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🚗 | [F1] New Aston Martin gets "Cognizant" as a title partner in 2021 ...

Photo "Cognizant" is appointed as the title partner of Aston Martin.

[F1] New Aston Martin gets "Cognizant" as a title partner in 2021 ...

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"F1 is a hugely influential motorsport, and participating in it will play an important role in Aston Martin's overall corporate strategy and take it a step further.

In 2021, Aston Martin will return to F60 for the first time in more than 1 years.New year, again ... → Continue reading


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Overall corporate strategy

Aston Martin

Aston Martin(Aston Martin ) IsUK OfPassenger carManufacturer and brand name. The official company name is "Aston Martin Lagonda".


A leading sports car manufacturer representing Britain since its establishment. Since its founding, it has mainly produced high-priced sports cars, and has consistently worked on making cars that emphasize quality and pursue beauty. It is one of the few luxury car manufacturers in the UK with ethnic capital,1960 eraI love you morePrince of WalesからRoyal WarrantHas been awarded.

Motor sportsBut with a long tradition,1959Is one of the three biggest races in the world24 Hours of Le MansWin,World sports car championship(WSC) conquered (in the same yearF1Also participated in). Even nowFIA World Endurance ChampionshipIn addition to participating in the (WEC) LM-GTE class, in F1Red bull racingWe are affiliated withRacing pointAnd will participate in Works as Aston Martin F1. In addition, a movie about British intelligence members007 series, DB5 etc.Bond carHas appeared as.Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange



1913In Robert Bumford (Robert Bamford) And Lionel Martin (Lionel Martin) But,Racing driverBut also Luis ZborovskyPiagetEstablished "Bumford & Martin" with the support of[1]did.

After that, remodeling the "singer"1915The first car manufactured inBuckinghamshireVillage of Aston Clinton (Aston ClintonWas made inHill climbMartin's success in the race led to the birth of the Aston Martin brand name[1].

1920"Sports" debuted in, and the supporter Count Zborovsky and others who took it participated in numerous races,1923Is now on the market.

Volatile management

However1924In addition, Count Zborovskyイタリア OfMonza CircuitWent bankrupt after being killed in an accident during a race in1925However, it will go bankrupt again and Martin will leave the company.

after that1926Augustus Cesare Vertelli participated in1937In addition to being involved in the development of various vehicle models that contribute to increasing the reputation of Aston Martin, such as "International", "Alster", and "MkII".1931 Le Mans 24-hour raceThen he will be active mainly in endurance races, such as showing the activity of entering the fifth place overall.

However, due to the large amount of investment in production methods and motor sports that do not care for management efficiency,1932Will be in business crisis again.

Under World War II

In response to this, Arthur Sutherland reached out,1936After that, the development of racing cars that do not directly contribute to profits and the participation in motor sports will be stopped, and the production of commercial cars such as "15/98" and "2 liter speed" will be concentrated.

It seems that the business reconstruction will proceed,1939Britain in SeptemberドイツToDeclaration of warToothSecond World WarThe market for luxury sports cars disappeared as a result of the outbreak. In addition, as the British entered the wartime regime, the production of commercial vehicles was stopped at the end of "2 liter speed", and after that, by concentrating on the production of parts for military aircraft, it was decided to survive the war.

David Brown era


After the end of World War II1947In the UKBusinessmanso,ト ラ ク タ ーBrown heads the group "David Brown Limited" in the manufacturing industry for industrial machinery such as (David BrownOf the luxury car brand that went bankrupt under the umbrella ofLagondaWas merged (excluding factories). At this time, I was in Lagonda at the timeBentleyIs the founder and developer ofWalter Owen BentleyAlso transferred to Aston Martin as it was, the engine of the Lagonda was used for Aston Martin, and later he became involved in the engine design of new models.

1948"DB1" which is the first model after World War II was announced. further1950Bentley designed the engine "DB2" and the model with the name "DB" will debut in succession. The model names that follow are David Brown's initials, "DBWill be attached. In addition, to emphasize that it became a member of the "David Brown Group",1950 eraIn the latter half, it was decided that the logo mark would also be written as "DAVID BROWN ASTON MARTIN".

