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🛏 | GoTo Travel makes the inn full, but I'm worried about the spread of infection ... Expectations for Sanin guests (Shimane / Matsue City)


The inn is fully booked by GoTo Travel, but I'm worried about the spread of infection ... Expectations for Sanin guests (Shimane / Matsue City)

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At Tamatsukuri Onsen, we hope that customers in the prefecture will come again.

Tamatsukuri Onsen in Matsue City, tourism is recovering in the autumn tourist season. It is in the busiest season of the year.Corona wreck ... → Continue reading

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This is an account of "San'in Chuo Television Broadcasting" (Fuji Television affiliate) news. We will send you the latest news from Shimane and Tottori prefectures.

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Tamazo Onsen

Tamazo Onsen(Tamatsukuri Onsen)Shimane MatsueTamauyu TownTamatsukuri (old)Izumo)It is inSpa.Heian periodMore three famous springs ("Pillow soshiko』), Shimane Prefecture's largest scale and history,Kinosaki Onsen,Kaike Onsen,Misasa OnsenIt is a hot spring resort that represents the Sanin region together with the others.

Spring quality

Hot spring town

Tamayu RiverWith a row of cherry blossom trees alongJapanese innEtc. are lined up.Matsue Castle,Izumo TaishaIt is close to tourist spots such as, and is useful as a sightseeing base, but basically the price setting is high, and there are many luxury Japanese-style inns built in Sukiya.There is no joyful color, and it shows a calm personality that values ​​history.In addition, one-day hot bath complex "Tamatsukuri Onsen Yu-Yu",Izumo Tamakusaku Historic Park, On the banks of the Tamayu RiverFoot bathThere is.

Above near the entrance to the hot spring townSan'in ExpresswayIs passing.

Famous places / main facilities

  • Magatama Bridge
  • Tamatsukuri Onsen Yu-Yu-A complex facility with a one-day hot bath facility, a conference room, and a convention hall.In front of the facilityMorning marketIs also done.
  • Izumo Tamakusaku Historic Park
  • Himegami Square
  • Matsue feudal lord villa Ochaya (remains display facility)


Nara periodFuruyu, which is said to be openShokoIs reported to have been discovered. "Izumo country style soil recordThere is also a description in the abstract, and it was known as Kami no Yu.AlsoEdo PeriodToMatsue DomainLordIt has become a resting place for people, and there was also a position to manage the hot springs called Yunosuke.The origin of the name Tamatsukuri is good quality blue in this area.agateIt is thought that it originated from the fact that the people of this area lived in Tamatsukuri because they were able to mine.Three kinds of sacred treasuresone of,Yakushaku sword(Gentle magatama)Kushimei TamaiIt is said that it was made here by (Kushiakaru Dama no Mikoto).神社 作 湯 神社Enshrines the life of the comb, and manyJewel,Tube ballIs stored as a company treasure.

Directions and Parking


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