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🛏 | Wakayama Prefectural Board of Education Miyazaki apologizes for the bribery case of "Avalorm Kinokuni"

Photo: Superintendent of Education Miyazaki apologizes at the extraordinary Education Committee (November XNUMX, Wakayama Prefectural Office North Annex)

Wakayama Prefectural Board of Education Miyazaki apologizes for bribery case of "Avalorm Kinokuni"

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In May of this year (2020), the superintendent of education Miyazaki also said that a teacher at Aridagawa Municipal Elementary School was arrested on suspicion of arsoning a water heater in a house. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience, "and expressed his intention to work to prevent recurrence.

The head chef and the head of the cooking department of Hotel Avalorm Kinokuni in Wakayama City, which is run by the Public School Mutual Aid Association, deliver the ingredients. → Continue reading

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Arita River

Arita River(Aridagawa)WakayamaFlowing in the north centralSecondary water systemIs the mainstream ofKii Peninsula OfRiverIs one of.


Ito-gunKoya TownIt originates in the middle of (elevation 1009 m) and flows to the southwest,Futagawa damPour into the dam lake, then turn the flow west,Arita CityIn a port townKii ChannelPour into.Upstreamforestry, Middle and downstreamUnshu mandarinIt is a typical river in Wakayama prefecture, which is mainly cultivated.The basin is a brand of Satsuma mandarin,Arita mandarin orangeKnown as the cultivated area of.

Basin municipality

Koya-cho, Ito-gun,Katsuragi Town,Arita-gunAritagawa Town, Arida City

Parallel traffic


Once in the Kibi town areaArita RailwayWas in parallel,2002 It was abolished only on December 12st.


  • National Route 371 --Made to run parallel to the most upstream part.
  • National Route 480 --It was made to run parallel from the upstream to the Arita Ohashi near the mouth of the river.
  • Wakayama Prefectural Road No. 22 Kibi Kanaya Line ――From the vicinity of the former Kibi Town Hall to the vicinity of Fujinami Station on the Kisei Main Line, pass through the south bank on the opposite side of National Highway 480.
  • National Route 42 --From the vicinity of Fujinami Station to Arita Ohashi, pass the south bank on the opposite side of National Highway 480.


  • Tadono Bridge
  • Taden Ohashi
  • Arita Higashi Ohashi
  • Miyahara Bridge
  • Arita Chuo Ohashi
  • Yasuda Ohashi
  • Antai Bridge
  • Arita Ohashi

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