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🧳 | Yoshihide Suga Request Escape Sapporo Wa Osaka Departure Travel


Yoshihide Suga's request avoidance Sapporo-Wa-Osaka trip

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Kogumi Shigeru Omi Shigeru Omi, Chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee of the Institute of Health and Welfare.

[Joint company November 11th Den] Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga 27th New Coronavirus Toxic Infectious Diseases Measures Displayed by Akira Sobe, Travel support item "Go To Travel" Nakano Sapporo City Waka Osaka City Departure Travel, Yayoi Use of immediate call avoidance exemption ".Cost of travel revision exemption for consumption.As mentioned above, the destination trip for the city has already been excluded, but the request is made by the object, and the progress is limited.Background of analysis Cause: A sense of crushing crisis in the medical treatment system, Yoshihide Suga emphasized "Urgent situation of medical treatment provision, urgent situation of medical treatment, sickbed work at the same time 27 people, 3 people with serious illnesses from all over the country, Ministry of Health and Welfare.435th day of bed use rate 25 prefectures Tatsuto government New crown infectious disease measures Small group 15rd staircase (infection increase) Index No. 25% or more.More than 2500 people who are infected with new infections all over the country.Tokyo new increase 570 people, new high.31 people died nationwide, the highest number until May 5 Mochihei.Kogumi Shigeru Omi Shigeru Omi, Chairman of the Welfare Committee of the Institute of Health and Welfare.A case of Niikappu medical treatment, in which surgery and first aid were completed, and the treatment was not accepted.Face-to-face Niikappu bed usage rate High in Hokkaido, Greater Tokyo, Chubu, and Kansai.Immediate flight increase and increase of sickbeds, securing young people, guardians, etc.Medical treatment line urgent degree possible Excess Central government Japanese prefecture Promulgation ... → Continue reading

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Meeting of the members of the Shinin Welfare Committee


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