cooking plans, are often regarded as problems.Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement Organization(BPO) andJapan Advertising Examination OrganizationOpinions have been sent to (JARO) and others.

Also aired in 2017Toyota Vitz"When I was making a Vitz commercial, the CM orderer emphasized the appeal points, and the viewers made requests such as countermeasures against complaints one after another, and I realized all of them by modifying the contents. The content is blatantly ironic about such a problem, "The original story is disturbed and a messy thing is completed as a video work."[166].

The following describes the cases in Japan except for special mention.Broadcast cancellations / discontinuations due to corporate scandals are listed.Broadcast cancellation or discontinuation due to a performer's scandal will be described if the company determines that it will lead to image deterioration, but it will not be described if it is a scandal unrelated to this.

Before the 1960s

  • 1964,KowaA 5-second or 15-second commercial for the cold medicine "Korgen Kowa", a child actor at the timePilingSaid to the corporate character frog's swinging doll (installed in the pharmacy at that time), "Hey, navel, isn't it?" And added a navel with a felt-tip pen.The wording and behavior of Hozumi was too rough in view of the conventional wisdom at the time (whether the word "navel" should be broadcast.[12]), The complaint that a child with a hard-to-see navel was bullied at school, and the fact that there was no message that should be in the drug commercial became controversial, and discussions were held in each media.[167], Was canceled in 4 months[168]..Ironically, "Hey, navel, isn't it?" Became a buzzword.[70][71], Hozumi became a star.

the 1970s

the 1980s

  • the 1980sTo[Annotation 17]Japan Private Broadcasting FederationCM produced byDo you want to quit stimulants or humans?The CM of "Mother and Child" was flooded with complaints that it was "too scary" like "Mother and Child" described later.The time zone that was being broadcastFuji Television Network, IncIt's midnight just before the end of the broadcast on that day, a nail is driven into a human picture and it gradually cracks and decays into tatters, a male narrator speaks in a low voice, "Do you want to stop humans?" Closing the commercial by raising a problem to the viewer with the line "?", Etc. imprinted a strong impact on the viewer.In addition, the catch phrase "Do you want to quit humans?" Arouses fear and is famous as a CM that can be said to be a representative of so-called "trauma CM".This commercial itself was not discontinued and ended broadcasting in the usual way, but now the expression itself of "quitting humans" itselfHuman rights issuesTherefore, no commercial for the stimulant prevention campaign has been produced.
  • Late 1980sKen min foodsProduced byGrilled rice noodleIn the commercial, the appearance of boys and girls crouching in the back alleys (eyes, etc.) was spooky and animated, so many viewers, especially children, felt disgusted.In addition, the lack of detailed product description was also the subject of criticism and complaints.Although it was broadcast for a long time without being canceled, Kenmin Foods has continued to produce commercials since this commercial, but has not made a major broadcast.
  • 1982ToGovernment public relationsProduced and broadcast byStimulantPrevention campaign "Mother and child[Annotation 18]』CM, collapsed immediately after the mother hit the stimulant next to the crying child, then the screen became dark and only the child remained," too scary "and" overdoing "to cry while calling the mother , "It's unpleasant to watch", and then it was discontinued.
  • 1983Was broadcast on theAsahi beerBeer cocktail (Low-malt beer) In the "Be" commercial, three animals colored with a spray such as red or bluecatAppeared.The commercial was canceled due to a complaint from an animal protection group.
  • From 19831984Broadcasted overSuntorycan of beerIn the CMPenguinCharacter of "Papipu Penguins".Although it was an image character of beer, it was popular among minors, mainly elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students. Goods were presented in a closed campaign, and the goods were sent by sending a sticker attached to canned beer. Schools and PTAs have the sight of many minors buying the product because they want it, and the fact that minors have penguins with canned beer and stationery with the "SUNTORY CAN BEER" logo. And parents said, "If you continue to use such characters in beer, it may encourage underage drinking," and Suntory canceled the CM of Papipu Penguins.The Papipu Penguins character thenHokuriku Electric Power,Kumquat"Golden throat lozenge",auIt has been appointed as a commercial for "au My Page".
  • 1981Announced aroundGold birdIn the CM of "Mat", "Kakakkakka,Mr. KakefuThere was a scene called "StutteringIt was soon changed to "Kakokake, Kikokake, Kakefu-san" because a complaint came because it reminded me of[172]..Masayuki Kakefu's line "Ki, Ki, Kincho Mat." Was changed to "Kincho Mat for Mosquitoes" for the same reason.
  • In 1988Emperor ShowaDue to the deterioration of his condition, he was forced to revise and stop broadcasting several commercials.
    • Nissan Motor-Cefiro(A31):Inoue YosuiThe line "How are you guys?" Is on the airEmperor ShowaInoue's voice was muted as his condition worsened.The video was the same, but the video and audio did not match[173][174].
    • Toyota-カ リ ー ナ(T170): The slogan for "Joy of Life" was canceled for the same reason.
    • Lotte・VIP chocolate:Shizuka Kudo"The day has finally come" is reminiscent of X-Day (the day of the demise of the Emperor Showa), but after that, the video is left as it is, and only the relevant line is replaced with the words "It's really delicious!" Was broadcast.[174].
  • In the CM of Kincho "Tansu ni Gon" broadcasted in 1988, a word to the wife who was singing "'Tansu ni Gon' is out" while looking inside the chest of drawers. Grandpa, please buy "Gon to Tansu" ~ ", the moment he suddenly collapsed on the chabudai, but his grandson saw it and said," Grandpa, pretending to be dead again ~ " It was flooded with complaints.After that, my grandson's line was replaced with "Grandpa, pretending to sleep again", and a version with the voice of snoring was broadcast.[175].
  • The TV anime "Secret Akko-chan (2rd work)The commercial for the toy "Tekumakumayakon Compact" was sold out immediately after its release due to the explosive sales of the products, so the broadcast was temporarily discontinued from the end of November of the same year.[176].
  • 1989The broadcast was discontinued due to a flood of protests from the examinees, as the students washed their bodies in the public bath and sang in a series of calls called "Ochita".[177].
  • Aired in 1988Ajinomoto OfMirin type fermented seasoningCM of "Maromi" (Cast:Ishikawa Sayuri), There was a protest from the manufacturer who sells this mirin against the narration "Mirin's new taste", and as well as the broadcast was discontinued, 20 pamphlets printed "My home mirin was decided to be mellow" Disposed.After that, in 1989, the commercial for "Maromi"Yuko FurukawaHowever, the word "mirin" is not used at all in the narration, and only the subtitles indicate "mirin-type fermented seasoning".[178].

