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🚗 | AUTOBACS introduces electronic money payment ... Enhanced contactless payment methods

Photo AUTOBACS introduces electronic money payment ... Enhanced contactless payment methods

Introduced AUTOBACS and electronic money payments ... Enhanced contactless payment methods

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Electronic money payments to be introduced are transportation ICs, Rakuten Edy, WAON, nanaco, QUICPay +, and iD.

AUTOBACS SEVEN will be available at AUTOBACS Group stores (562 stores) from January 1st. → Continue reading


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Rakuten Edy

Rakuten > Rakuten Payments> Rakuten Edy
Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Edy-Rakuten Point CardImage providedplease.(2018/8)

Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd.(Rakuten Eddie,British: Rakuten Edy, Inc.) IsElectronic paymentA Japanese company that develops services.pre-paidType ofElectronic money"Rakuten EdyTo operate and manage.


August 2001, 1,Sony Group,NTT Docomo,Sakura Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation),Toyota,Denso, DDI (currentlyKDDI),Sanwa Bank(CurrentMitsubishi UFJ Bank),Tokyo Mitsubishi BankIt was established as "Bit Wallet Co., Ltd." with the investment of 11 leading Japanese companies in a wide range of industries such as home appliances, telecommunications, finance, and automobiles (currently Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ).The origin of bit wallet is bit (electronic), wallet (Wallet) Is a coined word.

January 2007RakutenConcluded a comprehensive business alliance with a joint-stock company, and at the end of December 2009, about 12 billion yen for Rakuten, Inc.Third-party allotmentWas done.As a result, Rakuten acquired a majority stake in Bitwallet, and Rakuten'sConsolidated subsidiaryBecame[2]..After that, in June 2012, the trade name was changed.Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd.In addition, the service name is "Rakuten EdyWas changed to ".

Electronic money"Rakuten EdySpecializes in the operation ofJR East"Suica"Railway system,NTT DoCoMo"iDCommunication system,Seven & i Holdings"nanacoIt does not have a social foundation such as a distribution system, but mainlySupermarket,Convenience store, Has expanded the available area in collaboration with mass retailers.

ANA Mileage ClubAwarding points in partnership withMobile walletIt is a pioneer in the electronic money industry, and still holds a large share in the number of issued cards, transaction volume, and number of available stores.However, it has been in the red since its establishment, and in the fiscal year ended March 2009, it posted a deficit of 3 million yen, with a cumulative loss of 56 billion yen, and Sony to prevent capital deficit.Preferred stock29 billion yen due to issuanceThird-party allotmentCarried out[3].


  • February 1999-Established EM Operations with Sony Group and other investments.
  • July-December 1999-As the first demonstration experimentOsaki districtImplemented electronic money monitor service (500 sheets, 5 stores).The content was a monitor test of electronic money equipped with Felica.[4].
  • February 2000-Electronic money nameEdy!And conducted the second demonstration experiment.The content was intended to equip FeliCa with multiple functions such as entry / exit keys and employee ID cards other than electronic money. In addition to the Edy! Card, Sakura Bank is the world's firstPETMadeMagnetic stripe-EmbossEquipped with a non-contact type IC withCash card(Product name: Edy! IC cash card) was issued. (40 issued, 125 available stores, XNUMX vending machines)[5].
  • December 2000, 12-18 companies including Sony Group and NTT DoCoMoJoint VentureBasic agreement on joint promotion of electronic money business[6].
  • 2001
    • January 1-Sony Group and 18 companies such as NTT DoCoMo have invested,Bitwallet Co., Ltd.Established[7]..The capital is 50 billion yen.Gate City OsakiStore inam / pm,SME:Started a test service for prepaid electronic money "Edy" on a music distribution site.
    • November 11-Full-scale service of "Edy" started.
  • March 2002, 3-In addition to 26 existing shareholderscredit cardCompany·Credit company・ The first time for a total of 14 companies, including 19 printing companiesThird-party allotmentImplemented.25 shareholders,CapitalIncreased to 71 billion yen.
  • 2003
    • January 1-The second third-party allotment of capital was implemented for 30 companies.Increased capital to 20 million yen.
    • 6 month - All Nippon AirwaysAffiliated with (ANA).
    • November 11-Third third-party allotment of capital to a total of 29 companies, including 6 existing shareholders and 28 new companies in a wide range of industries.The number of shareholders has increased to 34, and the capital has increased to 3 million yen.
  • 2004å¹´12月24日 - 既存株主8社のほか、新たにANAなど4社の計12社に対して、第4回目の第三者割当増資を実施。株主は61社に、資本金は267億1310万円に増加。
  • 2006
    • September 9-Implemented the 28th third-party allotment of capital.Increased capital to 5 million yen.
    • August 11- JCBとMitsui Sumitomo Bank CardAlliance to expand the spread of non-contact IC payments[8][9].
  • December 2007 --Comprehensive business alliance with Rakuten, Inc. in the field of joint marketing[10].
  • 2009
    • November 11 --The company formed a capital tie-up with Rakuten, Inc.Consolidated subsidiaryAnnounced that
    • December --Third-party allotment of capital to Rakuten, Inc. to become a consolidated subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc.
  • January 2010, 1-Received the acquisition of Rakuten as a subsidiary and became presidentHiroshi MikitaniIs appointed.
  • October 2012, 6-trade nameRakuten Edy Co., Ltd.In addition, the service name is "Rakuten Edy"change to[11][12].
  • June 2015, 6-HeadquartersSetagayaTamagawa(Futakotamagawa)ofFutako Tamagawa RiseMoved to a new office building "Rakuten Crimson House" in[13].
  • 2016
    • May 5-Rakuten Edy Operation Co., Ltd. was established as a preparatory company with a wholly owned investment by Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. due to the company split and absorption-type merger.
    • October 10-The business operation of electronic money Edy of Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. was succeeded to Rakuten Edy Operation Co., Ltd., and the company name was changed to (1nd generation) Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. (First generation) Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. merged with Rakuten Co., Ltd.
  • April 2019, 4-Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. shares are transferred from Rakuten Co., Ltd. to Rakuten Payment Co., Ltd. (trade name changed from Spotlight Co., Ltd. on the same date) due to the reorganization of Rakuten Group.[14].