Motor sports return

In response to the progress of funding under David Brown's umbrella, we also made a return to motorsport, which revived after World War II,1949Than"24 Hours of Le MansAnd continued to participate in the war after that,1959と1960While only for two seasonsFormula 1Participating in world championships and expanding the range of activities.

"The 24 Hours of Le Mans" and "Spa FrancorchampsIn endurance races such as the "24-hour race", he immediately shows his success1955 Le Mans 24-hour raceAnd in 1956 and 1958, came in second overall,1959 Le Mans 24-hour raceThen, "DBR1" becomes "Ferrari"Or"ジ ャ ガ ー","Porsche"The golden age" is left, such as displacing strong powers such asMotor sportsEarned a high reputation in.

Participating in motor sports, including endurance racing, not only contributed a lot to the technological development of commercial vehicles, but also made good use of motor sports in marketing. However, sometimes we focus on the commercial vehicle division,1959I took my hand out of the line of motor sports.

Peak period

1950 eraFocusing on the commercial vehicle division from the second half,1955To theAlvis"Or"HealeyWe acquired "Tick Ford", a long-established coach worker who was also involved in the body production of "," and the body production after "DB2/4 Mk2" will now take place at the company's factory in Newport Pagnell.

After that, manufacturing other than the body moved to Newport Pagnell, and a new inline 6-cylinder engine was installed in a lightweight body manufactured by the patented ``Super Reggera'' manufacturing method of Italy's prestigious Carrozzeria'Touring'.DB4", as well as the prestigious Carrozzeria.Zagato'' debuted a high-performance new model car that was later called a famous car such as ``DB4 Zagato'' designed by.

さ ら に1961Announced a large 4-door saloon "Lagonda Rapide" under the "Lagonda" brand. After that, the "Lagonda" brand will be used in some of the large 4-door saloons announced by Aston Martin.

1964IsDB5Is an American movie007 series"of"007 Gold Finger"so"Bond carHas gained world-famous recognition,1965Is an improved version ofDB6Was announced, and sales reached the peak in the United States, which is the largest market.

Incidentally,1966ToElizabeth IIqueenVisited the factory and thenPrince Charles"DB6 Volante" as a gift toBritish Royal FamilyIt will be used as a private car for members.

Leaving group

また1967Has a completely new design of the new model "DBS], also of a new designV8 cylinderAston Martin's management seemed to remain steady, including the introduction of an engine.

However1972As the "David Brown Group" fell into slump, and Aston Martin was rebuilt and put on a growth path, David Brown had no choice but to let go of Aston Martin's management rights.

Company development era

In the same year, the investment group "Company Development" headed by William Wilson transferred control for just £100, and the word "DB" disappeared from the model name. As a result, "DBS" has been renamed to "V8".

I was wondering if the new management system would be as successful as in the David Brown era, but each model to be produced soonCaliforniaNew enforced inEmission Control LawSince it can not correspond to1974Is no longer available for sale in America, the largest market for Aston Martin.

As a result, there was a shortage of operating funds, and a sudden slump in management led to the trustee's hands.1975When we entered, we were forced to lay off hundreds of employees, stop production, and shut down the factory, again threatening the future of the company.

Minden/Sprague/Turner era

Production restart

In March 1975,カナダWas re-sold to a bailout fund by the Aston Martin Owners Club and an investor group of George Minden, American, Peter Sprague, American, Alan Curtis, Dennis Fraser, Jeremy Turner, and others.

Shortly thereafter, the factory was reopened, about 100 employees were rehired, and the name was changed to "Aston Martin Lagonda Limited." furtherJapanThe sales plan in the international market including US and USA was clarified. In addition, due to the problem of parts procurement due to the credit deterioration caused by the factory closure, full-scale production will not1976Became.

Launch of new model

Based on the funds obtained from new owners,1970 eraIn the latter half of the year, "V8 Vantage" and "V8 Vantage Volante", which are evolutionary versions of "V8",1976Released a series of new models such as the completely new large-sized 4-door model "Lagonda 2" by Williams Towns (Note that "Lagonda 2" is a practical dashboard that uses LEDs and touch panels. Difficult to release1978Slipped into).

