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🧳 | Cathay Pacific continues to operate 3 flights a week to Japan until the end of August


Cathay Pacific continues to operate three weekly flights to Japan until the end of August

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Except Japan routes, Hong Kong and Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai/Pudong, Xiamen, Taipei, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York/John F. Kennedy, Melbourne. Operates routes connecting Sydney, Perth, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London/Heathrow and Manchester.

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Ho Chi Minh City

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Coordinate: North Latitude 10 Degrees 46 Minutes 10 Seconds East longitude 106 degree 40 min 55 sec /10.76944 degrees north latitude 106.68194 degrees east longitude / 10.76944; 106.68194

Ho Chi Minh City(Hoshimei City, Koshimei, Ho Chi Minh,Vietnamese : Ho Chi Minh City/Ho Chi Minh Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh.ogg listen) Isthe Socialist Republic of VietnamLocated in the southern part of the country, it is the largest city in the country andSoutheast AsiaLeadingWorld cityBut also[2].. The old name for the city center wasSaigon(Vietnamese : Saigon/Shiba).


Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNational fatherA person who is familiar as "Ho Chi MinhTo discriminate phonologically, usuallyHo Chi Minh CityOrHo Chi Minh City(English: Ho Chi Minh City). Old name isSaigon(Vietnamese : Saigon/Shiba Saigon.ogg listen,:Sai Kung), and the expression “Saigon” is still used in various places in the field, and it is more familiar than “Ho Chi Minh City” as a city name.[3]. Also,Vietnam peopleBetweenHCMC""Ho Chi Minh CityIs often omitted.

Prospering as an economic center of Vietnam since ancient times,ParisWas calledFrench ruleCityscape with the influence of, high-rise buildings built with economic growth and miscellaneous motorcycle traffic congestionSlumLived together,AsiaIt is a cityscape that retains its uniqueness. Ho Chi Minh City, which has a registered population of 800 million people, isGDPApproximately half of that is driving the economy.

City name

Khmer name at the time of foundation

Ho Chi Minh City was originallyKhmerResides inPlay no callIt was known by the place name. Play Nokor means "forest town" or "land with forest"Khmer language(Play = forest, Nokor = city, place. Nokor isSanskrit Ofnagara Derived from). The place name Playnocor is still used by CambodiansMekong DeltaMay be used by ethnic minority lowland Khmer (Khmer Krom)[4].

Traditional vietnamese names

From the north to play NokorKin people(Major ethnic groups of modern Vietnam) After immigrants began to settleFranceBy peoplecolonizationUntil then, the Vietnamese name of this land wasZardin(Gia Định, Kasada).

Origin of Saigon

1862年, The French abandoned this official name, "Saigon"SaigonSince the name was commonly used,FrenchI decided to call. There are various arguments about the origin of the Vietnamese name Saigon, but its etymology is analyzed as follows.[Source required]From the perspective of orthography, the Vietnamese name "Saigon" isSaigon It is written in two syllables, and the traditional way of spelling Vietnamese is like that. However, because I want to omit the white space,Western styleMaybe because I want to show Sài Gòn , Sài gòn Some people write it like that.

Vietnamese etymology

Often referred to as the etymology[Source required]NoSài TheChineseLoanword of (漢字Shiba,MandarinIs pronounced in chái), and the meaning is "shiba, log, twig, stake."Gòn Is another Chinese loanword (in kanji)Cudgel, Pronunciation in normal talk gùn), which originally means “stick, rod, trunk of tree”, but in Vietnamese it means “cotton” (bông gòn, Literally "cotton stick", that is, the word "cotton" is shortened gòn Became).

This name was cultivated by the Khmer people around Play Nokor and is stillCây MaiMany of the things you can see in and around the templeCottonThere is also a theory that it is derived from[5].

According to another theory, the etymological meaning of Saigon is "Twig = SàiAnd "Stem = GònIsKhmer languageIt is said to be associated with the dense forest of tall trees that once surrounded the town, which was the origin of the famous play Nokor.

Etymologically, Saigon (Assuming that the theory is correct)ChineseDespite being said to be derived from the name of Chaai4gwan3, Taiwanese pronunciation is Tsha5kun3,MandarinIs pronounced Chái gùn) Is not used. Chinese people made this cityCantoneseIs pronounced Sai1gung3, Taiwanese pronunciation is Sai1kon3, Putonghua pronunciation is Xīgòng). This is just a transliteration of "Saigon".