the 1990s

  • 1990In the CM of "Ebara Yakiniku Sauce" broadcast onYoko AsayaWas appearing, but Asa KayavegetarianBy announcing thatEbara Food IndustryDecided that it was inappropriate to use a vegetarian for a commercial for grilled meat, and Asakaya was forced to drop the commercial for Ebara.[179].
  • 1991Was broadcast toEisaiIn the commercial for "Chocola BB Drink"Kaori MomoiBecause there was a complaint about the line "Isn't it tired because there are many stupid people in the world?", It was all replaced with another version "Isn't it tired because there are many clever people in the world?"[180]..This is laterBeat takeshiIt was also used as a talk show[181].
  • 19925/1[182]In the commercial that was broadcast onYou are"On the rocksThe one using the BGM arranged in a key was broadcast, but it was canceled only after being broadcast twice due to the self-regulation of the broadcasting station officials.[183]..This CM is the representative of the academyNoboru FurukawaWas invented by two bodiesWrestlerAfter a doll appears and a doll called "Forbidden Ronin Fuji" throws a doll called "Difficult Mountain", Furukawa appears and hands a cup.[184]so,Nippon Television NetworkHowever, since it was widely known that a commercial with "Kimi ga Dai" as BGM would be broadcast, the person in charge of the Nippon Television Network gathered and discussed during May 5, and as a result of the discussion, it was broadcast by self-regulation. Was interrupted and the BGM was changed to a commercial that was replaced with "Benkyo no Uta" composed by Furukawa.[182].
    Initially,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.But it was scheduled to be aired, but due to self-regulationGolden weekIt was postponed to be broadcast from the dawn, and it was not finally broadcast[184].
  • Broadcast from April 1992Taisho PharmaceuticalAbout the catch phrase "Y to Z. Fruit rather than name" used in the CM of "Zena"Appropriate advertising standards for pharmaceutical products, etc.It was pointed out that there is a possibility of violating the "restriction of slanderous advertising of other companies' products" in, and in February 1993, the problem was pointed out by the industry's advertising committee.[131].
  • 1993Was broadcast aroundNissenIn the CM ofEri Ishida,Yoko TajimaThere was a production where they looked into the shutter of the clothing store just before the store closed, but immediately after the CM broadcastFukuokaAn accident occurred in which an elementary school student imitated a commercial and was caught in the neck.Since then, the telop "Please do not imitate children" has been inserted in the same commercial.[185].
  • 1994Was broadcast toTyrolean chocolateIn the CM of Flake Tyrolean, the scene where elementary school girls turn over their skirtsPTAThere was a complaint from, and Tyrolean chocolate replaced the contents of the CM[186]..There was also a version in which a foreign woman in a bikini appeared in a commercial for Flake Tyrol, but the broadcast itself was canceled for the same reason.
  • Aired in 1994Daihatsu industry"mirrorCM ("Moriguchi engineOnboard ")Hiroko MoriguchiHowever, there was a complaint that the CM that goes directly into the hood (a special specification car for shooting with the engine removed) was "dangerous if a child imitated it", and measures were taken to replace it with a video that was sucked in by synthesis.
  • Produced and broadcast in 1994Nippon Television Network"'94 Play Space Professional Baseball'[187]In posters and TV commercialsNagashima ShigeoMark the scene when he retired from active duty and mark "巨人"Abandon" was used as a catch phrase, but the TV commercial stopped broadcasting in three days due to a complaint from the parent company of the team.[188].
  • In 1994Sanyo ElectricIn the commercial for the telephone device "Tebra Code Rusu" released byTokoro GeorgeWas immediately canceled due to a flood of complaints from viewers about the production of the phone handset while being restrained in a red bag.[189].
