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✈ | Cathay and others are vaccine passports


Cathay and others are vaccine passports

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One of them is the "Common Pass" by the Commons Project, which is affiliated with many airlines including Cathay Pacific.

Once vaccination against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-XNUMX) begins, it will be possible to travel abroad, but travel ... → Continue reading

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Cathay Pasific Airlines

Cathay Pasific Airlines(Simple: Cathay Pacific, Traditional: Cathay Pacific, pinyin: Guótà i háng kōng, British: Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., CPA, HKSE:0293) IsHong KongBased inAirlines.. Hong KongFlag carrier.

England·Sky traxBy airlineratingHas been certified by the world's highest rated "The World's 5-Star Airlines"[2].


Hong Kong International Airport(HKIA: Hong Kong International Airport: Hongkong International Airport) Is the base,空港In the vicinity, Cathay City (Cathay City), which has equipment maintenance facilities, headquarters functions, and training facilities, is formed.The United KingdomHong Kong conglomerate "Swire Group(Swire Group) owns a 40% stake and is effectively a Swire group company. Also, the world's third largestAviation union(Alliance)One worldIs a member of.

In 1994Landor AssociatesCompanyCICarried out. It features a logo mark with a Chinese traditional calligraphy motif called brushing wing. In addition, the theme song at the beginning of CI wasRyuichi SakamotoWas in charge. In the CM before the introduction of CI in Japan,Barry WhiteThe composition of "Love themeTo BGMTaichiro HirokawaIn the narration of "It is fresh and refreshing.It became famous even with the catchphrase "".

Airline ticketSeat reservation system (CRS) IsAmadeus IT GroupOperated byAmadeusAre using. [3] [4]

2006On June 6th, Hong Kong's second airline, DragonAir: Port Dragon Airlines) And made it a wholly owned subsidiary. By the British colonial arrangement, Beijing and Xiamen were the only route networks to China, but the acquisition formed a network throughout China. In addition, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines laterCathay dragon airlines(Kokutai Port Dragon Airlines)” will be renamed.

Cathay isAir ChinaStrategic mutual capital alliance with Air China and Kokusai. However,Star allianceAs a member ofOne worldFor Cathay, which is a member of, is a rivalry for the Air Union.


What is Cathay in the company name?Marco PoloIt became famous by and was used mainly in Europe and the United States overland trading countries,KhitanDerived fromChugokuThe name ofKatai"ofEnglishBy the way, it is the old name of China in English. localChinesename isKokutai AirlinesIs written. Taiwan'sKokutai Seika BankA financial group withKokutai money reserve(Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.) has no group relationship.



Republic of ChinaWas operating an air transport business inAmericaHuman Roy Farrell,Second World WarinsideIndiaWas a pilot of the route connecting China and the Republic of China.AustraliaSydney Canzo in Douglas DC-3CalcuttaChongqingStarted operation of the route between.

after thatNational warAlong with the intensification ofShanghaiI moved from EnglandColony OfHong KongOfficially on September 1946, 9Cathay Pasific AirlinesFounded as Hong KongMacau,Manila,Bangkok,SingaporeBegins service for passenger flights to Shanghai.

rapid growth

After that, we won the national civil warChinese Communist PartyBy1949Since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in China, many refugees who disliked the control of the Chinese Communist Party have flowed to Hong Kong,1950 eraSince the United Kingdom approved the People's Republic of China and established diplomatic relations at the beginning, the business will expand rapidly due to the rise of Hong Kong's status as a “window to the Chinese continent”.

To accommodate the rapid increase in passenger numbers,Douglas DC-4Introduced B and DC-6, as well as BritishChaebol OfSwire GroupHas strengthened its financial system. afterwards1959ToBritish Overseas AirlinesJardine MathesonHong Kong Airlines (later Air Hong Kong andHong Kong Airlines(Former CR Airways and a separate company) and expanded the scale.

Service to Japan19597ToHaneda airportDouglas DC-6Start riding in,1960 eraToOsaka,Fukuoka,NagoyaI also got in and then of the turboprop aircraftLockheed-ElectraAnd jetConveyor 880We have expanded the route to Japan by introducing such things as.

To the world

1970 eraEnter Hong KongAsiaRegional trade,Financial centerTo secure its position asBoeing 707Is the first wide-body aircraft in addition to introducing direct flights to major cities in the Asian region.Lockheed TristarTo introduce.

1979IsBoeing 747-200By the introduction of a mold machineSovereign country OfcapitalIsUKI got on board once a week. Soon, the flight will be upgraded to one flight per day, making it one of Cathay Pacific's leading dollar box routes.

after that1980 eraOverParis,Frankfurt,Amsterdam,RomeIncludingニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク,VancouverSaidNorth AmericaLine,BrisbaneEtc.AustraliaIt opened routes and expanded its network worldwide.


