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🧳 | Shimane / Sampei Onsen "Treasure Hunt Quest" Participation in Mt. ~ 12/20

Photo Photo: Let's solve the mystery and collect clues

Shimane / Sanbe Onsen "Treasure Hunt Quest" Participation in Mt. Sanbe and Mihonoseki Free mystery solving treasure hunt event is being held! ~ 12/20

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Other highlights include Miho Shrine, which is an important cultural property of the country, and Mihonoseki Lighthouse if you go a little further, and you can see Oki Islands on a clear day.

A treasure hunt quest is being held in Mihonoseki and the Shimane Peninsula, as well as Mt. Sanbe and its surrounding areas in Shimane Prefecture.Participation fee is ... → Continue reading

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Miho Shrine

Miho Shrine(Mihojinja)Shimane MatsueIt is inShrine.ShikinaishaAnd oldCorporate character TheChugoku Chusha.

DeitysystemEbisuThe head office of more than 3 companies (The head office of Ebisu shrine of the Ebisu shrine isNishinomiya Shrine).In addition to the god of business prosperity as an Ebisu god, he gains faith as a god of fishing and shipping, and a god of insect repellent in rice fields.Also, as the god of "sounding things"Musical instrumentThere are also many dedications.


To the rightGod of great countryOf the childDeity, After Okuninushi God in the left hallMihotsuhimeEnshrine.Mihotsuhime is the god of the "Omononushi" who is the soul of the Okuninushi god.KotoshironushiKamuyatate HimegamiSince she is a child between (Kamuyatehime) and Okuninushi, she is a mother-in-law.

"Izumo country style soil record』, Oanamochi Shrine (Okuninushi God) and Nana Nobunami Himegami (Princess NunakawaThere is a description that "" born between) sits in Mihogo.Originally, Miho Shrine was the only deity of our company,WritingmythIt is believed that Kotoshironushi and Mihotsuhime were named after the influence of.


The history of its founding is unknown, but it is an old shrine listed in the shrine ledger of "Izumo Kuni Fudoki" compiled in the 8th century.Enki ceremony god name bookLet's line up at a small company.

Mr. Yokoyama from the Middle AgesPriesthoodWas hereditary.Since the early modern period, "Taisha (Taisha)Izumo Taisha) Is the only way to get rid of it, and the number of worshipers has increased along with Izumo Taisha Shrine.Together with Izumo Taisha, it is collectively called "Izumo no Ebisu Daikoku".

Meiji18 years(1885å¹´) Is listed in the national shrineSecond World WarAfter thatShrine main office OfAttached ShrineIt became.


The current main shrine isKanseiAfter the fire of 12 years (1800)10 years of culture(1813年) Was rebuilt[1].Taisha constructionIt is said to be "Miho-zukuri" or "Hiwa Taisha-zukuri" in the special form of the two left and right ridges, and is designated as an important cultural property of the country.It is not clear when such a style was established[1].Treasure calendarIn the document called "Hakusama Gonokaku" in 13,astronomical"Miho" in Article 3 (1534)Shrine"Tensho"Miho" in Article 11 (1583)両社It is written with the company name.AlsoMeijiAccording to the 19th year (1886) "Kokumin Chusha Miho Shrine Schedule"Former turtleThe main shrine was one building until it was lost due to the war damage of the year (1570-1573), but after thatBunrokuIt is said that it was rebuilt by the year (1593-1596) with two main shrines on one foundation as it is today.[1]..From these two documents, it is estimated that the shrine was a one-building shrine in 3, and by the 1534th year of Tensho (1), it had a structure called "both companies" with two buildings. Be done[1]. Also,BunrokuThe sign on a building of the Yoshikawa Hiroie, which was marked as May Yoshiday in May 5, was built to apply for the Korean troop dispatch.BothIt says "Shinto shrine", which proves that the two shrines were already standing side by side at that time.[1]..However, it is unclear whether the two shrines at that time were connected as they are today.[1].Showa3 years(1928年) Repaired the main shrine from its original position to its current location by about 100 meters, and the sanctuary was expanded to complete its current shape.[2]..The roofs of the main shrine, worship hall, shrine gate, corridor, and fence are now thatched, but before the repair, they were thatched.[2]..There are Setsu-sha and Daigo-sha between the two main shrines, and there are 2 companies and 3 gods (Daigo-sha). Kamuyatate Hibiki,Nunakawa Hime, Himekosha Himetataraisuzu Himetataraisuzu,Isuzu-yori Hime, Shinshi shrine Inashishinmei) is enshrined.