Rakuten Edy (electronic money)


Introduced nationwide for the first time in JapanContactless paymentIt is electronic money by.Non-contact IC chip developed by SonyFeliCaEquipped withcardAndMobile phone(Mobile wallet) Etc.The name isEuro (Euro) ・American dollar (Dollar) ・Yen (YThe fourth axis after en)currencyIt was attached in the form of taking each acronym from the desire to become.The settlement sound is a characteristic "sharine" sound.

In December 2009, the operating company BitwalletRakutenAgainstThird-party allotmentAs a result of Rakuten acquiring a majority of the issued shares and putting it under its umbrella, the name was changed to "June 2012, 6.Rakuten EdyWas changed to[15].. As of November 2013Prevalenceは、発行数が累計で約7,550万枚、利用可能店舗数が36万店である。その後、2016年11月1日時点で発行数が1億枚を超え、2017年9月1日時点での利用可能箇所数は50万箇所を超えている[16].

Other companyElectronic money(Suica,PASMO,WAON,nanacoEtc.), we have not allowed reissue of value when the Edy card etc. is lost or stolen since the service started.However, for the mobile type, it is now possible to suspend the use and reissue the balance after that.[17].



1999から2000Until around autumnSonyとSony Finance InternationalIt is,Sakura Bank(CurrentSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)・Mitsui FudosanAnd so onTokyoShinagawa内 のGate City OsakiCompanies that move into the building (mainlySony Group・ For employees of (Mitsui Fudosan, etc.), shops in the same buildingcompany cafeteria-vending machineCan be handled withFeliCa A monitor test of electronic money operation was conducted using.

The first phase is 17/26から12/24By now, we have demonstrated the electronic money function. the year of 20002/10The name was decided to be "Edy!" At the start of the second phase from.After expanding the number of dealers in Gate City Osaki, issuing "Edy! Card" and "Sakura" for general visitors (users)Cash cardThe issuance of "Integrated Edy! Card" has also started.

In addition, Edy! Has an employee ID cardcardキ ーExperiments with functions, Sakura cash card (Edy! Integrated type only), credit card (Edy! Integrated type only)Sakura cardJCB) Corresponds to the deposit (charge) to Edy!Automatic teller machineA mold deposit machine was also installed.

In December 2000, the name was changed to the current "Edy".2001First, the operating company "Bit wallet(Currently "Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd.") was established.Sony styleDue toInternet shoppingThe above settlement verification test was also conducted.

200111,am / pmAnd some stores of Gate City Osaki, Sony Style, etc. became member stores and started practical services.this isEast Japan Railway(JR East)SuicaOfficial service start11/18It was the same time as.However, at this point, Suica is still only used as an IC ticket, and its use as electronic money will be awaited until 2004.


2002In April, Sony FinanceeLIO・ Edy installedcredit cardStarted issuing "My Sony Card" (currently "Sony Card") to the general public.For Sony employees, it started in November 2001. Am / pm in July 11Kanto areaWhen the handling started all at once at the stores, the number of issued sheets and the amount handled increased significantly.

In September of the same yearPacifico YokohamaMy Sony ID was used at "Sony Dream World 2002" held inインターネットSpecial for pre-admission applicants atDesignEdy card is distributed free of charge, and shops that support Edy payment,vending machine・ Many Edy chargers (payment machines) using cash have been installed.

2003ToAll Nippon AirwaysIn partnership with "ANA Mileage Club Edy Card" and "ANA Card" with integrated credit card (→Partner card) ”Issued.If you use Edy with these cards, you will be given 200 mile for every 1 yen in principle, and you can also exchange mileage for Edy value.However, mileage accrual is not applicable to storage agency and cash ticket purchase at some member stores and convenience stores.

2004JR EastSuicaTo the start ofPenguins characterJust like we introducedSony Creative ProductsEdy original character by "Osaifu dog"[18]"Has appeared.

Edy is increasing the number of users and the number of issues every day by increasing the number of affiliated companies and affiliated stores and holding various campaigns.[19].

NTT DoCoMo mobile phone was released on July 2004, 7Mobile walletIntroduced Edy as one of the functions.

In 2005, Edy official free magazine "EdyNAVIIs published. On September 2005, 9, Edy will be available on Osaifu-Keitai on au mobile phones.In addition, on November 9, 2005, Edy became available on Vodafone (currently SoftBank Mobile) mobile phone wallet mobile phones.

