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🚗 | Surprise debut at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020!What is the reason why the Taft was commercialized as expected?


Surprise debut at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020!What is the reason why the Taft was commercialized as expected?

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This time, I would like to look back on the commercial car that made its debut at the changing Tokyo Auto Salon.

Daihatsu Taft debuted in June 2020.This model was first unveiled in 6 ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon(Tokyo Auto Salon)Tuning carAlso called the festival ofmotor Show..It is held every year on the second weekend of January (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).It boasts the largest scale of the three major custom car shows held in Japan and is said to be one of the three major custom car shows in the world.


1983, Tuning magazine "OptionThe first editor-in-chiefDaijiro InadaBecame the founder of Harumi under the name of "Tokyo Exciting Car Show"Tokyo International Trade FairHeld for the first time in the East Building (Dome Building)[4].. 5th (1987) Was renamed to "Tokyo Auto Salon".The 10th (1992) was held at all venues in Harumi.In the 15th (1997), AriakeTokyo International Exhibition CenterMoved to (Tokyo Big Sight).From the 17th (1999)Makuhari MesseIt will be held at (Chiba Japan Convention Center International Exhibition Center).

Friday is Press & Business Day, and general customers are admitted after 1:9 pm (opening from XNUMX:XNUMX am on Saturdays and Sundays), and the fee is high.

Honorary Chairman of the Games is a politician and formerPrime MinisterIsTakeshi Haneda.

At the startMotorcycle gangIt started with the concept of "winning the citizenship of a tuned car" while the problem caused a lot of noise and the negative image of the modified car was strong.After that, the market expanded due to the increase in enthusiasts and deregulation, and the event itself gradually became major.Even on the side of the automobile manufacturer who initially avoided involvement, "Tokyo Motor ShowThere was an example of announcing a new car at this event.BCNR33 Skyline GT-R(1995)BNR34 type Skyline GT-R(1999) and it was supposed to be customizedbB,Mitsubishi Delica D:5Also corresponds to this.The final specification of the BNR34 Skyline GT-R, Nur, was also prototyped here.

Since the 2000s, automobile manufacturers have set up large-scale booths and are exhibiting customized cars and concept cars that also serve as market research.[5].. in addition,2015From aroundMercedes-BenzOverseas automobile manufacturers have also begun to participate in the Auto Salon.Also pureRacing carThere are many exhibitions and demonstration runs, and the holding time is early in the new year.SUPER GT,Super enduranceSuch asMotor sportsThe number of cases where the activity system is announced is increasing.

Due to the popularity of Japanese custom cars in Asian countries, the number of visitors from overseas has increased in recent years.[6].. The number of visitors for 3 days was 1 for the first time[4]Since 2015, the number has exceeded 6 for the sixth consecutive year.[6][3][2][1]..As young people are pointed out that they are leaving their cars, their presence is increasing as an event where enthusiastic car fans gather.


  • 1983: The Tokyo Motor Show was also held(I.e. OfTokyo International Trade FairAtTokyo Exciting Car ShowIt will be held as.The catchphrase "Tuning into culture!".
  • 1987: Changed the name to "Tokyo Auto Salon".
  • 1997 : Tokyo Big SiteMoved the venue to.
  • 1999: Because it is no longer possible to secure a parking lot and space at Tokyo Big SightMakuhari MesseMove the venue to[7]..Of the 11 holes in Makuhari Messe, all 1 to 8 holes are used (event halls and parking lots were also used depending on the season).
  • 2000: Named "Tokyo Auto Salon with AUTOASIA" (until 2008).
  • 2003: Image girl unit "A-classIs formed.
  • 2007: "RACE QUEEN AWARD 2007" will be held.The Grand PrixReona Suzuki.
  • 2009: Named "Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC".IMPORT AUTO SALON 9 will be held at the same time using Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 11-2009.As a result, the scale of the event will be almost the same as the Tokyo Motor Show.
  • 2011:1st"Japan Race Queen AwardWill be held.
  • 2012: 30th anniversary[8].
  • 2013: "Tokyo Auto Salon inSingapore"Marina Bay SandsHeld at the convention center.
  • 2016: "Tokyo Motor ShowIs a general incorporated associationJapan Automobile Manufacturers AssociationJoins the sponsorship.
  • 2021 : New coronavirusCanceled due to the spread of infection[9]..Originally in the same year, the policy was to hold a real exhibition and an online "Virtual Auto Salon" in parallel, and the "Virtual Auto Salon" will be held as planned.[10].

