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🚗 | Nissan Tokyo HD integrates three affiliated sales companies ... Giant Nissan dealers are born

Photo Nissan Prince Tokyo Koiwa store (reference image)

Nissan Tokyo HD integrates three affiliated sales companies ... Giant Nissan dealers are born

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While strengthening competitiveness by deepening the sharing of best practices, we aim to expand our business by promoting digital transformation, reforming store and sales operations, strengthening human resources strategies, and store network strategies.

On January 1, Nissan Tokyo Holdings merged three Nissan-affiliated sales companies under its umbrella to form a new company, "Nissan Tokyo Sales". → Continue reading


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best practice

best practice (British: best practice) Is the most efficient technique, method, to obtain a certain result.process, Activities, etc.Best practice,Best practiceIt may be translated as.It also refers to the idea that there are the most efficient techniques and methods for doing work.That is, if you establish a proper process, check and verify it, problems will occur or you will not expect it.complexityIt is considered that the desired result can be obtained by reducing.Best practices have been repeated by many and have proven over time to be the most efficient and most effective.


The concept of best practices is not that new.Frederick Taylor (1911)[1] "There are always faster and better ways and implementations for the different methods and implementations used for each element of each business."From this point of view, "one best way" (Kanigel, 1997)[2] The idea was born.

But if you look at history, it ’s the best way.Industry standardThere are many examples of people who did not accept.In the United Kingdom and the United StatesIndustrial revolutionVarious major technological innovations since then exemplify this fact.For example, for a long timeTransportationAs a means of(I.e.Has been used, but at one point it does not use horsesAutomobileThere was a time when horses were considered the "best mode of transportation" even after the invention of.Today, variousAutomobileIs commonly used, and few people use horses as a means of transportation.

As a more recent example, 1968Mexico City Olympicsso,Dick Fosbury TheHigh jumpHas created an innovative technique.laterFosbury FlopHe won a gold medal with a technique that came to be called.Had he followed the "best practices" of the time, like his rivals, he would not have won the gold medal.In short, he achieved better results than his rivals by ignoring "best practices."At the same time, he has created new "best practices."The purpose of the standard is to provide a kind of plumb bob, so the standard must be "what is possible?" Rather than "what are others doing?"[3].

Information technology and best practices

Best practice isCorporate resource planning It is often used in (ERP) systems.It is generally accepted that best practices can be selected from several conflicting options and defined within the computer system.Therefore, companies in the same industry can theoretically improve their management by using the same procedure.

Personnel management systemIs also an example of implementing best practices.Various standard procedures for managing corporate talent are defined.By selecting best practices and standards as a method of operating a company, such a system can be used by various companies.

Because such systems are inherently restrictive, implementing best practices with such software forces companies to comply with one standard.Attempts to deviate from that standard may require software modifications, and avoiding such costs forces one to choose to comply with the standard.

New best practices andIndustry standardChanges in such systems have a significant impact on the design of such systems.Such changes are accelerating these days, and how quickly best practices are defined and implemented has become a challenge for many vendors.

Always evolving best practices

Best practices are not fixed and unchanging.Best practices can be said to be a spirit of constant learning and improvement.

For example, American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) [1] Lists the following as "three themes common to successful benchmarking and best practice transfer":

  1. Transfer is a human-to-human process.There is meaningful relationship building before sharing and relocation.
  2. Learning and transfer are interactive, concurrent and dynamic processes that go beyond static knowledge.Employees invent something new, make it instantly, and learn every day.
  3. Benchmarking is based on individual and organizational learning motivation.Curiosity and willingness to learn are key to success.

Best practices do not have a stereotyped form that each person should follow.From a management perspective, best practices are a concept of good processes and plans, and projects that apply them to management are needed.

Related fields

Best practices apply to the following areas / areas:

Best practices are also used in technology development such as new software development, as well as architecture, transportation, business management, sustainability development,Project ManagementBut it is used from various points of view.

Best practice isSale,Manufacturing industry,Education,Software Development,道路construction,Medical,insurance,AccountingIt is used in various industries such as.

Documenting and schematizing best practices is a time-consuming and complex task, and many companies do not.

ConsultingSome vendors specialize in best practices.Such vendors standardize business process documentstemplateIs prepared in advance.Bringing best practices to a company through consulting requires a special talent that balances the company's peculiarities and generalities.

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