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🛏 | Let's ride Chuggington with Go To… Okayama Electric Tramway releases travel plan

Photo Sightseeing tram "Okaden Chuggington"

Let's ride Chuggington with Go To… Okayama Electric Tramway releases travel plan

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Apply at the same hotel (086-224-0505) or at the reservation sites "Rakuten Travel" and "Jalan net".

Ryobi Group's Okayama Electric Orbit (Tokuyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Okayama City) is a sightseeing tram that runs in the center of Okayama City, "Okaden Chuggington ... → Continue reading

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Rakuten Travel

Rakuten Travel(Rakuten Travel,British: Rakuten Travel) IsRakutenOperated by a corporation,TravelAboutonlineHandle reservationsWebsiteandApps.

Once existed,Rakuten Travel Co., Ltd., Also before the merger of the companyMy Trip Net Co., Ltd.(Operation of "Travel Counter") is also described.


On the website, in JapanHotel-Japanese inn-PensionSuch ashotelWith a reservation as the axisExpress BusTicket sales, mediation of domestic airline sites, international flightsAirline ticketFor sale, also called "Raku Pack", for domestic travelDynamic packageとTraveling OfTour・ We handle dynamic packages.

In the field of Japanese domestic travel,Recruit lifestyleOperated byJalan netTogether with, it has become one of the representative travel reservation websites.Rakuten is registered as a first-class travel agency, but through the operation of Rakuten Travel, it is the largest in Japan.Online travel agency(Online Travel Agency, OTA) Has an aspect as. In the amount handled in 2017,JTB Group (25 companies total)It is the second largest travel agency after[1]..As for the user base, business users and tourists use 45% and 55%, respectively.[2].

The number of registered accommodation facilities in Japan is around 3, making it the number one reservation site.[2]..In Rakuten Travel's accommodation reservations, the general business model of OTA in Japan is used, in which Rakuten provides the accommodation facility with a reservation system and receives a fee (system usage fee) from the accommodation facility.[3]..The user can choose to pay by credit card or cash at the time of booking,receiptRegarding, if you choose credit card payment, you will be issued a receipt on Rakuten Travel's personal page, and if you choose cash payment (including the case where you paid by credit card on the day at the accommodation), you will stay. Sometimes you will use the receipt issued by the accommodation[4].

In addition to JapaneseEnglishIt is operated in 5 languages ​​such as, but the language version other than Japanese has specifications specialized for booking accommodations in Japan.

Japan Airlines (JAL)とAll Nippon Airways (ANA)However, by booking accommodation using Rakuten TravelMilesWe provide a service to collect money.Earn miles when you book via the Rakuten Travel banner (see details外部 リンクreference).


In January 1996, a major machinery and shipbuilding companyHitachi ShipbuildingHitachi Zosen Computer, a subsidiary of Hitachi Zosen[5]Although he was a director, he took the lead in launching the hotel reservation site "Hotel Window" as a new type of business using the Internet.[6].

As the spread of the Internet to the general public progresses, the number of contracted accommodation facilities and the number of users will steadily increase, and by 1999, it will become the top share of Internet accommodation reservation sites in Japan. In 2002,MoominIs a character that appears inSnafkinNewspapers and traffic advertisements using the above have appeared, aiming to spread the name recognition.On the other hand, while the accommodation facility general reservation site continues to run alone, other companies launched a series of accommodation reservation comprehensive sites in the 2000s, and the expansion and competition for pies began to take place.

"Rakuten Travel" was opened by Rakuten in 2001 and was a site that competed with "Travel Counter" and also handled the overseas travel field, but it was inferior to "Travel Counter" in terms of scale.But by RakutenExpanded the scale. In 2003, it acquired the stable and profitable My Trip Net shares from Hitachi Zosen for 323 billion yen, and in 2004, "Travel Window" was integrated into "Rakuten Travel" for both corporations and sites.Also, RakutenTour busAcquired Star Tours Japan, which handles planning and sales[7]Then, Rakuten Travel and the service were integrated. In 2006,All Nippon AirwaysBy joint venture withDynamic packageRakuten ANA Travel Online Co., Ltd. was established as an operating company of "ANA Raku Pack".

In addition, Onoda, the founder of "Travel Counter," left "Travel Counter" when My Trip Net became independent from Hitachi Zosen, and the accommodation reservation site "Travel Counter" has a different management method.Best reserveIs newly established[8].

At the "Travel Counter," the fee for contract accommodation was 6%.afterwards 2005In September, Rakuten Travel launched a new contract to raise fees to 9-7%, urging member accommodations to renew their existing contracts.[9].. Compared to the world's leading OTAs, which usually have commissions of 10% to 20% or more, Rakuten Travel's fees are not particularly high, but inns and hotel industry groups have repelled and contracted against the increase in fees. I called for the update to be postponed.In response to this, Rakuten Travel launched a campaign to relax the usage fee for a certain period and shift to a new contract.[10].

2012In April, the payment method was changed, such as by introducing "post-card payment", but affiliated accommodation facilities and industry groups rebelled as it encouraged the escape of cancellation fees.[11]..In response to this, Rakuten Travel discussed payment issues and took measures such as system repairs.[12].

20144/1, Rakuten Travel Co., Ltd. aims to strengthen the synergistic effect of services with Rakuten Ichiba[13], Merged with parent company Rakuten and dissolved[14]Since then, "Rakuten Travel" has been used as the name of the travel website operated by Rakuten.

2018In August, the amount of travel handled thereafter was closed due to the consistency with the financial results and the intensifying competitive environment with domestic and overseas OTAs.[15].

Chronological Table

My Trip Net (Travel Counter)
  • 19961/17 --By Hitachi Zosen Computer (since April 1997), the hotel reservation site "Hotel windowService start
  • 19997/1 ―― “Hotel window” is a comprehensive travel site “Travel windowWas renewed.
  • 20002/1 ――The operation section of "Travel Window" was separated and became independent, and My Trip Net Co., Ltd. was established (Hitachi Shipbuilding Information System).Wholly owned subsidiary).
  • 20019/28 --By selling sharesHitachi ShipbuildingBecomes a wholly owned subsidiary of.
Rakuten Travel Co., Ltd.
  • 20001/4 --Established Infocast Co., Ltd.
  • 20013/30 --Rakuten Co., Ltd.Rakuten TravelService start
  • 20028/1 --Travel business from Rakuten, Inc.Spin-off..Changed the company name to Rakuten Travel and took over the travel business from Rakuten.
  • 20039/4 --Rakuten acquires all shares of My Trip Net from Hitachi Zosen (by Rakuten)Acquisition).
  • 2004August 8-Rakuten Travel and My Trip Netmerger..On September 9th of the same year.
  • 20054/25 -Co., Ltd.Yomiuri tripAffiliated with accommodation reservation business
  • 20057/28 --Acquired Star Tours Japan Co., Ltd. (later changed its trade name) and made it a subsidiary.
  • 2006August 8-Rakuten (1%) ・All Nippon AirwaysWith joint investment of (40%) and (10%)Joint Venture・ Established a corporation.
  • 2014April 4-Rakuten merged with Rakuten Travel Co., Ltd.


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