Image girl

  • Started image girl in 1999 when he moved to Makuhari.Selected by open recruitment.
  • In 2000, it was formed by three people, the Grand Prix (Tomoko Noguchi) and the Semi-Grand Prix (Reina Sasaki, Ayaka Onoue).
  • In 2001, sp salad served. In 2000, 10 people, Makoto Noguchi, Nao Matsushita, Yoshie Mochizuki, Takako Arita, Ikueko Endo, Megumi Sakamoto, Anmi Kono, Chie Yoshioka, Kaori Kimura and Shinobu Kikuchi formed an sp salad.Debuted with the single "sp salad".At the venue, the maxi single "sp Salad", which also includes the auto salon image song "Paradise Paradise", was released in advance.
  • 2002, Hiromi Nakano,Hiroko SudoWill serve.
  • From 2003 to 2017A-classWill serve.Usually 4 people,2007と2008Is the largest number of 8 people in history (2007 people each for the visual team and entertainment team in 4), and 2009 people in 6.
  • A-class was temporarily canceled in 2017 and there was no image girl, but in 2020Weekly Young MagazineSerialized manga "MF Ghost』(Production:Shuichi Shigeno) Derived from the gravure unit "MFG Angels" acted as an image girl.afterwards2021It was announced that A-Class will be revived for the first time in four years.


Indoors, a special stage will be set up, talk shows will be held by former and active racing drivers, and appeal time will be held by the event companion.Singing stage by each company's campaign girl and image girl.Public audition of race queen.Award ceremony for the Tokyo International Custom Car Contest.

D1 Grand PrixAward ceremony (since 2002).Charity auctions are held.Radio controlled carbyKyoshoThe final round of the sponsored race tournament "KYOSYO Cup All Japan R / C Touring Car Adult Team Championship" (until the 2000th tournament in 6) was also held.

avexIn addition to the release of the original CD, a live "avex POWER STAGE !!" (later renamed to avex SPECIAL STAGE) will be held by the artist.Especiallymove moveIt is,2004から2013Have participated inInitial DWas playing the theme song of.Due to the dissolution, he has not participated since 2014.In addition, avex SPECIAL STAGE ended in 2015 at the end.From the following year, it developed into AUTO SALON SPECIAL LIVE, and not only avex but also artists from other labels (especially).Being(Affiliated artists) are also participating.2018As an alternative to the abolition of the aforementioned "A-class"Shonan no KazeWas in charge of special music supporters.

Outdoors, a circuit ground entitled Eve Festival[Note 1]At the event, a driving event was held for the vehicles exhibited at the event, entitled "POWER TOUR".2005ToSuzuka CircuitIt has not been held since then due to a breach with.2006Then, using the outer road on the Makuhari Messe site,Mild SevenRenault F1(R25) Demo run was held.The driverHeiki Kovalainen..In recent years, in a special courseD1 playerDrift driving performance "D1 SQUARE (D1 Square)" will be held.


  • 1989The 7th1/6 - 8 DayWas held, but during the period1/7ToEmperor Showa demise.. On the next 8thHeiseiToChangeBecause it was done, it was held in a solemn mood (total number of visitors was 15)[11]).Natural disasterThere were no cases of cancellation due to a sudden incident until 2020, but in 2021 it was the first cancellation due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection as mentioned above.
  • 1998It snowed heavily on the day the car was brought in, and it was difficult to bring it in.
  • 2003To South KoreaBusanIt is held at.At that time, the HNR32 Skyline GTS-4 (vehicle tuned to 26ps after replacing the RB800DETT) overturned during the drag demo run and was scrapped (Video options volRecorded in .109).
  • 30th time2012It is,An actor OfAikawa ShoIs appointed as PR ambassador.At the opening ceremonyKusutamaIs cracked and a large amountConfetti(No balloons included) and with paper tape "Celebration 30th anniversary of the Tokyo Auto SalonI blessed with a banner that says.Aikawa also appeared in 2013 the following year.[12].