Khmer etymology

As another etymology, "Saigon" is often claimed as "Sai Con"Khmer languageso"kapokMeans "forest of trees" prey kor{prey = Forest,Kor = Kapok tree) is said to be a translated word}. In addition, in Khmer prey kor The word should not be confused with the Khmer word playnocall mentioned above (Kor Is a Khmer word for Kapok tree, and Nokor is a Khmer word derived from Sanskrit, which has the original meaning of "city, land").

This Khmer etymology is quite interesting given the background of Vietnamese Khmer people before they settled in the area. However, this theory is based on Khmer prey And in VietnameseSàiThe two words "" seem to be phonetically different, which completely omits the explanation of how the latter was derived.

Cantonese etymology

To advocate a minority theory,20st centuryAn early Vietnamese scholar Vuong Hong Sen Is. According to that theory,Saigon The origin ofCantoneseIs a Chinese residential area in SaigonCholon(Quoc GooThen. Chợ Lớn). Cholon, the (original) Cantonese name for the city, means "Ty Gong" (bank,Tai4ngon6). The theory says that "Saigon" is derived from "Tai Gong".

Origin of Ho Chi Minh

CurrentVietnam Communist PartyThe governmentLeader OfNameIsHo Chi MinhBy the way,South Vietnam OfSaigon Fall(1975年4/30), after 19755/1The city name was changed from Saigon City to Ho Chi Minh City. The name of the final strategy for the North Vietnamese army against Saigon is "Operation Ho Chi Minh"Met.

VietnameseThe official name ofHo Chi Minh City AndHo Chi Minh City Is often omitted. "city"" Is "castle" in Chinese and means "city, city".in English Ho Chi Minh City Is translated asHCMC Is abbreviated asFrenchThen.Hô Chi Minh Ville(Axan Silk ConflexIs sometimes omitted),HCMC Is abbreviated.

The old name of Saigon is still in the formal and informal context, and even nowVietnam peopleWidely used by. For example,Vietnam Unified RailwayThe terminal station isSaigon Station"Tan Son Nhat International Airport OfIATA code The SGN As it is, the river port also "Saigon PortAs is, the river is also "Saigon RiverIt has not changed. Vietnam famousbeerIs the product nameBeer saigonThe old name is used in many company names and book titles.

Generally, the term "Saigon" refers only to the central part of Ho Chi Minh City (1st and 3rd wards). The word "Saigon"Hanoi CityYou can see it on the signboards of shops all over Vietnam, including. Words such as "Saigon style" and "Saigon style" are used to imply meaning such as small atmosphere and modernity,Vietnamese historySome people dare to use the old city name "Saigon" to distinguish it from the person's name so as not to be confused with the above person "Ho Chi Minh".


Ho Chi Minh CityBritish: Prey Nokor, A small fishing village known in Khmer as "the town in the forest". Originally, the area where the city area is spreading is originallySwampAnd many centuries before Vietnamese came into the late 16th or 17th centuryKhmerLived. After the 17th centuryOverseasAlso appeared.Ming Dynasty(1662), the remnant of his deceasedYang Yan Deng), Jiang Thuong Sien,Tran Thuong Xuyen) About 3000 people and 50 shipsMr. GuangnanExiled toBien Hoa(East of Saigon) andMitoI was allowed to settle at the entrance to the Mekong Delta.

1623年, Cambodian King(English edition(reign:1618年-1628年) Is,Chung-yang WarMr. Yang built a tax office to accept refugees who flowed out of Guangnan as permanent residents of the Prenocor area, and allowed them to live there. As the number of Vietnamese settlers increases,SiamThe Cambodian kingdom, which had been weakened by the war, could not be prevented, and this area gradually turned into Vietnam. Eventually, Play Nokor became known as Saigon.

1698年Is a Vietnamese aristocrat(English edition(Yuyo Kagami) built a governing mechanism by Vietnamese people in this area, and to separate it from Cambodia, which lost its power to interfere with this area,HueIt was sent in by the chief of Mr. He is often admired as the man who caused the expansion of Saigon due to large-scale settlement.(English edition(Thanh Gia Dinh) Called a hugeVaubanformulaStar fortressWas built,1861年 Of(English editionFrench were destroyed in. Ho Chi Minh City is the origin of the city with this year. The name of Zadin isZadin ProvinceRemained as.

