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🚗 | Terrano, Mistral ... Nissan SUVs ahead of the movement [Nostalgic car catalog]

Photo Nissan Mistral (Photo is 1995)

Terrano, Mistral ... Nissan SUVs ahead of the movement [Nostalgic car catalog]

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Initially, cars produced in the UK (NMUK, Sunderland City = at that time) were imported, but in the middle of the process, the Japanese market was switched to cars produced at the Kyushu factory.

From this time, I would like to deliver "nostalgic SUVs" in several parts.The first is a Nissan SUV.Some models continue to the present, but ... → Continue reading


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Sunderland (England)

Sunderland(Sunderland English pronunciation: [ˈSʌndɚlənd] Mackem dialect : [ˈSʊn (d) lən]) IsUK-England OfTyne and WearIt is a port city in.It used to be an autonomous city in the British administrative division, but in 1992Administrative city under the direct control of SunderlandBecame part of.

As of 2001, Sunderland has a population of 177,739.As of 2001, approximately 280,600 people live in Sunderland's administrative cities (including Washington, Houghton-le-Spring, and Hetton-le-Hall), including Sunderland.EnglandIt is the largest residential area in the northeast.

Sunderland is located at the mouth of the River Wear.The time when the city was established is thought to be the time when the Anglo-Saxon monastery was established in the Waremouth district.

SunderlandNorth SeaTraditionally, the shipbuilding industry and coal mining were thriving, but the shipbuilding factory was closed last in 1988 and the coal mine was closed in 1994.Today, the latest factory facilities in the electronics, automotive, chemical and paper industries are in operation.

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