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🛏 | Eat and compare the hottest sweets at the hotel!"Sweets Fair" held at Hotel Elcient Osaka


Eat and compare the hottest sweets at the hotel!"Sweets Fair" held at Hotel Elcient Osaka

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At Hotel Elcient Osaka, the guest lounge on the 1st floor recommends the sweets concierge in Kyoto and Hyogo. → Continue reading

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Third place

Third placeIsBoardAthome,workplaceRefers to an isolated, comfortable third place of residence.An example of a third place isCafe,ク ラ ブ,parkAnd so on.AmericaSociologist,Ray OldenburgIn his book, The Great Good Place,Civil society,Democracy,Citizen participationArgues that it is important to establish a special feeling for a place.

Robert Putnam Discusses Third Place in Bowling Alone: ​​America's Declining Social Capital (1995, 2000).


In his book, The Great Good Place, American sociologist Ray Oldenburg described the importance of third places in modern society and their special feelings about the place. Discussing.Oldenburg is where the "first place" lives at the person's home, and the "second place" is the workplace, perhaps the place where the person spends the longest time.And "third place" is a place that should be an "anchor" of community life, and a place where more creative exchanges are born.Every society already has informal meeting places and deliberately pursues those that are important to current social needs.Oldenburg says that the following places have the characteristics of a true third place.

  • Free or cheap
  • Meals and beverages are provided
  • Easy-to-access, walkable place
  • Gather habitually
  • Friendly and comfortable
  • A place where you can find old and new friends

Features of Third Place

Eight features of "third place" defined by Oldenburg

Neutral area
The constituents of the third place are not there because of a sense of duty.They are willing to come without being bound economically, politically or legally.
Third places do not emphasize the position of individuals in society.Economic and social status is meaningless and can be tolerated.There are no requirements or requirements to participate in the Third Place.
Conversation is the main activity
Playful hearts and fun conversations are the main focus of Third Place activities.The tone of conversation is casual, with humor and wit, and the gentle playful heart is highly appreciated.
Accessibility and facilities
The third place is open and easy for everyone to visit.A place that is flexible, kind, and meets the needs of the people who gather.
Regular / member
Third places have regulars and form spaces and tones.They create the uniqueness of the place.A place that attracts new visitors and is kind to newcomers.
Modest attitude / attitude
The third place is healthy.There is no waste or flashiness in it, and it feels homely.Don't be great or exclusive.Accept any individual, any level of people.
Get in a good mood
The tone of conversation in the third place should never create tension or hatred.Instead, cheerful, witty conversations and friendly jokes are welcomed.
Second house
People in third places often share warm feelings.Like those who live in the same house.Have emotions rooted in this place and get mentally reborn.

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