  • 1994Broadcast at the endAsahi SolarIn the CMToshiyuki NishidaWas dancing on the roof and calling out "Do you have a roof !?" "The bath is the best! The bath is the best!", But it occurred in January 1995 the following year.Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThe lines were replaced with "Is the weather coming out !?" and "The sky is the weather! Everyone is the weather!"[190].
  • Suntory broadcast in the summer of 1995BOSSIn the CMEikichi Yazawa"Why don't you stop going somewhere because it's summer?"leisureWater your mood, "says Nagano Prefecture.Japanese innThere was a complaint from the management and the broadcast was canceled[191].
  • 1996Was broadcast toNissan Motor"ス カ イ ラ イ ンIn the CMRiho Makise"If you're a man, ride it."Gender discriminationBecause of the complaint, it was changed to "If you want to get it, ride it."[186].
  • 1998Was broadcast toKippei ShiinaWill appearNisshin La KingIn the commercial of "Naked tribeThere was a production in which Shiina became naked with a catch phrase of "La tribe" multiplied by "La king eater", but there was a flood of complaints such as "Naked men feel uncomfortable and lose their appetite". , The naked scene is no longer used in the subsequent commercials with the "La tribe" as a catch phrase.[192].
  • 1997Was broadcast toFujifilm"It’s a photo shootIn the CMSawaguchi Yasuko MartianThere was a young man who said, "I'm not the eldest son," but with complaints such as "Is it difficult for the eldest son to get married?", This version was canceled.[193], It was all replaced with another version of "I'm not bifurcated"[194].
  • Aired in 1997NTT personalThe line of "My Uncle" in the commercialAid communicationWas replaced due to a protest that reminded me of[194].
  • 1997 years,Yamaichi SecuritiesThe company's commercial was discontinued due to the bankruptcy of[194].Nomura Securities-Daiichi Kangyo BankCM was also refrained from broadcasting due to the case of providing profits to the general assembly shop.[194].
  • 1999Was broadcast toHouse foodIn the "House Stew" commercial, the mother's line "Don't play with the dog" complained from animal lovers that "I recommend throwing away your pet", and the line "Don't play until it gets dark". It was changed to "Yo".
  • From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, especiallyEarth Pharmaceutical,Shiramoto(LaterShiramoto earth) And other pesticide commercials3DCGImages of pests that were realistically made in Japan were frequently shown, and some were emphasized.This tendency has led to an increase in protests from viewers to sponsors, etc., saying that "the sudden appearance of pests during meals or the sudden appearance of pests while watching TV increases the disgust toward companies," and the real 3DCG of pests. I refrained from displaying images and the real thing on the screen.MuseEven in the commercial, I changed from a video in which 3DCG bacteria die when washing my hands to a character (P & GAge).
  • Taisho Pharmaceutical "ReupThe TV commercial of "" continued to be in short supply due to the explosive sales of products immediately after its release, and the broadcast was canceled in 3 days.[195].
  • Nissin broadcast in 1999 "Cup Noodles When a commercial of "Pork", in which a pig put in cup noodles was taken to somewhere in the setting sun, was aired, it was canceled due to many complaints that "the child was shocked".[196].
  • From the early to late 1990s, the public service announcement organization and its successor, AC Japan, prioritized environmental issues over general social issues and took them up more than necessary.inside that,Issey OgataIs large and transparentPlastic bagCM trapped in, and was an active player at that timeKoichi Nakano(Bicycle race)・Akemi Masuda(marathon-NEC-HEThe CM with the impressive phrase "Don't throw it away" in which) and others appeared became a hot topic and a problem.1995 OfEarthquakeAfter that, the above commercials were running for a while, but they were gradually replaced with other commercials.Of the so-called "Ayone" that has been flowing since 1995 due to social issues (social conditions)PoliovaccineThe donation support commercial also became a problem with "scary appearance" and "painful style".[Annotation 19].

