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🧳 | Tokyo Metro, New Year's Eve-New Year's Day all-night suspension


Tokyo Metro shuts down all night from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day

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Special express tickets that have already been sold will be refunded at no charge.

Tokyo Metro will stop operating all night from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day.Based on requests from local governments and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism ... → Continue reading


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Express ticket

Express ticket(Kyukouken) is a proof of payment of a fare that is collected separately from the fare for boarding an express train, bus, or ship.For transportation agencies that set express charges, the charges (Express charge) Is received, and it is issued certifying that a transportation contract by express train etc. has been concluded.Be sure to purchase an additional one when using an express train, etc.ticketUse with.

In the case of railways, when using it, as a consideration (fare) for travel (boarding)local train"Tickets" that can be used for other purposes, such as shortening the arrival time and purchasing additional services such as special roomsTicketIs a kind of.

JR line express fare

JR lineIn the case of, according to the passenger business rules, "Express trainWhat isOrdinary express train(So-called express)Special express trainIt is a general term for (so-called limited express), and the same applies to "express tickets", but when it is generally called "express tickets", the former is valid.Ordinary express ticketRefers to.Based on this, the following terminology will be used below.

  • Express trainorExpress --Normally refers to an express train.
    • Express ticket —— Refers to an ordinary express ticket.
  • Regular express train --A general term for ordinary express trains and special express trains.
    • Regular express ticket --Ordinary express ticket (express ticket) andSpecial express ticket(Limited express ticket) is a general term.

By purchasing an express ticket, you can use the unreserved seats of ordinary express trains.Express tickets have no seat selection effect.When using a reserved seat on an ordinary car of an express train, in addition to the express ticketReserved seat ticketMust be purchased separately.

  • In the case of the JR line, the express trains according to the rules "transport to the destination in preference to ordinary trains列車", And sets the price as a consideration for traveling faster.Of these, express trains were organized mainly for non-reserved seats in the history of business policy, so reserved seat tickets were additionally sold separately.Therefore, in the past, at the first station during the so-called "busy season"Boarding ticketWas issued.
  • In the era when semi-express trains (semi-express) were once drivenSemi Express TicketWas released, but initially it was set at a lower price than express tickets.This is because the vehicle equipment was positioned as simpler than the express train, but later153 series,Kiha 55 series diesel trainDue to the fact that it is now driven by vehicles with vehicle equipment equivalent to express trains, and because of the simplification of the toll system, it was set up to 100 km at the end of the system and was later abolished (""Semi express trainSee).
  • Hakodate honsenThe express that was operatingAkashiyaIn ", there was a train that downgraded a part of the service section from express to semi-express, but when boarding through a different type of train, a combined toll ticket called" express / semi-express ticket "was issued. Will be done.
  • Type 1 physically handicapped personandType 1 intellectually disabledDiscounts apply if you board a regular express train with your caregiver[1][2].

Currently, express trains are only for special trains (multi-passenger) during the multi-passenger period (here(See also), the sale of express tickets is limited to when the train is in operation and boarding.

Once again, the oldUtaka ferryExisted inHovercraft,High-speed boatbyExpressRequired when boardingFerry express ticketOr, I was operating a bus called "express"Hakuho Lineな どJNR busOn some routesBus express ticketAlso existed.Neither is seat selection, but specify the flight numberGreen WindowIt was on sale at.

Express charges other than JR lines

There is no express charge for private railways other than the JR line, and you can use the "express" type only with a ticket.Express trainOften a type of (JR line)Rapid train(local train) Equivalent), but some private railway express trains (equivalent)Chichibu Railwayof"Chichibu Road"Etc.) also exists.In that case, seat selection may also be made on the express ticket (""Express train #Private railway express trainSee).