2006In October, Mie Kotsu Co., Ltd., which connects Mycal Kuwana Parking Lot (Kuwana City) and Chubu International Airport (Tokoname City)Express BusEdy is now available on[20][21][22]..This line was once abolished and later revived, but Edy cannot be used after that.

Highway companies are also active in introducing Edy and post-pay payments.service areaCard readers are also installed in shops and vending machines.

After 2007

  • 2007
    • 1 - PLAYSTATION 3Online shopPLAYSTATION StoreCan now be used to charge to.An Edy card reader is required.
    • 3 --Edy official free magazine "Edy NAVI Kyushu version" is published.
    • 5 --A major online shopping companyAmazon.co.jpIt is now available for payment at.
    • 6 --Launched two services, Happy Special Offer and Edy Smile Coupon.
    • August 7- FamilyMartFrom August 8rd to August 23st at all storesLawsonStarted handling at all stores.
  • 2008
    • August 3- Uni-ApitaIt is now available in each store in the Chukyo area, Kanto area (Uni Oguchi store), and Hokuriku area (Apita Kanazawa store). Expanded to all stores by April 4.
    • March 3-am / pm ・ FamilyMart's "substitute storage (transfer)" support has ended.
    • April 4-"Poplar storage (transfer)" support is over.
    • June 6-Circle K Sunkus has finished supporting "substitute storage (transfer)".
    • July 7-"Edy points" that can be used with Osaifu-Keitai compatible models has started.
    • September --Edy official free magazine "Edy NAVI @ TOKYO (Tokyo version)" is published.
    • August 9- MINI STOPIt will be available in.
    • August 12- McDonald'sIt will be available in.
  • 2009
    • August 2- WILLCOM IC serviceEdy service started with Osaifu-Keitai of PHS terminals compatible with.
    • March --A system that combines fan club membership cards and annual tickets into a single card for all clubs belonging to the J League.One-touch passIntroduced.Most clubs use Edy.
    • August 6- Yamato TransportNationwideDirectly managed storeIt will be available in.However, some products cannot be paid with Edy, cannot be charged at the store, and Edy and cash cannot be used together.
    • August 9- American ExpressCredit value charge with card becomes possible[23].
    • October 10-From 7amSeven-ElevenWill be available in[24].
  • 2010
    • 6/17 - Yamato TransportSo, it is possible to use Edy and cash together and to collect sales drivers.In addition, there are conditions when using Edy and cash together.
  • 2011
    • August 1- AndroidSmartphoneEdy service started on compatible terminals.
    • August 2- Softbank BB iPhone 4 Launched Edy stickers for[25].
    • August 8-Supports charging by au Easy Payment only for apps installed on au mobile phones and smartphones[26]..Payment can be combined with mobile phone charges.
  • 2012
    • June 6-Changed the service name to "Rakuten Edy".At the same time, the name of the operating company was changed from "Bit Wallet" to "Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd."Along with this, the pop stickers for store displays have also been redesigned from the conventional blue-based three-color logo to a new one that incorporates "Rakuten" at the top and Edy and the design logo at the bottom.FamilyMart changed the logo of the POS cash register and the touch part of the terminal after changing Rakuten Edy.However,Seven-Eleven,LawsonConvenience stores such as, etc. continue to use the conventional blue-based three-color logo[27][28].
    • August 8- Tommy WalkerOperated byPBWFormalonline game"Psychic Hearts] Can be used with service in.
  • 2013
    • March 3-Opening on the same dayYambaru Express BusRakuten Edy will be available in (Okinawa Prefecture).
    • July 7-Rakuten Edy will be available for in-flight sales on ANA domestic flights.the systemCanon marketing japanDeveloped in collaboration with.[29]According to All Nippon Airways, electronic money payments on airplanes are unprecedented in the world.[30].
  • 2014
    • October 4-nationwideRoyal hostIt can be used at.
    • October 10-Rakuten R Point Card (after November 1, 2015,Rakuten reward card) With the start, issuance of Rakuten Edy-R point card (same as Edy-Rakuten point card) started. The Rakuten Edy-R point card, an R point affiliated company, has also been issued in sequence since then.
  • 2015
    • August 8-A PBW-style online game run by Tommy WalkerPsychic HeartsFollowed by "] Can also be used.
  • 2017
    • April 4-Changed the logo mark (Rakuten letters disappeared, R and Edy circles only).Apcessance marks such as homepages and affiliated stores have been changed in sequence.
  • 2018
    • October 10-Rechanged logo mark (Rakuten new unified logo R and Edy with a line under R only).The address marks on the website and affiliated stores will be changed in sequence.
    • August 12-A PBW-style online game run by Tommy WalkerCerberus BladeFollowed by "] Can also be used.
  • 2019
    • March 3-Conditional support for reissuing Rakuten Edy balance in case of mobile theft, loss or malfunction[17].

Types of Edy

A 1-digit unique number is assigned to each Edy card and Osaifu-Keitai.