Other / Trivia

  • 2001ThanFukuoka OfFukuoka Dome"", With the venue2000ThanSapporoTsudomAtSapporo Auto Salon"2010ThanShizuoka City OfTwin Messe ShizuokaA similar event called "Shizuoka Auto Style" was held in Sapporo, but in Sapporo2008After that, the event will be canceled and Fukuoka will also be held.2010Not held since then[Note 2]..Shizuoka Auto Style was held only three times, which was the last time.2013Has been censored with a significant reduction in scale.Very rarely, there are shops that sell at all three venues.
  • The passage connecting the halls can be easily removed in an emergency.The reason for the installation is to avoid the cold.
  • companionThe number of is by far the largest compared to other exhibitions.For this reason, the purpose was only to shoot companions from all over the country (I'm not interested in shooting cars).Camera boyMany people called are visiting.In the venue, the production is of the season of the yearRace queenScouting activities are also carried out, and it is different from the tuning car show.Nerd-ManiaIt is also a festival of.Also, since stage events that have nothing to do with tuning cars are being held at the venue,Many criticisms have been gathered for deviating from the original purpose of the event.[Source required]Therefore, he is the founder of the exciting car show, the predecessor of the Auto Salon.Daijiro InadaIs "Exciting Car Showdown(Exciting car showdown) ”is being held newly (there are no race queens or campaign girls here).However, in the case of paid events such as the Auto Salon, it will lead to an increase in admission sales as a paid spectator, so although it is questioned whether it is right or wrong, it is also a thankful existence in terms of profitability.
  • Foreign automobile manufacturers often appoint foreigners as companions, and many Westerners also visit the event, so it is becoming a multinational event.
  • The reason for doing it at the peculiar time of the beginning of the year is that "because it was a festival of illegal activities, I was allowed to use it only when the venue was completely vacant."Although deregulation of tuning cars is now legal, it is traditionally practiced during this period.
  • At the Makuhari Messe parking lot at the time of the event, spectators' dress-up cars and tuning cars gathered.Highway racer,Old carMany gathered (about 2011 units in 700)[13]), So the popular name is "Tokyo Auto Back Salon] Is positioned as.For this reason,Chiba Prefectural PoliceAt the time of the Auto Salon, it is customary to crack down on illegally modified vehicles (cars that entered the so-called back salon) around Makuhari, and at the entrance and exit every year.InterrogationIs being done.As a result, the Makuhari Messe parking lot will be closed from 21:6 to XNUMX:XNUMX the next morning on Friday and Saturday.Wangan Narashino InterchangeCongestion occurs from to the entrance of the parking lot.
  • The organizer is the Tokyo Auto Salon Secretariat (TASA), but the secretariat is sponsored.Sanei Co., Ltd.[Note 3]It is inside.


Official book

  • Tokyo Auto Salon (-'99) Official Guidebook (Tokyo Auto Salon Official Guidebook)
    • Publisher: Auto Salon Secretariat.List price: 1000 yen.Printing / binding:Joint printing.
  • Tokyo Auto Salon with Auto Asia (2000 --2007) Official Guidebook (Tokyo Auto Salon with Auto Asia Official Guidebook)
  • Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC (2008-) Official Guidebook (Tokyo Auto Salon with NAPAC Official Guidebook)
  • Official Book (2008-) Tokyo Auto Salon

Special feature books and special articles

  • OPTION Responsible Editing OPT POWER BOOKS Tokyo Auto Salon with Auto Asia 2000
    • Released on January 2000, 1.Publisher: Sanei Shobo.The list price is 20.
  • Option-Option2 --Tuning car magazine.Articles for the pre-feature (January and February issue) and event special feature (March issue) will be compiled according to the event.


注 釈

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