1859年ToFranceOccupied by 1862Saigon TreatyMorningIs by FranceCoach ChinaAcknowledged Eastern rule. At that time, Saigon opened its port and was established in 1887.French IndochinaIt developed rapidly under. The city was influenced by France while Vietnam was occupied by France as a colony. That is reflected in the city's many classic Western architectures. Therefore, Saigon is the "pearl of the Far East" (Pearl of the Far East), "Oriental Paris" (Oriental Paris) Is often called. In addition, in 1873Iwakura MissionIs visiting Saigon in the city,AnnanThe state of the country is recorded in the "U.S.-European Circular Note"[6].

1954年,French armyIs communistVietnamToBattle of Dien Bien PhuLost inIndochina PeninsulaWithdrew from. After that, SaigonBao DaiIt returned to the control of the government organized by the Emperor. Bao Dye1950年Saigon tocapitalI decided. At that time, it was a residential area of ​​Saigon and Chinese VietnameseCholon (Chợ Lớn) Is integrated as one administrative unit, and the capital Saigon (in Vietnamese, Do Thanh Sai Gon ) Was called. 1954Geneva AgreementVietnam officiallyNorth Vietnam(Vietnam Democratic Republic)South VietnamWhen divided into (Republic of Vietnam),アメリカ合衆国Under the influence ofGo Din ZiemThe South Vietnamese government, headed by the president, continued to put its capital in Saigon.

after thatSouth Vietnamese ArmyNorth Vietnamese ArmyIn support of the South Vietnamese government in response to the expansion of theJohn F. KennedyThe president1960年ToU.S. ForcesMass dispatch of military advisors. After that1965年By full-scale participation of the American regular army ofVietnam WarWhen the full-scale operation started, a large amount of US military supplies and funds would flow into South Vietnam including Saigon.South Vietnam Liberation National FrontAlso targeted the general public byterrorismBecomes active.

1973年 OfParis AgreementAfter the conclusion of the agreement, the Vietnamese Republic gradually fell into an inferiority after the total withdrawal of the US military,1975年4/30North Vietnamese troops advance into Saigon and the South Vietnamese government collapsesVietnam WarEnded. This event is generallyアメリカ合衆国Then "Saigon Fall, And in Vietnam it is called “Saigon Liberation”.

After that, South Vietnam including SaigonVietnam People's ArmyUnder the control ofSocialismEconomic activity stagnates and is dislikedOverseasCentered onrefugeesSpilled.

1976年, A communist united statethe Socialist Republic of VietnamWas established, the city of Saigon (Cholonincluding),Zadin ProvinceAnd the two suburbs of two neighboring states were integrated, and the later Communist Party leaderHo Chi MinhHo Chi Minh City was built under the name of. At this time, the name "Zadin" disappeared.

Even today, wide and elegant tree-lined roads run through the center of the city, lined with historic French colonial buildings, adding color to the townscape. Speaking of the most prominent buildings in the center of the cityReunification Palace (Dinh Thống Nhất), City People's Committee (City Hall:City People's Committee),Municipal theater (Nha hát thàn h phố), Central Post Office (City post office), Revolutionary Museum (Bảo tàng Cách mạng), National Bank Branch (Bank), Municipal People's Court (Tò a án Nhân dân Thàn h phố) as well asNotre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame Cathedral).

Ho Chi Minh City is home to the Chinese with a strong position in Vietnam.CholonIs part of the 6th, 10th and 11th wards, and the area known as the 5th ward,ChinatownHas become. Before 1975, 120 million Chinese lived in Southern Vietnam, 110 million of whom lived in Saigon and 70 of them lived in Choron.Chuetsu WarChoong's Chinese population declined to 1978 in 10 due to the large number of Chinese displaced as refugees the night before.[7] The Chinese population in Vietnam has decreased from 1975 million in 145 to 1987 in 28.[8] After that, as the Doi Moi policy progressed, more and more people returned to Japan, and the Choron Chinese population recovered to more than 50.

With a population of over 700 million (registered residents and commuters from outside the city), the need for public infrastructure is rapidly increasing in Ho Chi Minh City. To meet this need, city authorities and the central government have begun efforts to develop a new city center. Two of the most prominent projects are Tootiem (District 2)Thủ Thiêm) Phu My Hung in central city and 7th district (Phú Mỹ Hưng / Fumi Fumi) It is a new city center (part of Southern Saigon plan),Japanese school, Saigon Southern International School (American School), Australia's Taiwanese School and Korean School.