Card type

Pro Purcard
2018As of October, the card that can be called a "proper card" is the "Edy-Rakuten Point Card" (Edy-Rakuten Point Card) sold by the issuing parent, "Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd." at the Rakuten Edy official shop.Rakuten reward card機能付き)である(通常時の販売額は税抜300円だが、キャンペーン実施により100円で販売されることや当カードの購入に限ってポイント10倍対象となるなど、購入時のタイミングによりさまざまな対応がなされている)。4代目となる、2018年10月時点でのデザインは、3代目の楽天Edyロゴが現行の4代目の楽天Edyロゴに、楽天ポイントのロゴが現行の3代目の楽天ポイントロゴに同時に変更されたもの(初代と2代目は、Rポイントロゴが楽天ポイントロゴに変更された点、2代目と3代目は、2代目の楽天Edyロゴが3代目の楽天Edyロゴに変更された点がそれぞれ異なる)。
In the old Bitwallet era, there was a simple card (the back side was plain white) with the old "Edy" logo and a blue-based design on the front side.Also, at convenience stores that existed in Japan in the pastam / pmThere was a card with the old logo that was on sale until February 2010, 2.These old cards are no longer available for sale.This old am / pm card was issued by "Sony Finance International Inc.", one of the value issuers.
POSA derived type
TokyoとOkinawaA part ofFamilyMartCan also be used for gift cardsPOSAThe method "Panda Edy-Rakuten Point Card" is sold for 3000 yen, and after payment at the cash registerFami portIf you operate with, the value of 3000 yen, which is the same as the purchase price, will be charged (described later)Edy giftAfter that, it can be used as a general "Panda Edy-Rakuten Point Card for Shopping".Of course, further value charges can be done in the same way as regular cards.
Membership card integrated type
member ID,Point CardThe Rakuten Edy function is added to.
A typical example is a corporationFamilyMart(Formerly Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd.) "+ K Edy-Rakuten Point Card" (formerly "+ K Edy-R Point Card". As a membership card, at FamilyMart stores201911/25It was not possible to use until (Edy payment is possible, and 200 point will be given for every 1 yen including tax as usual when using a card with payment points), but the next time11/26More Rakuten points have been granted.For this reason, points are awarded at FamilyMart Co., Ltd.20179/30No points were awarded until November 2019, 11 (membership service itself is 2511/30However, payments can still be made with Rakuten Edy, and in principle it can still be used as a point card at other Rakuten point card member stores.)Pronto Corporation"Pron Party Edy-Rakuten Point Card" (formerly "Pron Party Edy-R Point Card"),poplar"Poplar Edy-Rakuten Point Card" (formerly "Poplar Edy-R Point Card"),Yamazaki bread"Daily Yamazaki Edy-Rakuten Point Card" from two other companies,All Nippon Airwaysof"ANA Mileage Club Rakuten Edy Card "(20177/3Issuance ends after reception),Daiichi Kosho"Big Echo Club Dam Card",Taito"Taito Station Card",Sotetsu Hotel Managementof"SunrouteClub reward card Edy ",Shimane Agricultural Cooperative"JA Shimane Comprehensive Point Card Osaifu Card" etc.
In addition, although it has not been released on the official website of Rakuten Edy as of 2018,Rakuten reward cardIn some cases, Rakuten Edy cards that do not have functions or that do not give Rakuten points even with Edy payments are issued independently by each member store (points are also services unique to each member store) (depending on the inventory of member stores, etc.) Is a card with the first Edy logo even as of October 4, when it became the fourth generation Rakuten Edy logo).
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
Annual tickets for soccer clubs that belong to about half of the J LeagueOne-touch passAs part of this, the card has the function of an annual ticket, and when the card is held over the reader at all match venues, the visit history is recorded.In addition, it should be notedEast Japan RailwayHas a deep relationship withJeff United Ichihara/Chiba(Suica),Hiroshima Electric RailwayHave a relationship withSanfrecce Hiroshima(PASPY), Etc., some have adopted other electronic money in relation to the mother's body.
Employee ID integrated type
An employee ID card with an Edy function added.
Sony,All Nippon Airways,Mitsubishi UFJ Bank,Daiwa Securities Group Inc.,BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentIntroduced by.
Student ID card integrated
Student cardEdy function added to.
Kochi University of Technology,Hiroshima Institute of Technology,Mejiro University,Aichi University,Kanagawa Institute of Technology,Kanazawa Gakuin University,Kyoto Institute of Advanced Science,Osaka University of Economics and Law,Hokkaido University of Science,Kyushu Institute of Technology,Chubu UniversityIntroduced by.
Also, at the graduate schoolJapan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologySwitched from September 2007, 9 and started to introduce it.Osaka Institute of Technology,Sennan University,Josho Gakuen Middle School/High SchoolThen, from 2008, the student ID card will be switched to this format, and you can receive various services by confirming class attendance and using the terminal on campus.
Credit card integrated
This type is issued by the most issuers and is a credit card with Edy function added.As a typical oneRakuten cardMost credit cards issued by ANA and ANA's "ANA card"and so on.Even if a proper card requires an issuance fee or an admission fee, many issuers with an integrated credit card can join with no Edy issuance fee.
Integrated cash card
(Old)Mizuho BankCorporate account andOgaki Kyoritsu Bank,Rakuten Bank(Former eBANK),Suruga BankIt was issued at ANA branches.
2006From May,Japan Post BankIC cash card (at that time,Postal savingsThe Edy function is now installed in the IC cash card),2010Issuance / reissue was completed with the application form received on February 2th.In addition, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (currently:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) But "Super IC cardWas issued with the name "Cash card, credit card, and Edy function", but the issue and reissue were terminated on June 3, 2010.
Integrated cashing card
PromiseWas issued in.
Ticket integrated type
An IC card type ticket with an Edy function added.2007からYokohama F. MarinosIt was introduced with the annual ticket IC card of.2009of"One-touch passWith the introduction, annual ticket IC cards have been introduced in other clubs, and the number of clubs equipped with Edy has increased.

