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🛏 | [Reservation OK] Xmas cake at a hotel in Kobe

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[Reservations are still OK] Xmas cake at a hotel in Kobe

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At Hotel Okura Kobe, we offer 5 types of Christmas cakes with a wide variety of tastes and appearances (12 cm, 3200 yen and up).

The Christmas mood is finally getting excited!This year, enjoy "Home Xmas" with your family and close friends ... → Continue reading

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Christmas cake

Christmas cake(English: Christmas cake) IsChristmasCelebrate and eatcakeIn England, Ireland, and othersCommonwealthIt is widely known in various countries such as Japan and the Philippines.

British Christmas cake

British Christmas cakes are especially on December 12th (Christmas eve) And December 12th (Boxing Day) Have a habit of being served at tea time[1].

Besides Christmas cakes in EnglandBirthday cake,Wedding cakeAre often based on dark fruit cakes[1]..Dark fruit cakeDried fruitIt is a cake with a hard dough with plenty of[1].

Japanese Christmas cake

The history of Japanese Christmas cakes is a confectionery makerFujiyaFounded1910(Meiji43 years)[2].. In modern Japansponge cakeApply whipped cream or butter cream to the sugar sculpture (Meringue doll)ofSanta Claus,Christmas tree,Strawberry,チ ョ コ レ ー トIt is common to decorate it.This is Fujiya1922(TaishoIt has been popularized since around 11).In recent years, some parts of Japan South KoreaThen, like a birthday cake, for a Christmas cakeろ う そ くYou can also see candles in the shape of Santa Claus, but in the Commonwealth countries, Christmas cakes are not lit.Also, in Japan, it is customary to eat on the evening of Eve, not on Christmas day.

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