Geography and climate

Ho Chi Minh City is located in the southeastern part of Vietnam at 10 degrees 45 minutes north latitude and 106 degrees 40 minutes east longitude,Hanoi1,760 km south of. The average elevation is 19m.Saigon RiverIt is the west bank of. In the northTainin Provinceas well as the Binh Duong ProvinceIn contact with the eastDong Nai Provinceas well as the Barrier Vung Tau ProvinceIn the west,Long An ProvinceAnd the south isSouth China SeaIt is a 20km long coastline facing the sea.Ho Chi Minh City has an area of ​​2,095 km2(0.63% of the whole of Vietnam)Cu ChiSouth of the South China Sea coast (20km from the border with Cambodia)Province of CanzoExtend to 120km from the northernmost point (Phu My Hung Village, Kuchi County) to the southernmost point (Long Hoa Village, Canzo County), the easternmost point (9 wardsFrom Longbinbo to the westernmost point (Vinh Ching ProvinceIt is 46km to Binh Chaing Village.

Ho Chi Minh CityTropical climateAnd the average humidity is 75%. A year is divided into two seasons. The rainy season has an average of about 1 mm of rainfall each year (rainy weather is about 2 days a year), which usually starts in May and ends in late November. The dry season lasts from December to April. The average temperature is 1800 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature can reach 1 degrees Celsius at noon in late April, and the lowest temperature can fall below 100 degrees Celsius in the early morning in late December.

Ho Chi Minh Climate
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)31.6
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)26.4
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)21.1
rainfall mm (inch)13.8
Average number of rainfall days2.
Average monthlyDaylight hours244.9248.6272.8231.0195.3171.0179.8173.6162.0182.9201.0223.22,486.1
Source 1: World Meteorological Organization (A)[9] Weatherbase (humidity)[10]
Source 2: (sunshine hours only)[11]

Political/administrative mechanism

Ho Chi Minh City has the same rank as the provincecityIs. Therefore, the political structure of Ho Chi Minh City is similar to that of the Ministry, with the People's Council of 95 members elected in the elections and the People's Committee of 13 members elected by the People's Council. Will be the most important local government agency. Unlike other cities in the world,ChiefInstead of controlling the politics and execution, the chairman of the People's Council stands at the top of the city's political department, and the chairman of the People's Committee stands at the top of the city's executive department. As the Vietnam Communist Party (CPV) directs all political, economic and social activities in Vietnam, the Vietnam Communist Party Ho Chi Minh City Commission Secretary is truly the highest leader in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City Administrative Unit List
Administrative division name (December 2020)Subdivision unit (December 2020)Area (km2) (July 2020)Population (April 2019)
1 wards(1 District, County𠬠)10 boys7.72142,000
3 wards(3 District, County 𠀧)12 boys4.92190,000
4 wards(4 District, County)13 boys4.18175,000
5 wards(5 District, County𠄼)14 boys4.27159,000
6 wards(6 District, County 𦒹)14 boys7.14233,000
7 wards(7 District, County𠤩)10 boys35.69360,000
8 wards(8 District, County 𠔭)16 boys19.11424,000
10 wards(10 District, County 𨒒)14 boys5.72234,000
11 wards(11 District, County 𨒒𠬠)16 boys5.14209,000
12 wards(12 District, County𨒒𠄩)11 boys52.74620,000
Bintan District(Binh Tan District(Gorihirashin)10 boys52.02784,000
Bin Thanh District(Binh thanh district, Gorihiramori)20 boys20.78499,000
Govup(Go vap district, County 㭑)16 boys19.73676,000
Fu Nang District(Phu Nhuan district(Fun Jun)13 boys4.88163,000
Tan Bin District(Tan Binh district, Shinpei-gun)15 boys22.38474,000
Tan Fu District(Tan Phu District, Shintomi, Gun)11 boys15.97485,000
Tu Duc City(Thành phố Thủ Đức, Castle guardian)34 boys211.561,013,795
Vinh Ching Province(Binh Chanh district, Masashi Sohei)1 companies in 15 city252.56705,000
Province of Canzo(Can Gio District, 縣蹢蒢)1 companies in 6 city704.4571,000
Cu Chi(Cu Chi district, 縣硾Support)1 companies in 20 city434.77462,000
Hokumon(Huyện Hóc Môn, Asahimon)1 companies in 11 city109.17542,000
Nyabe County(Nha Be district, 縣茹𦨭)1 companies in 6 city100.43206,000