Mobile type

NTT DoCoMo-au-Softbank(Softbankbrand,Y! MobileBrand) of each companyMobile walletThen, you can use Edy by downloading the "electronic money" Edy "app" and then making the initial settings.Depending on the model of Osaifu-Keitai, the "electronic money" Edy "app" may be pre-installed.In that case, you can use Edy just by making the initial settings.

From March 2016, 12AndroidOn the terminalAndroid Pay(CurrentGoogle Pay) By installing the app and registering Rakuten Edy from within the app and linking it, it is possible to charge from within the app and pay with Rakuten Edy at compatible stores.[31].

For iPhoneNTT DoCoMoIs Osaifu-Keitai Jacket 01 (Panasonic Mobile CommunicationsIt is supported by using (made)Softbank OfSoftBank brandThen,iPhone 4とiPhone 4SAtSoftbank BB(Currently, the business isSoftbank Commerce & ServiceWas transferred to, and the current corporate status of the company isSoftbank) Can be handled by installing the "Electronic Money Sticker for iPhone 4 for Edy" sold under the "SoftBank SELECTION" brand.[32].. called wena wristSonyIt can be used standalone by using a wristwatch-type reader made by Japan (however, when using the electronic money function, an iOS terminal is required for initial settings except for leather). As of July 2018, there are multiple types such as active, wrist pro, leather in addition to the initial type wrist, Sony's directly managed storeSony storeIt is sold at etc.This watch-type FeliCa reader has the same parts as DoCoMo's Osaifu-Keitai jacket inside the watch band, so the iPhone app is exactly the same as the Osaifu-Keitai jacket, and the corresponding services are exactly the same as the Osaifu-Keitai jacket. is there.


VariousCampaignAs part ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euA model Edy has been issued, and FeliCa is embedded in the pedestal part of the figure.Usability is almost the same as the card type.

デ ィ ズ ニ ー
From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNTT East Thecomputerと無線 LANThe "Disney BB Premium Pack" that includes the kit is sold for 300 yen, limited to 25 units.The purchaser returned the enclosed postcard and received an "Edy function-equipped DisneyBB IC figure" as a gift.
character Theミ ッ キ ー,Minnie,Donald Duck, Cog, Flippy.
For ANA Card members from August 2005, 8PikachuEdy figures were sold on a first-come, first-served basis (2 yen + shipping fee 1,050 yen = 630 yen).
From April 2006, 4, at ANA's online shop "astyle", the movie "Pokemon Ranger and Prince of the Blue Sea ManaphyAs part of the campaign, advance tickets and Pikachu for the movie,Plusle,MinunEdy figures were sold for the first 3 sets (6,000 yen) (only 6,400 figures are 3 yen).
Both are issued by ANA, but the mileage club function is not included and miles are not accrued.
Masuda Jigorou
In January 2005, in the K-touch card campaign,KanagawaThe program "saku sakuThe character that appears in "Masuda Jigorou"Masuda Jigorou Osaifu Figure" was distributed to 1,000 people by lottery.
In April 2009, the fitness club "TipnessAppeared under the name of "TIP GEAR" for members.LockerFelica electronic key with Edy function added.
In September 2010, toy maker Hashy Top Inn released the wristband type Edy to the general public under the name of "e-money band".The design is similar to a cheap silicon wristwatch.
Edy strap
Available at the Edy official shop. From June 2011, 6, Rakuten Super Points can be accumulated by registering on the dedicated site.

Charging method

Rakuten Edy is a prepaid so-called "electronic wallet" that adds currency value (value, Edy value) to the card.chargeThere is a need to. The maximum amount that can be charged to one Edy (including Osaifu-Keitai) is 1 yen.Refunding or redeeming the charged currency value is restricted by the rules.

Cash charge
If you want to charge cash directly, you can use the stationary dedicated deposit machine (Edy charger) installed at the corresponding store.POS cash registerDo it with.The deposit amount is often 1,000 yen or more, but the deposit unit differs depending on the store.
201810/15Than,Seven BankATM charging support has started, and you can charge by selecting from 1,000 yen, 2,000 yen, 3,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 10,000 yen, 20,000 yen or by specifying any amount up to 25,000 yen (can be specified in units of 1,000 yen). It became.At the same time, it is possible to withdraw banknotes for change.
Online charge
Financial institution account or credit card payment (card issued by credit card company contracted with Rakuten Edy)[33]), And some debit cards[Note 1]How to charge by.
PaSoRiA method of registering for use on the Rakuten Edy site from a computer connected to (FeliCa reader / writer) and charging on the site, and a method of charging using the mobile phone application (Mobile wallet(Limited to the installed Rakuten Edy).As of March 2019, 3, some cards can no longer be charged by credit card.[35].

