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🛏 | Enjoy accommodation and the charm of the town An old folk house hotel opens in Kosa Town [Kumamoto]


Enjoy accommodation and the charm of the town An old folk house hotel opens in Kosa Town [Kumamoto]

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The aim is "Regional Revitalization", "There are some hurdles for people who do not know Kosa Town, so I would like you to know the warmth of the region and the warmth of human beings by staying here," said Otaki.

On November XNUMXth, a hotel was opened in Kosa-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, which was a renovated old folk house with a history of about XNUMX years.Lodging… → Continue reading

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Warm Otaki Representative Director


Koza(Kosachi) isKumamotoLocated almost in the center oftown.Kamishijo-gunBelong to.


Located in the central inland area of ​​Kumamoto prefecture,Kumamoto-shiIt is located about 20km southeast of.NorthwestKumamoto PlainAlthough it is located at the southeastern end of Kyushu, most of the town area is included in the Kyushu Mountains, and the altitude is high.

In the center of townFirst-class riverIsMidorikawaFrom June to October every yearSweetfish OfFriend fishingIt is crowded with.

Adjacent local governments

Place name

  • 有安
  • 岩下
  • Omachi
  • 豊内
  • Nishisamano
  • Nitako
  • Higashisamano
  • (I.e.
  • Kamihaya River (former Tatsuno Village)
  • Shimoyokota (former Tatsuno Village)
  • Nakayokota (former Tatsuno Village)
  • Asobaru (formerly Otome Village)
  • Taguchi (former Otome Village)
  • Tsushida (former Otome Village)
  • Nakayama (former Otome Village)
  • Funatsu (former Otome Village)
  • Furyo (former Otome Village)
  • Minami Sanga (former Otome Village)
  • Semochi (former Otome Village)
  • Fawn (former Miyauchi Village)
  • Joyo (former Miyauchi Village)
  • Sakatani (former Miyauchi Village)
  • Nishihara (former Miyauchi Village)
  • Anping (former Miyauchi Village)
  • Itoda (formerly Shirohata Village)
  • Shibahara (former Shirohata Village)
  • White Flag (formerly Shirohata Village)
  • Hayakawa (former Shirohata Village)
  • Yoshida (former Shirohata Village)
  • Midoricho ( 1974, Separated from Nitako. )




  • Mayor: Katsumi Okuna (from September 2007, 9)


2004 Gross domestic product 303 billion yen

Major companies with headquarters and offices in Kosa Town



Population distribution by age in Kosa Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kosa Town (2005)
■Purple-Kosa Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kosa Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


high school

Junior high school

Kosa Municipal

primary school

Kosa Municipal




Currently, there are no railway lines in the town.In the past in Kumamoto cityMinamikumamoto StationConnects Tomochi Station in the current Misato TownKumanobu RailwayWas passing ( 1964Abolished).


  * Transferred "Hikawa Dam Line" and "Koichino Line" from Kumamoto Bus in April 2009



* There is no interchange in the town.The nearest interchange isMifune interchange.

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

  • Kojin Shrine --876 Kamiage, Kosa-cho, Kamimashiki-gun
  • --762 Hayakawa, Kosa-cho, Kamimashiki-gun
  • Yanaba
  • Well river gorge
  • Kiyomasa Koyama
  • Chukobashi Green Park
  • Tsushida River Nature Park (Otomegawara)
  • Asobaru Kinmokusei
  • First market (early March)
  • Sports Festa (late March)
  • Ayu Festival (late July)
  • (First Sunday in October[1])
  • Kumamoto Kosa 10 Mile Official Road Race Tournament(12st Sunday of March)

Native celebrity


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