the 2000s

  • Aired in 2001Toyota"GaiaThe line "I don't need a dad" was unpopular with a married man in the commercial, and the broadcast was finally canceled.In addition, the company "Will ViThere was a complaint that it was "dangerous" in the scene of running on the railroad track while being chased by the train.After that, a railroad crossing accident occurred, so the broadcast was canceled.
  • Aired in 2001BOSSIn the Jean Campaign CM, everyone except one man in a suit is wearing BOSS Jean in the company's conference room, and the next day the man wears BOSS Jean and goes to the conference room, but everyone except men wears a suit, and the boss says " There are complaints from viewers such as "I am promoting bullying from the content" to the content that you can throw the words "Are you making a fool of the company?"Suntory,SPRINGIn response to this, the campaign series CM with the content of "Black Humor" that has been continued since 1999 is no longer produced.
  • Aired in 2002NEWCM ・walkIn the edition,NOVA RabbitIs taking a walk, two stories from behindbusApproached, a man on the bus pulled out the NOVA rabbit's ears, and when he said "Muki!", The ears regenerated, and complaints of "animal cruelty" flooded in and stopped.[197][Annotation 20].
  • Broadcast in 2001,Abandoned childcareThe CM "Child Mother" and "Child Father" of the public advertising organization (later AC Japan) based on the theme of "Child-rearing" was criticized for the appearance that the mother and father appeared with a pacifier in their mouth. It was discontinued because many people said that it was harder to see because it felt more severe criticism than the warm encouragement of their parents.[198][Annotation 21].
  • 2003Was broadcast toAsahi beerIn the CM of "Asahi Honsei Aqua Blue", there was a scene reminiscent of drinking immediately after diving, so it was replaced with another CM.If you drink immediately after divingDecompression sicknessBecause there is a risk of becoming a health problem[199].
  • 2004Was produced inIwateElection enlightenment posters and TV commercials of the Election CommissionThane Camus"Do you say nothing when you are dissatisfied?"LDPIwate Kenren rebelled that it could give the impression of criticism of the ruling party, so it was decided to dispose of the poster and cancel the broadcast on June 6.[200].
  • 20051/1Aired fromDaihatsu industry"Move CustomIn the commercial, there was a complaint that the depiction of the wind blowing off trailers and motorcycles was "reminiscent of a natural disaster," so it was replaced with the one with the subtitle "vs wind genie."
  • Broadcast in the first half of 2005Nissin Food"Cup NoodlesCM "NO BORDER Shonen Hen"Boy soldierWas watching the sea with a gun, and when his sister came, he returned to an innocent smile.Nissin produced it based on the social moral intention of "think about the reality of having child soldiers," but it ended in a short period of time due to complaints based on the misunderstanding of "affirmation of child soldiers."[201]..At the end of the video, the subtitle "There are more than 30 child soldiers in the world." Was written.
  • Broadcast from August 2005, 3MandomIn the CM of the men's face wash product "Paper Face Wash Mogeha Hen", there was a scene that could be perceived as discrimination against black people, and the broadcast was discontinued from June 6th.[202].
  • Broadcast from August 2005, 5Asahi beerIn the CM of "Chuhai Dew"Mitsuhiro OikawaThere was a complaint such as "noisy" in the part where he shouted "Dew" for a long time, and the narration was replaced from May 5th.[203].
  • 2006Broadcast from December 12thSoftbank mobile OfGold planSo, I explained the situation where it is difficult for female students to call other companies' mobile users.This isBullying(The encouragement is too cruel), and more than 1 complaints came to JARO a day.[204]..After that, I added the subtitle "Friends are important", but the complaint did not subside and the broadcast was eventually canceled.
  • 2007Broadcast from May 5stSECOMThe CM expressed the danger of a criminal disguised as a pedestrian or a utility pole builder transforming into a beast, but claimed that he was "insulting the electrical builder." And there was an opinion that "animals are depicted as evil".For this reason, it was decided to discontinue the commercial and replace some expressions before broadcasting.[205].
  • Also in a Secom commercial that was broadcast around 2007, when a man who became a guard dog made a voice or noise near his house, he called "Who !? Who !?" and said "Noisy" and "Noisy". The broadcast was discontinued due to complaints.
  • Broadcast from the fall of 2007Takahashi brewingIn the CMCreamy Chu KumamotoSince the content of worrying about whether to run for the governor's election is "misleading" when the Kumamoto prefectural governor's election is held in March 2008, broadcasting outside the Kanto region was temporarily refrained from January 3. Was[206]..After that, from March 2008, 3, a new version of the commercial, which had nothing to do with the election, started broadcasting.
  • 2008From December 1Chukyo wide areaWas broadcast onSnack companyIn the CM of "Local Ise no Kuni Usuyaki Ebisen", the content that my wife eats the local Ise no Kuni Usuyaki Ebisen that my husband bought as a souvenir with another man "It is unpleasant because of affair." Was received, so it was decided to discontinue on January 1th.[207]..Actually, it was scheduled to be broadcast until January 1th.
  • Broadcast from January 2008E-MobileIn the CM of, the monkey gave a speech and put up "CHANGE!"Barack ObamaThe parody CM was discontinued after being protested by Americans living in Japan as "racism".[208].