OnceSony Finance InternationalAnd corporationAM / PM Japan (am / pm) The "am / pm Earth Edy Card" issued in partnership with EdyAuto chargeIt corresponded to.However, in December 2008, the end of the partnership between the two companies was announced, and all services of "am / pm Earth Edy Card" ended on March 12, 2009.On the other hand, from June 3, 31, "Edy Auto Charge" at FamilyMart was started for "Rakuten Card with Edy".For mobile apps, from April 2015, 6Smartphone OfAndroidEdy app for use has started to provide the auto charge function.

In addition, it is possible to register up to 5 Rakuten Edy numbers on the Rakuten Ichiba site, and Rakuten points can be converted into Edy charges.

March 2020, 3 Charges (payments) from credit cards, Rakuten IDs, and bank accounts with the Rakuten Edy app for feature phones will not be possible due to the suspension of the service and will end.Smartphones and Android feature phones (Galaho) are not eligible.

How to Use

Over-the-counter (especiallyconvenience storeThere are many chain stores that support it)vending machinePayment byインターネットIt can be used for payment above.

Storefront etc.

When paying at the store, tell the clerk that you will pay with Edy, and the amount will be displayed on the POS cash register or payment terminal. After checking this, touch Edy on the terminal to complete the payment.At that time, many devices make a payment sound of "Sharine".Depending on the terminal device, in order to prevent erroneous payment by other electronic money, payment may not proceed unless the user selects the button of the electronic money to be used.

In case of insufficient balance, you can pay the difference in cash or use multiple Edy (up to 5 in total) to apply the balance.However, some member stores do not allow the combined use of Edy and cash or payment with multiple Edy cards, so confirmation is required before use (some stores include iD if the balance is insufficient). You can pay the difference in combination with a credit card).

In the case of vending machines as well, the amount is displayed in the reader / writer section, and payment is completed by touching Edy, but if the balance is insufficient, cash or multiple Edy cannot be used together.

Use on the Internet

It is supported by a PC equipped with a Felica port or a PC with the dedicated software "Edy Viewer" installed by connecting the PaSoRi main unit.
If you place Edy on PaSoRi and specify Edy payment, Edy Viewer will start and the payment amount screen will be displayed, and payment will be completed upon confirmation.By the way, this online payment method iseLIOIt is a diversion of that of.
Mobile Edy (Osaifu-Keitai)
If you specify "Mobile Edy" for payment on the site and enter the email address of your mobile phone, you will receive an email with the details of the payment.If you confirm and accept this and start the Edy app from the email, a "payment completion email" will be sent and the process will be completed.
It was released by May 2007.Softbank mobileThis service was not available on terminals (including its predecessor, Vodafone).Regarding this matter, the Bitwallet side at that time did not announce any details such as the reason why it could not be dealt with, but "in the Vodafone eraMobile walletIt is speculated that the Edy app could not be launched from email or the web. "[36].

Points with Edy

2008From July 7th, the "Edy points" service, which allows you to collect various points of partner companies for every 8 yen you use Edy on your Osaifu-Keitai, has started.By setting the partner you want to collect with the Edy app in advance, you can collect points from the amount of Edy used 200 days later.However, at present, points can be accumulated immediately after the setting is completed only at the time of initial setting.

You cannot collect multiple partner points with one Osaifu-Keitai.Some points that are not affiliated with "Edy points" can be accumulated (double points can be earned).

There are some restrictions on partners depending on the mobile phone company you are using.In addition, points will be awarded approximately 2-4 weeks after use, depending on the partner company.

If you have linked the mobile AMC app to Edy before the "Points with Edy" service started, you can earn ANA Miles as before.

(* 2) A service that allows you to earn points even with card-type Edy.However, only Hakata Daimaru,20119Only for card type at the time.
(* 3) Only for this, 1000 point will be accumulated for every 1 yen based on the monthly usage amount.
(* 4) Cannot be set on smartphones.
(* 5) After October 2020, 10, the points cannot be set, and the points will be added to the points settled on November 1, 2020.[37].

After transition to Rakuten Edy

While accepting some conventional servicesRakuten reward cardFor designated cards (including some figure types), including Rakuten Edy cards with, 200 Rakuten point will be given for each payment of 1 yen including tax at a later date (usually from the 5th to the 4th of the following month). Points will be calculated and added for one month on the 10th immediately afterwards), and it is necessary to register the corresponding Rakuten Edy number on the Rakuten login site in advance.Rakuten cardIssued bycredit cardIn the case of Rakuten Edy added to, since it is linked to membership registration at the time of issuance, it is not necessary to register a new number.

2020As of June, the supported Rakuten Edy cards (including figure types) are as follows.