JR Line Express Ticket Fees and Validity

  • Use the JR line express fareOperating kilo(Fare calculation km, etc.Is not set according to).
    • As mentioned above, when using reserved seats on ordinary express trains,Reserved seat ticketPurchase (reserved seat ticket).
    • LikewiseGreen carWhen usingGreen ticket for express trains,SleeperWhen usingSleeper ticketIs required separately (reserved seat ticket is not required).
    • Reserved-seat tickets, green tickets, and sleeper tickets for express trains can be purchased only when applying at the same time as the express ticket or presenting a valid express ticket for the boarding.
  • The express ticket is valid only on the designated date.[3]You will need one for each express train (one for each transfer).
    • However, if two express trains are combined in a part of the section and you want to transfer from one to the other while the combined operation is in progress, you can board with one express ticket. As of 2, there are no regular express trains to which this provision applies, but they once existed.
    • In addition,All car seat designationIf the express train is full, all seats will be reserved.Special express trainThe number of tickets sold is set at the same price as a regular express ticket, just like when the tickets are full.Standing express ticketMay be released.Standing limited express ticketSee also section.However, as of 2015, there are no express trains with reserved seats for all regular trains.
  • If you purchase an express ticket and a reserved seat ticket, green ticket, or sleeper ticket that you use at the same time, combine both tickets into a single ticket (One leaf typeMay be issued.
    • In this case, if you miss the designated train, you can abandon the reserved seat ticket part and use it as a single express ticket to the farthest station in the ticket section and the same business kilometer zone (Passenger Business Regulation No. 172). Article 4).The validity period is the same as that of a single express ticket, and if a reserved seat ticket is required, only the reserved seat ticket is newly purchased.
    • Refunds for such fare tickets must be made for both express tickets and reserved seat tickets.If the reserved seat ticket is valid before the start of use, only the refund fee for the reserved seat ticket will be applied to Ichiyo, and no fee will be collected for the express ticket (Article 272, Paragraph 4 of the same rule).

About the amount

Shows the regular express charges for adults according to the JR East Passenger Business Regulations (revised October 2019, 10).However, the amount is common to all JR companies, with exceptions.Half price for children.If a fraction less than 1 yen appears, it will be rounded down.

Up to 50kmUp to 100kmUp to 150kmUp to 200km201km or more
560 Yen760 Yen1,000 Yen1,100 Yen1,320 Yen

However, in the following cases, this fee will not be used and the amount will be the specified amount.This is because the non-reserved seat limited express charge is set cheaper than the express charge in the following sections, and in this case, the express charge and the limited express charge are the same amount.

Transit discount

Transfer fee systemByShinkansen-Aomori / Hakodate stationsandLimited express / express in ShikokuYou can use the transfer discount with.

Handling when train is delayed

If the express train you board is delayed for more than 2 hours, the express fee will be fully refunded (Article 289, Paragraph 2 of the Passenger Business Regulations).

  • If you use a reserved seat on an express train, but the train is eligible for a refund due to a delay, the refund will only be given for the express fare (see below).
  • In addition, at the boarding station, "delay awareness" will be handled, in which discount express tickets will be sold under a special contract that does not refund even if there is a delay of 2 hours or more at the destination.In this case, the express charge will be 5% off the regular charge (Special express ticket sectionSee also).

Difference from special express ticket

Limited express trains (limited express trains) have been operated with reserved seats on all cars since the beginning of the system.Since then, facilities for non-reserved seats have been installed in line with the increase in the number of limited express trains nationwide. "Unreserved seat limited express ticket" will be released.This is the opposite of the history of the express fare system, but this difference is noticeable in the handling of train delays.

According to Article 289, Paragraph 2 of the Passenger Business Regulations, if an express train under the regulations is delayed for 2 hours or more, the express ticket under the regulations will be fully refunded, but the treatment differs between express trains and limited express trains as follows.

Express"Express tickets" and "reserved seat tickets" are treated as consideration for separate services, and only "express tickets", which are "compensation for faster travel", are eligible for refund.The same applies to the regular express tickets sold by "Awareness of Delay" mentioned above, and reserved seat tickets for express trains are not eligible for discounts.[4].
Limited expressFrom the beginning, the entire amount of both the "reserved seat limited express ticket" and the "non-reserved seat limited express ticket" is positioned as the "special express charge".For this reason, the entire amount is subject to late refund as "the price for a faster trip".

In addition, the handling is different if you miss the train for which you purchased a reserved ticket.

handlingIf you want to use another train with reserved seats
ExpressAlthough the reserved seat ticket is invalid, it does not affect the validity of the express ticket itself, so you can board the unreserved seat of the train in the ticket section that departs during the valid period.It is enough to purchase only the reserved seat ticket again.
Limited expressYou can get on the unreserved seats of the train on the ticket section that departs on the day of the missed train.[5][6]..This is because the system is positioned as a "relief measure for passengers who missed the train" and the limited express ticket itself is treated as an "invalid ticket".Refunds for the difference from the non-reserved seat fee cannot be requested.It is necessary to purchase a reserved seat limited express ticket again.Refunds for limited express tickets that were not used due to late arrival cannot be requested.


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  4. ^ This handling is for "refund when using a delayed train to the destination station", and for "cancellation of travel" or "return to departure station" due to delay, all tickets including reserved seat tickets and tickets Classes are eligible for refund (Article 282 of the Passenger Business Regulations).
  5. ^ Shinkansen (reserved seats) limited express tickets will be unreserved seats on Shinkansen trains.
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