2006Has acquired Hong Kong's second airline Hong Kong Dragon Airlines and made it a subsidiary. Currently in Hong KongFlag carrierAs,South AmericaIn addition to operating routes to major cities on all continents except the continent, it is a major member of OneWorld and operates numerous codeshare flights. In addition, its service has received high acclaim worldwide and has received various awards from around the world. Than beforeKIX(Osaka)Chubu International AirportIt operates daily in large cities such as B777 or A340 in large cities in Japan such as (Nagoya), and provides a wide route network to Southeast Asia and Oceania by transferring to Hong Kong International Airport.

After Haneda re-internationalization due to the conclusion of air liberalization between Japan and Hong KongHanedaIt was decided to open two flights a day in Japan, and in 1 it became the first Haneda flight in 2 years.[5].[5] Recently, with the Boeing 777-300ER and the newly ordered Airbus A330-300, the seats of all classes and the new AVOD Panasonic Avex eX2 (StudioCX) will be replaced over the next two to three years.

2010ToAirbus A350 XWBI placed an order. In addition, it has decided to introduce Panasonic Aviation's "eX Connect" for all of its equipment, and it is planned that broadband connections will be possible from 2012 onwards.

20193/27In mainland ChinaHainan Airlines GroupRivalHong Kong Express AirlinesAnnounced the acquisition of[6]Announces Completion on July 7[7].

2019-2020 Hong Kong Democratization DemoIn connection with, the airport was occupied by demonstrators in August and many flights were canceled for 8 or 12 days.Civil Aviation Administration of ChinaMore required to remove democratic employees from China routes and to provide information on crew to board flights to China in advance[8].. In addition, demonstrators have been dismissed one after another, and the trade union has accused the company of implementing a "cultural revolution"-style political purge.[9][10].. Some Chinese state-owned companies have issued an order to prohibit employees from using Cathay Airlines[11].. On August 8th, CEO Rupert Hogg and CCO Paul Lou resigned as CEOs are major shareholders of Cathay in response to the demonstrations by these employees. Mr. Augustus Tan of the Swire Group was replaced by[12]Chairman John Throuser will step down on November 11 and Swire Pacific executive Patrick Healey will take office.[13].. In addition, due to the impact on the business performance due to the demonstration, temporary flight reduction of the 2019/20 winter schedule[14]Postponed receipt of aircraft and introduced aircraft, early retirement of operating aircraft[15]For example, they are forced to take measures to improve their income and expenditure. Furthermore, in 2020, it is raging.New pneumoniaDue to the impact of this, due to travel restrictions imposed by the Chinese and Hong Kong governments, we plan to reduce 9% of mainland China flights.[16], It is a situation that requires employees to take unpaid leave[17].

Owned equipment

OnceHong Kong The United KingdomWas a British colony, and the parent company Swire Group was British capital.British CommonwealthSame as Member StatesRolls-RoyceI preferred to select a company engine, but in recent years passenger aircraft manufacturers could not select depending on the model due to the policy of risk management of engine development by unifying the engine manufacturer, and introducing used equipment of other airlines Is no longer bound by.
In addition, Cathay Pacific Airways orderedBoeingCompany aircraft customer number (Customer code) Is67So, the model name of the aircraft is 747-467, 747-467F, 777-267, 777-367, 777-367For example, ER. In addition,Aircraft symbolRegarding Hong Kong, it was registered with VR-H** at the time of UK lease before returning to China, but it was set as BH** to avoid confusion with mainland China (including Taiwan)[18].. HoweverHong Kong Airlines,Hong Kong Express Airlines, Has been suspendedOasis Hong Kong Airlines, A subsidiaryCathay dragon airlinesDue to the fact that BH** alone has been used up due to the fact that it has been used up to now, BK**, BL** etc. are dealing with recent registered equipment.

Flight aircraft

Cathay Pacific Aircraft Operations (as of 2020[19][20]

equipmentNumber of holdingsNumber of ordersNumber of seatsEquipment codeRemarks
Airbus A320-200108156164A321NEOScheduled to be replaced with a newly introduced machineTransition from Cathay Dragon
Airbus A321-200724148172A321NEOScheduled to be replaced with a newly introduced machineTransition from Cathay Dragon
Airbus A321NEO16Scheduled to be received from 2020[21]Transition from Cathay Dragon
Airbus A330-30043--392119125133KCurrently out of operation for long-term storage
-24-29331733PCurrently out of operation for long-term storage
Airbus A350-900273-3828214280359Received from 2016
Airbus A350-1000135-4632256334351Received from 2018
Boeing 777-30017--42-39643877PFormer Emirates used machine nowAlice Springs AirportDuring long-term storage at
Boeing 777-300ER33--403229636877KY class "3-4-3" specifications
186533420129477AY class "3-4-3" specifications
Boeing 777-9X-21-----Scheduled to be received from 2025
Freight equipment
Boeing 747-400ERF6--
Boeing 747-8F14--