  • Edy-Various Rakuten Point Cards
    • Edy-Rakuten Point Card (including the old R Point Card name)
    • Shopping Panda Edy-Rakuten Point Card (including POSA card)
    • Character Edy-Rakuten Point Card
    • + K Edy-Rakuten Point Card (including the old R Point Card name)
    • Poplar Edy-Rakuten Point Card (including the old R Point Card name)
    • Pron Party Edy-Rakuten Point Card (including the old R Point Card name)
    • Kushiro Skip Rakuten Point Card (including the old R Point Card name)
    • Matsugen Edy-Rakuten Point Card
    • Fukuyama Future Support Team Membership Card
    • Osakaya Shop Edy-Rakuten Point Card
    • Daily Yamazaki Edy-Rakuten Point Card
  • Rakuten Point Club Edy Card
  • Character Edy card
  • [Rakuten Eagles] Edy Keychain
  • [VISSEL KOBE] Edy key chain
  • Rakuten Edy strap
  • Stadium Edy Card
  • Pron Party Edy card (old card before R point appeared)
  • Sunroute Club reward card Edy
  • Izumo Taisha Edy Card
  • Rakuten Eagles Character Edy Card
  • Rakuten Edy Phiten Wristband
  • Edy watch (RISNY)
  • Hachijojima Edy Card
  • One Direction Edy Card
  • Renoir Edy Card (Cards with the original Edy logo are not accepted)
  • WUG Edy card
  • Taito Station Member's Card
  • Matsue City Staff Union Edy Card
  • Hida City Fan Club Membership Card
  • wena wrist leather
  • GoBe2 Edy band
  • discord Edy card
  • Hyogo e-Prefectural Certificate
  • Giant corn happy charge key
  • Miyakonojo City Fan Club Membership Card

Edy Smile Coupon and Edy Happy Benefits

2007From June, the Edy Smile Coupon and Edy Happy Special Offer services that can be used with all Edy have started, but the services have already ended.

Edy Smile Coupon
It can be used like a coupon at the target store within a specific period.By registering the Edy number in advance on the site, you can visit the target store at a later date.Edy giftReceived benefits such as return by. Ended on March 2009, 03.
Edy Happy Special Offer
If you register the service on your computer or Osaifu-Keitai in advance, you can receive benefits at all target stores.Unlike smile coupons, once you register for the service, you can receive benefits such as Edy gift returns at all stores eligible for Happy Benefits.At the time of registration, in the case of card typePaSoRiI needed a computer with a Felica port. Ended October 2008, 10.

Edy gift

Edy gifts are among the benefits you can receive such as Edy Smile Coupons, Edy Happy Benefits, campaigns, and point sites. If you have received an Edy gift, you can charge it directly as soon as you receive it by operating it with PaSoRi or Osaifu-Keitai.In addition, all over JapanFamilyMartIs installed inFamiport, Of the companyCircle KandthanksInstalledK stationとDAM stationEdy gifts can also be received at ANA terminals (ANA web KIOSK or ANA SKY KIOSK) installed at karaoke stores and airports where.

Some highways (mainlyCentral Japan Expressway)ofservice areaHowever, there is an example of installing an Edy gift receiving terminal in the information center.It is necessary to declare the Edy number to the sender in advance, but if the Edy number is incorrect or the receipt deadline (up to 60 days) has passed, you will not be able to receive it.

Value issuer

Rakuten EdyFund settlement lawSince it is a third-party prepaid payment method specified in the same law, it is issued by a third-party issuer specified in the same law.This is called a value issuer.The company name of each value issuer is displayed on the face of the card as "Edy issuer" or "Rakuten Edy issuer".Value issuers are as follows.

Correspondence status at convenience stores

Chain nameIntroduction timeSupports proxy storage (transfer)Remarks
Seven-Eleven200910/7Compatible with all stores
November 2009, 11 Charge support
Not supported since introduction20096Introduction announcement[38][39]
Lawson2007September 9th Payment only introduced at all stores
November 2007, 11 Charge support
Not supported since introductionAnnounced that "all stores will start from August 2007, 8"
FamilyMartOkinawaとKagoshima / MiyazakiIntroduced in advance at some stores
July 2007, 7 Compatible with all stores
20083Ends as far asSupports auto charge with Rakuten card with Edy
Seibu RailwayStation premises store "TOMONYCannot be used with 
Circle K Thanks(CurrentFamilyMart)ofCircle KAnd Sunkus store2005 year 4 month begins20086Ends as far asCompatible with both Circle K and Sunkus
MINI STOPSome since August 2005SuicaStart at compatible stores
20089Compatible with all stores
Not supported since introduction
Daily Yamazaki20104/7Introduced sequentially thereafter
February 2011, 2 Charge support (Akita / Aomori area will be supported at a later date)
Not supported since introduction 
SeicomartInitially available only at ANA Hotel Store (Sapporo City)
20116/1Compatible with all stores
Not supported since introduction 
Poplar group2005 year 11 month begins20084Ends as far as(It is treated the same as Lawson stores)Lawson PoplarExcept for poplar, life color house, three-eight, living house
Three FShikokuIntroduced in advance
July 2010, 2 Compatible with all stores
 (It is treated the same as Lawson stores)Lawson Three Fexcept for
Save onIntroduced sequentially at 2012 stores in Gunma and Saitama since November 11Not supported since introduction

Alliance, etc.

As mentioned in the previous section, multiplecredit cardAlso, Edy is installed.In this case, online charging of Edy Value is possible only from the credit card integrated with Edy (so-called "self-charging").

FeliCaBy issuing an employee ID card and student ID card integrated with an Edy card, taking advantage of the characteristics ofIdentificationAttempts are also being made to increase added value.With this employee ID / student ID, you can authenticate yourself and unlock it by holding the card over the card reader beside the door, or you can use Edy for payment at restaurants, shops, and vending machines.

