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🚗 | Expanded to 3 models including Maruti Suzuki's subscription and Wagon R ... 11 models in total

Photo Suzuki Wagon R new model (India specification)

Expanded to 3 models including Maruti Suzuki's subscription and Wagon R ... 11 models in total

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This time, this Maruti Suzuki subscription has been expanded to the popular Wagon R, Ignis and S Cross in India.

Suzuki's Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki announced on January 1th that it has a subscription program ... → Continue reading


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Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti Suzuki India(English : Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Commonly known as "Maruti Suzuki")AutomobileManufacturer,Japanese sea bass OfIndiaInPassenger carProduction salesubsidiary.

With the Indian governmentJoint Venture"Multi UdyogWas founded in February 1981 and includes IndiaSouth AsiaHas become the largest automobile company in.2002In May, Suzuki, which increased its investment ratio, became a subsidiary, and the company name was changed in July 5.

Aired in India since December 2012Anime"Suraj The Rising Star, Which is the main sponsor of Maruti Suzuki.


  • Founded: 1981
  • Factory start year: 1983
  • head office: New Delhi
  • Factory 1: HaryanaGurgaon
  • Factory 2: Manesar, Haryana
  • Investment ratio: Suzuki 56.2%, others 43.8% (April 2013)
  • Production results: 116.9 million units (2012)[3]
  • Number of employees: 12,100 (April 2013)


  • Around 1970, stale automobiles were manufactured at high cost in India due to environmental deficiencies. In this situation, the then prime ministerIndira GandhiWas my second son and loved carsSanjay Gandhi TheNational car conceptHugging, licensed from the Indian government,1971June Multi (MARUTI LIMITED) was established. However19806/23, Sanjay Gandhi died suddenly in an airplane accident he flew.
  • 1981In February, the Indian government made Multi a state-owned company, Mult Udyog, and planned a national car plan.Joint ventureSuzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (currently Suzuki) responded to the search for the other party.
  • 1982In March, a party from the Indian government visited Japan to negotiate with a joint venture candidate and visited a Japanese automobile manufacturer.ç±³ 国It's a mess, and the only one that the top responded to from the beginning to the end was Suzuki Motor Co.Osamu SuzukiThere was only the president.
  • 1982In October, signed a contract with Suzuki Motor Industry. It was said that Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. decided to invest in India, which was an exceptional case at the time, and there was fear of a management crisis due to failure.
  • 198312/14, Production first carMulti 800(Japanese light carSuzuki Alto(800 cc car based) is line off. December 12th was Sanjay Gandhi's birthday. Due to its low price, the Multi 14 has exploded popularity,1980 eraOf the Indian small car marketoligopolyPut in a state.
  • 1992Suzuki increased its investment ratio from 26% to 50%.
  • 2000 eraWhen entering, the average income of the Indian people will increase and the number of vehicles produced will increase sharply. Alto's export to Europe has also started.
  • 2002Suzuki raises stake to 54%subsidiaryConversion.
  • 2005ToMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryAwarded as "Japan Brand Creation Contribution Company"[4]As a result, Suzuki entered the country where it is most acceptable for small cars, which Suzuki is good at,business modelGot a great reputation as.
  • 2006On December 12, the Indian government sold all of its shares and completedPrivatizationWas done.
  • 2007September 9, changed to the current company name.
  • In fiscal 2007, Suzuki's new car sales in India exceeded those in Japan for the first time. The number of new vehicles sold in India increased by 12% year-on-year to 71 units, which was a decrease of 1818% year-on-year to about 3.4 units.
  • 20127/18, The troubles between employees in the Manesar factory startedRiotOccurs. One person died and more than 1 were injured when the office etc. was set on fire.[5].. As a result, it was forced to shut down for about a month.
  • 20141/18, Multi-800 production ended. Cumulative sales exceeded 250 million units[6].
  • 20141/28, SuzukiGujaratAhmedabadAnnounced that it will establish a four-wheel vehicle manufacturing subsidiary, Suzuki Motor Gujarat.[7].. The aim of Suzuki's own wholly-owned investment in establishing a new company is to reduce the capital investment burden of Maruti Suzuki and strengthen its involvement in plant operations.[8].
  • 2015Achieved cumulative production of 5 million units in May[9].
  • New from 2015Sales network"NEXA" was launched as

Company name

"Multi" is the Indian wind god "Marty मारुति ”, which is conscious of the image of a car running dashingly at a light speed.The company name "Udyog" at the time of its establishment is a katakana reading of the Roman alphabet "Udyog", which means "industry / industry" in Hindi.

The company name was changed in 2007Passenger carIs "Multi Suzuki" (Maruti suzuki ) The brand name is adapted to the company name because it has spread throughout India.[10].

Main production/sales models

Regarding the types of vehicles that are distributed as light vehicles in Japan, 800 cc and 1,000 cc, depending on the local situation.engineChanged to a slightly larger body size,Manual transmissionAre combined.
[] is the car name in Japan.

The following 5 models are sold as "NEXA"
Discontinued model


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