According to the statistics as of January 2004, 1, Ho Chi Minh City had a population of 1 (including 6,117,251 in 19 wards of the city and 5,140,412 in five suburbs). In the middle of 5, Ho Chi Minh City's population was estimated to be 976,839 (2005 in 6,239,938 wards of the city and 19 in the 5,240,516 suburbs of the city), accounting for 5% of the total population of Vietnam, the most populous country in the country. It was a concentrated city. It has the largest population not only as a single administrative district but also at the state level. Since it is Vietnam's largest economic and financial node, more and more people have come to Ho Chi Minh City from all over the country in recent years, and the population is rapidly increasing. Between 999,422 and 7.4, the city's population increased by about 1999 per year.2016年 OfUrban populationIs 1007 people, the 35th in the world, and in JapanHanoiIs ahead of[12].

The majorityKinAnd accounts for about 90%. For minoritiesChinese8% (Vietnam's largest Chinese residential area), other (Khmer,Cham, Nung, Rhade) 2%. Ho Chi Minh City residents usually speak English.Saigonese", in French"Saigonnais", in Vietnamese"Dân Sài Gòn"Is called.

The Kin people speak Vietnamese but have different accents. The southern valve is about 50%, the northern valve is about 30%, and the central valve is about 20%. Chinese is Cantonese,Chaozhou,Fujian,Hainan,HakkaA lot of peopleMandarinThere are few people who speak. English of various classes is spoken in the travel and commerce industries, especially where it is necessary to interact with foreigners, making it the de facto second language of the Saigonese.


The religious distribution in Ho Chi Minh City is as follows.
Buddhism(Total of all denominations) 50%,Roman Catholic12%,Protestant2%, others (Caodaiism,Hoa Hao,Islam,Hinduism) 2%, non-religious or unknown 34%.


Ho Chi Minh City remains Vietnam's most important economic center after the unification of North and South Vietnam. Approximately 30 companies, including many large companies, are engaged in high-tech industries, electrical appliances, machining and light industries, or in the construction industry, material industry and agricultural product manufacturing industry. Currently, there are 15 industrial parks and export processing areas in Ho Chi Minh City, in addition to them, Quang Chun Software Park and Saigon High-Tech Park.

Ho Chi Minh City has 171 markets, excluding small ones, 10 supermarket chain stores, 1 dozen luxury shopping malls, and many beauty and fashion centers. More than 50 banks have hundreds of branches and 20 insurance companies based. The first stock exchange in Vietnam was opened in Ho Chi Minh City in 2001.

Doi MoiWith the growth of Vietnam's economy after the introduction of the policy, Ho Chi Minh City's economic activities are also active. It has reached about US$2005 per capita and accounts for 116% of Vietnam's gross national product. If the gross regional product is calculated by purchasing power parity, it will reach US$2004 billion (US$12.2 per population) (about 1 times higher than the national average). Ho Chi Minh City's industrial output is US$1,850 billion, equivalent to 20% of the national total. Ho Chi Minh City's port import and export value is US$560 billion, which is 1% of the national total. Ho Chi Minh City is responsible for approximately 8,900% of national budget revenues[Source required].

In addition,Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,Panasonic,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Japan Airlines,TakashimayaIn addition to a large number of large enterprises, many small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan, including manufacturing and trading industries, have also advanced into Ho Chi Minh City, and theOfficial development assistanceThere are also many buildings by.


From Ho Chi Minh City, which is a transportation hub in southern Vietnam, it is possible to travel by land or sea to southern Vietnam and various parts of Cambodia.


Routes 14 and 20 connect to the central highlands, Route 1 connects to the central coast and the north, and Routes 1 and 50Mekong DeltaConnect with Central city of Mekong DeltaTho70km northeast through Ho Chi Minh CityDong Nai ProvinceZauzai (Dầu Giây / Yunoyuki) The highway to the villageUnder construction[When?].


Ho Chi Minh City connects all over VietnamRailway networkIs the main point in the south of. Even after the city name changed, the railway station name was "Saigon Station(Ga Saigon)" and the first train,Terminal stationIs. Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in the south, and Hanoi, the capital,Namboku Line (Unified Railway)Tied by.

