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🚄 | Tobu and Moka Tetsudo jointly produced, C11 type 325 commemorative hard ticket ticket set for sale in limited quantity


Co-produced by Tobu Railway and Moka Tetsudo, C11 type 325 commemorative ticket set is on sale in limited quantities

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The production of the "C11 325 Commercial Operation Start Commemorative Ticket" was jointly handled by Tobu Railway and Moka Railway, and the design is finished so that you can enjoy the history of the C11 Type 325 and the male figure when operating on the Moka Railway.

Similar to the Moka Railway era, the steam locomotive C11 type 325 that blows a powerful draft and goes on the Tobu Railway track ... → Continue reading

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C11325 Commercial operation start commemorative ticket

Moka Railway

Moka Railway Co., Ltd.(Mooka Tetsudo) isTochigiandIbarakiOldJapan National Railway(JNR)Specific local transportation lineRailway line that changedMoka LineRunThird sectorRailway companyIs.Tochigi Prefecture and local governments along the railway line have invested.


The history as a route is "Moka Railway Moka LineSee section.



Organize in local governments along the lineHaga Area Wide Area Administrative Office UnionとShimodate(CurrentChikusei) Entrusted1994(Heisei6 years)May 3からSteam locomotive traction trainAs (SL train) "SL is tooI'm drivingsteam locomotive I have (SL).

Existing vehicle

Past enrolled vehicles

Image character

  • Cotton road(Michimoka Wata) --The nickname was decided in September 2020 by a public offering on the Internet. "Cotton Road" is derived from the nickname of Moka Railway, which is "Cotton Way" after the traditional industry of Moka Cotton. "Moka" is derived from the Roman alphabet "MOKA" at Mooka Station. Anthropomorphic character modeled after "C9 (Kawamata)".[13]


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