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🛏 | Enjoy the three ancient hot springs of Japan at home at "Iwaki Yumoto Hawaiians Onsen no Moto"


Enjoy the three ancient hot springs of Japan at home at "Iwaki Yumoto Hawaiians Onsen no Moto"

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You can enjoy the feeling of a hot spring while being healed by the scent of sandalwood.

"Iwaki Yumoto Onsen Hawaiians no Yu" divides the quality of the hot springs of Spa Resort Hawaiians, which uses Yumoto Onsen ... → Continue reading


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Hot spring mood


Sandalwood(Sandalwood, Scientific name Santalum album) IsViscaceaeHalf ofParasiticTropical evergreens.EnglishIt is also called Sandalwood (English: Sandalwood) from the name.It features a refreshing sweet fragrance.fragrant woodUsed as.

Linnaeusof"(English edition''(1753 ) soDescriptionIt is one of the plant species[1].


IndiaNative[2], In IndiaSanskritIn Chandana (candanaIn the Buddhist scripture "Kanbutsu Sanmai Kaikyo", Ushizuyama (Western GhatsCow head that grows on Mt. Malaya (Mt. Maraya, Mt.Chinaberry(Gosirsha Chandana gośīrṣa-candana) Was famous.English: sandalwoodThe name (sandalwood) is also based on this "Chandana".


The country of origin is India,Indonesia,AustraliaSuch. Widely distributed in the Pacific Islands,New Zealand,Hawaii,FijiSandalwood such as sandalwood has little scent and is rarely used as fragrant wood. Especially in IndiaMy soleSandalwood produced locally is considered to be of the highest qualityOld mountain sandalwoodIt is also called by another name.

It was also cultivated and was already used as a noble fragrant tree around the 5th century BC.


TropicalevergreenA semi-parasitic plant that grows independently at first, but as it grows, it becomes parasitic on the roots of its host by suckers.[2]..When I was a young treePoaceae,Mallow familyAs it grows, it becomes more parasitic,BambooKindPalmThere are more than 140 species of plants that can be used as hosts.DioeciousCultivation is very difficult because it does not grow without plants around it, and it is becoming difficult to obtain it year by year, and the Indian government imposes logging restrictions and export restrictions.

Around May, small flowers such as yellow and purple open. The heartwood has a dark color and a strong scent, and the sapwood is whitish and less fragrant. The fragrance isResinNot minutesEssential oilDerived from the minute.

Closely related (S. boninense (Nakai) Tuyama)ButOgasawara IslandsSpecially produced in.


Known as a fragrant tree with a refreshing sweet scent, flowers, stems, leaves and roots are used.[2]..Sandalwood is treated as a precious fragrant wood, and the essential oil obtained by distillation is called sandalwood oil, which is the main component of sandalwood.SantalolIs said to have bactericidal and diuretic medicinal properties, and is widely used for medicinal purposes.[2]..Also, as a mood remedy, it relieves mental stress and anxiety by giving a feeling of exhilaration.[2]..Indian traditional medicineAyurvedaIt is said that it has the effect of cooling and calming the entire mind and body, and is thought to have an effect on all of the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, and nervous system.[2]..Among the natural fragrances of cosmetics and non-medical ingredients, sandalwood oil has a high allergen positive rate and requires caution.[3].

AgarwoodUnlike, it is a figurine because it gives off enough fragrance without applying heat.Buddha statue, Indispensable for Buddhist ceremoniesBeadsEtc.Buddhist fittingsIn Japan, includingFanIt is used in a wide variety of familiar places, such as by using it on the bones of a scent to dissipate the scent, or by using it as one of the fragrances in a sachet.Incense stickIt is the most common raw material of.In Indian temples and religious ceremonies, it is said that sandalwood is fragrant when meditating, and the scent of sandalwood is used to distract and concentrate.[2].BuddhismFrom indiaChugokuSandalwood has become popular in Buddhist ceremonies in China as well. It is said that it came to Japan from China along with Buddhism.

Since it is difficult to synthesize santalol, a synthetic substance (trans-3-isocanfilcyclohexanol) having a very similar scent is generally used as a fragrance.

Chinaberry is better than Futaba

Sandalwood in ChinaChinaberrySometimes called (Sendalwood) (actually, sandalwood and sandalwood are completely different species that differ at the eye level), and sandalwood in this term refers to sandalwood. Since sandalwood is said to give off aroma from the time of germination, it is a parable that a person who grows up is excellent from an early age (actually, this plant does not give off aroma naturally).


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