さ ら に1979, The ambitious prototype "Bulldog" made its debut and attracted a great deal of attention.

Furthermore, around this time, the business slumpedイタリアof"LamborghiniAnd the acquisition ofBritish LeylandIt was under the umbrellaMGAlthough there was a plan to lend a hand to the rescue of "," the expansion plan was abandoned because the current recession forced the company to lay off 450 employees.

Gauntlet era

Business diversification

1981Was sold to British businessman and millionaire Victor Garntolet, who runs Pace Petroleum, an oil development and distribution company, in order to further stabilize management.

Happened in the late 1970sOil shockIn the wake of the subsequent recession, the automobile manufacturing business, which was the main business of the company, continued to be in a recession and was forced to re-employ employees, but it was managed under Garuntlet, which also included investment from other investment groups. After regaining stability, he established an engineering development subsidiary under the "Tickford" brand acquired in 1955.Ford capri"Or"Austin MetroWe promoted business diversification by outsourcing development.

Revival of tradition

In addition, Garnett is again the new "007" series "007 Living Daylights"V8 Vantage" appeared as a "bond car" in Italy, which had a tie-up relationship in the "DB4" eraCarrozzeriaInvested in "Zagato",1986Made a dedication to the "V8 Vantage Zagato," which is a small-volume production collaboration model with the "Zagato."

Although the business condition was stable under the Garnett, the old and inefficient production facilities at the Newport Pagnell factory were renewed and the fuel efficiency was poor, and a new engine replacing the V8 engine that had been left behind from the times No radical reforms or large-scale investments that would affect long-term management, such as development, were made.

Under Ford

at that time,ジ ャ ガ ーIncluding,EuropeOf Ford Motor Co., Ltd.EuropeRepresentatives Walter Hayes and GaruntletMille MigliaWas performed in England by royal members participating inpartyAs a result of his presence at Ford Motor Company, the acquisition of Aston Martin by Ford Motor was decided quickly.1987Will sell its shares to Ford Motor Company and will be included in the company's umbrella.

After joining Ford Motor1989Is1980 eraThe plan was progressing from the middle stageVillageWas released. The production process was the same as before, but many of Ford's interior and electrical components were diverted to improve the quality.

Ford era

Promoting reform

after that1991Will complete the acquisition by Ford Motor and will be led by various reforms by Aston Martin's new management led by Walter Hayes, which was sent from Ford.

Under the new management team, the completely new model development project "NPX" started andRacing driverSo, I have been developing a Jaguar racing car etc.Tom WalkinshawIt was developed under the leadership of "TWR".1994Is a new model produced at a new factory in Bunbury where Ford's latest production technology was introduced.DB7It made its debut under the name.

In addition, Ford re-invited David Brown as a director of the new Aston Martin after the acquisition was completed.DBI came to give the car name of ".

After Ford injected a large amount of money after the acquisition was completed,1990 eraAfter that, investment in R&D and production facilities that had been out of date increased, and as a result, new models such as "DB7", "Vanquish" and "DB9" with new engine and new technology were introduced. As I went from time to time, the business condition will stabilize until the number of vehicles sold in the world increases.

PAG group

Also, since it became a Ford company, "ジ ャ ガ ー","Land rover","Volvo Cars","DamelerTogether withP(Premium Automotive Group) as one of the manufacturers, centering on "Jaguar" and "Daimler" etc. to reduce costs by sharing parts purchases and share parts to improve quality Was also advanced.

さ ら に2004IsWRCActive inPro drive"Aston Martin Racing" was established in collaboration with, and the return to full-scale motor sports has started.

Sell ​​again

In addition to Ford's abundant financial resources, investment progressed from a medium- to long-term perspective, and the Aston Martin's management was stable due to the enhancement of the lineup,American terrorist attacksFollowing the soaring prices of crude oil2000 eraAs Ford's management deteriorated after the middle stage, Ford decided to sell Aston Martin.

Richards era

After that, the sale destinations were narrowed down,2007In 3 monthPro driveIs the founder ofDavid Richards,クウェートInvestor group consisting of two investment companies of £2 million (4 millionDollar) Was sold.

