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🚄 | Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Kawamachi Grand Prize" Tobu Railway is improving the river space of the Kitajukken River at the foot of the Sky Tree

Photo: Sky Tree, which won the Kawamachi Grand Prize. River space improvement at the foot of the Kitajukken River Photo: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Received the "Kawamachi Grand Prize" from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tobu Railway is improving the river space of the Kitajukken River at the foot of the Sky Tree

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Tokyo Mizumachi, a commercial complex that opened under the elevated railway along the Kitajukken River in June 2020, was developed with the aim of creating a waterside space where you can come and go between towns and discover the charm of downtown.

Tobu Railway is an initiative for regional development that makes use of the waterside space of the Kitajukken River that flows at the foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree. → Continue reading

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The purpose of combining multiple facilities is mainly to improve the ability to attract customers.A certain area or volume is required to have multiple facilities.

The facility may be built from scratch, or it may be an existing facility with another facility.Some of them are like building a lot of huge buildings, and some of them are in one building.tenantSome have spaces.The main facilities that are constructed are tenant buildings,Food and drinkFacilities, product sales facilities such as clothing,Movie theater,amusement parkSuch asEntertainmentDepending on the facility and scaleApartment,officeIs also made.As a strange thingSPAFacility (Tokyo Dome City OfLaQua) And so on.

The point is "CommercialAs you can see from the fact that there is always a commercial facility.Thereforeoffice buildingOnly facilities, orApartmentIt is not called a commercial complex by itself.EntertainmentIf you specialize inComplex entertainment facilityAlso called.Another feature of commercial complexes is that, in most cases, a unified concept and brand as a commercial complex is defined to some extent (of course, there may be no unified regulations).The form of a commercial complex is a city or regionRedevelopmentVery often used in.

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