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🛏 | A family who stayed at a hot spring inn on a trip Shocked by the "shower room" installed in the guest room...


A family who stayed at a hot spring inn on a trip was shocked by the "shower room" installed in the guest room...

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By the way, this inn was famous for its “Pink Companion” service from the Showa era to the early Heisei period.

[A family staying at a hot spring inn in Ishikawa.The guest room that was shown to us became a hot topic on the internet.This certainly surprises me...what kind… → Continue reading


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    Early Heisei

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      Companion (customer service)

      companionis (JapaneseAs a peculiar expression) refers to the occupation (mainly women) serving as a waiter[1].restaurant,Japanese inn-Hotel Ofbanquet hallI go on business trips and serve customers at the bar.

      Original meaning

      EnglishThe original meaning of "companion" is "companion" or "companion".The etymology isLatinSo the word Compagnon comes from the Latin Cum (together, together) and Panis (together).Bread) is a word that means "companions who eat bread together." 中 世Europethen we can eat bread together家族It was a proof that they were friends.キ リ ス ト 教(I.e.then even todaySacramentBread (Eucharist) to become one with God, and to ensure fellowship among believers.


      BanquetIt is often used for company work trips.Companions are not employees of restaurants or lodging facilities, but are dispatched by companion companies.Customers rarely call companions directly, and request them through restaurants.Usually, we ask a companion dispatch company near the facility, but in the case of a hot spring in a mountainous area, it may come from a distant town.Hot spring innWhen staying at such as, add it to the banquet plan and request the service.If you ask for a companion at a hot spring inn, you may be asked to extend your time, but you don't have to.Conversely, even if you ask for an extension, it may not be possible due to circumstances such as reservations.

      The main business content is "drinking" and "talking partner",karaokesometimes sing together.Therefore, the ability to communicate with people is important.Inboundand speak several languages ​​freelyMultilingualThere are also companions.the costume isLadies suit,kimonoAlthough there is a case ofChina dressIn some cases.They often wear clothing that exposes a lot of skin.

      Currently, companions are said to have mainly "normal companions", "cosplay companions", "see-through companions" and "pink companions", but this was born from travel productsColloquialism(product name).It is possible to play banquet games with Pink Companion, and as a representative of banquet games,Pocky game,Baseball fist,twister gameand so on.

      Recently, some onsen ryokans can dispatch male companions for female guests.

      special tricks (e.g.三味 線,Small song, dance, etc.), it is necessary to confirm at the reservation stage.

      Companions who serve drinks fall under the category of contracted customer service business under the Fueiho, so permission from the Public Safety Commission is required.


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