the 2010s

  • 2010Nissin Foods, which was scheduled to be broadcast onLa KingIn the CMMt. YarigatakeIt was considered a problem that the film was temporarily closed and the film was taken, so the broadcast was stopped shortly before the start and it was put into storage.For this reason, the planned portion of the "La King" commercial was replaced with the AC Japan commercial.After that, Mt. Yarigatake was under construction at that time.Tokyo Sky TreeWhat was changed to was broadcast[209][Annotation 22].
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayGreat East Japan EarthquakeOccurs.Because it is an unprecedented catastropheKobayashi PharmaceuticalMost private companies refrained from broadcasting commercials, except for some companies that continued broadcasting, as a way to fill in those gaps.AC JapanCM was broadcast.Initially, it was understood by viewers as "consideration for disaster victims", but due to the excessive number of broadcasts, some viewers finally complained that it was "persistent", and AC Japan Is on the official websiteApology letterHas developed into a situation to be posted. Only about 4 to 5 versions are available, and there was no room for the works before the previous year, so the same CM is inevitably broadcast many times, so it is psychologically "persistent". It became a distant cause to feel.Called "AC" that flows at the endvoiceA version with the deleted version was also broadcast, and a temporary commercial was also produced and broadcast.[210]..In response to this situation, AC Japan requested a TV station to stop broadcasting some commercials.Currently, the high voice of "AC (AC)"Sound logoThere is a not-so-high voice in some commercials saying "AC Japan (AC Japan)".There is a narration saying "AC Japan is supporting this activity" in the commercials of some support campaigns.
    • As a side effect of this, the all-electric commercial was discontinued at its own discretion because it was "not suitable for the situation of power saving".The number of commercials for pachinko / pachislot machines has dropped sharply at the manufacturer's discretion.
  • 2012In the CM of Softbank Mobile that was broadcast from the end of February to the beginning of March, the performersReina TriendlBut"Tottori(I.e.Yarn phoneAfter saying,Tottori sakyuThe broadcast was discontinued and switched to another commercial because there were criticisms from Tottori residents and others, such as "I'm making a fool of Tottori," in response to the content that the image video of talking on a tin can phone is played.[211].
  • Broadcast in February 2012AKB48StarringUHA taste sugar"PucchoIn the relay edition, there are complaints such as "I want you to stop commercials that lack dignity." "It is unsanitary and unpleasant to relay food by mouth."BPOSent to[212]..The broadcast was temporarily suspended, and in June 2012, it was replaced with an animation of AKB6, instead of a live-action film of the AKB member himself.
  • SuntoryBlack oolong teaThere was a complaint from the Consumer Affairs Agency that it "promotes unbalanced diet" in the commercial.The commercial had already finished broadcasting, but the content of the commercial after the fall of 2012 will be reviewed, and after the broadcast resumed, the subtitle "Kureguremo Meal is Balanced" was added at the end.[213].
  • 2013Released in NovemberPanasonicThere was a problem with the CM of "Smart VIERA" that violated the guidelines of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters, and it was not possible to broadcast on commercial broadcasters.[214].
  • It was broadcast from April 2013th to April 4th, 6Asahi BeverageIn the CM of "IC card edition" of the canned coffee "Wanda Morning Shot", the role of a new office ladyAKB48 OfHaruka ShimazakiI rushed to the entrance gate of the company, but the IC card did not respond, and when I was confused, a senior male employee held the IC card from behind and opened the gate. There are criticisms such as "It is a violation of security to enter with another person's IC card"[215], Asahi Soft Drinks also protested.In fact, although it was noted that it was a production on a commercial, Asahi Soft Drinks apologized, "I think it is an expression on the production of a commercial, but I am sorry to make you feel uncomfortable."[216][217][218].
  • Broadcast from April 2013th to May 4th, 24Japan Coca-Cola Ofsoda drinkIn the CM of "Canada Dry Ginger Ale FIBER 8000", it was expressed as "Tokuho (special news)!"The Consumer Affairs Agency said that viewers who saw the commercial might mistake it for "Tokuho (special insurance)" and gave guidance for improvement in late April. The commercial aired ended on May 4.The company explained that the commercial was for a limited time, so the end was on schedule. "It was a commercial that was planned to effectively convey the features of the product, but I would like to sincerely accept that some people misunderstood it." The CM was subtitled "It's not Tokuho"[219].. After the commercial broadcast, this product has been discontinued.