After that, Ford's "PAG Group"VolvoHowever, some of Aston Martin's shares are still held by Ford.

After that, the four-door model "DBS V9" which is a high-performance version of "DB12" and the successor model of "Lagonda 2"Rapide",furtherToyotaSmall car jointly developed withSignetIn addition to introducing new models such as ","One-77The ambitious limited cars such as "" were also introduced.

Independence and affiliation

2012Italy's Investin Industrial acquired a 37.5% stake,2013ToドイツAutomaker,DaimlerStarted a partnership with Also2014To the originalNissan MotorVice PresidentAndy PalmerWas appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

2016IsMercedes amgEquipped with an engine supplied byDB11It was announced that the engine of the new model to be introduced in the future will be equipped with the engine supplied by "Mercedes AMG" instead of manufactured by Aston Martin.

But not only is it not made in EnglandWorld War IとSecond World WarでEnemy countryWas oldGermanyMany owners and fans lament the installation of this engine.


Not only the manufacture and sale of new vehicles, but also our own vehicles manufactured and shipped in the pastRestoreWe are also focusing on the business of doing business, mainlyinvestmentEmerging who purchased an old model vehicle as a targetwealthy classWe are responding to orders from. As a result of these efforts, as of 2014, 9% of all Aston Martin vehicles shipped are said to be in production.[2].

In addition,FIA World Endurance Championship OfGT car He is also active in motor sports, such as competing for the title in the (LM-GTE) class.2017 Of24 Hours of Le MansThen, at the final corner of the final lap, "Chevrolet corvette, And won the class victory in the reversal. Furthermore, it is reported that it is considering returning to Formula 1, and from 2018Red bull racingIn partnership with, he was competing as "Aston Martin Red Bull Racing".

2020Of the F1 driverLance StrollInvestor-led investment fund, also known as his father, acquired a 25% stake and became a major shareholder[3]..As a result, the contract with Red Bull Racing will end in 2020.Next time2021From now on, Stroll will be the ownerRacing pointF1 team constructor "Aston MartinRenamed to "Works TeamTo participate in the war for the first time in 61 years[4].

Vehicle list

Past model

The reason why DB8 does not exist is to prevent the V12 model DB series from being mistaken for V8.

Current model

Concept car

  • V12 Vantage RS
  • DP-100 VGT
  • CC100
    • Movie 007 series "Specter] 10 specially manufactured as bond cars.

Motor sports

Sports car/GT race



YearsChassisengineタ イ ヤdriver12345678910PointRanking
1959Aston Martin RB6
2.5L L6
British flagRight66Right
United States flag Carol ShelbyRightRight810
Aston Martin RB6
2.5L L6
British flagDNSRight
French flag Maurice Transtinian11

Import and sales in Japan


1930 eraIt was imported to Japan via a regular import distributor. For a while after World War II, regular imports stopped and parallel imports became the main focus.1965"CornesBecame the first post-war official import distributor.

However, the contract with the company ended in just three years, after which "Japan Leyland"Or"MitsuiI was replaced by several companies in a short period of time,Bubble economyPeriod1986"Azabu carBecame an import sales agent. afterwards1994The import and sales agent has been transferred to "Atlantic Cars".


2010 eraTo strengthen the business base in the Asia-Pacific region, strengthen sales in Japan,20151/5The first Japanese corporation "Aston Martin Japan Limited" was established in Japan.

after that2017To "SKY GROUP" (Motoren Niigata)TokyoAppointed as an authorized distributor in the area[6]did. In response to this, the "Atlantic Cars", which had been active as a regular import and sales agent until then, was announced at the end of March 2017 at "Aston Martin Akasaka" (New oriental company) Has decided to terminate the authorized distributor contract at the end of June 2017.2019Currently in Tokyo, as well as in Nagoya (Hako Automotive Industry), Osaka (Hako Automotive Industry), Kobe (Hako Automotive Industry), Yokohama (Graz Automobile), Hiroshima (M Auto), Fukuoka (Eizo Motors). There are authorized distributors.


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