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🚗 | Tomica 50th Anniversary Anime "Earth Grunner" is set in space! … The toy series has also evolved

Photo Anime "Tomica Kizuna Moderate Earth Grunner" (c) TOMY / Earth Grunner TV Osaka

Tomica 50th Anniversary Anime "Earth Grunner" is set in space! … The toy series has also evolved

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In the work, "Coagrunner" plays an active role as a car on which the main characters board, and can be enjoyed in conjunction with series toys as a "key item" in toy development.

TV anime "Tomica Kizuna Moderate Earth Grunner" based on TAKARATOMY (every Sunday from 9:30 am on TV Osaka ... → Continue reading


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If there is no explanation, there is no corresponding item on Wikipedia.


Item(item) IsComputer gamesandTable talk RPGIn, etc.Player character ゲームCan be obtained in some way, and some effect can be obtained by using itToolsIt is general. What is not a tool on the story, sometimes treated as an item on the system (small animals that are caught live, treated as an item on the system, etc.).


EnglishIt is a word derived from “item” (meaning goods, clauses, items, etc.), and often means “a little useful prop” in Japan (eg, “high performancePDAIs hardBusinessmanIt is a must-have item”)Foreign wordsIt is hard to say, and its usage varies.


Items handled in computer games can be roughly classified into the following two types. However, some items have both functions.

Regular item
Items that are immediately exhibited and consumed when an item is obtained, or items that the player uses by operating the obtained item. Some are disposable and some can be used multiple times. In addition, it is a rare item with high value that is difficult to obtainRare ItemCall.
Event item
Used after satisfying certain conditions after getting the item (whether or not it is consumed).

By the way,Action role playing gamesFamiliarlife(Hit pointsBy definition, "Resurrection Medicine" that recovers to the maximum when the value becomes 0 is an event item. This is the original source of action role-playing games.HydrideThis is because the items that appear in (1st work only) were intentionally composed of event items only, because other game developers recognized, "Is there an item with this effect?"

Items by game genre

Action games, shooting games

Action games(Including action role-playing games)shooting gameIn, items are often placed or hidden on the action map, and sometimes they are dropped by defeating the enemy. In many cases, you can get a player character by overlaying it with the item's graphic.

As soon as you get these items, their effects (life restoration,Power upThere is something that can be exhibited for a certain period of time or semi-permanently, and one that can be used as needed when stocked as a property when obtained or can be equipped.

This kind of item was oncecharacterWas treated as a type of (→Hidden character).

The items that appear in action games and shooting games are mainly as follows.

Recovery item
Restores life and energy of attack methods.
Power up items
Own machineThe attack power, durability, and movement ability of the player will be enhanced, or new attack methods will be added.
Increase the number of remaining machines by one (or more).
Key item
It is necessary to pass a specific place. A typical event item.
Attacks a wide area (usually the entire screen). It is often possible to stock.
Minus item
Items that cause bad things or have a large disadvantage compared to profits. Mostly a reversal of recovery or power-up. Often intentionally installed. The forerunner was "OnceIt is said to be a bamboo spear.
Eliminate the enemy, stop the movement of the enemy,scoreJust increase.

Role playing games

Role playing gamesItems in (RPG) are mainlyPlayer characterAn item added to your inventory. You can get these items by buying them at the store, getting them from the treasure chest, getting them from people, taking them from your enemies, and so on.

It also has various uses, including tools for recovery of hit points and treatment of status abnormalities by using it, important items essential for the progress of the story, weapons and armor equipped by the character, etc.

The items that appear in RPG are mainly as follows.

arms,ArmorSuch. Effective by equipping each character.
Recovery item
Hit pointsMagic point, Recover from abnormal conditions.Portion,ElixirSee also
Enhancement item
Increase the ability of the used character. Some have a permanent effect, while others have a temporary effect, such as during combat.
Magic item
By usingmagicAn effect equivalent to (or something similar) appears. Depending on its magic, it can also be a recovery item or a strengthening item.
Key item (important item)
It is used to pass a specific place or to generate a specific event. A typical event item.
For item synthesis, bartering, and cash exchange.


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