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🧳 | National Day 8 consecutive holidays If you travel abroad, you can be isolated for 28 days before and after-Chinese media


National Day 8 consecutive holidays 28 days before and after overseas travel-Chinese media

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The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said, "Currently, all parts of China are low-risk areas for new coronavirus infections, and regular travel is possible." "While traveling, follow the measures for new corona at the destination. At the same time, measures must be taken at the individual level.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention is now on its official website, and the National Day (National Day) and Mid-Autumn Festival that overlapped on October 10st this year ... → Continue reading

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China sickness deposit control center

China sickness deposit control center(Chugoku Shippeiyoboukouseichushin, Chinese: Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese abbreviation:China CDC, English abbreviation:CCDC) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaBeijingNational Infectious Disease Control Center in.2002Was founded in[1].. "Restriction" indicates that you should catch and keep it, but because it is a word that is not commonly usedJapanIn the report ofCenter for Disease Control and Prevention in China,China Centers for Disease Control and PreventionIt is often translated and described as.


The United States, which has been suffering from infectious diseases since its founding, established it.Center for Disease Control and Prevention(Hereinafter referred to as US CDC). Because America was a major immigrant country, all over the worldEpidemicHas a history as an advanced country of infectious diseases, which has been troubled by countermeasures since the founding of the country. China, which recognized the effectiveness of this system, established the CCDC with reference to the US CDC. Similar to the US CDC that became the model, the Chinese CCDC warns of the outbreak of infectious diseases at an early stage, analyzes the outbreak samples as soon as possible, collects symptom information, and informs health institutions, hospitals, and doctors in each region about the symptom. Its main task is to disclose and communicate its characteristics, countermeasures, containment measures, etc., and to inform patients and non-infected people of preventive measures. There is a virus research institute as a similar institution, but in the case of CDC, the main task is to direct the containment of the virus every second in an emergency and reduce the number of dead and infected people, and in normal times. Also provides prevention and education[2].


Higher-ranking institutionsNational Health Commission of the People's Republic of China. Also,ChugokuCCDC is a list of national public health agencies in each country (en: List of national public health agency). The address is 155 Changping Road, Changping District, Beijing[2].

WuhanHas local participation departments such as disease prevention control center. In addition, we have an infectious disease prevention management office under our umbrella.New coronavirusComplete genome sequence analysis was carried out jointly by seven organizations including the CCDC affiliated management office. (Joint analysis Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Wuhan Center Clinic, Huachu University of Technology, Wuhan City Disease Prevention Control Center, China Disease Prevention Control Center Infectious Disease Control Center, China Disease Control and Prevention Center, University of Sydney)

Initiatives for the new coronavirus

CCDC isNew coronavirusMeasures were taken even when it occurred.2020May 1IsLee KeqiangThe Prime Minister is inspecting the CCDC.[3]


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