  • Broadcast from May 2013th to June 5th, 17,Asahi beer OfLow-malt beerIn the CM of "Asahi Style Free"Sri LankaIn centralworld Heritage-SigiriyaAt the top of the rocky mountain "Sigiriya Rock"Tomoya NagaseNukijiya ShihoriHas been criticized in Sri Lanka as "a blasphemy of cultural heritage" for the content that he is enjoying a party with happoshu (actually, a combination of studio shooting and local aerial footage). CM was canceled[220].
  • Broadcast from April 2013Shionogi PharmaceuticalJapan Eli LillyJointly developeddepressionIn the CM of the awareness campaign, body pain was reported as the main symptom of depression, but doctors and patients said, "There is no scientific evidence that depression causes body pain." "It is over-enlightenment to sell medicine." In response to protests from others, the narration was changed from "some physical symptoms such as pain" to "sometimes" in early January 2014.[221].
  • Broadcast from late October 2013HokutoIn the CM ofEssentialThe "Hokuto Mushroom Spirit" dressed asSuzuki SaneWhile whispering in the ear of a married woman who plays, he talks about mushrooms, and the point is that he is holding a pack of beech mushrooms at the end where Suzuki's hand is led to the lower body. "Straight and vulgar" became a problem, and from the 31st of the same month, instead of these two commercials, they were replaced with commercials that only display four types of mushroom photos.[222].
  • 2014Broadcast from December 1thANAAbout improving the image as an international airline with the CM ofHidetoshi NishijimaBakarismTalked in English, and at the end, Bakarhythm became a figure with a blonde wig and a toy with a high nose.StereotypeDue to complaints that it is racist and racist, the broadcast was canceled on January 1th and the content was revised.[223].
  • Broadcast from August 2014, 1Kirin BeerIn the commercial of "Honshibori", a canned chu-hicostumeThe expression that the frog appears in is pointed out by an organization dealing with alcohol problems that "it may attract the attention of minors and induce drinking", and the broadcast will be canceled from January 1, which is earlier than the original broadcast schedule. Became[224]..After the broadcast was canceled, the character was changed to a foreigner and the commercial was resumed.
  • Broadcast from August 2014, 2Tokyo GasCM"Family Bonds / Ale from Mother"So, the production of female students who are busy with job hunting is very realistic, and complaints such as "It is made realistic and it hurts my heart" were received, and it was discontinued in less than a month.It wasn't a big problem at first, probably because it was broadcast for almost a month, but after a few months.TwitterThis commercial became a hot topic, and on the contrary, there are opinions that praise it as "impressive. I saw it and cried."[225].
  • Published exclusively on the Web on November 2014, 11Ajinomoto General FoodsWhen the CM "Blendy Tokuno Movie Theater" Departure "version" of "Blendy" was released in September 2015 with English subtitles by Spikes Asia, the expression of anthropomorphic cows was controversial all over the world. Brewed.The video was deleted in August 9[226].
  • 2015Broadcast in Januarytoto BIGWhat was happening at that time in the commercialJapanese detention case by ISILIn connection with, "Goto" in the CMKenji GotoAs the "deadline is approaching" reminds us that the killing time is approachingJapan Sports Promotion CenterDecided to discontinue earlier than planned[227].
  • On February 2015, 2, the Consumer Affairs Agency said that space insect repellents had "insufficient labeling grounds".Earth Pharmaceutical-Kowa-Dainippon Pyrethrum-Huma killerOrders were issued to four companies[228]..In response to this, the CM broadcast of the space insect repellent was temporarily stopped.
  • Broadcast in February 2015LUMINEControversial in the commercial of "It's obviously sexual harassment" and canceled the release on YouTube in one day[229].
  • Broadcast from August 2015, 3Japan McDonald'sThe content that the characters in the "Teritama'Smile'" edition eat while wiping the sauce on their noses is "dirty" and "Is there anyone who wants to eat this?"[230][231], The broadcast ends earlier than planned. It was replaced with "Donald McDonald House" Smile Socks "".
  • Was broadcast by May 2015RiseA qualified consumer group in Kobe protested that the "30-day full money-back guarantee" could be misleading to consumers.[232]..Due to this effect, the CM broadcast was temporarily suspended on May 5, and the subtitles were corrected when it resumed.
  • The movie `` broadcast from June 2015, 6Curse -The Final-The TV commercial was flooded with complaints from viewers that it was "too scary."As a result, the CM was temporarily suspended and replaced with a version without fear scenes from the 17th.[233].
