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🛏 | Asahikawa fashionable spot with emma ♡ Sweets & "shining" hotel!


Asahikawa fashionable spot to go with emma ♡ Sweets & "shining" hotel!

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Fukuyoshi Rate Hojicha has a strong and firm taste that makes you feel the roughness of the tea leaves.

Emma who is active all over the country as a model.Actually, I'm from Asahikawa, Hokkaido.This time it's Asahiyama Zoo and Asahikawa Ramen ... → Continue reading


An information site for women in Hokkaido run by a TV station in Hokkaido. "Curious" means "Oshichau" in Hokkaido dialect. We deliver local information about fashion, gourmet foods, sweets, etc.

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