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🧳 | Hotel WBF Group, membership program "Club WBF" will end at the end of next year


Hotel WBF Group ends membership program "Club WBF" at the end of next year

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In April, WBF Hotel & Resorts applied to the Osaka District Court for the application of the Civil Rehabilitation Law.

Hotel WBF Group will start the membership program "Club WBF" on December 2021, 12 due to the reorganization of the company. → Continue reading


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Osaka District Court

Osaka District Court(Osaka Chihosaibansho) isOsakaOsakaIt is inJapan OfDistrict courtOne of theOsakaHave jurisdiction over.AbbreviationIt is,Osaka District Court(Small size).Sakai,KishiwadaHas a branch office.


It has jurisdiction over Osaka Prefecture, and the Osaka District Court has the main office located in Kita-ku, Osaka City,Sakai CitySakai WardandKishiwadaWith the district courtFamily courtHas a branch office. In the above three placesIkeda,Toyonaka City,Suita City,Ibaraki City,Higashi Osaka City,Hirakata,Tomitabayashi,Habikino,IzumisanoIn total 9 places including 12 placesSummary courtHas been installed. In addition, the main office is located in Osaka XNUMXst to XNUMXthProsecution examination committeeHowever, the Sakai Public Prosecution Board and the Kishiwada Public Prosecution Board are set up at the locations of the branches.



Main office

Sakai branch

Kishiwada Branch

*However, the administrative case is the central office, and the Kishiwada branch jurisdiction case, juvenile case orCriminal trial involving judgesAre handled by the Sakai branch.

Intellectual property case

2005Enforced on April 4Intellectual Property High Court Establishment LawByIntellectual property rightThe following are the first trials concerning the Osaka District Court (Osaka High CourtWest of jurisdiction)Tokyo District Court(Nagoya High CourtIt becomes the exclusive jurisdiction of two courts in the jurisdiction east.

  1. Patent case
  2. Utility model case
  3. Case of right to use circuit layout of semiconductor integrated circuit
  4. Cases relating to program copyright (For cancellation lawsuits against the JPO decision,Tokyo High CourtThe exclusive jurisdiction of (Patent lawExcluded in (178))

The High Court, which has jurisdiction over the court of first instance, has jurisdiction over the appeals in that jurisdiction.High CourtBecomes The Tokyo District Court's exclusive jurisdiction (Patent Law, Article 178) excludes any action against the JPO decision. In addition, "Intellectual Property High CourtIs a technical type lawsuit among the high courts that have jurisdiction over the courts of the first instance.[1]Will be responsible only for the appeal of Technical type litigation is exclusively under the jurisdiction of the "Intellectual High Court" within the Tokyo High Court.

AppealSupreme CourtIs. Among the patent cases, the cancellation action against the decision of the JPO is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo High Court under Article 178 of the Patent Law, and the Tokyo Intellectual Property High Court is the first instance.

Non-technical type[2]The first trial is the district court, Tokyo district court (Kyoto prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture west), Osaka district court (Fukui prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Mie prefecture and east) (Civil Procedure Law Article 1). 6), the appeal court is the High Court, which has jurisdiction over the court of the first instance, and the appeal court is the Supreme Court.

Specialized department

Including the concentration section.

  • preservationDepartment-1st Civil Department
  • Tax and Administration Department-2nd and 7th Civil Department
  • Commercial Department-4th Civil Department
  • Labor Department-5th Civil Department
  • Bankruptcy Department-6th Civil Department
  • ArchitecturearbitrationDepartment-10st Civil Department
  • ImplementationDepartment-14st Civil Department
  • Transportation Department-15th Civil Department
  • Medical Affairs-17, 19, 20th Civil Department
  • Intellectual Property Department-21st, 26th Civil Department
  • WritDivision-10th Criminal Division

Successive directors

The terms in parentheses indicate the term of office, transfer destination, etc.

Trial events

  • Continuous assault in the Osaka District Court -From 2006 to 2008, the same defendant, in the Osaka District Court's court,Prosecutor,Prison officerAssault on each timeProsecutionA case in which a conviction was sentenced. The prosecutor's and prison officer's assault was prosecuted as a new case, and in the trial of the case another assault was made and a new case was prosecuted.
  • Privacy Infringement Issue against Defendants-Osaka District Court2008Made on August 12theftIn the trial of the case, "tuberculosisThere is a fear of "there is a notice," and the masks were distributed to the listeners, and everyone who came to the trial wore the mask.[3].
  • Judge says to listeners "noisy"-Osaka District Court2011On April 4th,Trial periodInDismissalIn the judgment of the civil lawsuit over the plaintiff's claim to dismiss, the plaintiff's supporters who were in the audience were clamoring for explanations of the reason for the decision. In response, one of the judges said he was "noisy," and the supporters sat further in court to protest, but the judge did not apologize at all.[4].

Out-of-court events


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  1. ^ Lawsuits relating to patent rights, utility model rights, circuit layouts, and program copyrights
  2. ^ Design right cases, trademark cases, cases involving copyrighted rights (excluding those related to program copyrights), breeder rights cases, cases involving infringement of operating profit due to unfair competition
  3. ^ "Fear of tuberculosis in defendants" Distribution of masks to listeners, pre-court post Yomiuri Shimbun May 2008, 12
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