Regarding the coloring, it has a red stripe on the background of emerald green and a logo called a brush stroke that imaged the wings with white brush letters, which is also drawn on the aircraft.
New paint announced on April 2015, 11[22][23]..The vertical stabilizer was painted entirely in green with a large brush stroke, and the fuselage was finished in a simple design.The Boeing 1-777ER (aircraft number: B-KPM), which became the first team of this new painting, made its debut on the Tokyo-Hong Kong route CX300 (from Hong Kong 548:8 to Tokyo Haneda) in the next five years Approximately 45 aircraft will be repainted with new paint, and will be received in 5Airbus A350XWBReceived with new paint from the beginning[24].
Due to the geographical features of Hong Kong, it does not provide real domestic flights (excluding mainland China), and it has a fleet consisting only of wide-body aircraft due to the fact that it is exclusively used for international flights. , Actively introducing the latest equipment. The company plans to introduce 777 of the latest Boeing 300-30ER, which will be replaced with the 747-400. Also, due to the introduction of the aircraft, there were operational restrictions.Airbus A340-600Retired and unified the fleet[25].. Prior to this, there were Lockheed Tristar L-1011 and Boeing 707 purchased from Eastern Airlines. In 2010, we ordered the Airbus A350 XWB.
Currently, the number of Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, which is mainly used for long-distance flights such as European and American routes,Middle East OfEmirates AirlinesSecond most in the world.
The freight division operates the Boeing 747-400F and Boeing 747-400ERF, and previously operated the Boeing 747-400BCF, which was a modified passenger aircraft. Latest Boeing 747-8F[26]We ordered the product and started receiving it in 2011.

Retired equipment

August 2016, 10,TokyoDepartureHong KongLine CX543 flight (Aircraft numberB-HUJ) passenger-type Boeing 747-400 all retired[27].. With this retirement, a passenger-type Boeing 747 disappeared from the company's fleet, and 37 years of operation ended[28].. In March 2017, Airbus A3-340 retired. With this retirement, the four-engine aircraft will disappear from the company's passenger fleet.
In neither case did the aircraft with the current paint appear, and the model was retired with the old paint.

Special painting machine

  • "THE SPIRIT OF HONG KONG 97 Hong Kong Spirit Issue (first generation)[29] "Home""[30]
Boeing 747-200(B-HIB[31])[32]
  • "THE SPIRIT OF HONG KONG Hong Kong Spirit (2nd generation)" SAME TEAM, SAME DREAM.[33]'
Boeing 747-400 (B-HOX)[34]
  • "THE SPIRIT OF HONG KONG Hong Kong Spirit (3rd generation)"
Boeing 777-300ER (B-KPB)
  • "THE SPIRIT OF HONG KONG Hong Kong Spirit (4rd generation)"
Boeing 777-300 (B-HNK)
  • "Asia's world city"
Boeing 747-400 (B-HOY)[35]
(Boeing 777-300 (B-KPF))[36]
  • "Progress Hong Kong 100th Aircraft[37]'
Airbus A330-300(B-LAD)[38]
  • "Member of oneworld" (one-world painting)
Boeing 777-300ER (B-KQI)
Boeing 777-300ER (B-KPL)[39]
Airbus A330-300(B-HLU)
Airbus A340-300(B-HXG)[40]
Boeing 747-8F (B-LJA)
  • Boeing 747-400 (Asia's World City)

  • Boeing 777-300 (Asia's World City)

  • Boeing 777-300 (Hong Kong Spirit)

  • Airbus A330-300 (One World Paint)

  • Characteristic aircraft

    Upload image

    RiceEastern AirlinesTristar purchased from Japan in July 1989, under the umbrella for about two years from August 7 to June 1993.DragonairAfter being transferred to Dragon Air Paint and operated as a dedicated aircraft for the Beijing / Shanghai route, it was leased back to Cathay again, only the vertical stabilizer was green Cathay color, and the fuselage was painted white except for the logo until it was retired in 1996. It was operated. From its appearance, it seems that it was nicknamed "white tiger" among spotters in Japan.[43].


    B1979-747B type introduced in 200,Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport(CurrentHong Kong International Airport) 3 letter code "HKG" with a humorous cash register number.

    Upload image

    January 1989Air New ZealandAircraft leased from. The green line was painted in a different way from the normal painting machine that spread to the lower front part of the aircraft, and it was painted in a single band shape as if tracing the painting band of Air New Zealand from above. It was leased back to the company in February 1991. The aircraft seems to have been dismantled in the United States in September 2, but this is (excluding the accident eradication machine).B747-400It is the first aircraft in the series to be dismantled.