Cultural property

Important cultural property (designated by the country)

  • Miho Shrine Main Hall Attached: 18 building tags--Culture 10 years (1813)

Important tangible folk cultural assets (designated by the country)

  • 2 ships
  • Miho Shrine dedication 846 points
  • 1 sled

Tangible cultural property designated by the prefecture

  • Paper book ink book handbook (Takagami)

Prefectural designated tangible folk cultural property

  • 1 abani attached: 17 paddles, 20 ambassadors
  • One ship


Aofushigaki Shinto ritualMorotesen(Morotabune) Shinto ritualKuniyuzuri mythIt is associated with. The Morotebune Shinto ritual in DecemberGod of great countryTo discuss the pros and cons of the national transferKotoshironushiThe story of sending a messenger to Aoshibaki was reproduced, and in April, Kotoshironushi, who decided to transfer the country, changed the ship to Aoshibaki and hid himself in it, but reproduced the appearance of being revived as a god again. ing[3].. Two of our shop, who avoided chicken and chicken eggs for a year and cleaned themselves in the sea every day, fasted from the day before, boarded two boats decorated with Aoshiba fence, went around the harbor, and worshiped at Miho Shrine.[4].

  • 1/1 --Year-end festival
  • 1/7 --First Ebisu Festival
  • February Setsubun --Setsubun Festival
  • 4/7 --Regular Festival (Aoshibagaki Shinto): The annual festival is held in the morning and the Aoshibaki Shinto is held in the afternoon.
  • 4/13 --Fishing Festival
  • 5/5 --Shinto ritual
  • 8/7 --Insect hunting Shinto ritual
  • Mid-September - Dance of Urayasu(Junior high school girl dances in full dress)
  • 12/3 --Niiname-no-Matsuri / Morotebune Shinto ritual

Wave-shearing money (Namikiri Gohei) and monthly money (Tsukinami Gohei)

Wave shear money
Dedicated to the Aoshibaki Shinto ritual.
Monthly banknote
It is offered at the monthly festival on the 7th of every month.


Matsue StationFrom platform 2Ichibata BusTake the bus bound for Mihonoseki Terminal (about 40 minutes).From the end of Mihonoseki TerminalMihonoseki Town BusTransfer to Mihonoseki and get off at the end of Mihonoseki (about 30 minutes).About a 1-minute walk from the Miho Shrine entrance bus stop.

ShotoSeason andGolden week, On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from summer to early winter and on December 12rdYonago Airport,Sakaiminato StationAnd the direct bus "Ebisu Liner" is operated[5].

There is a parking lot (free: space for more than a dozen cars) and a public toilet next to the public hall, and a 1-minute walk to the shrine.


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Mihonoseki Lighthouse

Mihonoseki Lighthouse(Miho no Sekitodai)San'inOldest[1] Of石造Lighthouse.1898年(Meiji31 years),Shimane PeninsulaEast end of JizozakiOn BachakusanFranceIt was built under the guidance of people.


"100 World Lighthouses"and"50 lighthouses in JapanHas been selected[1]..Due to its high historical and cultural property value, it is ranked APreservation lighthouseDesignated as the first lighthouseRegistered tangible cultural propertyWas registered in.7rd of July every yearMonday OfMarine DayThe inside of the lighthouse will be open to the public[1].

On the premisesMihonoseki no Gozenjima Illumination Light(Route sign number 0849) is attached.Also, on Okino Gozenjima, which floats about 4 km offshore,Okino Gozenjima Lighthouse(Route sign number 0850)[Note 1]Is installed.

The official residence (former residence for staff) next to the lighthouse is currently being converted into a Mihoseki lighthouse buffet (restaurant).[2].

1930å¹´ToYosano Tetsudo-AkikoThe couple are visiting Jizozaki, and the song left by the couple is written on the stone monument in front of the lighthouse facility.



Directions and Parking

  • JRSan'in Main LineMatsue StationからIchibata Bus40 minutes by (to Mihonoseki Terminal), get off at Mihonoseki Terminal, transfer to Mihonoseki Community Bus (Mihonoseki Line) 40 minutes, get off at Mihonoseki Shrine entrance, about 5 minutes by taxi


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