  • Shizuoka Prefectural Road 2015 on May 5, 25 (commonly known as:Nishiizu skyline) Was takenShizuoka MazdaSince the beginning of August, the commercial has been shooting in a way that obstructs the passage of general vehicles, such as "There is no road blockage despite shooting on public roads" and "Is it okay for major companies to do this on public roads?" It was discovered after being pointed out by the people who were on the lookout at the time of shooting.This commercial was made by an advertising agency ordered by Shizuoka Mazda, and initially the Mazda headquarters denied shooting by the Mazda headquarters.Shizuoka Mazda has stopped broadcasting and says that it will "follow police instructions" regarding administrative sanctions, etc.[234].
  • Broadcast started in October 2015Nissan Motor"LeafIn the CM of "", the sports car "180SX(However, the model name is not specified, only "SPORTS CAR" is displayed.) "Drag racingThe content was "to do", but the appearance of 180SX is reallyTuning carThe intention to overturn the image that "electric cars are slow" can be read from the catch phrase "overturning the common sense of acceleration", but some car enthusiasts "make a fool of past cars". The broadcast was canceled due to criticisms such as "Nah".
  • 2016NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS decided to cancel the commercial for the Nissin Cup Noodles, which started broadcasting on March 3, after being criticized for having inappropriate scenes in the production.Contents,Beat takeshiIs the president of the universityMari Yaguchi-Sachiko Kobayashi-Takashi AragakiIt was a content that a person who made a noise with his own scandal showed off his self-deprecation story and wanted to give him the power to crawl up from failure, but since Yaguchi's self-deprecation story is about affair, it is subject to criticism. became[235].
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayGiraffe-Kirin BeerIs an animation production companyTriggerIn collaboration with the video posting siteYouTubeCanChu-Hi"Kirin FreezeThe promotional video was released, and a TV commercial was also aired, but it was canceled due to complaints and opposition from citizen groups.
  • August 2016, 10,ShiseidoShiseido has announced that it will cancel the TV commercial because the expression "I'm not a girl from the age of 25" was criticized as "discrimination against women" and "sexual harassment" in the commercial of the cosmetics brand "Integrate". The commercial was broadcast from October 10st, and two versions were produced, but both will be canceled.[236].
  • Broadcast in February 2016Mitsubishi MotorsIt was pointed out that the direction of the lens barrel of the astronomical telescope was upside down in the company CM "Autumn Restart Edition".Junichi WatanabeNational ObservatoryThe deputy director also tweeted, "It's not good, I wonder if the astronomical telescope is the other way around." CM has been corrected to the one in which the scene in question was cut[237].
  • Broadcast from April 2016P & Gof"Fabry's』CM,The best in the world"Smelly foodKusayaIn the production of the experiment using "Kusaya", the manufacturer of Kusaya complained that it was a commercial that insulted the traditional food that has continued for more than 300 years due to the excessive reaction that smells Kusaya.In response to this, the P & G side discontinued the CM[238].. CM was initiallyYouTubeAlthough it was released above, it was broadcast on TV because it was well received by viewers as an "easy-to-understand production."
  • 2017In the CM of Asahi Soft Drinks, Mitsuya Cider, which was broadcast onKyoko YoshineIn a scene where he is suddenly pushed on his back while playing the trumpet, trumpet player Tomoki Tokuda points out on Twitter that "it will lead to broken teeth and tears in the lips."[239]..Asahi Soft Drinks, who saw this seriously, decided to discontinue the broadcast of this commercial and deleted the video[240].
  • It has been broadcast since 2008Adire Legal Professional CorporationAbout the CM of "Starting money for overpayment refund requestFree only nowDespite the advertisement, in reality, the commercial was continued with the same phrase for almost five years.As a result, on October 5, 2017Tokyo Bar AssociationHas been in the office for two months and a former representativeLawyerWas disciplined as a three-month suspension order[241]..This makes a comedy combinationBlack mayonnaiseThe commercials that appointed were discontinued, and all the TV programs that were sponsored were replaced with the commercials of AC Japan.
  • 2019It was a commercial for Shiseido's "Anessa" that was held in May, but complaints about discrimination against women stopped the promotion one after another.[242].
  • Was broadcast from June to July 2019Seven-Elevenof"7pay], The CM was withdrawn due to the discovery of the problem of unauthorized use by a third party.After that, the time CM was replaced with AC Japan, and the entrance advertisement at the Seven-Eleven store was temporarily removed because no alternative was prepared.[243].