There are 5 trains daily between Ho Chi Minh Station and Hanoi Station, and the fastest trains are SE3 and SE4 (Train number: Trains run from S1 to S20, odd number trains from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. It takes 30 hours for even trains from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi and 5 hours for the slowest SE6/SE37.[13].

While looking down at the particularly beautiful coastline,Diesel locomotiveA long train pulled by the train slows down and makes the rail squeeze through several tunnels.Hai Van PassBeyond is a masterpiece.1996年From Hanoi-Beijingwhile,1997年In Hanoi-KunmingThe international trains that connect them have also been revived.People's Republic of ChinaIt is an itinerary about 1950 km north to the border.


Tan Son Nhat International AirportIs a military-civilian shared airport, located 1km north of central district (7st district) of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). You can take a taxi or a bus to get between the airport and the city. Considering the rapid increase in the number of air passengers and the close proximity of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport to the city center, the Vietnamese government is already 50 km northeast of the city.Dong Nai ProvinceIn the suburbs of Long Thanh village,Long Thanh International AirportIs preparing to build.


Saigon riverDong Nai Riveralong,Saigon Port, New Port, Benge Port, VICT Port. Although it is a river port located in the area where the river was retraced, the river width is 300-500 m and the water depth is 11 m near the port area of ​​Saigon Port, and most of the port facilities can directly enter oceangoing vessels. These ports handle 1% of the cargo imported and exported by Vietnam in one year.



It is often said that the road conditions in Ho Chi Minh City are poor due to the condition of infrastructure and the traffic volume of motorcycles. There are many streets full of holes, so there are many puncture damages. This is especially true of the countless backstreets and alleys in the city, which are even much like mud.

In the 2000s, the number of motorcycles increased to about 300 million as they were cheaply imported, especially from China. The most popular bikesHonda OfSuper cubHowever, as of 2020, it is rare to see a Super Cub in Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the motorcycles that are running are scooter-type motorcycles that are considered to be new cars. Honda cars are still overwhelmingly popular. A popular secret is that it can be used for 3-4 passengers without being out of order for a long period of time, and it has good fuel economy. There are more than 40 cars, filling up the main roads in the city, and traffic congestion and air pollution have become widely regarded. OnceBeijingIs a city of bicycles, Ho Chi Minh CityMotorcycle cityCan also be said. Although the status of enforcement of traffic regulations is improving, running backwards in one direction, ignoring red lights, running on sidewalks, seating five people, overloading, etc. is a common occurrence. While the movement of scooters is the main means of transportation for citizens, along with economic growth, super luxury cars such as Maybach and Lamborghini are also being seen in the city.

In the center of the cityPham Ngu Lao Street, Detham Road, which is crowded with tourists.


Since the bus is the only public transportation system, there is a bus network in the city. For many busesAir conditionIs equipped with.


Most of the 1 taxis have meters installed and are normally working during operation, but not many drivers can speak English well. Some drivers do not want to use the meter to fraudulently collect the fare, and others cheat for change.

In Ho Chi Minh City,bikePut the customer in the back seat of theTheomIs calledMotorcycle taxiAre playing an active part.

Tourists are in Theom and MiwaBicycle taxiBe careful when using (cyclo), as the driver may not pay attention to the safety of passengers. Leading taxi group of white Vinasun and green Mailinh is relatively safe[14].

An Uber-type dispatch app is also provided, and Grab is available. As of February 2020, the standard tariff is 2 dong for a 7km journey.


Currently, we are looking for financial resources to develop urban railways (subways) and elevated railways.Ho Chi Minh City Urban RailwayIs scheduled to be completed in 2021, but it is also true that the deadline for "scheduled completion" is postponed every year.



There are also the Museum of Fine Arts, Southern Women's Museum, Na Rong Memorial, and Ben Duoc Underground Tunnel Ruins. In addition, Dam Sen Tourism and Cultural Park, Suoi Tien Cultural Park and Kanzo Eco Beach Resort are the three major recreation facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, and are popular among visitors to Ho Chi Minh City.



There are over 10 rooms with hundreds of hotels of various ranks, ranging from classic hotels and international chain hotels that have been operating since the French rule, to small hotels with about 18,000 rooms, among which are five-star luxury hotels. There are also 5 hotels. For travelers on a tight budget,Pham Ngu Lao Street,,, If you are, you can easily find cheap hotels and guest houses.


