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🚗 | Toyota Roomy, which shows strong sales, is too easy to use! [I listened to everyone's voice]

Photo Toyota Roomy (2020 minor change model) Grade: G

Toyota Roomy, which shows strong sales, is too easy to use! [I listened to everyone's voice]

If you write the contents roughly
First of all, as positive voices, "Exria's design and appearance are good", "The design is not bad, the luggage compartment is wide and there is no blind spot in the package", "I was surprised at the vast space in the rear seats!

The Toyota Roomy is a model that adopts the light and popular Super Height Wagon form for the compact car class.Compact ... → Continue reading

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XREA(Exria) Is a corporationGMO DigiRockShared free and paid, operated bywebRental serverThe name of the service.


XREA is eXtreme Realm for Experts and AAbbreviation for ll.

Mainly free services, but there is XREA + (formerly paid advertisement exemption service) as a paid service.There are VALUE SERVER, CORESERVER, VDSV (dedicated server) in the upper plan with further strengthened server specifications.By acquiring your own domain with VALUE DOMAIN of another service, you can use the website and mail account of your own domain with XREA.

At the beginning of the service, the official support provided by the management staff focused on the support bulletin board, except for private exchanges, and the focus was on helping each other.2008After the middle of the year, the staff never replied to the user's post on the bulletin board, the support other than the response that requires the help of the staff such as obstacles became thin, and the support bulletin board was also roughened by spam posting, and on the inquiry form Was the center of the exchange.The operating companyGMO Internet GroupIn August 2013, the old support bulletin board was closed and moved to the new support bulletin board.Active official support as before has been resumed and the server has been revamped.


  • 20017/20 --Start lending web chat counters on MySuite.net
  • 20018/2 --Start renting free server space with XREA.
  • 200112/22 --Start accepting applications for free advertisement exemption service (a system that exempts volunteer groups from posting advertisements).
  • 200112/18 --Supports domain web (original domain).
  • 2002January --Absorbed MySuite.net and took over the operation of the web chat counter service.
  • 20021/5 --Started free primary / secondary name server provision service with XREA MyDOMAIN (currently VALUE-DOMAIN).
  • 20021/31 --Supports multiple unique domains.
  • 20022/18 --Start recruiting testers for your own domain registration service at XREA MyDOMAIN.
  • 20024/18 --Take over the operation of MY-RANKING, a reverse access ranking service operated by Digi-Rock Office.[1].
  • 20028/1 --Renamed XREA MyDOMAIN to VALUE-DOMAIN.
  • 20029/12 --Start accepting paid advertisement exemption service.
  • 20037/8 --Module versionPHPStart of change work to.
  • 200312/1 --The disk capacity of the paid advertisement exemption service has been expanded to 300MB.
  • 20037/13 - WebmailNow available.
  • 20041/23 --End of new pop-up advertising.
  • 20043/6 --For incoming mailSpam filter(SpamAssassin)Introduction.
  • 20045/15 --For incoming mailウ イ ル スIntroduced a filter.
  • 20046/1 --The disk capacity of the paid advertisement exemption service has been expanded to 500MB.
  • February 2004- WebMoneySupports payment.
  • 200412/1 --The disk capacity of the paid advertisement exemption service has been expanded to 1000MB.
  • 200412/9 --The number of databases that can be created has been expanded from the conventional 1 to 5 (limited to paid advertisement exempt users).
  • 20052/8 --File manager is now available.
  • 20053/15 - FTPS(FTP on SSL) Is supported.
  • 20059/2 --Strengthening restrictions on manually pasted ads.It can no longer be pasted in an inconspicuous place.
  • November 2005 --Changed the official website to a design based on light blue.
  • Around November 2005-The standard daily transfer fee has been expanded to 11MB, which is three times the conventional amount.
  • 2006January --Changed the name of the paid advertisement exemption service to "XREA +".
  • 200610/1 --Expanded XREA + disk capacity to 2000MB.
  • 20075/10 --Started offering "Mail & Backup", which omits the web hosting function and specializes in mail and backup space.
  • 20078/2 --Start of service of CORESERVER which is a higher plan.
  • 200711/1 --Expanded XREA + disk capacity to 3000MB.
  • 20082/1 - Mobile phoneForWebmailService provision started.
  • 2012March-May-Significantly enhanced maintenance.Virtualize the server and move the server installation location from within the company to the GMO Internet data center in Tokyo[2]..With all server hardwareIP addressHas been changed.
  • 201211/1 --Expanded XREA + disk capacity to 10GB.
  • 20135/30 --Changed the official website to a design based on navy blue.
  • 201412 month2015June-Major software update.
  • 201610/28 --The official website has been renewed to support multiple devices.Also supports live chat support.
  • 20172/26~4/2 --Changed the hardware software and IP address of all servers.Changed the server installation location to GMO Internet's Osaka data center[2].. Expanded the XREA + disk capacity and daily transfer limit to 1GB.
  • 20178/8 - Let's EncryptStarted to provide original SSL for free using.

Security issues

2008In June, as part of an ad on a server for ad serving for free accountsonline gameA link is set up to download a virus that steals your ID.In addition, some users became confused due to the delay in grasping the situation on the operator side.INTERNET WatchWas reported to[3].

2009In July, on the login form of VALUE DOMAIN, the top page and management page of Access Analyzer,Internet ExplorerThe virus is unintentionally downloaded by accessing withActiveXIllegal using the vulnerability ofJavaScriptFalsification was discovered in which was inserted.Reported on numerous news sites such as major provider So-net and Scan Net Security[4].

According to the official announcement, both were caused by the leakage of the management password from an outsourcer.[5][6][7]..At that time, the operating company had only two employees, and the management and support operations were outsourced, so the root cause was poor management.Since becoming a subsidiary of GMO Internet in July 2, the number of employees has been increased and management and support have been strengthened.[8], No major security issues have been reported since then.

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