    Destination city

    Hong Kong International AirportTheBaseage,South AmericaServing 85 major cities on all continents except for. EspeciallyAsia,OceaniaThe routes are substantial. In addition, we will be able toCode shareThere are also flights that are in service.


    Cathay Pacific has been in 2005 and 2006 for the second consecutive year, and in 2The United Kingdom OfSky traxIn the world such as winning the airline of the year award, which is the highest award in the company rankingSingapore Airlines,Qatar Airways,Emirates AirlinesIt has a good reputation for top-class service along with. Foreign-affiliated companies operating in JapanAirlinesAmong the JapaneseFlight attendantHas the largest number of employees, including Japanese crew membersHong KongSince I work on all routes to and from the company that are departing and arriving, there are many cases where Japanese can be understood on any route.

    It is also known that the safety of the company is very high, and a serious accident1972Since then no case has occurred. Always incorporate state-of-the-art technology, for example onboardentertainmentAs for, the personal TV called Studio CX was installed in economy class from a very early stage.

    From 2007Boeing 777-300ERWith the introduction of the project, a project to renew in-flight entertainment and seats is underway, and the renewal is expected to be completed on most aircraft by FY2009. After the refurbishment, the business class is designed to be fully flat, and the economy class has a design that does not affect the rear seats even if it reclines with a PC power supply. Furthermore, as the latest version of Studio CX, Panasonic Aviation eX2 seat TV compatible with AVOD has been replaced on all equipment. It will be updated in 2 to 3 years.

    Mileage program

    Mileage programThere are two types, "Asia Mile" and "The Marco Polo Club" which is a senior organization. BothOne worldEarn miles with member airlines. Among the many mileage programs, "The Marco Polo Club" does not mean that you can earn the required mileage per year like other companies, and you can join by paying the admission fee. Membership will be lost if you do not board at least 4 sectors a year). However, there is no one-world status at the initial level, and you still have to earn the specified mileage in order to be above the ruby ​​class. Also, there is no rank for Asia Miles, so no matter how many miles you accumulate, you cannot become an advanced member if you remain an Asia Miles member.

    One worldIn addition to the member companies, we are affiliated with the following airlines.


    Passengers for advanced classes or advanced members of The Marco Polo ClubAirport loungeThe services of Lounge names vary from airport to airport.

    Sofas, complimentary alcohol and soft drinks, newspapers and magazines are provided.

    Depending on the lounge, you can order hot meals, light meals, and fresh noodles at the Noodle Bar.

    Based in Hong Kong, it offers multiple lounges.

    • The Wing First Class / Business Class Lounge "Udado"
      • The location is different between the first class lounge and the business class lounge.
      • In the first class lounge, you can order from the menu in a restaurant format at the dining area "The Haven". You can also take a bath at The Cabana.
    • The Pier First Class / Business Class Lounge "Yamakendo"
    • The Bridge "Itrendou"
    • The Cabin "Aiyado"
    • The Arrival "Shinshindo"
      • Arrival lounge. Only this lounge is outside the restricted area.
      • You can order from the menu in a restaurant format.

    in Japan,Tokyo International Airport(Cathay Pacific Haneda Lounge),Narita International Airport(Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge),KIX(Lounge Pacific). At other airports, the designated lounges of other companies can be used.

    In-flight magazine

    In-flight magazineThere is "Discovery". Written in English and Chinese. It is installed in all classes including the economy class. Also,E-bookAsiPadIt is also distributed free of charge. [58]



    • BBC World NewsIt is a sponsor of the "Asia Business Report" broadcast on.
    • CIIt is,The United States of AmericaMajor design officeLandor AssociatesIs by hand[59].Corporate colorIs deep, also called jadegreen.
    • Until the opening of the current base airport, Chek Lap Kok Airport, it was said to be the most difficult landing airport in the world.Keitoku AirportSince (closed port) was used at the base airport,Hong kong curveIt is said that the skill level of the pilots trained by is higher than that of other companies.
    • CorporateImage SongAsLove theme(Composition:Barry White, Performance: Love Unlimited Orchestra)TV commercialWas used in.
    • 1998Was drunk on the company's plane, spit out rants, smoked, etc.オ ア シ スVocals ofLiam GallagherIs prohibited permanently.
    • 2011, A photograph that the crewmembers were carrying on indecent acts was leaked, and the campaign that the company was planning to start was postponed.
    • 2012, Flight attendant union notified passengers of refusing to "smile" if labor-management negotiations are unsuccessful[60].
    • 20189/19, B777-300 type machine (B-HNO) when the coating was changed to a new painting, the original name of "CATHAY PACIFIC" was supposed to be "CATHAY PACIIC" and "F" missing. A misspelling was discovered.
      After that, the company officially announced this happening.TwitterWhen I made a masochistic story in, a big reaction was received.[61]


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