Ho Chi Minh City has hundreds of printers and publishers, many bookstores, and a growing network of public and school libraries. Ho Chi Minh City General Library is Vietnam's most beautiful building with over 150 million collections. Many other private galleries are open to the public. Besides the municipal theater,Bến Thành and Hòa Bình There are excellent entertainment venues such as the theater and Lan Anh Music Hall.


southVietnamese foodIn addition to restaurants serving all over Vietnam,French cuisineAnd Japansushi,TexasWindbarbecueFrom like Kentucky Fried Chickenfast foodYou can also enjoy non-local dishes. Also, in recent years, large-scale in the city centerShopping mallThere are many food courts in the area.


Higher education in Ho Chi Minh City is fairly well developed, with 50 universities or colleges concentrated, with a total of more than 30 students.

  • Ho Chi Minh City National University
  • Vietnam National University-With 35,000 students, is the most important comprehensive university in southern Vietnam. It consists of the following 6 major schools. University of Natural Sciences (formerly Saigon University of Science), University of Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly Saigon University of Arts and Sciences), Polytechnic University (formerly Phu Tho National Institute of Industrial Sciences), International University, Faculty of Economics, New Information Technology University.

Some other important and authoritative institutions of higher education are: City University of Education, City University of Economics, City University of Architecture, City University of Medicine, City University of Agriculture and Forestry, City Law University, City University of Technology and Education, City Bank University, City Trade University, City University of Technology, City College of Physical Education, City University of Art and Design , City Bunka University, City Music School.

RMIT UniversityIs currently the only foreign-affiliated educational organization in Vietnam. The campus has about 2000 students. Click here [1] to view all University on the Viet Nam Map

News report

News (Chinese)

The media of Ho Chi Minh City is the most developed in Vietnam. Recently, in the city, 5 papers[Source required]The daily newspaper is published. The major newspapers areSài Gòn Giải Phóng(Saigon liberation) And its Chinese and sports editions and evening editions, the largest circulation in VietnamYouth(Tuoi Che (Youth)),Youth(Thanh Nien (Youth)),Người Lao Dộng (Worker),The Thao(Sports) and the English business newspaper Saigon Times Daily. In addition, more than 30 newspapers and magazines have been published.


Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) is a national government in VietnamVietnam tv It is the second largest TV station net after (VTV) and broadcasts 2 channels (both analog and digital broadcasting) from 7:24 to 7:2. Ho Chi Minh City's voice is also the largest radio station in the southern region. The world's major TV channels are delivered by two cable TV networks (SCTV and HTVC), which are received by more than 30 subscribers and TVs with satellite receivers.



Internet environment

Ho Chi Minh City has over 120 million fixed-line phones and approximately 300 millionMobile phone(The latter shows an annual growth of 20%). The Internet, in particular with ADSL connections rapidly gaining popularity, has more than 80 subscribers and is frequently used by more than 300 million. Among Internet providers, VNPT, Viettel, and FPT are the three most popular, accounting for 3% of Internet subscribers in Vietnam.[15].. To connect to the Internet from a smartphone, tourists from abroad can connect by connecting to the local Wi-Fi, or by purchasing a SIM card and inserting it into the smartphone. In addition, SIM cards in Vietnam can be purchased mainly in Japan through online shopping. The price estimate is about 60 yen for a SIM card that can use a 20GB data capacity for 300 days.

Wi-Fi environment

in recent yearsSmartphoneWith the spread, free Wi-Fi is usually available at hotels, restaurants and cafes.StarbucksAt some chain stores, as a countermeasure for customers who have been sitting for a long time, a system has been introduced to enable one-hour internet connection for one password and block it after that.[16].

public health

The medical system in Ho Chi Minh City is relatively well developed, with approximately 80 public hospitals or medical centers and dozens of municipal clinics working together. These facilities are equipped with the latest medical equipment. Has 1,400 beds (Chợ Rẫy / 𢄂𡋀) The hospital has improved its quality of care with the help of Japan and the Institute of Cardiology (funded by France)IndochinaBut it has become the highest standard medical facility. Hoahao (Hò a Hảo) Medical Diagnostic Center (Medic) and FV Hospital provide high quality service and modern facilities, and have recently acquired many customers including foreigners. Patients are not only hospitalized in cities in neighboring states, but also from Cambodia.[Source required]

sister city


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