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🧳 | "Test your courage" at Hotel New Otani Tokyo!? Mystery solving accommodation plan "Mystery of the Girl's Ghost" sold


“Test your courage” at Hotel New Otani Tokyo!

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The price includes one night's room charge, tax and service charge at the time of use.

At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), a limited-time plan to enjoy “solving mysteries” on the hotel premises will be available on September 9… → Continue reading

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1 night room charge

    service charge

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    service charge(Service) is a restaurant orHotelAt facilities that provide services such asチップMoney that is added to the consideration instead of.Although it is a rate system unique to Japan, it can also be seen in some overseas.

    Service charge collection method

    When the service charge was first introduced, the pooled amount was distributed among employees, but eventually all the distribution of the service charge was included in the salary, and the management side collected it all at once.[1].

    Amount of service charge

    The service charge is often about 10% of the price.However, there is no clear standard[Source required]..The service fee is defined in the model, but the specific value is blank.[2]

    In the sex industry, etc.Social beliefMay require an amount that deviates from (Rip-offSee item).

    As a general rule, if the service charge and its billing conditions are posted in advance to the customer in an easy-to-understand manner in the store or on the menu, and the amount is within the socially acceptable range, the service charge is paid to the customer.debtOccurs.However, in cases where the service fee is charged after ordering without presenting the fee in advance.The principle of good faith(Civil Code Article 1, Paragraph 2) Customers are not liable for service charges[3].


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