the 2020s

  • 2020After March,2019 New CoronavirusThe impact of the spread of infection on commercials is extremely large, and we refrain from regular commercials due to the closure of theme parks and facilities, cancellation / postponement of events, and the sold-out and production of sterilization-related products, and many are AC. Japan andGovernment public relationsIt was replaced with CM such as[244].
    • As it became impossible to travel abroad, commercials of travel agencies such as JTB and HIS were forced to suspend broadcasting across the board.
    • Since overseas locations are no longer possible, we shoot commercials overseas every year.JR SKISKI"(JR East) CM production was significantly delayed.
    • Tokyo Dome City AttractionsThe CM phrase "Shake hands with me at Tokyo Dome City!" Could not be shaken due to the corona sickness, so we took measures to replace the phrase "Shake hands with me".
  • Scheduled to be broadcast from April 2020, 4Snow Manstarring inRound oneCM isTeru IwamotoThe broadcast was canceled due to the scandal of Snow Man, and in view of the fact that all stores were temporarily closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection as mentioned above, the image character of Snow Man was finally released. The appointment and the broadcast of the CM were completely forgotten. In 2021, the CM broadcast was initially postponed because there was no prospect of the convergence of the new coronavirus infection.Magic roundThe broadcast of the commercial featuring the character of was greatly delayed from December.
    • In 2022EXITWas appointed, and CM broadcasting was resumed in earnest for the first time in three years.
  • August 2020, 6,Tokyo Minerva Law Office Tokyo District CourtからbankruptcyReceiving a start decisionbankruptcy[245]..As a result, the commercials that had been broadcast in large numbers were discontinued.
  • 2021 year 2 month,IndeedThe phrase "You can search for information on all job sites at once" in the commercial of the company is a competitor as it violates the Antimonopoly Act.DipProtested.In response, Indeed took steps to remove the published video.[246].
  • From March to April 2021, there were a number of cases in which the following commercials were closed, suspended, or postponed due to "sold out or sold out due to unexpected sales".
    • Broadcast in February 2021FamilyMartThe production of the crispy chicken commercial was not able to keep up with the sales, and the commercial was temporarily suspended after the announcement of the suspension of sales.
    • Broadcast in February 2021Japan McDonald's"Happy set"Demon BladeAs for the commercials for "", the broadcast of the commercials ended earlier than planned because many stores sold out more than expected.
    • Japan Coca-Colaof"AyatakaCafe Matcha Latte" and "Costa coffee” commercials were suspended or postponed due to overselling.
    • It was scheduled to start broadcasting from April 2021Asahi beerof"Asahi Super Dry It was announced that the production of various commercials for "raw mug cans" could not keep up with the sales, and the production and sales were temporarily suspended.[247]As a result, the start of the commercial broadcast was postponed from around June.
    • On September 9, Asahi Beer's "Asahi Raw Beer (Maruev)" was suspended due to oversold sales.Aragaki YuiThe commercial that appeared in the movie suddenly stopped broadcasting and resumed broadcasting in November.
  • ToyotaWas held from July 2021 to August 7, 232020 Tokyo OlympicsAnnounced on July 7th that it will stop broadcasting commercials related to the commercials and replace them with regular commercials.The Tokyo Olympics were held in the midst of an epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and Toyota Motor Corp. said, "It is an Olympics where various things are not understood," based on the pros and cons of the event and the circumstances in which many people involved in the Games burned up. It is cited because it is worried that the image will be down.[248].
  • On August 2021, 8, "Nomu Silica" will be soldDaiGoAnnounced that it will stop broadcasting the commercial in which.The company is doing support activities by cooking homeless people, and Qvou protested because DaiGo made a statement on YouTube that discriminates against homeless people and welfare recipients.[249].
  • Held from February 2022th to 2th, 42022 Beijing OlympicsThe commercials related to the above were not broadcast, and many companies replaced them with regular commercials.The Beijing Olympics are said to have avoided a downturn in the image of China in response to the tense situation with China.
  • In response to the fact that McDonald's Japan's bite-sized churros, which was broadcast in February 2022, was sold too much and was discontinued early, one after another,Masao OkadaSato ItoThe broadcast of the commercial in which was performed ended earlier than planned.
  • Nisshin Foods "2022 Second Chicken Ramen" broadcasted in March 3 was suspended due to oversold sales.Hikaru TakahashiBroadcasting of the CM in which is appearing has been suspended.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayShinzo Abe shooting caseIn response to the occurrence, the Liberal Democratic Party and other political parties and many companies canceled their commercials, and many were replaced with AC Japan commercials.


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    JapanAn example of using the word "ad" is a company name (example:NTT Ad) AndAd balloonIt is limited to.
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  21. ^ During the periodAmerican terrorist attacksDue to the occurrence of commercials, the number of companies refraining from commercials has increased, and there is also the effect that many commercials have been aired.
  22. ^ Even so, it was under construction and was shot at a high place, so I added a subtitle saying "This is an expression on a commercial."

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Location shooting

Location shooting(LocationEnglish: location shooting [1]) Ismovies,tv setEtc,Studio,BroadcasterDo outsidephotographSay[2]. However,単 語"Location(English: location) ”Itself has the same meaning[2](*EtymologyEspecially in the case of English[3].. ).JapaneseThen "Location"WhenAbbreviationBe done[4]Often.類 義 語"Outdoor photography(Satsuei)[5]There is.

In this section, it means "shooting without permission from the person in charge of the site".Guerrilla shootingIs also explained.


To distinguish between traditional shooting of real landscapes, places, stores, etc., as opposed to creating a set for shooting and shooting indoors or in the studio.Retro Nim.LocationOrLocationAlso called.Location (location)Location) Is the act of searchinglocation hunting(Location hunting).

NHK,Commercial broadcasting key station, There is a drama production companyTokyoWithinTV dramaSuch asMovie studioThere isKyoto CityAnd aroundKyotoKameoka,Yawata,ShigaBiwa lakeHistorical movies on the shore2-hour dramaOutdoor location shooting such as is frequently done.

In addition, even when using an existing building or landscape, we have taken care not to inconvenience the shooting location by rewriting it to a fictitious store name or changing the address notation of the telephone pole to a fictitious address, but in the past it was real. There were many shootings that used the stores as they were.

Hollywood moviesIn addition to the large number of staff staying and consuming goods and services, economic effects such as becoming a tourist destination after the release will be produced, so in modern times the national and local governments are flexible in providing support funds, refunding taxes, and permitting photography. "Incentives" to take appropriate measures are becoming active[6][7].

Some movie fans and fans of TV dramas, TV animes, and manga have a hobby of actually visiting locations and walking, and there are several such location introduction sites.このようなファン行為を、一部ではSome of these fan actspilgrimageOr called a pilgrimage to the sacred place.


Guerrilla shooting

Of the location shooting, shooting that is forced without the permission or consent of the right holder or responsible person of the location戦 争InGuerrillaIn analogy, in Japanese, "Guerrilla shooting"[8][9]..In the industry the abbreviation "GuerrillaIs also valid[10].

"Doing things silently without permission[11].. Means ""Damaten[11]And its abbreviation ""TamaIs "Guerrilla shooting"Broader termHit


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