In addition, electronic money that uses FeliCa (nanaco,WAONEtc.) and IC fare cards (SuicaAlthough it is not compatible with electronic money,PaSoRiThere is a certain degree of compatibility in terms of hardware, such as the fact that common readers and writers can be used.2006September, with JR EastNTT DoCoMoCo-developed with "Suica" iD Edy at Bitwallet for "Joint Payment Infrastructure" QUICPay Announced that it will be available with.As an example20082/22Than,Lazona Kawasaki PlazaStarted operation of Edy / Suica / iD shared terminals at[40][41].. In March 2011EdionThe group can now use 3 types of electronic money, iD and QUICpay, other than Rakuten Edy.SkylarkIn 2012, iD and transportation electronic money (JR, etc.) can be used at the same time as credit card payments due to the store system update.The movement to settle multiple electronic money such as Rakuten Edy and iD on one terminal is accelerating, led by Sumitomo Mitsui Card.

Issuance of Rakuten Edy by local government

2016IsHida CityIs in the cityFan club Ofmember IDAs a result, we started issuing cards equipped with Rakuten Edy ("Hida City Fan Club Membership Card"), and by making payments with Rakuten Edy with this membership card, Rakuten will set a certain percentage of the amount according to the payment amount. Takes the form of donating to Hida City.There is no cost burden for fan club members, including card issuance fees.In addition, if you register your Rakuten Edy number with Rakuten, you will also receive 200 Rakuten point for a payment of 1 yen (Rakuten reward cardSince there is no function of, it is necessary to show a point card separately at the stores eligible for Rakuten points).

2017Since then, other local governments all over the country are considering issuing similar cards.2018In 3 monthFukuyama CityHas started recruiting "Fukuyama Future Support Team", and in response to the first 3000 applications, "Edy-" will be the original design "Fukuyama Future Support Team Membership Card".Rakuten reward cardIssuance has started, and other local governments are considering issuing similar ones thereafter.

Correspondence such as loss

In case of unauthorized use

Unauthorized useIn the case of (embezzlement, fraud, etc.), the business operatorDo not correspond(Other companiesElectronic moneyBut the same).

In case of theft or loss (card type)

According to the regulations of Rakuten Edy,Except for some specific issuers, in the case of card type,It does not correspond to reissue due to theft or loss.Therefore, the charge balance will not be compensated and will not be refunded... (As of April 2019)

credit cardOne-piece typeAuto chargeIn the case of a card that has the setting of, it is necessary to stop the setting promptly, so if you can do it on the net (smartphone / galaho / PC only), do the procedure.If you do not have an internet environment, the "Rakuten Edy Customer Desk" established by Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. can also provide some support.

In the case of an integrated credit card, etc., notification to the company such as credit card is also made.

In case of disability (card type)

Card typeFailure / damage, etc.As a general rule, you will need to contact the call center written on the card to get instructions, including those with integrated credit cards.In principle, if the contact information listed cannot be called due to a change or termination of the service and there is no successor or the contact information itself is not listed on the card, the "Rakuten Edy Customer Desk" will accept the call. It becomes.

If there is no gross negligence in the user regarding card type failure or damage, each company that is the issuer of Edy will handle it.

When using a substitute card, each company has different support for providing the substitute card, including free, paid, and shipping charges (some companies do not provide the substitute card and reissue it).

If you want to refund the broken card type charge, please take the refund procedure by bank transfer to the account stated in the enclosed application form when sending the broken card to the Edy issuer.

In case of theft, loss or malfunction (mobile type)

After March 2019, 3, for mobile type, it is possible to suspend the use and reissue the balance after that.[17][42][43].

However, before theft, loss, or breakdown,To Rakuten Edy My PageOf the mobile typeEdy number registration requiredIs[17]..If you are using the Rakuten Point Service with your Rakuten ID for the corresponding Rakuten Edy, it is often already registered, but you should check again (note that if the names do not match when reissuing, you cannot reissue).

In the case of Osaifu-Keitai jacket, individual user registration is required, and reissue will be handled individually (the setting is different from the above Osaifu-Keitai setting).[42]

If you have set the auto charge, you need to stop the setting immediately, so follow the procedure in the same way as the card type (""#In case of theft or loss (card type))).

mobile phone,Mobile walletIf the carrier (including Osaifu-Keitai jacket) is stolen or lost, report it to the mobile phone operator or carrier homepage in the case of a major carrier.MVNOs, etc. other than major carriers will be handled individually (there may be a pre-applied insurance system).If you are using another company's electronic money with Osaifu-Keitai for any of the major carriers, MVNOs, etc., there is room for recovery of other companies' electronic money (requires Osaifu-Keitai service registration).

Past correspondence (reference)

In case of mobile type failure (before March 2019, 3)

Mobile type (Mobile wallet, Osaifu-Keitai jacket)Breakdown / failure, etc.For (including submersion), "Edy rescue service" was available[44]..It could not be used due to theft or loss.The model change was not covered by the Edy rescue service (operate by yourself or request a mobile phone shop, etc.).

Since the Edy number will change, it is necessary to review the auto charge settings, etc. by re-registering.

The "Edy Rescue Service" has ended.[42].

mobile phone,Mobile walletRegarding the handling of malfunctions of the (including Osaifu-Keitai jacket) itself, see the previous section.#In case of theft or lossIt was the same as.


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