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🧳 | [Hoshino Resorts] No congestion!Enjoy the autumn colors of Nikko on the open-air sky bus


[Hoshino Resorts] No congestion!Enjoy the autumn colors of Nikko on the open-air sky bus

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You can enjoy the colored autumn leaves up close on the open top bus without a roof.

From October 2020th to November 10 at Hoshino Resorts KAI Kawaji, KAI Kinugawa, and KAI Nikko in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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Open top bus

Open top busTo ensure a sense of openness and a viewroofRemoved some or all ofbus.ConvertibleIt is considered to be a kind of.Double-decker busThere are many cases of remodeling from.


Until the 1920s, many double-decker buses had a deck and seats on the roof of a flat-roofed bus, and the second floor was originally unroofed.This is the beginning of the open top bus.Even now, most of them are manufactured by remodeling general buses.

An example used in recent years is to sell the viewCharter Bus,Regular sightseeing busIt is mainly used for, and its structure is also various, such as the old-fashioned deck structure and the one that has no roof part (the structure is covered with a hood when it rains).Since there is no roof, there are some cases where it is used for fixed-route buses in warm areas.

In addition, there are many cases where athletes get on board at the time, or the vehicle itself is used as an attraction for the event.In an unusual use case,Derby stakesIt is said that it was used as a temporary seat in (Epsom Derby).

Open top bus in Japan

In Japan in the 40sHato busWas operating an open top bus that was a modified Super Deluxe bus.

In 1998Yokohama Municipal BusIs a general car just before scrapping (Transit BusThe vehicle) was converted into an open top bus, and the local professional baseball teamYokohama Bay StarsUsed for the victory commemorative parade.The following year, in 1999, Nishitetsu remodeled the open top bus in the same way.Fukuoka Daiei HawksIt was used for the victory commemorative parade, and also for the 2000 league championship.These are for parades and have never been used for passengers.In the subsequent parade of professional baseball teamsSpecially equipped vehicleOr "Skybus tokyo"(See below) and other open-top buses are now being used, and open-top buses that are modified from general route buses are no longer used.

Since the 2000s, open top buses that can be used by general passengers have been in operation in various parts of Japan.

There is no age limit for Skybus, but FUKUOKA OPEN TOP BUS, which was opened after that, often prohibits infants under the age of 3 from riding to prevent accidents.



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